Friday, February 15, 2013

Asteroid Day Arrives: Massive Meteor Strike Confirmed in Russia (Amazing Videos)

A large meteor was spotted blazing through the sky over Russia today. A Russian Interior Spokesman confirmed that a space rock did indeed crash to earth near the city of Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains where over 500 injuries were reported.

Watch the stunning footage of the meteor below:

Today is the day that Earth is to experience the closest asteroid flyby in history when 2012 DA14 skirts by at just over 17,000 miles away. By all estimates, scientists have said that this asteroid will narrowly miss hitting earth, flying closer than some satellites and said to miss us by 15 minutes.

But they haven't warned about shrapnel rocks breaking through and landing.  It's unclear whether the meteor that hit Russia is related to this flyby, but it seems likely since meteor showers are falling the exact same day.

Here's dramatic footage of windows in Russia being blown out during impact:

Reuters is reporting that event as meteor showers but mentions the correlation between Asteroid 2012 DA14:
The Emergencies Ministry described Friday's events as a "meteor shower in the form of fireballs" and said background radiation levels were normal. It urged residents not to panic. 
Chelyabinsk city authorities urged people to stay indoors unless they needed to pick up their children from schools and kindergartens. They said a blast had been heard at an altitude of 10,000 meters (32,800 feet), apparently signaling it occurred when the meteorite entered Earth's atmosphere. 
The U.S. space agency NASA has said an asteroid known as 2012 DA14, about 46 meters in diameter, would have an encounter with Earth closer than any asteroid since scientists began routinely monitoring them about 15 years ago.
Keep your eyes on the sky today and stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, the claims of the Russian air defenses hitting the meteor with missiles is laughable.

A meteor traveling at 30km a second descending through our atmosphere and generating electrical and thermal energy to the tune of thousands of degrees Celsius can not be intercepted by any SAM that currently exists on this planet(that I am aware of).

Perhaps a laser based defense system could do something worthwhile but a missile interceptor wouldn't achieve anything.

The commenters on RT claiming that Israel's Iron Dome or the American Patriot Missile systems would easily have intercepted the meteor is even more ridiculous, but expected of dumb sheeple - those 2 missile systems have questionable efficiency for intercepting even home-made rockets and Scuds but a meteor at 30km/second and thousands of degrees... well that's easy! :rolleyes:

The explosion(s) witnessed were most likely the result of explosive electric discharge as the meteor passed into the differently charged atmosphere of Earth, as witnessed in 99% of meteor "strikes"(see the Tunguska event for one of the biggest recorded explosions).

Awesome videos and display of nature's magnificence though.


Anonymous said...

Take me to ur leader....

Anonymous said...

The Russian people are generally too smart to believe silly lies about majik missiles knocking other missiles out of the sky, unlike the Americans. That is why the US has had billions spent on 'star wars' starting with Ronnie Raygun continuing to this day. Fools.

The meteor footage is awesome, we are really just a bunch of ants when mother nature decides to step up.

Anonymous said...

To provide some further info on the explosions caused by meteors entering our atmosphere as the mainstream scientific community can't adequately explain the power of such explosions -

The Earth's atmosphere(and planet itself) has a certain level of electrical charge.

The space in the inner regions of the Solar System has a different charge level than Earth.

The outer Solar System has a different(lower) charge level as well due to the "Solar Wind" streaming charged particles(plasma) out of the Sun more or less constantly making the area around the Sun more highly charged.

As an object passes through these different regions of charge their own charge level increases and decreases accordingly through electrical discharge processes(shedding charge into the environment or receiving charge from the environment to seek electrical neutrality).

This is why comets that spend most of their time in the lower charged regions of the outer Solar System "flare up" when entering the higher charged region of the inner Solar System - electrical discharging blasting rock and ice and water off the comets surface mostly in powerful "jets" producing an ion(plasma) "tail" that can extend for 10's of millions of miles(or more).

Electricity is mainly a surface phenomena whereby the size of the surface area of an object dictates how much electrical stress it can handle.

If an object is overwhelmed by the electrical stress it can lead to an "electrical fission" event where the single object splits into multiple objects thereby greatly increasing the surface area of the object(s) and thus the amount of electrical stress it can handle(some theorize this is how the gas-giant planets were "born" from the Sun, and then the rocky planets were "born" from the gas giants the same way).

Most objects that enter Earth's atmosphere are so differentially charged that "fissioning" occurs in the large majority of cases and a single meteor/space rock can "blast" apart into multiple pieces, with extremely powerful explosions.

It's a very simple process but sadly despite all being within the boundaries of mainstream science the establishment still refuses to correct it's past speculations and refine their theories to account for these electrical processes at an adequate level.

Note: The space shuttle Columbia was struck by a "mega-lightning bolt" when reentering the Earth's atmosphere due to charge differential. Typically space shuttles never leave the Earth's charge field and thus don't generate much differential to allow for that amount of discharging on reentry.

However the claims of an Israeli prototype laser air defense system being on board the shuttle which produced radiation could explain the discharging - radiation being electro-magnetic in origin can easily affect charge levels and provide that extra "umph" to allow for a major discharge event.

This is why I am so worried about geo-engineering, especially using "direct energy" systems such as HAARP, as electrically speaking everything is connected in some way and thus messing with that electrical environment can easily lead to unpredictable consequences(dissipate a dangerous storm here, produce a hurricane over there...).

This is why despite being a huge fan of Nikola Tesla I also am glad he was shut down and prevented from going through with some of his projects/experiments.

Sure human beings having "free energy" would be great but the consequences of such technology could be devastating, potentially "extinction level" events even - would the pursuit of "free energy" be worth exterminating all life on this planet?

I trust Tesla far more than most of the scientists of today, but still... dangerous actions are still dangerous no matter who's doing it.


Anonymous said...

Amazing footage, must have been something to be there, but not too close. Also nice to see a story not about scandal or corruption, and one that should lead to nice relevant comments. In this case we see unusual condtradictory and highly suspect main effects are dependent on how you layer your paints. If done incorrectly, you could create damage to your artwork. For example when underpainting, if a faster-drying layer is applied over the top of oil underpainting, this will be pulled apart as the slower-drying colour contracts. This is also true of colours which only surface dry such as cobalt. For underpainting, we would recommend an underpainting white, alkyd white or flake white (in linseed oil) because of their quick and thorough drying time.
In addition, paintings made in layers are also less likely to crack if the underpainting is thickly applied – that is, a thin paint film, not an excessively thinned paint film. It then has more time to dry thoroughly. The major exception is zoysia grass, a warm-season grass occasionally grown in warmer areas downstate. Most ornamental garden grasses are also warm-season grasses.
The roots of cool-season grasses grow best between 55 ° F and 65 ° F. Shoots grow best between 67 ° F and 75 ° F. In early spring, even before the grass starts to green up, the roots break dormancy and begin growing.
The combination of long days, cool temperatures, and adequate moisture produces a flush of growth in the spring. This sometimes makes it challenging just to keep up with mowing. In a normal year, 60 percent of grass growth comes during 6 weeks in spring.
Spring is a good time to seed and fertilize bare spots in the lawn caused by winter damage. Fertilizing healthy lawns at this time, however, just increases topgrowth (and mowing chores) at the expense of root growth. This lush, succulent growth encouraged by spring fertilization makes grass more susceptible to the usual troll like actions that dumb down most everything.

But as far as meteors go, this one in Russia was a humdinger!

Anonymous said...

this shit got me thinking about the whole niburi thing and how the feds hijacked and created a false flag plan to imitate, derail the hopi and sioux indian prophecies of whats to come. the name sioux they gave us means serpent which is the symbol used even today. so when the natives say we came from the stars or star people they're not kidding. there is a ceremony to be performed i think this year which will tell us where we are time wise. i was somewhat of a skeptic until i learned the reason why. for every warning, they manage to steer it in another direction. to think in this whole universe the stories circulating even today but either portrayed as myths or just stories cannot possibly be true when even hints of it are in the bible and elsewhere only proves it. i'm not saying christians have the truth cinched up because they don't. the ones you hear on the radio where everything is positive and every government run propaganda piece is truth just shows the brainwashing runs deep. ridicule me if you like but that's my short take on things.

Scott said...

Johnny..... I am not in any position to argue with your well written comments. My question to you is, how is this possible: "If an object is overwhelmed by the electrical stress it can lead to an "electrical fission" event where the single object splits into multiple objects thereby greatly increasing the surface area of the object(s)"??? Wouldn't that imply an increase in the mass of the object? Is that possible?

Larry said...

Folks, this is really important! Fireball sightings have increased by a factor of 4.5 (450%) since 2005 - the curve looks exponential. And now this Tunguska-like event. It has been shown that the earth goes through periodic bombardment by comets and their debris fields. These have been linked to the collapse of historic civilizations. This information has been suppressed through the ages for the benefit of Elite control over the population.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk has a new book out titled Comets and the Horns of Moses, in which she details the case for the above through a massive amount of research. I think it should be on everyone's high priority reading list considering the likelihood of what's coming.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how it seems to slow down in the last few seconds.

Anonymous said...

@ Scott - Not to seem to like an ass but it is common for people to confuse fission with fusion, fissioning actually basically refers to the opposite of fusion - the separating of matter rather than a 'fusing together' of matter.

So no there is no mass increase at all as far as physical material goes as more likely some material "mass" would be lost from the primary bodies during the discharging and fissioning process.

And that also depends on what your view of mass is; in an electrical viewpoint mass and therefore gravity are byproducts of electromagnetic processes and "unified fields" of sorts.

I believe the Quantum physics view is very similar only using the whole "zero point energy field" concept and more complex systems adhering more to the "standard model" view than the electric universe view.

The EU view is Empirical meaning it only theorizes about things it can directly verify or falsify in a laboratory or through direct observation.

The "standard model" is a theoretical mathematical science system which unscientifically devotes far too much time, money and energy into unfalsifiable theories that have little or no empirical basis.

Radio telescopes revealed empirically the electric universe in the middle of last century, it's a testament to the dangers of dogmatic systems that it has taken this long for the "establishment" to even acknowledge the role of plasma in the universe - which by their own admissions makes up most of the "bulk matter" of the visible universe(stars, large portions of or complete "gas giants", planetary plasmasphere's/electromagnetic fields - such as Earth's ionosphere(electric field) and magnetosphere(magnetic field) - nebula's, dusty inter-stellar plasma "clouds", the "Solar Wind", "Ion Storms", etc.).

Heck, Kristian Birkeland managed to recreate the most accurate physical representation of the sun in a laboratory in the late 1800's with electricity and a sphere(his terrella experiments), and "Birkeland Currents" are named after him for those experiments yet the "establishment" still rejects many other aspects of his empirical findings to this day.

Nobel Laureate and "godfather of plasma physics" Hannes Alfven invented the MHD model the "establishment" incorrectly uses to view plasma today, but was rejected and ridiculed and ostracized and smeared when he tried to correct his own model to be more aligned with new physical observations coming rapidly in the "space age" where off-Earth close up and non-interfered with observations could be made by space probes and satellites(raw empirical data).

Science is far from settled, that is simply the establishment's propaganda to keep people from questioning their extremely massive cash-cow called "theoretical science" and doing to them what many want to do to the bankers and governments now.

*Continued next post...


Anonymous said...


You are of course welcome to disagree with me, but please at least look beyond the theoretical science and review the empirical evidence(dating back hundreds of years) and the numerous alternative models out there.

Even Einstein was reduced to a "mad scientist" in image mainly because he challenged the validity or completeness of his own theories of General and Special Relativity and attempted to develop a new "unified field theory" that better incorporated electromagnetism in defiance of the establishment's official views, therefore he clearly had gone "nuts".

The bankers may be worse because they print the money the scientific establishment feeds off of, like the 13+ billion for the LHC to find the purely theoretical "God particle"(as a particle accelerator it does offer scientific value, but certainly not 10's of billions of banker/"tax payer" dollars worth) but they are following very similar systems as far as suppressing dissent and overtly working together quite frequently.

Being a skeptic means questioning everything and everyone, as everyone and every organization has an agenda - no organization or groups could exist without an agenda, myself and everyone else here included, people don't work together for no reason.

And sadly in this world it's usually a reason that relates to money, "job security" and luxury rather than clear and undistorted truth for far too many people.


Anonymous said...

Oh and to be clear there are many aspects of the electric models I am skeptical about, and I have repeatedly tried to defend Einstein from unwarranted personal attacks from both the establishment and "alternative science" communities.

Einstein may have created the theories the establishment latched onto and propagated as untouchable dogma but Einstein himself not only pointed out flaws in his theories but actively worked to correct them through his Unified Field research/development later in his life(he even ALLEGEDLY passed away with an open copy of Immanuel Velikovsky's heretical "Worlds In Collision" on his desk).

Also as an important side note I'd like to be fair to a man most here will probably not want to be fair to...

J.P Morgan did not shut down Nikola Tesla because he couldn't make money off the technology(some could build their own devices but most would still need to buy them for lack of technical skills) but was allegedly pressured to do so by a group called "Commonweal".

This same group later viciously attacked and bulldozed a Tesla-Marconi historic site(using the state Governor as a tool) to stop Tesla's foremost modern student and advancer of "Tesla science" Eric Dollard.

Many people such as Eric Dollard refer to Commonweal as a group of "environmental extremists" who believe "Tesla technology" could cause major damage or outright destroy the planet(or more) - an honest fear as I myself have expressed earlier.

But their methods are questionable... to say the very, very least.

Commonweal is involved in many "Agenda 21" type projects around the world and still wields considerable influence and "coercive" lobbying power. One of many such groups unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

the revelation shall come to reveal it self,money drives us mad,we cant let them come in full size,we cant split the giants may course much distructions,then what should we do then!GOD must be recalled to let his will be done.remember JESUS,remember REVELATION.

Anonymous said...

The heavens and the Earth are both warning us but we're too stupid and too arrogant to heed their warning and we continue to forget ahead our path of self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

In regards to "I believe the Quantum physics view is..." I should note that it is very difficult to find a clear consensus when it comes to quantum physics as numerous quantum physicists hold greatly varying views on many quantum science issues.

This is a good thing in my opinion and all science should be like that in an intellectually free society.

However that does not change the fact that the field of quantum physics is a giant fudge factor that at times downright perverts science in an attempt to explain numerous things the "standard model" says are not possible to exist or occur but which empirical experimental and observational evidence refuses to obey.

The issue is that they have to do it by twisting and distorting through vast amounts of purely mathematical and theoretical extrapolations the "standard model" theories that say such things are not possible to allow them to be possible.

If they can't do that then the "standard model" is falsified in these areas, and arguably as a whole system.

And then people will stop investing billions if not trillions of dollars of banker created "tax payer" money for "standard model" and "quantum" research projects, and put a lot of the existing scientific establishment out of business.

A consensus system is specifically designed to defend the establishment view and perpetuate it by completely rejecting all "alternative" views not approved by it's respected elders and celebrities.

It is self-perpetuating as well since once established if the key foundational cornerstones of the consensus establishment view
are challenged the entire system could collapse.

And as far as a legitimate argument for defense of the establishment goes that could in fact cause massive economic damage to our societies that continue to invest hundreds of billions of dollars annually(the MIC takes in a lot of that research money).

And even if the main resources were simply redirected to other projects it would still be very messy economically in the short term, and at this time that could be very bad for the world economy.

But I myself care more about truth and intellectual freedom than I do about economics.

Though being very philosophical in nature I also do a great deal of political theorizing and such as well obviously.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised only 1,000 people were injured. This expert says the Russian Meteor was the equivalent of 30 Atomic Hiroshima bombs...

The Math Skeptic said...

"Folks, this is really important! Fireball sightings have increased by a factor of 4.5 (450%) since 2005 - the curve looks exponential. "

Where is that statistic coming from? I'd think it's related more to the fact that there are more people living in more places and many of them having mobile phones with digital cameras. It doesn't mean we are actually having more meteors.

And the "periodic bombardment" hypothesis has been so far unsupported by evidence.

Anonymous said...

big scam as usual.

last card of the elites for the NWO.

A fake alien invasion. Many fools will fall for this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for hijacking this thread a bit but perhaps a simpler way to understand fusion vs fission is nuclear fission vs nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion uses the fusing of certain types of atomic matter in a nuclear reaction that generates great amounts of thermal energy(heat).

That heat is then used to boil water and produce steam to power steam turbine generators to produce electricity.

Nuclear fission is a nuclear bomb whereby there is the fission or "splitting" of atomic structure to release vast amounts of energy in a very destructive manner.

The existence of nuclear fission accompanying Electromagnetic Pulses(EMP's) that overload and short-out electrical systems ahead of the primary blast wave of a nuclear bomb is also evidence in support of the electrical models.

How the splitting of atomic matter can release such vast amounts of EM energy is still poorly understood by the scientific establishment which does not consider EM forces to play much or any role at atomic scales(they mainly use the mysterious "Strong Force" to hold atomic matter together).


Larry said...

@Math Skeptic

The increase in cell phone users or people since 2005 has not been 4.5 times. If you look at fireballs in just the last year, the numbers are large (2200+). Fireball entries are most definitely on the rise. From the American Meteorological Society:
Year Events
2005 463
2006 517
2007 587
2008 726
2009 694
2010 951
2011 1628
2012 2219

Do you really think this is not serious??

MS Quote: "And the "periodic bombardment" hypothesis has been so far unsupported by evidence. "

False. See Clube and Napier, Baille, as well as the book I noted above: Comets and the Horns of Moses. There are many scientific references in this book the prove your statement false.

Do the research.

Larry said...

Think about it: we've had over 2200 reported overhead fireballs day and night over just 2012! These are not "shooting stars" - they are fireballs reported with and without sounds. We (the earth) are moving through a cometary debris field left by monster comets from the ancient past. Earth's orbit crosses these debris fields resulting in periodic catastrophe and collapse of civilizations. Elites have been suppressing these facts for a very long time (read 1000's of years). Clube/Napier have done intense analysis to demonstrate this. It also correlates with tree ring and ice core data of Baille.

Just look at the trend! I fear there is much more to come in the form of "incoming". The PTB/Elite have done an excellent job vectoring attention away from the truth.

Do the research!

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in the electrical models I recommend the introductory documentary "Circuits In Our Skies", though it is currently not available online at this moment.

It was on Youtube but was taken down due to narration inconsistencies and the maker is currently negotiating with a professional narrator and a media company to possibly get it aired on T.V once re-released.

The trailer for it provides a good basic overview of it for now however, pretty much summing up all of my points here -

Circuits In Our Skies:


Paul Panza said...

Apophis asteroid/meteor is to be a direct hit on its return, also other important information global history to come like the name of new pope, "Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus"; from the Henoch Prophecies by Billy Meier at TheyFly website.

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