Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another FBI Patsy Arrested in Fake Bomb Plot to Start a Civil War

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The FBI is at it again, boasting about stopping another contrived terror plot of their own making. This time they nabbed a right-winger working with the Taliban which happen to be an FBI agent provocateur.

According to the FBI:
Federal agents arrested Matthew Aaron Llaneza, age 28, of San Jose, California, this morning after he allegedly attempted to detonate a vehicle-borne explosive device at a bank branch in Oakland. 
Llaneza’s arrest was the culmination of an undercover operation during which he was closely monitored by the FBI’s South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force. Unbeknownst to Llaneza, the explosive device that he allegedly attempted to use had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement and posed no threat to the public...
According to the affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, on November 30, 2012, Llaneza met with a man who led him to believe he was connected with the Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan. In reality, this man was an undercover FBI agent.
Mike Masnick of TechDirt sums up this story nicely:
The details are familiar: random guy with no actual connection to terrorists, and no actual way to build a connection with terrorists, is taken in by an FBI undercover agent who works with him to build a 'bomb' that was never a bomb. In other words, there was no plot. There was no bomb. There was just a bunch of undercover agents playing dressup.

However, there is something different about this patsy versus the Islamic recruits in the past. Although the undercover FBI agent posed as a Taliban agent, Llaneza himself was reportedly seeking to implicate right-wing militia groups to incite a government response that he hoped would lead to a civil war. Hmm. That's interesting.

The FBI says:
He (Llaneza) proposed structuring the attack to make it appear that the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers. Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war.
Are we to believe that a genuine anti-government right winger would collude with a Taliban agent to blow up a private bank in hopes of starting a civil war?

The FBI has become known for keeping the fear of the terror threat alive through creating over 150 patsies that they stop at the last minute to look like heroes. Below is Trevor Aaronson, author of The Terror Factory, discussing these devious tactics by the FBI:

Up until now, the FBI's fake terror campaign has been used to inflate the Islamic terror threat. Now it seems they are seeking to inflate the threat from militias, right-wing extremists, and other "loosely connected anti-government groups". And, strangely, they're attempting to indicate that these groups may somehow work with the Taliban.

It's stranger than fiction, folks.

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Anonymous said...

FBI = Fake Bombs Incorporated...

Anonymous said...


Seriously these fake plots are see through!

Anonymous said...

All they have to do for a false flag is to give the patsy the real thing.

I wonder how many of these fools they have set aside just for the above purpose?

Hide Behind said...

I wish I knew just how mamy times that this sort of tactic hss been used.
It has been used against every group since the Wobblies amd so called Anarchist and anti-war anti- tax- so. WWI soldiers demonstrators and the list goes on.
WE had undercover cops selling drugs st the local Occupy gatherings in Portland and Seattle, a military intel leader in the Olympia ant-war trying to provoke a violent outburst in collusion with sity state and even Capital Security cops.
During the American anti Apartheid movement, yes that is what Martin Luther King was one of major leaders of, and damn the white liberals for calling it anything but even then the FBI jired instigators and informers to vommit illegal acts or encourage them.
The Chicago anti war group were suuplied and egged on by FBI with real dynamite that they did not use. When they and lawyers met they caught too justice department men hiding in a closettaping and listening to lawyer cliant defemse plans.
Locally the three county combine drug task force that worked with DEA payed private contractors to sneak around rural farm lands and even to enter barns outbuildings homes or supply products used to make meth entice to rent sheds or dumps forgrow or manufacture and then police bust in on anonymous tips or hell one time they claimed a truck with covered cargo had a new padlock was justifiable reason to stop.
A truck an informant had rented for a pot grower.
You get the idea your not stipid.
Now howany years has our CIA funded and found patsys all over this world in order to get paid to play a game where they make the rules and then our militaty plays their role to come in like the Saviors.
The mindset that it is all right to do this outside our borders is still there and it is the very same damn reason government agents private snitches and paid informers go after the american people now even in our borders tobe killed or disapeared.
I wish I had all the money I gave to those the sysyem was destroying and almost all were being fone by c cops and petty officials whpsr federal agencys endorsed to keep their hands clean.apricious

Anonymous said...

America has been at war with Washington ever since the founding of the this country and the only way to restrain them is to stop giving them money. Their only lawful method of making money is by taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms and trade tariffs. Our problem is they connived a way to tax 40% of American's income.

stevor said...

Very interesting. I've said for some while now that o'bama is likely to get nuts to "riot" and make such a mess that he needs to institute Martial Law. Well, this guy was trying to do exactly that and the FBI "caught" him.
So, if my original idea is right, the FBI "caught" a guy on o'bama's side, whether truly connected to o'bama "terrorists" or not.
Since the FBI and CIA are known to do "false flag" events but all folks in these groups can't be corrupt, maybe it was the non-corrupt ones stopping the corrupt ones. Oh how the plot thickens! Wait until my novel along these lines comes out.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how governments plot to incite riots. Odinga in Kenya is an interesting example. Our own government and it's media seem oddly desperate to disarm us and blame the right wing.

Amaterasu Solar said...

OMG. I was not the only one to make that connection!

Anonymous said...

anybody remember Tim McVeigh? Were any govt. agents, snitches, provocateurs, etc. involved in his case?

Walking_Turtle said... provides insight into such affairs as this...

The site is styled and written somewhat like a Dr. Bronner's castile Soap bottle label, to be sure. But don't let that freehand style fool you, Gentle Linear-Thinking Reader. The material therein is attested and accepted in open court as factual nonetheless, for good and sufficient cause.

Someone might want to check it out. Just sayin'. And that is all. 0{:-\0[

Anonymous said...

The FBI needs to be prosecuted for "material support of terrorism" when they thwart their own terror plots.

Anonymous said...

In 2016 our country will have signs of only being poor or rich, no middle. Obama will still be president and his term won't be over because that's when we go to war and martial law kicks our front door down. The new law of the land will be death and the government. Plan and wait.


Its a government that no longer represents the will of the people.

Anonymous said...

What would be really hilarious is if one of these patsies knew he was being set up by the FBI and he switched out the fake explosives with the real thing. When the FBI agents closed in to make the arrest. They heard "get ready for a big suprise."

Anonymous said...

How is it illegal for a pedophile to groom a child to take part in an act of sexual depravity and it is legal for a government agency to groom an adult to take part in an act of multiple murder.

If you incite a man to violence and provide the means to commit that act of violence then surely they are more responsible than the dumb bastard that they are enabling?

only in america!

Kevin Patrick Wright said...

The Case of the Missing Terrorists - Paul Craig Roberts

KNOW THINE ENEMY, protect the rest!!!

Anonymous said...

inflate the threat from militias, right-wing extremists, and other "loosely connected anti-government groups". And, strangely, they're attempting to indicate that these groups may somehow work with the Taliban?

Are the FBI agents stupid ? wait don't answer that ..

Why in the hell would the militias, right-wing extremists, and other "loosely connected anti-government groups. Work with the Taliban ? really ? when it is been knows our own goverment is paying them to do the dirty deeds done dirt cheap in the middle east.

Unknown said...

The "BIG LIE " is that conservitive ,right wingers,and tea party are violent . Can anyone show me a video or picture anywhere proving that we are violent. I have never known this to be true, nor have i ever seen anything that would indicate violence from the right. However, there is plenty of footage showing violence from the left. Even tho the media has no vidoe footage showing violence from the right , the media proclaims nightly that the right is violent and half of America believes it without ever having seen proof. And somehow the left continues on ignoring the violence of the left.

Bluegrass Chick said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

The war on terror is a war against any and all who oppose world government. if you reject system/world government, you are a terrorist. its as simple as that. the methods used by pro-world government people vary. the goal is always the same. you're just in the way.

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