Saturday, January 12, 2013

What does 'Homeland Security' even mean?

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Lacerda said...


Hide Behind said...

Can you see DHS or hear them?
And that is the way it is supposed to be for now.
EVeryone knows they exist and are the enforcers and enablers who are setting in place. The final onfrastructure for a complete police state.
One whose power cannot be curbed or even ovrr seen by Congress to talk oftheir involvement in any endeavor is a breach of state securityexcept for those within state security realms.
It reports to no one except the eltes within White house as it owes no accounting by law to anyone else. Its financing is guaranteed no matter what it wantsby the bill and executivr Decree.
Over 35,000 of US industrial and finacial movers and shaker are under its authority and receive daily briefings that are abbreviated fom those given each morn to President.
It has placed every federal and state lisenced private security employee and employer under an order by itself that deputizes them as part of their entity whenever they want.
If you work on a dock longshore or not, fish at sea, work at chemical plants that produce from a product list of theirs possible terrorist tools or places of attack you have had DHS security check.
ALL vendors to those35000 industrialist or financial entitys have had DHS background checks
One of their three computers has every tom dick or Marys history on it and they are due three more even larger and faster than any yewt made.
Who is DHS; everybodys friend or else.
What is DHS; very veey scary.

laverneisgold said...

jack booted thug, gestapo " sieg hail"

Anonymous said...

Is DHS an illegal org? It cant be over seen, it gets the pubs money to survive and do nothing at all that is good or effective a crap org only. No transparency, must be a black opp project how filthy.

Hide Behind said...

About the closest description I can come up with for its reason of being can be found in the words of John Galtung, a twice awarded nobel prize luminary:
The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns; The professional uses social structure.
Anothet luminary critic of ametican political system noted; "It is not the illegal acts of congress we need worry about but their making such acts legal that is the crux of our problems.
That and the fact that each time you vote you legitimize those actions."
Our legal criminality of the social sysyem with its institutions of government and individuals at the interpetsonal levels is tacit violence.
EXAMPLE: You and teenaged female child walking down street when a police officer stops you and the and then begins to reach onyo daughters pants blouse etc you would become outraged because she was violated; a violent act perpetrated upon her.
Yet the allowance by both you and her for the very same act by an unknown infividual meets your approval if you want to board an airplane.
That is tacit approval of violence by your government; and the reason you allow it is fear and the trip meanns more than your daughters modesty.
What happens if you resist at the airport?
For that we no longer use the term arrest we use a newly formed legality to override the old deginitions with itsprotectoons of civil libertys; Administrative Detention.
DHS is primarily an organization to dominate all levels of society by restructuring it to protect the powers of the Executive branch and the top third of nations populace.
Its tactics stem from psycological warfare and studies of humanitys and is based upon fear and tacit violence.
Tacit approval but always in the background is a threat of overt violence being used whenever and however it is deemed needed.
Even Obama agrees with administrative detention, with torture and assassination possible without the citizen having any recoursr to legal protections.
The tactics they use to complete this social make over has thousands of psycology, Legal, and pharmacology military financial and political s and digital with media professipnals contributing to making it the most effecient and powerfull policing agency on earth.
They are a part of the 1/3rd who think that they are and always will be above the scrutiny and restrictions placed upon the other 2/3rds of peoples.
The actual already in place programs needs a book to be covered.

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