Thursday, January 10, 2013

Using Emotional Labels to Sell Agendas


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Anonymous said...

Hmm, that is a pretty good video, but going simply by the title here it is kind of ironic in my view.

The activist community in general frequently uses emotional labels to sell their agenda - declaring the globalists/Zionists/occultists they are "active" against to be "evil"(or even "pure evil").

Traditionally that is pretty much the #1 form of emotional propaganda that has been used throughout the Ages - from the foundations of the (un)Holy Roman Catholic Church to the modern (un)Islamic fundamentalists to the globalists themselves proclaiming all their enemies to be "evil" to gain public support for their illegal and immoral wars.

Yes it is more justified in the case of the activist community today, but it is still propaganda no matter how you cut it.

I know it's not possible for most people to disconnect their emotions in regard to what is happening today(rightfully so for the most part) but those writing articles and leading the activist movements should at least try to remain objective/unemotional and not use such labels.

It is entirely possible to put forward evidence against the globalists without resorting to that type of labeling, let the people reading your articles determine how they feel for themselves.

You'll reach far more people who aren't already "aware" that way as most non-Christians(and followers of other religions) automatically reject activist views when they start proclaiming "evil" lurks around every corner.

You may as well tell them invisible pink fluffy unicorns are the ones behind it all as it will get about the same reaction in most cases.

Keep spreading truth but please cut back on the labeling at least a bit.


Anonymous said...

to the point. Good job.

Anonymous said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

Well said!!! Total truth...

Anonymous said...

Thank You..........

Anonymous said...

These are examples of the ORAL FOG that washington puts out to reduce opposition to their "policies."

KT said...

Love this! Thank you for saying what I feel but couldn't put into words with all the frustration I'm feeling with so many "agenda's"! What happened to people over theses past few years? Why are people just taking what is said and not thinking anymore????

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Thank you for verbalizing what I have been feeling, so frustrated at the inability to be unable to converse regarding the issue. Every item is "hot" these days and so divided! This was great!! And, of course, this will have to be anonymous, so not to get backlash from friends who I am so clearly divided with on this issue.

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