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TSA Opt-Out and Film Campaign Scheduled to Launch January 20th, 2013 (Updated)

"Liberty Groped"
Anthony Freda Art
Activist Post

Update: Gizmodo and others are reporting that the TSA will remove the naked image scanners from U.S. airports. While this is a clear victory as the TSA capitulates on this point, we cannot let up until the entire organization becomes a thing of the past. They are still expanding outside of airports and making their presence known, as they just have with their VIPR teams at a California train station. So let's realize that this is a common tactic of "one step back, two steps forward." Your cameras should always be at the ready to document every abuse of your civil liberties.

The push-pull between the TSA and travelers who have had enough of their presence continues to rage. Naked image scanners and Backscatter X-ray devices are under pressure from all sides, despite the best efforts of Michael Chertoff and a U.S. government that seems to have invested in tyranny.

Word is spreading that the scanner technology being used in airports is exceedingly harmful, along with being a gross invasion of privacy. The thug-like behavior of TSA agents has further angered a sizable portion of the flying public, leading to numerous grassroots efforts to check the power of the TSA in lieu of a non-responsive federal government.

An increasing number of people are becoming informed and are deciding to opt-out of the radiation, as well as to not provide X-rated details to criminals that have included thieves and pedophiles. The TSA has not been deterred, even as outrage mounts, because the success of the machines and the right of TSA agents to grope the public in airports will determine the future of their presence throughout America. In fact, Backscatter machines already are being deployed in street roving vans, and are most likely headed to a mall near you if the public doesn't continue to raise its voice.

A strategy for direct participation in demanding your freedom is outlined below.

The federal over-reach of the TSA must be met with full resistance, as they already are beginning to deploy outside of airports with their spin-off VIPR teams. Several legislative initiatives have been formed such as that of G. Edward Griffin and Idaho state representative, Phil Hart, who have made a strong case that the states have jurisdiction over this federal program.

However, beyond legislation, grassroots activism is essential.  Alec Scheer, founder of We Are 1776, has built upon the work of others and has set up a monthly campaign that can steamroll into a mass movement of peaceful resistance. Opt-out and film campaigns will make it known that tyranny is never acceptable, especially when introduced under the guise of keeping us safe. Furthermore, taking such action is a valuable lesson in direct participation, as opposed to looking to bought-and-paid for leaders to make the swift changes that are necessary. Lastly, it will put tyrants on notice that We the People are not intimidated and they will be documented while violating the Constitution.

We are in a race against time, as the TSA is planning a day-long event on January 22nd to outline its I-STEP program for small businesses. Government Security News cites a TSA notice which indicates a broad approach to their mission that goes well beyond the airport:
I-STEP’s primary objective is to design, develop, implement, and evaluate the security training and exercise program for use by [Transportation Systems Sector] operators (e.g., Freight Rail, Mass Transit, Pipeline, Aviation and Highway modes and maritime security community) in their efforts to continuously improve security plans and operations to prevent, respond to, and recover from a [transportation security incident]. (Source)
We must take action and mobilize. Once full deployment is reached, it will be very difficult to reverse. 

For starters, print off this flyer, get your camera or video recorder ready and head to an airport near you to distribute information and hold the TSA responsible for their violations of civil liberties.

Videos can be posted to the Facebook wall listed below. 

For complete details about this opt-out and film campaign beginning January 20th, 2013 at 11:00 AM at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, visit the We Are 1776 Facebook page here:

We are 1776
Opt Out and Film the TSA

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Anonymous said...

Great job We are 1776, first time I heard about this organization. Very exciting to see so many new groups forming. They can't stop us all if we just get moving.

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

The only vote the peons truly have left is their pocketbooks.

Want to stop this encroachment fast? Stop flying for any reason except emergencies or crucial business. Then watch how fast these thugs will scatter.

Ann Crosby said...

Thank you for your work! We are waking up and that is fantastic!

MikeR said...

Even my mail goes by surface transport while the crims continue to steal our freedoms from US: I have not shifted my ass onto any US airplane seat in nearly 40 years.... and hell will freeze over before I go anywhere near the air-transport industry anytime while Mr Chertoff and His Gangsters are continuing to rub US up the Wrong Way Wholesale.

Anonymous said...

Mike & Anon 606,
It goes way beyond not flying [which is not an option for some]. TSA is ALREADY visible at sports venues, proms, subways,bus stations, trains and ships. No one is warned of this before buying a ticket. Often it is passed off as a a "drill". Highways are inundated with unconstitutional non DUI screens.[usually called "safety checks"]Cops are now getting two weeks taining on drawing your blood on site for DUI. No opt out either. Homeland security is operating border patrol inspections 100 miles inland of any border. Drug dogs are trained to give false positives so they can search your car. Drugs have been planted, property has been stolen, revenue [fines] is the goal along with submissive compliance, not safety. Think you are immune? Just forget to renew your license, loose you proof of insurance,have your kid leave a prescription in your car or have a legal weapon on you. There will be stiff penalties & loss for you my friend. I always opt out.

Anonymous said...

WE have not flown since 2001 either...I have no wish to be groped by some goon in a TSA uniform, nor do I wish to be irradiated, so if we can't drive to it, we don't need to go there... People in this country will just do what they're told... they have been seriously dumbed down. They will tolerate their wives and children being molested so they can go on vacation... Stupid. What's the next move? Doesn't bode well.

Anonymous said...

resistance is grouping together paying for a private jet. their isolating us secretly destroying us. divide and conquer

Margo said...

Whoa, a 100 miles reach into Canada,that would include all of city of Vancouver and much of the inhabited lower mainland of British Columbia Canada and if and when our [PM] Dictator even thinks of allowing this to happen to Canadian citizens in their homes he has total wake-up happening!

Anonymous said...

They're not removing the scanners, just replacing the ones manufactured by Rapiscan with those manufactured by L-3.

Anonymous said...

Could not get through on link in article. Part of the game is using our tax dollars to line their pockets. Really, they knew the danger of those machines from the beginning. Are they any less dangerous redeployed ? Hell know. DHS /TSA has been set up with a open / endless money supply. More machines, more money. While we look at what's in the wheelbarrow, we are missing the fact that they are stealing wheelbarrows. This is all about ripping us off. The cretin idiots that they hire couldn't't find their own asses in the dark. There are soooo many major fraud activities going on at one time that is differcult to keep up. I have to fly and everytime is trauma based.I am fully expecting to endup on the no fly list at any time now.

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