Monday, January 21, 2013

The Endless Fight For Control Of Our Consciousness

Lee Camp

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Lee , once again you are spot on . It is not hard to see the truth , yet the masses choose to be brain-dead ! They are void of lateral thinking ability and are addicted to soft-kill tools from fast food , pharmaceuticals , TV , vaccines etc . They are happily aboard the endgame's death-train in which they will all crash soon in the name of the " greater good " . It is totally insane ! But the ship of fools will sink and eventually common sense , love and truth will be the code for the survivors . The present insanity is an insult to human intelligence !

Hide Behind said...

And the man sang,said in an insane moment of clarity and sanity; "I'm not crazy just a little bit unwell" and I thought. I think, that he was singtalking about me.
One may have the intelligence to recognize the facts, truths, but lack the wisdom of ways to counter their harmfull effects.
Until suddenly an opportunity presents itself to counter the harms. Where the opportunity came from, now that is where wisdom hides.
It is called many names but at inception it can best be described as "enlightenment ",

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