Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Answer To 1984 Is NOT 1776

You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. You have to see the world anew. - Albert Einstein

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Seen said...

I'm writing while I listen to this:
In terms of 1984 V 1776, there's many factors that is overlooked:
1. The revolution actually began as Britain and the Colonialist diverged into two very different mindsets.
2. The Colonialists aka found fathers of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution attempted to diplomatically diffuse but Britain responded by dismissing the diplomatic effort and pursued increasing coercive mechanisms to inevitably force compliance to UK's rule.
3. As the escalations by both sides continued, men like Pike wrote items like "Common Sense" to rally Colonialists to the attain representation and petition the government for grievances.
4. It really wasn't until Britain decided to resort from intimation. domination. control to utter force or made it plain that Britain's government ruled Colonialists that separation and use of force in defense of tyrannical rule.

While the message people who wish to re-prioritize the Constitution and thus limitations of federal government should not make the aggressive use of force, the alternative suggestive here in which anarchist style ignore the government and awakening is all that is needed overlooks one very important parallel. The federal government will neither tolerate nor accept the states or populace from: secession, civil disobedience/protest, or to ignore its wishes:
1. Many items now possess wiretapping capacity that effectively quarters federal enforcement into every house and information used against the populace.
2. The government has already prepared the capacity to indefinitely detain or otherwise eliminate people who the government determines to be a threat to its continuity.
3. The government has cemented its capacity to coerce or effectively force civil disobedience, ignoring of government demands, and etc into civil obedience or effectively removed.

The list goes on that includes but not limited to the government's domestic agencies at the federal level and major cities' law enforcement is more than prepared for conflict or forced obedience to its authority.
While it is wise to not encourage the populace from making the first move, the alternative suggested here largely ignores the Collectivist interests of those in the government who is more than able and will to force compliance.

I seem to recall that the emphasis on not shooting the first shot at Lexington and Concord was also present, which if memory serves me correctly was the shot heard around the world.

prevere said...

Unfortunately, a genuine rational, intellectual approach is possible among maybe 20% or fewer of the population. Humans are dedicated to indoctrination, instant gratification, and an umbrageous approach to problem resolution.

The US is already engaged in civil war. Cities are becoming more lawless each day prompted by racial division, poverty, and with too many cases of objectionable and sometimes brutal law intrusion based on purely subjective interpretations of "law".

It's nice to sit in an office and speculate how peaceful solutions might be negotiated. It's quite another story for a general population living the continued confusion of engaging multiple sources of serious contention on a daily basis.

When you consider that each side suffers from similar issues but opposing objectives, and only a handful of supporters on either side capable of a rational outcome, mayhem is a certainty!

Anonymous said...

Agree with your first point that calls for armed resistance are agitation at its worst. Many have held onto gun ownership as a guarantee of freedom, when in fact it kept them from political agitation while representative government was hijacked.

Many of the same people will be howling for Sen. Reid's head in the possible bribery case involving the Utah AG, and yet they said nothing as the current fascist model developed, enabled as much by the GOP as the Dems.

Real freedom demanded being involved, being conscious and wisely using the freedom we once had. Instead, we diddled away our power constantly fighting each other while government was usurped.

Agree that guns won't fix that.

I cannot agree with your solution of consciousness as revolution. While it has some truth, it is necessary but not sufficient. Consciousness that doesn't connect with action in the world recommends passivity, hardly a cure. Withdrawing consent by alternative lifestyles is good, but it won't end government's abuse of power.

Your quote from Einstein, at least according to wiki, refers to the creation of a supranational replacement of nations, aka the NWO.

And to the first commenter, I recommend reading Paine's Common Sense. It's very short read if you ignore the bulk of it that is recommendations he made specific to the time. Available online for free, it's really good.

Nemetron 2000 said...

People need to understand the reason why they have been enslaved. It's because the "elite" themselves can do nothing on their own.

A dead populace is a death sentence for those that truly run the government; for ideas, innovation, sustenance, and maintenance are all products of the people, not the ruling "elite". Enslavement is step one, coercion is step two. They 'enslave' with the idea of an obligation (in this case "Debt"), then they 'coerce' you in to working with the hope of paying off that debt. Your work product is what is of true value here, nothing more.

Logic does support the idea of ignoring the government, for ignoring the government would be a sign of ignoring the illusion of "debt" or "obligation". Once the illusion of "obligation" is ignored, coercion becomes very difficult, and forces those in power to fall back on the most primitive form of coercion at their disposal, brute force. However, force has a finite shelf life, and produces a paltry amount of work product from those that it's used against.

How can beat down, continually malnourished "slaves" be expected to continually build and maintain roads, and critical infrastructure like water and electrical utilities? The sophistication of today's civilization will not support the 'unsteady hand' or the 'unclear mind' for very long.

How can beat down, continually malnourished "slaves" be expected to be efficient soldiers in a world where the populace of the lands that they are conscripted to conquer are starting to out pace them economically, socially, and psychologically?

How can beat down, continually malnourished "slaves" be expected to continually protect their masters from the consequences of their own actions, in a world that is steadily striving for them to be brought to justice and their methods of enslavement to be done away with?

Indeed coercion through force has a finite shelf life, and signifies nothing more than an empire in its death throes. Guns were NEVER seen as objects of "defense" in the eyes of the government, but they MUST be seen as objects of "defense" in the eyes of the people, for that is where the pivotal difference lays.

Hide Behind said...

While a 1776 response is a bad idea and that is what kept it from being used but infrequently
it must never be allowed to wither, for even today when its hope of success is nill the threat of such a violent reaction does cause those in power to use more benign but slower ways to reorganize american society.
And make no mistake it is being reorganized right before our eyes.
"There is no better slave than one who thinks he is free"; and indeed the 20 to 30 % of the most bright and practicle along with innovative minds are building it and the 70% who, if not slave, will if even grudgingly at times allow it to be built.
Woodrow Wilson gave a speech on purpose of university education in building a strong nation and I will skip the part pn biildoing right tjinking moral citizens and get yo the mechanics of the system.
The vast majority dur even judt to their sheer nimbers must forgo. A foma or librral education.
NOTE: Carnige Heritage. CfR. Ford. National association of efucators,.............
60 % OF SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN WILL BE DIVIDED UP BY 10th grafe or 15 years of age into being well trained gor entry into service industry. Manufacturing, lower level positions of gpverent infrastructure maintenance, military entrance capable and menial labor positions.
CARNEGIE SEMINAR: What we need to rebuild american industrial base once again into world leadrtship is anreadibly available and easily trainable work force.
At the level of 10th gradr through 22 th tje students will be split into three more groups,scientific, innovative and management capable.
SCiENTfIC group will be split into high tech maintenance and research groupings.

The manage ment group aldo has a split but it is more along political administrative and ginancial sdministrative.
Some tells a plant manager to design this new widget for a spigit and tjey hand it over to a very innovate group vomposed of omput ftom tech of wharever gields and then when designed give it back to managers who tell plants buildthis and their innovative dtaff does so. Where does techie labor oue new skilled labor come in they build the plants and install tje new devices.
sounds reasonable enough, until your vhild is told he will be a worker in sanitation and thete are no ovcupational or educational opportunitys for him to change his occupation for life.
How many parents are already figjhting to get. into bettrr equipped and staffed charter or private contract schools that weed oit bad or less capable back into public facilitys. Plus the oned who can affrd the better schooling.
Take a look at New Orleans school sructure undet Fed guidelines and see where best educators and best equipment is available.
Public schols a swamp.


If you are still of the belief that the administration is even remotely interested in what the people think,or the protection of thier freedoms,then talk for another twenty years.Do you really think that a "change of consciosness" has or will ever permeate to the fascist government or the banksters?the american people are duty bound to change any administration that is corrupt,with or with-out force,it is time for them to honour the constitution also,it seems that you have the means but not the will,the criminals in "office"are not going to relinquish thier stranglehold ,if you want freedom you are going to have to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Two thirds of all people are followers who seek to be told what to do, and how to think. Its pointless to attempt to raise their conciousness.
Remember this Aggression UNCHECKED is aggression unleashed. So where is the aggression currently coming from.

TheFirebrand said...

Tho I fully agree and support your motives, You are all wrong on so many accounts ...

One: The Constitution;

Our "Founders" were the same government that enslaved and massacred
two races of people then decided to change the game rules and deceive
us into believing we could be a "free" country. The Constitution was a Trojan Horse!!!

We don't have Constitutional rights, unless you want your rights regulated by government ... we have natural born rights given by God, and never needed a government document to tell us we are "free."

Read more: System Of Freedom

Two: The People and system you endorse;

Those of us who do not comply and become a bigger threat beyond social networking are silenced. That being said. People like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and others, or groups like the one calling themselves Anonymous, who may or may not have a genuine heart for the people, are all under control of the elite masters, or are masters themselves ...

They exist to create a balanced chaos. A more controllable fear factor. They convince us that someone else is out there fighting for us so we do nothing but sit on our asses and bitch about everything. Kind of like what the Jedi would represent.

Read more: Awakened Ones

And Three:

The answers to 1984 are:

33 A.D.

Nehemiah 4:13
Acts 2:38
Romans 12:2

"You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. You have to see the world anew." - Albert Einstein

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