Sunday, January 27, 2013

NATO Terrorists in Syria Attack Kurdish Minority

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

The Western media and Western government representatives from the United States and across the European Union, still insist that the sectarian bloodbath unfolding in Syria, fueled by US, British and EU weapons and cash, is a so-called "pro-democracy" uprising. Why then, one might ask, are these so-called "pro-democracy" freedom fighters turning their weapons on Syria's Kurdish minority if the "rebels" are allegedly locked in mortal combat with a "dictatorship" they seek to overthrow for the sake of all Syrians?

The answer of course is that the conflict is most certainly not a "pro-democracy" uprising, but rather Saudi-Qatari inspired sectarian extremists imported and armed by NATO from abroad, to subjugate and conquer the people of Syria - to subjugate and conquer anyone who does not subscribe or submit to Saudi-inspired, NATO underwritten extremism in pursuit of foreign-backed regime change and regional geopolitical reordering.

To explain the recent violence visited upon Kurds in Syria, PressTV interviewed New York City-based geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser of

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Hide Behind said...

How short are the minds of our public and the media; very short.
When Bush invaded Iraq the neo liberal and con predicted a short war and Iraq was only #1 on the list.
On the list was Syria #2; Lebanon#3 and Libya and Iran in a toss up of who next.
Obamatrons knew that an outright attack on Syria would be costly even if militarily doable it could be possibly dangerous; Much more so than killing civilians in Iraq Afghanistan and 20 other powerless nations.
IT was not loss of american blood that concerned them but the scenario of killing multiple birds in one swoop that set then glowing.
Let your allies with your full support and aid tear Syria apart thinking they inspired the actions.
SAUDIS are moving their brand of Whadism into wherewver they can and the UAE thinking they will find out who are dissidents ib their lands are looking for a share of a rebuilt Syria
Turkish military and government trying so hard to kiss Euro ass and be called White seen a chance to gain favor. Land and partake of national sport of killing Kurds any Kurds.
WHO GAINS the longer the war goes on UAE economy will be hurt. And selling them more weaponry is not so much a draw for US.
The Us before it fell over cliff bought Libya 200 armoed personnel carriers made in Jordan and owned By Bharana
As long as they fight easc other and let euros alone in Africa they will eventuaaly weaken themselves.

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