Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

James Corbett

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Anonymous said...

Alright, I know I come across as defending these globalist/occultists at times because I don't like the "good" and "evil" paradigm people use to describe them, but this is just getting to be too much now.

I may not view them as "evil" and I may greatly sympathize with the reasons they are doing these things but I do believe they are the only people in this world who actually deserve the treatment they are dishing out to other peoples.

No matter how much these cowards may believe in their cause they would never, ever be willing to murder their own babies and children to accomplish it.

That they can go along with murdering other people's children for their cause is fucking sickening, and if there actually was a hell they would deserve to burn in it for eternity.

I wonder if any of them have added up all the children they've massacred in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, etc. over the years?

Probably not, they are too busy trolling the people who do care on youtube or cracking jokes to be bothered.

Brzezinski deserves it more than anyone else with his constant smiling and laughing about his role in mass-murdering children.

But I can only support imprisoning these people in their own prisons not reciprocating their own murderous actions.

A nice, brutal Russian Gulag would be a good place for most of them. And all their money can go to the families of their victims.


Anonymous said...

They have been a huge stumbling block for us to realize our ultimate design as a thriving peaceful race. They deny the truth and are so twisted in their perverted cult activities that they believe they can become god as a collective bunch of godless hypocrites. The truth is irrelevant to them and history will be rewritten to make them all look like hero's.

Anonymous said...

"They have been a huge stumbling block for us to realize our ultimate design as a thriving peaceful race."

Actually up until the last few hundred years the stumbling block to being a "peaceful race" was the Catholic Church and other religious orders that led crusades killing tens of millions, witch hunts killing hundreds of thousands, inquisitions imprisoning and/or killing hundreds of thousands or millions, and so on.

Even today when these cult people are now mostly in control almost every war is waged in the name of "combating evil" in order to gain the support of the people thanks to their religious beliefs of it being okay to kill people they deem "evil".

Hitler was "evil", Saddam was "evil", Gadhafi was "evil", Assad is "evil", Ahmadinejad is "evil"... and all of their supporters are/were "evil"... and all Muslims are "evil" death cultists... and so on.

The truth is that these people are trying to bring an end to that mass-murdering in the name of misguided religious beliefs.

But sometimes to stop the killing requires some killing, and the destruction of the religious orders themselves that promote those misguided beliefs.

It disgusts me too, it is a very bitter truth to try to swallow.

Unfortunately religious people can't handle the real truth that these people are dedicated to and prefer instead to proclaim them "evil" and want to kill them... ironically proving these people right by doing so.

But I still think they should be imprisoned for mass-murdering children. I don't like murdering adults either but in the name of a "greater good" I could maybe make peace with that, but not killing children.

Killing children is never for the "greater good" by my moral standards, especially using napalm or depleted uranium or white phosphorous or other downright horrifying weapons.

Every time I see Brzezinski's smile or laugh I just want to punch him in the face 50 or 60 times until he can never smile or laugh again, for all those kids he's helped murder. But I do not want to kill him.


alex said...

* 'Gottaluvit'...If anyone ever looked like a reptilian off-world Alien...He does!...Just enlarge the eye sockets a bit &...Viola!

Anonymous said...

Is Viola his wife's name?

Anonymous said...

A bit naive, people. ZB publicly opposed the Gulf War and the Iraq '03 invasion. Having initially advocated US involvement in Vietnam, he later argued for withdrawal. Neither of which positions fit with your thesis, do they? Jonny tells us that he agrees that sometimes it requires killing to stop killing, which is about as autodestructive of his central position as it is possible to get. He will not be able to argue that the killing he advocates on occasion will not include children as collateral damage. ZB has urged the US to act less as a global dictator, and more of a global generator of consensus, albeit a consensus which still leaves the US as global hegemon. But someone has to do that job, so why not the US? At least they speak a form of English. He felt, perfectly appropriately, that the US would squander in an attack on the Moslem Iraq all the goodwill it had earned amongst other Moslem people by powerfully assisting in the removal of the Russians from Afghanistan, via the establishment and funding of the mujahadeen/ Al Qaeda network.
I cannot see any involvement between the Judaics, the true masters of evil, and ZB, which is always a good sign, unless it is the game of chess he is seen playing with that evil monster Begin at Camp David. But good to see a goy confronting one of the Master Race, even if only at chess. As yet, chess victories against them have not been put on a par with their other staple, holohoax denial. ZB has an extremely fertile brain; he uses it to advance a particular pragmatic approach to world politics; that approach is resisted on occasion, eg by Cyrus Vance; but ZB continues to do his thing, which does not seem to be essentially part of an evil agenda. Conspiracy is always going to be a part of that agenda, which he implicitly accepts. He stated that political settlements always have under the table components; and he would surely not deny that he conspired against the Soviets. If you like Communism, as an expression of Judaism, then you will not like ZB, whose central motif is his resistance to the former ideology. But he was and is a published critic of Bush's War on Terror, and he also wrote a book in 2004 pointing out the undue influence which the Israelis have on US foreign policy.
Wrt to the comments made about the Catholics, they are true to a degree, but they are several orders of magnitude less evil than the Talmudic Orthodox Jews, whose agenda is the elimination of all competing ideologies, and who are not even referenced above by Jonny et al.
As a final point, the audience member who accused ZB of being a member of Bilderberg unwittingly highlighted a profound truth, which ZB responded to. Although he attended some meetings in 1959, he is not a member. This tells you that his various positions, some good, some bad, are not driven by the desire to make money for himself; at the expense of the global slaughter of any who would stand in the way; but by a more disinterested and therefore far more compelling approach to the world problems we have always had to deal with. For ZB, he sees the world as a global chessboard, not a Monopoly board.
All of the above I derived from his Wiki page; so the points I have made are reasonably factual and verifiable; however, if someone would like to demolish my position, then I am always open to a different point of view, as long as facts are quoted rather than unsubstantiated opinions and implications, which was the approach of the Corbett Report piece.

Anonymous said...

"Wrt to the comments made about the Catholics, they are true to a degree, but they are several orders of magnitude less evil than the Talmudic Orthodox Jews, whose agenda is the elimination of all competing ideologies, and who are not even referenced above by Jonny et al."

The Talmudic Jews(Babylonian Jews) are the occultists I frequently talk about dude, and ZB is definitely one of them, a so-called "crypto-Jew".

And yes the idea of killing anyone bugs me and some "collateral damage" will always occur, but context is important - killing to terrorize and force subservience vs killing to end terrorizing and such subservience are two different things from a moral viewpoint.

But I still disagree with it as stated numerous times.

I'll address some of your other fallacious statements after work(at a Church) later, though I do agree with a few points you make.

But FYI - using a wiki page of any kind as "proof" automatically discredits your views for many people. Wiki is a perfect example of an Orwellian system to recreate truth based on what people have been brainwashed to believe rather than what is actually true.


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