Monday, January 28, 2013

Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami


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EDwin said...

Miami, get ready 'cause a "false flag" is coming your way to confiscate those guns they are soooo desperately after. Keep those eyes wide open and phones ready to catch em in the act. F**king a..

Anonymous said...

You got it...phones, videos, cameras and the net while it is still up. Anyone wonder about the bayou mess in Lousiana and the superbowl? Didn't they find a bunch of explosives there? Just wondering. Why have billions fled US banks just like prior to 911? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

The idea this is training for overseas is ludicrous and probably lie and part of this is for CONDITIONING sheep to see military helicopters and what's this " military Style " copter , either it is or not .
Notice how "reporter" or stenographer sells this police state action ," black hawkdown" .. " impressive site " ..just like movie " This is all intentional to "normalize" this stuff that obviously scarred the crap out of people

Anonymous said...

The military do not have "Military Style" anything. The have Military stuff because they are the, wait for it...Military. Control of the civilian population is the modern warfare paradigm. These exercises are to prepare both the civilian population & the military & co-opted Police Departments to the idea.

Hide Behind said...

Before DHS we were led to believe we had a law caled Possee Comitatus that seperated civil police from military actions on our streets.
Southern red necks hollered like drunk rebels to put the military on the borders to save their jobs that mexicans were mugging them for.
Many yowns accross this nationhave participated in military exercises and their local and county cops placesyed the games with them hoping to get some surplus military hardare for themselves.
DHS has exercises natoionaly at least 1 a quarter that alert. Different areas to test their capability.
Be surprised how much and how many of your local ofices play that game right down to sewer
IN south a couple of towns volunteered to let military play games on their street but wrre not told that it was an ecervize to train foreign military as well in combatting urban unrest and hostile crowd management.
A militia alert went out because a member got scare of life when he came aroun corner outside of town and seen three military machine gun emplacements pointing his way. He was directed to stop and a military officer explained what was going on but the oddest part is that the mixture of military had Scandinavian military cammo on and insinuas ro match..
Being auxillary deputy but was not in on drill the officer explained that this part of practice was to block any reinforcements that urban guerilas might expect to come to their aid
Now who in US would ever aid a countryman trying to save his life and ideals.
ALERT FELL as flat as old militiamans dayold opened beers.

Anonymous said...

This is all B.S. They have combined those stupid cops and psy-opped military on purpose for a few years now. It's why all the local cop shops have merged. Now merging on the next level. More numbers on local and federal levels combined. This training crap at night, yeah right. Who are they kidding? Keep your police scanners running day and night Florida especially, because the jackboots will be coming to your homes at 4 am, and you'd better be locked and loaded. Fight baby, fight. But before it comes to that, pray to God Almighty to cover you. Amen.

Anonymous said...

As they condition the people to this behaviour it normalizes it to the point where, when it is for real, people won't be able to comprehend it as real, and so the government can gain valuable hours to implement it deep before facing real counter-measures; like the 'golden four minutes' for treating the ill, this could become a golden four hours in many areas.
If they were overhead you would you know it was for real and break out your weapons...or hold on a bit, in which case you could be foiled?

Anonymous said...

I heard Crockett and Tubbs needed some backup on a dangerous drug lord arrest :)

Anonymous said...

Try lock down for martial law

Anonymous said...

Actually read the posse comitadas. Troops are allowed on the streets if the president and congress agree on it and technically they weren't on the streets. National guard is allowed to operate in cities. That being said yes something is going down and people need to prepare and not let your guns go

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