Monday, January 28, 2013

Glasgow to become UK’s first ‘smart city,’ will include facial recognition-enabled surveillance cameras

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

Glasgow, Scotland is slated to become the first “smart city” in the United Kingdom after receiving a £24 million grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) which will result in wonderful benefits like facial recognition for the city’s network of surveillance cameras.

Some of the initiatives sound a bit like other “smart city” programs, like the plans for the pilot program in San Francisco, especially in the quite troubling surveillance aspect. That being said, the surveillance in San Francisco goes far beyond the plans for the “smart” streetlight program even into the realm of so-called pre-crime.

Glasgow beat out 30 other cities in the UK to win the host what the TSB calls the “Future Cities Demonstrator.”

According to a TSB press release, “The Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator aims to address some of the city’s most pressing energy and health needs. For example, developing systems to help tackle fuel poverty and to look at long-standing health issues such as low life expectancy.”

However, it is clear that one of the major focuses is “improved crime prevention [and] a reduction in anti-social behavior.”

Indeed, as a recent BBC article notes, “Better use of CCTV camera technology will feed back to control centers, with the aim of preventing and reducing anti-social behavior.”

The BBC also notes that the city’s CCTV cameras will be linked to the traffic management unit in order to identify traffic incidents more quickly.

“It will use analytical software and security cameras to help identify and prevent crime in the city,” the BBC adds.

The system will be capable of “[i]mproved crime prevention and detection of crime as well as helping to reduce anti-social behavior incidents through the improved use of camera technology and the integration of data” according to the Glasgow City Council website.

The interesting aspect of that is the fact that analytical software will be used along with cameras to help prevent crime. One can only assume that some kind of technology similar to the pre-crime systems – formally known as “behavior recognition” or “behavioral suspect detection” – deployed in America will be used.

Additionally, according to Councilor Gordon Matheson, the leader of Glasgow City Council, it will also be used for tax collection.

“By linking everything from foot and vehicle traffic to council tax collection and hospital waiting lists we can ensure we are being as innovative and smart to meet the continued challenges of a modern and future city life,” Matheson said.

According to the BBC, other cities in the UK including Birmingham, Sunderland and London will be deploying similar technology in the near future.

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iamlightagain said...

If I were a citizen of Glasgow, I would tell my out-of-control,intrusive,illegal government that they have no authority to be spying on the people that pay their salaries, that we, the sovereign people of Glasgow, in the sovereign land known as Scotland will do everything to destroy the spying devices, after we remove the over-inflated,egoistical people responsible for this despot act.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist Alex Salmond will flog Scotland off to the EU-SSR soon anyway. The treasonous slob is definitely greasing the right palms going by how succulent and sleek he is looking in his new found obesity.

Anonymous said...

Im from Edinburgh and things are just as bad here. Boycott Glasgow! This is Agenda21. The Scottish government are full of bs, just a bunch of communists. Welcome to Scotland a fascist police state.

Anonymous said...

You're the ones who wanted your independence, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The market in false beards and glasses will be taking off very soon, I imagine.

Lifeonlife said...

"Anonymous said...
You're the ones who wanted your independence, enjoy!"

- this has absolutely no relevance to Scotland's Independence. Come back when you have an educated response to this article.

wishbone said...

scotland, england, wales, your all under the bootheel of the facists now. our fathers fought WW2 for nothing, we might have won the battles but the facists won the war, they now control the U.K. the U,S, europe, and soon, very soon it will be cattle truck time again, only this time its not germans, its ZIONISTS, the victims have become the abusers.

Anonymous said...

Wishbone, the Scottish Government are all communists? Ha ha ha ha! Yer 'avin' a larf! That's the kind of guff that comes from the SDL/EDL eejits.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Glasgow, a city run by paedo gangsters, such as the former council CEO Purcell who had emotionally disabled young men commitiing suicide on the council chambers steps because they wanted to be near him, who had mafia links to the homosexual bars in the city and who disappeared off to the Carribean when things got too hot...and then we have the latest "leader" who has just been caught with another man having sex in a car. Maybe the surveilance will stop THEIR actiities?? ..but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

to the commentor above me all I really got from your input is that you think the only worthwile use for this is to catch gay politicians in the act, while I'll admit it most socttish msp etc are scum but from your comment, your only reason for thinking is due to their sexual preference...

Anonymous said...

The Scottish government most certainly are communists, I saw them on TV a few months ago with the slogan "Forward" on the wall behind them at the party conference. This is the same slogan Obama was using, it is a well known communist slogan and was the name of a communist publication. Fat, greasy, Salmond even called his fellow crooks at the party conference "comrades" in his speech.

Anonymous said...

To the commentor at 1.02PM the point being made was the irony of it all, ie. unfit politicos holding office demanding the surveillance of their tax (and wage!) paying minions. It seems that the very people who call for the masses to be watched to the point of depression are the ones least transparent themselves, and if you look back through history its the deviants and tyrants that are hold office who demand the most restrictions for the rest of the population, and if there appears to be a correlation between mafia-esque and corrupt behaviour with homsexuality then it was purely accidental. But if the cap fits wear it.

Anonymous said...

Salmond has already said he will 'not' give the Scottish any choice regarding whoring you out to the EU-SSR. This used to be known as high treason, acting as a traitor with a peoples sovereignty. Scotland is now heavily influenced and controlled by the evil, cankerous, Common Purpose.

Anonymous said...

As a Glaswegian. the sentence "Glasgow beat out 30 other cities in the UK to win the host what the TSB calls the “Future Cities Demonstrator".
We haven't beaten anyone, this isn't a prize at all, it scares me to think this will become a reality for not only Glasgow but cities around the world. We have not won, we have definitely lost.

Orwell said...

I think this tongue-in-cheek response is the best way to get your head around it

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