Monday, January 7, 2013

Ecuador Taxes Bankers, President Faces CIA Assassination Plot

Activist Post

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa's government has recently passed a law to raise taxes on the financial sector to help raise the standard of living for the poor.

President Correa, an economist who is running for re-election, has reduced poverty and increased the overall standard of living in Ecuador during his term.

Understandably, the big banks, some of whom were bailed out, oppose Correa. In fact, his primary contender for the presidency is an entrenched banker.

But Correa may face a more dangerous opponent than his political rival. There is an $88 million CIA plot to destabilize the Ecuadorian government and assassinate Correa, according to reports by a Chilean journalist who tipped off Correa of the CIA plot.

Journalist Patricio Mery Bell released the report of the CIA's plot to destabilize Ecuador a few months ago, and Correa is taking them very seriously. Bell claimed the covert plot was funded by the CIA's control of drug trafficking in the region.

“There are many cases of [the CIA] interfering (in Latin American affairs), Correa said on the campaign trail. “These are credible [reports] because this has happened before in Latin America.”

Of course, the head of a US diplomatic mission in Ecuador, Adam Nann, claims that Washington “would never get involved” in Ecuador’s electoral process. Either Nann is incredibly naive or he is lying.

The CIA has a long history of manipulating Ecuador's leaders and at least one case of alleged assassination.

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, has documented how the United States of America, through corporations and the CIA, wages economic wars against Third World countries in order to control their resources.

Perkins, a self-described 'economic hitman', was personally involved in the corruption of several Latin American leaders. And when he failed to corrupt them, the CIA sent in jackals to assassinate them.

Here is a short clip of Perkins explaining the CIA's dark history of destabilization and assassination in Latin America, including Ecuador:

Although the new tax on financial institutions may be the latest move to infuriate the corporate empire backed by the United States military apparatus, Ecuador is also guilty of dealing out a $19 billion verdict against Chevron for polluting indigenous lands.  To date, this is the largest environmental judgement in history against a corporation.

Clearly, the empire has the motivation to target Correa.  The question is will the be able to with the world watching?

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Anonymous said...

Appalling once again. Perkins really lays it out well in all of his books. Correa really seems to be one of the good guys, which basically means he's destined for the same treatment as Jaime Roldos, another good guy that focused on horrible things like human rights. They just won't leave Ecuador alone.ós-aguilera-president-of

Anonymous said...

Don't forget they also offered Julian Assange political assylum, yet another reason the CIA is after Correa.
US is also losing many medical $ to Ecuador as they have excellent health care & surgeries are dirt cheap.

Daniel C said...

Health is not excellent here in ecuador! What the fuck?!?! Have you ever been here? I live here and health is by far the most unattended issue of this country.

Correa is just another thief hungry for ecuadorian oil.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a prick but I'm not one to just take people's word on anything, since you are from Ecuador could you please support this claim with some links to newspapers/media articles or government reports or anything like that about the health-care system in the country?

Preferably in English language if you could but anything would be helpful, I can always use an online translator to get the gist of it.

I too have heard that the health-care system in Ecuador was quite good(or at least improving well), though perhaps not quite "excellent" as the previous Anon poster stated.

But I don't know anyone from Ecuador so it's all second-hand info, it would be nice to get some first-hand accounts.

I checked your Youtube page to see if you had anything about it there but unless I overlooked it I didn't find anything of interest on this matter.



Anonymous said...

Oops, that last post of mine was directed at Daniel C.

Dang comments are annoying having to preview and then "edit" in order to insert a quote, I keep forgetting to put the quote in at the end, haha.


david llewellyn foster said...

PETITION started October 25, 2012 by Luke Ashley ·
To: President Correa, Republic of Ecuador
President Correa:

I am writing as a fellow global citizen to first applaud your administration for what are truly revolutionary ideas – the Rights of Nature, Sumak Kawsay, and the Yasuni-ITT initiative. These have inspired the world's imagination, are major contributions to a more just and sustainable world, and will be hallmarks of your legacy.

I am also writing to express my concern about plans for new oil drilling in the rainforests of the south-central Ecuadorian Amazon. As you well know this new oil auction, the 11th Round, contains some of the last pristine old growth forests in Ecuador. It also includes the traditional and titled homelands of seven indigenous nationalities that have repeatedly voted to reject oil extraction on their lands.

As concerned global citizens, we stand in solidarity with these indigenous nations and urge you to immediately stop the 11th Round and pursue alternative strategies for Ecuador's long-term economic development that are consistent with your historic commitment to protect the rights of nature and the rights of indigenous people and to addressing the issue of poverty for your people.

As you also know, much of Ecuador's Amazon and its people have been gravely affected by oil extraction over the years, and drilling in an area of such high biological diversity and cultural sensitivity will have devastating effects. If the oil that is slated to be extracted lay beneath Quito or Guayaquil, voices of concern would surely be heard. The remoteness of these potential deposits cannot justify minimizing the environmental and cultural dangers of drilling. These potential oil deposits lie beneath ancestral lands that have been inhabited and protected by indigenous people for generations. The indigenous peoples' rights and commitment must be respected.

This is a historic opportunity for you and for Ecuador to lead the world towards a sustainable and just future. By halting the 11th Round, leaving the oil in the ground, and pursuing a truly sustainable future, your example would inspire people around the globe.

We urge you to do the right thing and respect the rights and wishes of indigenous people. The health and well being of future generations is in your hands.

Thank you.

(Your name and country)

david llewellyn foster said...

abinico said...

The U.S. govt is run by satanist. Research 'bohemian grove' for starters.

Anonymous said...

@ abinico - true, but be careful with that research of the Bohemian Grove, shills like Alex Jones are part of the BS.

There is no chance of someone like Alex Jones, who is married to "one of them"(a Zionist) and who is well known by the establishment "sneaking" into one of the most secure events in the world, with cameras, on multiple occasions.

All the rituals that take place there are symbolic and are done in effigy, including the "child sacrifices" and such.

If you actually believe that an event attended by hundreds or possibly at times thousands of people, in addition to hundreds or thousands of staff and security personnel being present would actually engage in murdering people, especially children, and manage to keep it so secretive and hidden - well you are very gullible indeed.

If you actually understood the symbolic value of them you would probably be amused by many of the rituals. And you'd probably LMFAO at those who believe they really sacrifice children and stuff like that.

That's not to say there isn't some perverted stuff that goes on at such events, but it's no more perverted than what you would find going on at many non-occult "sex clubs" and parties and such these days.

At least the occultists have symbolic reasons for doing it, the non-occultists that do stuff like that creep me out far more to be frank.


Anonymous said...

The bureaucracy created by Correa and company will be an end of their own doing, CIA intervention is not necessary. Correa over taxes everyone who works or has money for people who refuse to work. If the US wanted to ruin Correa/Ecuador, all they need to do is forbid Ecuadors' use of the "US DOLLAR" as the Ecuador National Currency. The US Government does control US currency do they not? Also, Julian Assange will discover it is an Assylum where everyone has to build their own cage. Freedom is for the criminal elements (imported by Correa) roaming the streets. Haliluya and pass the coolaid.....

Anonymous said...

jonny you are in dream land mate if you think the zionists dont rape and sacrifice children any occasion they can especially at big events like that, do some more reasearch before you start sticking up for them, (satanic, blood sucking pigs). Because if you dont get your facts straight people will see you as one of them, as i do at the moment!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon January 7, 2013 1151 PM - It is you who are in dreamland buddy, wake the hell up.

I've done more research on them than you have clearly, unlike you I don't limit myself only to the anti-occult propaganda.

If I was one of them I wouldn't be on here and other sites talking about stuff that they most definitely do not want anyone talking about, and which pretty much destroys any possibility of me being one of them even I wanted to be(like trying to explain some of the symbolism they use).

Some people just believe anything they read on the internet as long it conforms to their preconceived beliefs, no matter how skewed those belief's are.

Critical thinking and objectivity - please for the Love of God use it sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Clearly Jonny is a dedicated damage control professional. A for effort.
He seems to do a fine job selling guns, but on many topics, needs improvement. C- for effect.

CIA pro.

Anonymous said...

Hey jonni Im ecuadorean,and I can tell you that my county has the best medical care of south America, and is almost free, that is the health revolution than our president Correa has done.
Correa has 80% of suppor of the people
The other 20 is the bankers elite( the bad guys)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha you don't know a shitt!!

Anonymous said...

"Hey jonni Im ecuadorean,and I can tell you that my county has the best medical care of south America, and is almost free, that is the health revolution than our president Correa has done."

Ok, so once again are there any links to any reports of any kind that support this view?

I've found a few articles that say that and a few which say the opposite, but none have provided any actual statistics or other detailed info to back up their claims.

In other words they are all propaganda with no actual substance.

I have no problem believing that the health-care system there is good and/or improving under Correa(who I do like the views/policies of in many areas), but some non-propaganda articles or reports with some substance to back them up would be nice.


PS to the trolls - I'm NSA, not CIA... get your facts right damn it!

*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Ok, I do have to be honest - I am starting to enjoy riling up some of these ignorant religious whack-jobs around here now.

Before I was saddened by the ignorance and honestly wanted to help them understand what is really happening, now it's just starting to piss me off as I realize most are beyond help.

Maybe I really should apply for work with the CIA, at least they have a clue what is going on in the world.

Better salary too(compared to nothing doing this).

No offense to the moderate Christians/Muslims/Jews/etc. who understand that there is more to the way the world works than just "good" vs "evil".

It's no wonder a world that is complicated as HELL(pun intended) is so screwed up when filled with so many simple-minded folks who can't handle the complexity of reality.

And yes, clearly I'm pure "evil"... that's why I'm helping out doing work at a church right now... just so once my work is done I can burn it to the ground! *insert maniacal laugh here*

Peace(which actually means 'burn in hell',

Teabunny said...

payback for protecting Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

Johny, some people actually have these things called, p-a-s-s-p-o-r-t-s.
Say it, passports.

You can go to countries and visit with local people. Travel, learn.
Much of Latin America, south and central is awake politically, connected to the land and each other in ways the average American does not understand.
There are leaders, Chavez in Venezuela, Zelaya in Honduras (before the dark force in the world, the USA ran a dirty coup and deposed him a few years ago) and Morales in Bolivia who are great men helping their nations. Of course this puts them in the cross hairs of the USA.
Fools who read and pontificate could learn a lot by traveling, but they would rather go to disney land or some other canned contrived controlled safe vacation spot. Lame.
Ecuador is awake and alive, and in play as this great article points out. Get a clue or stop chirping about crap you read that has no basis in reality.

Anonymous said...

the fact that this country was the only country IN THE WORLD that took in jullian assange says it all . think what you want but i support them and their right to run their own country without any outside influences , let the people decide their own future . the evil in the world today is the corporations who kill to get what they want . google john perkins , enough is enough leave this country alone .

Anonymous said...

Actually to Anon - I myself can not travel to other countries at this time for my government bars it due to legal issues I encountered 7 years ago and am still paying for.

Hence all I asked for was a single link to a credible report that contained actual substance(evidence), that nobody can provide such a report says more than anything you or anyone else have said.

I've heard a billion times that America's health-care system is the "best in the world", but I've also seen/read literally hundreds if not thousands of reports providing actual evidence contradicting that claim.

Why is there not one report that anyone can provide to substantiate these claims for the Ecuadorian health-care system?

All the words in the world mean nothing without evidence to support them.

That goes for any country, not just Correa's Ecuador. In a world where propaganda is far more prevelant than actual truth it's just not smart to believe people who provide no evidence to substantiate their claims(not that evidence can't be faked, but in this case I haven't seen any fake evidence either).

And this only applies to the issue of the health-care system, I have seen evidence of Correa doing good things in other areas so I don't challenge anything else.

If you want to call my government and ask them nicely to remove my travel restrictions so I could go and see firsthand then please by all means do so, but otherwise I can only base my opinions on evidence available online.


Anonymous said...

The USA always has to terrorize other countries who do not bow down to them. Is is the real terrorist threat in the world; not only against the world, but also against her own American people. We can not trust our government. They have demonized the American people where almost everyone hates Americans. What the Ecuadorian government needs to do is turn the tables on the CIA and send asesinos against their agents involved. The international bankers control the world and they do not want competition from the middle class nor the poor. I see so much corruption in the terrorist country of the United States who have killed anybody who stand in their way. The USA causes wars everywhere to bring money to the corporations and the military industrial complex. They want full control by keeping others poor, ignorant, and destitute.

Anonymous said...

there are many people dont want to understand and compare Ecuador beforeCorrea with the Ecuador that we are having today... the presidents before Correa did not do anything for Our country just filled up their pockets. Correa is working very well, he made a lot of changes... very good changes...Rafael Correa is doing a real work...

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