Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DHS Preparing for Civil War? Economic Collapse? Both?


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Anonymous said...

Economic collapse for sure. Only civil war if the people permit themselves to be divided and if police and military go along with enslaving citizens. That might happen for a short time, but there are a lot of police and military that are awake now like never before. The federal and UN goons, however, who have no local allegiances are most dangerous. We'll see soon enough, 2013 should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

The government wants civil war to break out; they are working to make it happen. It will give them the excuse for martial law. The agenda is to dissolve the USA for NWO. What alot of people are forgetting though is the Creator of this world; YHWH, He is going to allow America to go into judgement because the believers in the Lord Jesus have not turned from their wicked ways and repented and called out for mercy. Those nations who have come under God's judgement end up with drought, failed crops, are taken over , and alot of the people carried off to foriegn lands as slaves. Yrs there is slavery today.. just look at China , and those working in our prison systems at near no pay. While preparing for civil war, consider getting right with, God, cause if one of those million rounds of hollow points get you , where do you think you will spend eternity? We have allowed a minority to kick God out of the schools, the public places , and now they are working on what pastors can preach in church... the truth. Well, a country without God gets its "come uppins" so to say..... always. So don't run around asking , oh how could a loving God allow this and that when it comes... remember .. we kicked Him and His Word out , cause we knew better on how to live than He does, and well we just had to be PC didn't we?

Anonymous said... It's the whole 9 yards and then some. First down!

Anonymous said...

I wish things were better for everyone.
Nobody needs to get hurt even if collapse is possible. Please, everyone chill and go have some fun. OK

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