Friday, January 4, 2013

Creepy World of Mainstream Media Believers Uncovered

Observational firsthand account quietly unveils the darkness and misery corporate media news watchers live in. The following is my recent experience being around a community of average mainstream corporate media watchers.

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

It’s Friday December 14th, 2012 and the CIA-approved mainstream media talking heads speak on the TV with authority on this newly staged fear event; they seem to know they’ve got their zombies caught in their dark web of mind control this time; for this time it’s a shooting with lots of children, and millions will be able to relate to this soap opera tragedy. This time there will be no escaping their maze of fear as depression and anxiety sets in.

The talking heads know they have just opened up a large window of time for these negative vibrations to download into the minds of the masses. It’s a great moment to be part of government, for in a few days the emperor and his minions will have an open season on what to say as part of their ‘reactive solution’ to the assault that is about to take place on the Constitution and freedom; a freedom and gun grab that the sheep will willingly compromise away for a little perceived safety.

Where I stand observing carefully, the zombies watch the TV set with seemingly unrestricted allegiance, and a willingness to believe what is being said. Like open mental vessels for the pouring of lies, they suck up the story like its finger-licking good. People passing in front of the TV does nothing to break their concentration, as many are more than willing to sacrifice the warm temperature of their hot meals and other activities to absorb this unique dose of negative vibration and fear. This dose seems to be having a particularly special affect on their psyche; this one will last much longer than some of the others.

Seeing the blueprint left on the receiving end of this CIA-approved news story, and all the subsequent stories that emerge from it like tentacles from a creature’s head, I can now put together the pieces of information I need to understand the underlying fear that the average mainstream media watcher brings to the public table every day.

To understand the fear derived from the lies is to understand the public general anxiety and paranoia. The TV-watching and toe-tapping zombies, whose minds are captured by these 24/7 corporate media lies saturated with fear and doom, are essentially types of psychiatric patients in need of help walking around in a ‘nureseless’ ward. Though they don’t know it, they are suffering from a very sophisticated form of paranoia and anxiety that threatens not only their existence but the well-being of those around them.

Another successful assault is clearly recorded by the government’s 4th branch on the unassuming public. Such is the storyline of the psychological warfare that was declared on Americans over a century ago when pioneer of propaganda, Edward Bernays was incorporating his uncle's (Sigmund Freud) theories about subconscious irrational urges and finding ways to control humanity using this (subconscious irrational urges of pleasure and fear), as opposed to appealing to the individual's intellect (as in truth and reason…sound familiar?).

Mr. Bernays laid down a very important blueprint for today’s intelligence goons who want to control humanity; giving them the tools they would need, via the use of television, billboards, radio and other marketing channels, to strongly influence and even control the masses by swaying their opinion about this or that. (I can hear CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies of deception saying THANK YOU Eddie!)

Back almost one hundred years ago Bernays discovered that humans are more easily controlled using appeals to their subconscious drives of pleasure and fear; you could get them to want to buy soda pop instead of a drink that was good for them.

This idea was quickly put to use when he discovered that you can sell World Wars and political ideas and propaganda to the American public to promote specific political agendas. Cheers, said the intelligence goons back then. Now they had all the tools they would need to move forward with their dirty little political agendas to sabotage humanity. (I can imagine the Champagne popping).

His psychological techniques and tactics became useful tools for controlling the masses. Bernays would eventually come to be known as the founding father of public relations. Ironically I’ve observed that marketing works both ways. Bernays and his story is so little known to the general public to this day; how ironic, like a magician keeping his secrets from the public.

Back amongst the mainstream media watchers, days go by and the TV-watching zombies clearly are now demonstrating the fear and anxiety expected of a group subjected to staged atrocities - no one is heard to bring up positive issues, no one seems happy or relaxed and, as if on auto-pilot, they reach for more doses of the hypnosis every day round the clock; the toxic effect of the CIA-approved talking heads has clearly taken its toll on their cognitive, emotional and spiritual functions.

Such is the nature of the information, cognitive and spiritual war humanity is facing. The time is now to understand and identify the source of the negative energy that is hijacking our friends and families; the negative energy source that is sucking up their existence and lobotomizing those around us. It would be an understatement to say that humanity needs to unplug from the TV immediately.

Free your mind now while you can. Give it a chance to thrive on its own without Wolf Blizter, Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow and the others telling you what to think. You are better than these pre-approved mainstream corporate media talking heads, and you don’t need to know what their teleprompter is telling them to tell you. Your brain comes fully equipped with all the survival tools you will ever need to thrive while alive on this earth. Take this moment to end the teleprompter-brain circuit now and cut the line. You need only to make the choice.

Back amongst the mass media watchers a weekend has passed and everyone’s demeanor is clearly down; they are now ready for the emperor to give them their Sunday night speech and to begin a long period of freedom and constitutional rights destruction. I get the look of confusion as I explain to them about Hegelian Dialectic and how the shooting was the PROBLEM phase which leads to the second of three phases known as REACTION phase; in this phase the government gives the public time to react to their corporate media sensationalized story to shake you up, scare you, and depress you before the final phase is begun; that being the SOLUTION phase to be orchestrated by the politicians who are more than willing to destroy the freedoms of the people because the solution is always about destruction of freedom.

Such is life amongst the mainstream corporate media watchers that actually believe what they see on television. Being around them can be a very uneasy experience lest one exercise much wisdom, kindness and patience. Often one can feel the anxiety pouring out of them as they look for any reason to fear and doubt what is happening around them. How lonely it must be to actually believe mass media lies and live in their godless world of fear, doom, and gloom interrupted only by consumerism, sports, and Hollywood celebrity gossip.

Naturally I do the only thing I can; I extend a hand of hope to these people and remind them that mainstream media is all lies carefully laid out for a much bigger government agenda and has nothing to do with wanting individuals to be mentally free, happy, satisfied and thriving in a jubilant and highly functional manner. Governments are designed to keep individuals dependent on government, and unfortunately government knows no other way of doing this than to generate fear and external threats with hope that the individual feels the need to be kept safe from this perceived external fear.

This is the simple government agenda that prompted 4th president of the U.S. James Madison to once say:
If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy… the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provision against danger, real or imagined, from abroad…
Here (4th) President Madison prophesied not only the war on terror hoax of today but the marketing of lies by government (ironically by the 4th branch of government aka the mass media) to destroy freedoms under the premise of exchanging the freedom for safety. This ‘safety’ factor is the Mainstream Corporate Media's favorite toy of deception that so many of their watchers have bought into.

The crux of the false rationale is revealed amongst the mainstream media watchers that I observed. They are hoping and dreaming that government will keep them 'safe' and they are willing to live in fear and trade in their freedoms - like a sports team trading for draft picks - in exchange for this ‘safety’ factor. Their sad false belief exposed, several mainstream media watchers listen to my argument with a sparkle in their eyes. What I have to say to them offers a way out of their misery but at what price? I explain to them that the price is perceived and I offer to show them how incredible it is to be mentally free.

Freedom you say? Most of them have never thought about freedom, as they have been conditioned to believe that slavery is freedom and freedom is slavery. Many will argue that deep down many of these people don't want to be mentally free because being aware comes with great responsibility. I cannot argue with this suggestion, indeed too many want to be left alone but only because they see no compelling reason to believe the truth yet.

I recognize two factors that will wake up this group: mess with their religion and/or mess with their wallets. Yes, I agree for some, only a religious persecution and a full-on financial collapse will compel them to action. Now isn't it nice to have a chance at figuring it out before such events?

Somewhere, perhaps just in my own mind, I can see George Orwell turning in his grave. In the end I can say with certainty that I did no less than to offer them a possible alternative paradigm that, although it may be too scary for them right now, they may at some point understand that if true, it will free their minds forever.

The seeds are now planted and I move on, and like any seed, some will grow and thrive and some will likely wither away. I will never see the end result, but I will move on knowing what I did and knowing that nature, fate, intuition, destiny and the natural processes of nature will do the rest. Ah, life can be much simpler than most people think. I shed the burden of responsibility and the anxiety and stress that would have come with that and move on. The light I see is actually coming from within. 2013 promises to be a very challenging yet victorious year.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Very well put. I would encourage people not to be self-righteous in the education process. No one was born awake. It's like you said, 'planting seeds'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including Maddow in your list of teevee lie-tellers; the others on the list are known loud-mouthed frauds, but Maddow gets a pass, though she is as bad as the rest.

Anonymous said...

"...Edward Bernays was incorporating his nephew’s (Sigmund Freud) theories..." should read "...Edward Bernays was incorporating his uncle’s (Sigmund Freud) theories..."

Anonymous said...

this has been happening for a long time.

anybody believe that a single bullet can break a rib and wrist bone and come out unscathed?

there is no investigative reporting anymore. I noticed all the channels of so called news all say the same thing and occasionally point fingers at one another just to show some difference.

Anonymous said...

When i hear this story of the children dieing in a tragedy such as this, i only have to see the archive of images i have collected of children blown up, shot, and murdered, by the very same people that call for more murders, deaths, kills.
And when i see them, it sickens me, i think, do i also have to pick up arms to defend my beliefs, and loves of this realm?.

Anonymous said...

I was born, questioning the world, and it hasn't stopped.

Anonymous said...

Is there a printable version for this article?

Nemetron 2000 said...

Excellent article on the psychological aspects of how our emotions are literally used as weapons against us. There is also the neurological aspect to consider as well.

This physically and mentally stressful society in which we live wreaks havoc on our immune system and our body's natural means of coping with stress. Our minds are forced to burn through our supplies of serotonin and various other coping neurochemicals at a rate similar to a high revving engine burning through quarts of oil. The stress that occurs when our 'quarts' are low, make us more susceptible to the fear mongering spewed forth from the television sets. Our minds seek solace, and the reassurance from the politicians that they have our "best interests at heart" and that they have the answers to our perceived "problems"; to our stressed out minds and bodies, is just what the doctor ordered.

I believe that the wrong course of action here is the one so often suggested, and could be the cause of the the recent shooting outbreaks. The idea of increasing the levels of these coping neurochemicals in the brain via SSRI's, MAO-A inhibitors, and various forms of amphetamines is a disastrous one. The 'engine/brain' doesn't need more 'oil/coping neurochemicals', it needs less 'revving/stimulation'. The level of stimulation is too high, and it is causing us to burn out way too quickly. In order to deal with this burn out and in order to stay competitive with other people (either in the workplace or society in general) who have yet to burn out, we seek advice from our doctors, who then prescribe one of the above mentioned pharmaceuticals. Children are especially susceptible to this because so much of today's youth culture revolves around various forms of hyper stimulation.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea I was being lied to. I literally have not come out of my house since 9/11 and the warnings to put duct tape and plastic sheeting on the windows. Thank God I can finally throuw out the trash and get some vitamin D from the sun! Thank you activistpost!

Whitey Mann

Anonymous said...

From the article - "Yes, I agree for some, only a religious persecution and a full-on financial collapse will compel them to action. Now isn't it nice to have a chance at figuring it out before such events?"

Yes it's nice to know in advance for some people, but the reason many will not see it coming is best summed up by the Beatles -

"Let me take you down,
'cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields,
Nothing is real,
And nothing to get hungabout,
Strawberry Fields forever,
Living is easy with eyes closed,
Misunderstanding all you see..."

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever :

It's amazing how deep The Beatles really were, making songs the average person thinks is the insane product of too much drugs and makes no sense, but in reality has a number of very powerful meanings stacked atop each other(including occult symbolic meanings).

It's just easier not to think for most people, and this western society is all about the "easy button", no thinking or understanding required.

Sadly a few of those people are within my own family, and they've had plenty of 'wake up calls' from myself and others but still CHOOSE to be ignorant and misunderstand everything.

As long as T.V/media tell them how to think they don't have to do the hard work of thinking for themselves.

It's saddening, but what can you do when even smacking them square in the face with reality doesn't wake them up?

An EMP would actually be a nice thing right about now, disconnect the "easy button" and force people to think for themselves free of media manipulation/programming.

Then again turning some of those Zombies loose under their own mental powers may have disastrous consequences.

What can any of us really do other than keep smacking people in the face with reality and hope it hurts enough one of these times to actually make a difference?


Rick Carufel said...

Well said, but you are operating on the assumption this really happened. No real evidence has been shown that verifies the information provided by the Conn. State Police and the Coroner. They have been proven to have been lying about the assault rifle being used and threatened arrest of anyone reporting anything not sanctioned by the lying spokesperson a clear attempt to violate the first amendment. Not a shred of evidence has been shown with the exception of 2 bullet holes in a car, one of which was fired from within the vehicle. Not one photo of bodies being taken out on stretchers, not one word about the person/s arrested in the woods behind the school, not even a photo of the bullet hole in the school door where the gunman allegedly shot his way into the school. And why is the school still locked down and still an active crime scene when the supposed killed is dead? Why were none of the bodies removed from the school for over 24 hrs after the event? Why was the coroner going into detail about the damage .233 shell do to a body when it was later revealed all the killings were done with 4 handguns and the assault rifle never left the car? Nothing about this case adds up at all.

Anonymous said...

Along with religion and money it seems you don't want to mess with peoples right to own guns, particularly assault rifles. Apparently there is still some fight left in the American people!

Amaterasu Solar said...

I'm thinking Orwell, being part of the elite, probably isn't turning in His grave... He's probably overjoyed at how closely They're sticking to His blueprint (with elements of Brave New World thrown in - Orwell and Huxley were competing to come up with the best plan to control Humanity...).

Anonymous said...

"Orwell and Huxley were competing to come up with the best plan to control Humanity..."

Not really, the plans have been in the works for hundreds of years, they came along a bit late to actually make those plans.

They were/are competing for the prize of best "predictive programmer" though, preparing people to dismiss the reality of this stuff as being Hollywood fantasy(conspiracy theory) not worthy of them taking seriously.

And/or scaring them into not doing anything about it, those "Big Brother" dudes were seriously chillingly evil like all fictional symbolic "bad guys" so it's easy to connect that imagery with the real people in play today and be scared of them(if I just go along with it I'll be fine, right?...).

You do have to admit though they certainly haven't hid this stuff that much, at least in general - ongoing dynamic(not set in stone) details such as the proceedings of Bilderberg meetings and such are another matter of course.

However anyone with half a brain, even the T.V addicted zombies, should be well aware of what is happening by now, the agenda hasn't been hidden at all really but rather very openly discussed and propagandized.

Ultimately to my view most of blame for allowing all this to happen really does rest on the ignorant general public that choose to ignore it even when it's right in their face waving a flag and wearing a big neon sign around their neck saying "Look at Me!!!".

Throughout history powerful people have had their own agendas contrary to the interests of the masses, it was/is the general public that allows themselves to be fooled into thinking that over the past 100 years or so that all changed.

If these "Illuminati" were wrong about most people being ignorant even when the truth is placed on a silver platter right in front of their eyes then none of this would be happening.

I'm sure many of them feel the same way I do about it being very sad that they are actually being proven right.

But in being proven right most of the ignorant people's are being killed off, so eventually when their "New World" truly begins it will only be intelligent(Illuminated) people left to continue the human race, in theory.

Like it or hate it it's kind of laughable that the bad guys are only "bad guys" because they are correct. If they were wrong they would not be able to do what they are doing.

But there is hope that at least a portion of the peoples will prove them wrong yet and stop their plans. I'm not wagering any bets either way at this point though.


brian said...

Remember Ricardo Sanchez from CNN, when he spoke his heart? I remember Rich Sanchez. The Budhists believe that if you see something, you should say something. If you do not, you could be reborn as a mute. Kinda like homeland security eh? If 9-11 was an inside job, don't you think the war,children killing is wrong? Say something, plant the seed.

Al Bowrhume said...

Hey ...look up Gaslighting.It is a tactic of Narcissists with NPD.(Narcissistic Personality Disorder).
It's ambient psychological abuse.It's renders the victim with low self esteem and makes them doubt their own being.The media is Gaslighting the hell out of the TEEVEE watchers.
In business and community affairs they teach cult "leadership"skills which are anything but.They are seeking the weakest for organizations like common purpose.
Advertising companies studied the top 10 vults and adopted their techniques. It's all about Persuasion
see The Persuaders
Perception management is another big tool.
But the arts and the actors are the biggest threat.
There is a website called crisis to create drills.
But the worst are like NYC and Chicago arts.
You need to look up Fred Delano Newman.
He was a Marxist recruiter with the highest retention rate ever.He was a community organizer (NYC in the Obama era)
Anti-Semitic Jew Fred Newman led his cult-like followers to Independence Party power in New York City
(Responsible for Bloomberg Mayoral Win Bloomberg repays w/$650 k grant)
Read more:
He was also shrink who pushed patient-therapist sex
Read more:
Small towns are getting creepy theatre groups ..
Hey did you know Elaine from Seinfeld is a Ernst And Young heir and is a billionaire? Ernst and Young cooks the books and gets bail outs.. The Greenburgs are big in media too.They are playing out a Dionusian Drama Cult,and are Gaslighting you 24/7

Anonymous said...

Jonny hits the spot. We are oblivious. I and a couple friends swiped a bunch of building materials in broad daylight. A neighbor asked us what we were doing, we said we were picking up the stuff for the contractor. We had to take it all, sorry can't share. I saved a ton of money.
Point is, bold and in your face works most of the time because as the brain is processing that which you may or may not grasp, too late, done, ..gone. Move on to the next ruse.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad someone has talked about Edward Bernays! Did you watch BBC's "Century if the Self"? It is available on Google video, all 6 hours of it. My husband and I call the media madness "Bernays Haze.". Feel free to use that term.

Ax said...

The mainstream mass media is our most immediate front line enemy .
Make no mistake .


The Crisis Actors and the DHS who implements these Ex-Plans scenarios really need to come up with a different script. And better actors! Preferably ones that can remember their lines and not stray from their character! Also, if they have their picture plastered on the media showing their character name -- they really need to get rid of their personal blogs with family picture showing themselves in their real persona. That is just sloppy casting. The next "shooting" will be at a mall or a Target Store... or maybe a stadium. But, they need to get rid of the "lone" male shooter. Perhaps, next time, go for a couple of disgruntled soccer moms to shoot up a mall! However, so many people DID believe the "disaster scene". So, not all was lost. At least the school got a nice fat check for cooperating. So few people really remember Orson Wells' 1938 radio program "War of the Worlds" when thousands of people REALLY believed the U.S. was being invaded! Many cried, ran out of their homes... panic was all over. I guess, Americans haven't progressed much since 1938. They still believe what the media and government spoon feeds them. But, don't blame the actors! At least they are employed.

Tommy Smithers said...

Almost everything in the media these days is fear and negativity, but back in the 50's & 60's the US was being built up as a 'can-do' society in the hearts and minds of not only its citizens, but in the the hearts and minds of folks abroad as well.

Sure back then there was the 'Atomic Scare' that would last 'till the end of the Cold War; but go to any internet archive site, and you'll see many a public service film from 60 years ago praising America's go-getterism, industrialness, freedoms, charitablity, usefulness and independence.

Back in the late Fiftys, 12% of the Federal budget was spent on Infrustructure projects - and there was plenty of good paying work to be done.

John Wayne always saved the day. Comic-book characters such as Archie Andrews went out and got after-school jobs to be useful and to fund crazy schemes; no mooching there. And 'The Honeymooners' got by even though they only lived in a two-room apartment.
But that was then.

abinico said...

Of course you can't believe MSM; but the internet on the other hand can only post the truth - I think it's some kind of law.

DavidGordon said...

Awesome job Bernie! Here's my take.

A one percent mob rules the world and ten times that many work for them. That's the cabal and its minions comprising ten percent of the population.

On the other, hand ten percent of Americans are awake and patriotic and a tenth of those are pro-active. This one percent of Neo-Patriots are us – the aware bloggers and neo-journalists.

So we are the one percent against their evil one percent. They have all the money and most of the weapons, but we have FREEDOM as a cause.

To Bernie's observation: The other eighty percent of the population is either fully zombified, as noted above, or in some state of partial real-world curiosity, yet in denial. Why? Because they don't do real-politic comprehension and maybe they can't. They are the SHEEP and will remain that way. As Anon 10:36 noted - I too was born this way! I have never thought differently since I saw my first "Question Authority" bumper-sticker. Anyways, there is no large-scale "waking-up" to be done. Sheep (we will need another name) listen to talking heads – end of story. That is their social role and there is nothing wrong with that. All the cogs in a wheel are crucial.

Solution is – we just have to make them our sheep. We need to become their "new, improved" talking heads, simple as that.

However, a major re-Constituional revolution and "soft landing" could happen - but the flock will just wonder when football will be back on. Amen.

Alessia said...

@ANIMALAURA, right on the money honey!
With a background in marketing, I learned early in life that people basically do things for one of two motives, either to move away from pain or to move towards pleasure. Analyze some of your most recent actions and see if you can place them into one of those categories. Once you understand how that works you can use it to manipulate others into doing precisely what you want. And that's exactly what MSN and TPTB are up to!

Anonymous said...

dumb downed or mind controlled? It's a hard call. I'd say about a third of the population is awake and seeing through the charade. The fluoride doesn't hurt either or the media personalities you mentioned wouldn't have their own shows...but just look at the mainstream media's critics...I'd say that is a majority of us who know they are lying it's just that instead of being so programmed people are just trying to appear normal and blend in with the herd...but what they really believe is it's a big lie.
Now if enough of us refuse to play along to seem "normal" it will be easier for those people to come out of the closet. We must not agree to pretend we don't know it's a lie. Being vocal about it gives others the courage to stand up.

Passionate Pragmatist said...

Very good essay, although, he didn't really explain Bernays' mass-programming techniques. Then when I read Dr. Suarez's closing bio I was further disappointed. He fails in his attempt to warn humanity of the real danger since he is not fully disseminating the truth using the terms "new world order" and "globalists."

Anonymous said...

CIA-approved media? Try TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RELATIONS-coordinated and approved. Do your research please.

Anonymous said...

The DVR , fast forward, mute & the power buttons gives me all the control needed to ignore the propaganda machine.

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