Monday, January 21, 2013

Be a Proud Conspiracy Theorist, You're in the Majority

"Is everything a conspiracy? No, just the important stuff." - Jeff Wells, Rigorous Intuition.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

It seems that the establishment media has intensified their attack on "conspiracy theorists".  It's long been their feeble attempt to discredit anyone who dares question the "official" narrative of events.  But why the sudden deluge of attacks?

First, what does conspiracy theory even mean?
con·spir·a·cy - An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. 
the·o·ry - A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena. 
con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry - The belief that the government or a covert organization is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained.
In short, a conspiracy theorist seeks the full facts about covert subversive acts, and unusual or unexplained events. Put another way, when the story of an event doesn't add up, theories arise to explain what really happened.

Given the abominable track record of the establishment media, it's become more common to question everything we hear rather than blindly swallowing their script.

As the initial reporting of the Sandy Hook school massacre was so scattered, and policymakers immediately seized the crisis to promote a long desired agenda of strict gun control, it's no wonder that some have questioned the authenticity of the "official" version of events.

What is the official version, anyway?  It's changed a thousand times. They want us to believe a lone-wolf psycho used an assault rifle to kill 26 innocent children and teachers.

Never mind that it has come out that a "rifle" never entered the school and what they found in the trunk of Lanza's car was actually a shotgun. Never mind how he got through the new $300,000 surveillance/security system while wearing a mask and armed to the teeth. Never mind the reports of multiple shooters and camouflage-clad strangers arrested in the woods. Don't worry about the Emergency Response Team (ERT) that was simulating this exact same school shooter scenario on the same day in a nearby town. And, don't ask why there's a strange lack of injured survivors, credible witnesses, or anyone who even knew Adam Lanza. And, finally, how would gun control have prevented this event?

I must be an evil, heartless conspiracy theorist who pisses on the graves of those killed that day because I'd like answers to these questions. At least that's what the establishment media wants you to believe about me and others who desire better explanations than what we've been given.

Media figures, particularly CIA intern Anderson Cooper of CNN, is using his bully pulpit to demonize anyone who questions the Sandy Hook event and lump them all into the most radical theory that says no one was murdered that day. The fact that he dedicated nearly an entire show to disputing a conspiracy theory, in and of itself is telling.

Meanwhile, AC was caught pulling a 360 on viewers by showing “active-shooter drill footage” from another school as if it was the breaking news feed of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

But, as Cooper struggles to attract 200K viewers per night to his pulpit, an amateur video questioning the anomalies of Sandy Hook received an astonishing 10 million views in one week.

Therein lies the primary reason the establishment can no longer ignore conspiracy theorists, because they're now the majority. According to a recent Fairleigh Dickinson University poll a majority of Americans (63%) believe at least one political conspiracy theory.

Dan Cassino, a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University who helped conduct the poll said "People tend to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire – so the more smoke they see, the more likely they are to believe that something is going on."

Regarding 9/11, Cassino says; "It’s easy to discount conspiracy theories about 9/11, but this isn’t some fringe belief. Trutherism is alive and well in America, and is only going to get stronger as memories of the actual event fade."

Another likely motivation for the recent attacks on conspiracy theorists is because a staggering majority no longer trusts the corporate media or the government. Recent polling showed record level (60%) of distrust for the media, and Congress is less popular than cockroaches with a dismal 9% favorable rating.

It's clear that the dying corporate media wants their viewers to despise anyone who questions the official narrative of any "event that is unusual or unexplained" in a desperate attempt to keep viewers locked to their "trusted" news channel.

I, for one, am proud to question everything I hear in the so-called news. And the bigger they hype a story, the more I question it. As professor Cassino said, "where there's smoke, there's fire."

Usually someone, or a group of someones, clearly benefits from a certain subversive act. As such, they seem to have much more of a motivation than some lone wolf who kills himself after committing unexplainable atrocities or some cave dweller claiming to hate our freedom.

Is this always the case? Of course not. But the more hype the establishment puts behind a questionable event, the more reason there is to find out cui bono -- who benefits?

Below is a great video dissertation by James Corbett about conspiracies and the media response to them:

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Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why the older word "corruption" is no longer used, having been replaced by "conspiracy". That's what all this is - deep corruption. Most national governments/agencies are simply run by what amounts to crime families- they are gangs - all the voting and media just a crafted circus. Human world is unbelievably corrupt and simply insane. The corruption goes beyond stealing money - they steal health, access to food, access to cleaner technologies, civil liberties, and more - everything that could make this planet wonderful.

Yet people don't seriously choose change. When they do, they will stop lying to themselves and each other and run the criminals out by the force of sheer numbers, or be exterminated trying, the only real options. But the change such a shift would represent threatens all they are - usually people who are themselves invested in corruption for the way they live, their social status, property, etc.

When the real shift happens, our whole way of living will have to change. You can't go to the heart of these conspiracies and address what's there without deep change, even upheaval. Hence the stall.

Don't just hold your government employees and corrupt unelected officials responsible - remember that it's your neighbors that are the real oppressors. Most have been trained to keep others in line via ridicule, discrimination, etc. - it is the only way that a few can control the many; they must train them to control one another.

Anonymous said...

The official stories are getting more and more unbelievable. Once someone doubts one story they immediately reflect back to the past and challenge those stories as well.

Social engineering is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as the alternative media on the Internet educates the public to a more believable scenario.

The powers that be know this, they are getting more desperate, expect them to ramp things up in the near future.

Sandy Hook is more of a fairy tale than 9/11

Anonymous said...

Whoever is in charge of creating money is, ultimately, in control of humanity. It has been this way since the invention of common currencies. Money has always been a system of control at it's heart. Until we realize this as a species, and work to remove money completely in a sustainable way, we will continue having problems where the few are allowed to control the many.

Brendan R

Anonymous said...

Any doubters of corruption in the media, watch the movie: Wag The Dog. Perfect example of made-up stories by corrupt media.

Anonymous said...

Some of the Utube proof it was a farce must have come from MSM. Did They Want Us To Know?

The Whole Apollo Program Was A Farce!
Some Of The Proof Is Strait From NASA!
Well Researched

Valenz said...

Most know that Sandy Hook(er) was a fraudulent enterprise but you ALL refuse to acknowledge that it was a TOTAL fraud. You draw the line at "the killing of the children," which actually means they they really DO believe the governments lies.

I am here to tell all of you that NO CHILDREN WERE MURDERED THAT DAY.

The government has become extremely adept at the invention of false flag scenarios. This is because you - the American people - have given them permission to do so. You have surrendered your souls to the 'enemy.' Unfortunately for you - you all have no idea of what I am talking about.

Kerry said...

Wha...!?! You're telling me that I've had it wrong all these years when I took the term 'Conspiracy Theorist' to mean those who toe the official line. PPfftttt.

I'd rather be a truther than a liar.

abinico said...

Get Piers Morgan - he'll explain everything.

Anonymous said...

63% of Americans believe at least one conspiracy theory - yeah, that's what happens when people can no longer trust much less believe anything their government says or does because they have lied and cheated the public so much that being not trusting becomes a necessity & a survival skill.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a few years back that 1 in every 4 Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. The other 3 Americans that believe the 'official' narrative are the ones that actually subscribe to a conspiracy theory, probably the biggest that the US government has ever pulled on the public. Anyone that believes that 19 "Muslims" with box cutters were able to hijack 4 planes, bring down the Twin Towers plus other buildings that weren't even hit, destroy the wing of the Pentagon where all the records showing government theft and malfeasance were kept and one plane that crashed in an open field leaving no debris, seriously needs to have their heads examined. Oh, yeah, and the whole time, a number of the perpetrators who crashed the planes and caused all the mayhem are still in the Middle East, alive and well. That's a conspiracy theory if ever I heard one.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with crossing the threshold over one of the 'big' conspiracies, is that there are lots of dirty disinfo outlets waiting to sell you their BS.

Remaining skeptical, being slow to judge or react but quick to study and read more is the way to go. Jumping on the bandwagon of every anti government conspiracy is a mugs game.

Personally, I see the long close history of the gun industry with political sleazeballs from both parties and wonder.....
For the past ten years there have been way more mass shootings than usual, always followed by media hype and scare tactics about guns getting banned, and always resulting in huge spikes in gun and ammo sales. Big money on the table, about $11 billion a year.
Create the fear of scarcity, and people will buy that product, whether it is some goofy toy at walmart, or guns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and O'dark 30 really happened too. Bin Laden was chilling in Pakistan just taking it easy from all his jihadin' and our brave heros went in and smoked him like a sausage...then they threw that billionaire friend of Schrub into the ocean for a plausible burial at sea. Hey that official story is sooooo believable!!! Gawd , what dumbasses make up this shit???? And the public buys it??? LOL

AX said...

nicolasrao said...

It's just amazing how many people are already brainwashed to the limit, their brains are totally shut. They will be easy prey to the New World Order Duh!

Bruce Hayden said...

I'm on the red list. Who cares? Most of you can 'bite me.'

Anonymous said...

Hello from a poster outside of the USA. There is one pivotal key to grasp which, if the ones asleep could do it, would allow the wall of division to collapse.

We are NOT human only, this world that we 'live' in is NOT our home. We are energy beings at our true level, with only about 25% of our available consciousness in any one human body.
It is THIS fact that there is a desperate attempt to conceal, because once we remember this, the illusion of this physical dimension becomes clear, and the long and complex attempts to keep us in ignorance and so powerless, will fail.
Because this planet is currently increasing its frequency (science knows the audible planetary signal has increased in speed, but does not know why)many people are becoming aware on higher levels (literally waking up) and those who work against it are only too aware of it, so we see the desperation and controlled panic in the 'events' that they organise, hoping that they can still influence a high number of people who are still tuned into the illusion of daily life.

Take heart, we are getting there, energies far more powerful than the pirates, are influencing humanity, but rather like curing a boil, the poison has to come to the surface to be cleared away.
Peace and Progress to All

Anonymous said...

The phrase "conspiracy theory" proliferated post-1967 after the CIA suggested its use to media assets (presstitutes) at ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times. The term was first used systematically to denigrate anyone questioning the official government version of the Kennedy assassination. Now the term is a reflex response, applied to any skepticism of any government narrative on any subject.

Anonymous said...


When facts trump theory, the case is closed.

There is a line that connects everything they do, right up to Sandy Hoax and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Osama Bin Laden died in Dec 2001. Do a search it was all over the media. A Fraud by a Fraud named Barry Soetoro.,2933,41576,00.html

commonsenseforcommongood said...

The more open the ears, eyes and minds of the People, the more aware and informed we become, the more threatening we become to those who have been distorting reality in order to rape, pillage, defraud and steal from the American People and our National Treasury!

All mainstream media is owned by large corporations, all part of the United Corporate Right, who thrive and get rich only by deceiving and manipulating us, the American Public, with false or misleading news and propaganda.

The Corporate Right, and their beneficiaries, will not give up the money they steadily, stealthily and continuously steal from us without a fight, and often to the death of us or them.

Anonymous said...

Those who issue money and credit, direct the policies of government and control the destiny of the people.

You can put as many isms on it that you want. According to Websters dictionary the word ism is defined as doctrine.

The form of capitalism that we are living under is corrupt. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absoluely.

It is an international conspiratorial drive for power, on the part of men in high places, willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim, global conquest

These men are the Elite Globalist Banking CABAL of the NWO that are members of the Illuminati.

The only way you can remove this cancer before it metastisises and destroys the economic body is to surgically remove it!

Afshin Nejat said...

I'm a "Evil Corruption" Theorist.

Afshin Nejat said...

I'm an "Evil Corruption" Theorist. IN FACT,after having been educated in science and mathematics, I found that only a philosophical theory can explain reality, and it must account for ALL phenomena NONMATERIALISTICALLY, or it is not sufficient. Necessarily, it must also explain evil. Evil, once explained properly in such a theory, is the ONLY complete theory of what "Reality" really is.

BlountTruth said...

The fact is this is not a conspiracy, unless that title is shared by those who listen to the main stream. I will reserve my opinion upon the release of the video of Lanza walking into the school armed, masked, and doing so without warning. People need to stop arguing and inditing that this video be released, just like the one single video out of hundreds released of the pentagon on 9/11. No need to argue, no need to spar, just simply release the video. Why is it that they play any and all videos no mater how graphic, no matter how sickening, but when it comes to controversy that the government is involved in never see's the light of day? So drop the conspiracy talk, force them to have a discussion about the issue as opposed to simply allowing them to label us all conspiracy theorists because their story and conclusions are beyond the point of being called absurd.

Anonymous said...

Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Take the Test at

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Holy cow, I was so irritated at the O'dark preview at the movies I flipped the bird at the screen - okay so not very lady-like, but I figured I'd make it clear to anyone sitting behind me how I felt about this utter BS since they couldn't see me rolling my eyes in the dark.

Anonymous said...

"I have just finished re+reading (The Most Dangerous Book in the World) 911 as a Mass Ritual by Author S.K. BAIN, hmm an interesting name, but I digress, but the Author of this Book seems too be sending out an SOS knock knock for a Friday the 13th Triskaidekaphobia watch out, hmm...there is only one such date in 2013, but I digress, anyway indeed there is an...sublime madness in the soul of the so-called Conspiracy Theorists, perhaps they are indeed standing with the Truth as their foundational SafeGround, that it really is indeed so" k.a.pi bnnu

Anonymous said...

"I have just finished re+reading (The Most Dangerous Book in the World) 911 as a Mass Ritual by Author S.K. BAIN, hmm an interesting name, but I digress, but the Author of this Book seems too be sending out an SOS knock knock for a Friday the 13th Triskaidekaphobia watch out, hmm...there is only one such date in 2013, but I digress, anyway indeed there is an...sublime madness in the soul... of the so-called Conspiracy Theorists, perhaps they are indeed standing with the Truth as their foundational SafeGround, that it really is indeed so" k.a.pi bnnu

Anonymous said...

"Aries the Ram/444, officially starts from mid-March too mid-April, so the ptb may think that most will be distracted by the nice warm+weather of the coming Spring, but we all for the most part will indeed be on watch everyday and keeping up our own personal awareness of our surroundings indeed so" we all gotta keep our awareness antennas up. :) k.a.pi bnnu :)

Anonymous said...

"The Truth is not a Conspiracy Theory" the truth is the truth that is in the truth, if we as a whole being/s will not finally deal with the truth of this world, life, dimension, cosmic reality, paradigm, bluish rosy colored matrix illusionary facade, its the truth that will ultimately deal with us all as a whole" :) k.a.pi bnnu. :) just my own thoughts here, food for Thoth. :)

Anonymous said...

"There is Nothing more Beautiful than the Purity of the Beautiful Truth, the Truth is the only SafeGround that there really really is, in a CivilLIEzation such as this as such" k.a.pi bnnu :)

Anonymous said...

"There is Nothing more Beautiful than the Purity of the Beautiful Truth, the Truth is the only SafeGround that there really really is, in a CivilLIEzation such as this as such" k.a.pi bnnu :) be in wellness too all, it is all going too be verrry well in the longest of runs, I say Nay too another 26000 yrs. CiviLIEzation. :)

Anonymous said...

You are so correct ........ can feel it bursting inside.......i can`t concentrate on anything else...I'm on a fear! Change is coming, and it's soon.......heehaw!

Anonymous said...

Not all

Anonymous said...

Do you know what a paid disinfo agent is? Search google images "disinfo agent jeff wells"

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