Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: The Year of Banker Infestation . . . 2013: The Year They Become Obsolete?

YouTube - Max Keiser

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert argue over whether things are looking better or worse for the American worker. While Stacy argues that the return of some manufacturing is a sign that wealth creating jobs may return to the US, Max counters that the system is so corrupt that the chances of labor getting any cut of the wealth is nil and that the Internet giants will prevent the rise of a powerful decentralized economy online.

In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Professor Jonathan Feldman about the Global Teach-In and about a boycott and short sale campaign and creating an industrial policy for America because right now the US even outsources some military production to China.

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Anonymous said...

Really interesting debate between optimist and pessimist. I would like to believe Stacy on this, but Max has the track record, and we can see what is going on all around us. I think that some of what Stacy points out is already happening on a small-scale, but it's probably too much to hope that any of these local actions will actually replace the current system. Best we can do is just opt-out and come up with creative solutions to stay off the radar and work among ourselves. Thanks for having the courage to debate this and to disagree with one another in a respectful way. Very educational.

stevor said...

Unfortunately, since our "government" is run by banksters, they'll help the banksters create False Flags where "Chinese" or some other Patsy is blamed for stealing the money from the accounts where it's collected.

Anonymous said...

WHAT, Max Kiser is censoring the Comments, Commie!

lakshmi said...

Thank you for sharing this post.

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