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Why Did God Allow This To Happen?

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Catherine J Frompovich, Contributor
Activist Post

That’s the question we’ve heard numerous times since the most unfortunate and dastardly events in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, December 14, 2012. Everyone seems to be shocked into a reality of sorts that prompts the very same question: Why did God allow this to happen?

In thinking about both the incident and that agonizing question, I could not help but realize that is a deflective question whereby, in desperation, our minds are searching for answers at the expense of some ‘scape goat’ or ‘fall guy’ rather than looking within our very own society and its professional mores to see where we have allowed things to go wrong.

A reflective question would query how come so many violent crimes are committed? What leads to such violence and premeditated murders? Are there other factors that need to be considered such as mind control mechanisms that no one thinks believable but are going on daily across the country which use microwave technology to get into people’s heads?

Before you think I’m off my rocker or half-cocked for saying the above, please view this 43 minute YouTube video The Brain Invaders Conspiracy investigation by former Governor Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators.

The sum and substance of Jesse’s investigation is confirmed toward the end of the video [37 minute mark forward] by Dr Robert Duncan, the mastermind and architect of mind control technology for the U.S. government to get into people’s heads. Duncan went from Harvard and MIT directly to the CIA where the weapons he created for them are called “Voice of God Weapons.” Dr Duncan admits his work “empowered the dark side by a sum of my work.” Furthermore, he says what’s going on is part of the whole world population control and every one of us will be targeted.

Jesse Ventura’s team met with targeted individuals (TIs) who are being tortured daily with mind control via microwaves transmitted from former GWEN towers, the Ground Wave Emergency Network Cold War towers that are still standing across the country and utilized for population control. The government sold the bottom of those towers to microwave firms but the U.S. government kept the top of the towers to transmit its covert black ops mind control operation against its citizens according to those in the know.

David Corsi, a Black Ops specialist interviewed by Jesse Ventura, said the Church Senate Committee exposed the MK Ultra project, a CIA covert project that, allegedly, was closed down, but Corsi believes was transferred to other government agencies.

Interestingly, at 20 minutes and 48 seconds into the YouTube video, a cross-country map of the United States shows GWEN tower sites along with dots marking clusters of TI populations. After seeing the video and in view of the mass killings that occurred in the USA, maybe Jesse Ventura and his crew ought to do a retrospective study to see if there is any correlation between the Voice of God weapon and mass murders. Better still, maybe Congress should dust off it’s oversight powers and find which agency operates that Black Ops upon U.S. citizens and stop it once and for all. Perhaps, governors in each state should convene investigative committees to route out the mind control/torture networks within their respective states.

With all the high tech entertainment, I think society needs to realize that violence should not be entertainment! All the computer war and kill games; all the super-violent big screen movies; all the horror scare-the-bejeepers-out-of-you thrillers; all the violent TV shows—ALL share a collective part in all the violence that happens in society. Such violent entertainment acculturates impressionable minds to think and believe violence is ‘cool’, and it also distorts one’s perception of reality.

Then we have to examine the roles that corporate medicine apparently contributes to violence. That happens because of several factors, I contend. The first may be hard to accept, but I must go there anyway because it is so devious and sinister, parents and society in general don’t even think there’s a connection, but there is. It’s vaccines and vaccinations which contain neurotoxic elements like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde/Formalin, polysorbate 80 and a host of industrial chemicals that get injected into children shortly after birth with the Hepatitis B vaccine, then various vaccines again at 2, 4, and 6 month ‘well baby’ checkups and thereafter into college age years. The vaccination schedule is so sinister that parents are led to believe their children cannot attend school without having been inoculated by the poison darts, as some people call vaccinations. What parents don’t know is that neurotoxic elements are crossing their children’s blood brain barrier (BBB) and impacting neuron functions within brains from day one of their children’s lives!

What are neurotoxins? They are poisons that affect nerve activity and the central nervous system (CNS). Everyone is familiar with neurotoxins in insects, snakes, spiders, scorpions, wasps, bees, etc., and parents do everything to protect their kids from such attacks. (Source)

However, parents think nothing of taking their children to get shot up with a ‘boat load’ of neurotoxins in all the multiple-valent vaccines kids receive at one time—sometimes as many as 6 to 9 vaccines at one doctor’s visit! All the neurotoxins that enter the brain—and they do because of adjuvants added to make vaccines bioavailable—take their toll, if not immediately, over the course of time, which can lead to mental health problems. Proof of that is autism has gone from one in 10,000 in the 1940s to one in 88 in 2008 according to the U.S. CDC. What’s happened during that time? More chemical pollution, electromagnetic and microwave pollution, and definitely more mandated vaccinations.

Medical doctors should know better than to inject new born babies and infants whose immune systems are not developed until around two years of age with neurotoxins. Medical personnel should refuse what amounts to child abuse: Pumping neurotoxins into innocent children should be made a criminal act. Why? Because of neurotoxins, kids can contract syndromes such as ADD, ADHD, and the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which never appeared in the medical literature until after the vaccination craze began. We ought to ask, “Is medicine probably responsible for these childhood health anomalies?” Children’s brains are messed with and then heavy-duty psychotropic medications are prescribed just so they can sit in a classroom. School nurses dispense Ritalin® during school hours! This video, Prescription for Violence, explains a lot!

Last, and certainly not least, there’s the psychiatric profession that owns a share of the violence, as much has happened on their shift, i.e., perpetrators taking too-readily prescribed psychotropic drugs. Health insurance in the USA pays $69 Billion yearly for mental health prescription drugs. Internationally, psychotropic drugs tally $76 Billion a year. Ironically, there are no real scientific medical tests behind modern psychiatry to validate one is mentally ill, plus very few psychiatrists will admit to curing a mentally ill patient.

Apparently, people experience adverse events from taking antidepressant drugs, Bipolar Disorder meds, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), and SNRIs (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors). They can include suicide, murder, hallucinations, worsening depression, attempted murder/suicide, stealing/robbery, arson, etc. Here is a website that catalogues various drugs, patient adverse events with dates going back several years and numbering in the thousands.

If one goes back over the history of horrendous crimes that have gripped our attention, one finds most, if not all, perpetrators were prescribed and taking, or coming off, heavy-duty psychotropic drugs. See this video for a real eye opener.

So, as I see it, we really should not be asking why God allows these things to happen. We must ask why we allow these things to dominate our lives. We cannot allow the legal drug culture—prescription medications—to take over our lives. Many are as devastating as any of the street drugs e.g., heroin, crack, or meth. And, doctors prescribe psychotropic and antidepressant drugs all too often. Many who are taking such medications may be victims of microwave mind control in the first place, which only is exacerbated by potent chemical drugs. We need to take back our lives from those who want to control and program it.

We need to speak up; speak out; demand accountability from federal and state governments as our tax dollars pay for programs; question what’s going into our bodies and our children’s bodies, and for what purpose.

We need to become vocal about the chemtrails being sprayed over our heads. And, as we have learned from Governor Ventura’s investigation, there’s the need to mobilize Congress to do what it’s supposed to do, which is exercise real oversight and not pander to vested interests, no matter whom, even our own federal government agencies. That’s our God-given right as free humans, not slaves or pawns, which can be controlled like rats in an experiment.

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies.

Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008).


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Anonymous said...

We tell our Lord and Savor to get out of our gov buildings, we tell him to get out of our schools, we tell him to get out of our lives, and that is what he has done. Why would you ever think he would stop this? It is OUR fault because we forsake him. He is Always there and Always watching. Get to know him before it's to late!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, all have not forsaken God. Only the the New World Order. Which will be destroyed.

Nemetron 2000 said...

Yes it's odd when someone says "why did God allow this to happen" when referring to some tragedy, when the answer I believe is simply "because WE allowed it to happen".

We allow our government to tell us what is good for us and who is right and who is wrong.

We allow our government to fight unjust illegal wars on our supposed behave.

We allow our government to mandate mandatory vaccinations for our children with drugs that are known to cause problems.

We allow our government to allow companies like Monsanto to play around with genes and create genetically modified variants of plants that are then put into food with out our knowledge or consent.

We allow our government to ban the labeling of foods that contain these genetically modified ingredients.

We allow our government to hold fraudulent elections with candidates that are pre-approved by corporate and foreign interests.

We allow our government to take away our civil liberties and to hire deranged sociopaths to grope us at airports.

We allow our government to lie to us constantly about the current state of the economy and the true purpose for all this quantitative easing.

We allowed our government to bailout crooked Wall St. bankers at a time when main street sure could've used a hand out.

We allow our government to advance the geopolitical agendas of a small group of psychopathic "elites" at the detriment of our tax dollars and our children's lives.

We're allowing our President to go down in history as the "drone president", and to be the standard barer of 'extrajudicial assassinations via the cowardly use of unmanned drones that kill 30 innocent people for every one supposed terrorist suspect'. Yes, that includes women and CHILDREN.

And finally, we're close to allowing our corrupt government to disarm us for "our own good".

So basically since we allow our government to do all these things to us and the rest of the world, why shouldn't God allow us to dig our own graves.

stevor said...

God gave man "free will". It's up to him to decide what is right and wrong (whether to follow the bible or not) and risk what can/will happen to do wrong.
Time after time some folks are miraculously SAVED by God. Are those the ones who he favors because they follow Him? It would seem so but God also gives "bad" folks time to REPENT.
If folks read one of the (at least 4 that I know of) books about Heaven, they'd learn that dying and going to Heaven is NOT something to worry about. It's dying and going with Satan that folks ought to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Ventura is another double agent. He appears at these wresstling matches with an Illuminati symbol on the back of his jacket.

And let's not blame God.Satan does all these evil things, not God. He does allow it but we have the choice to stop it. It comes down to us. Don't blame God.

And stopping it does not mean giving up our second amendment rights.

Just the opposite. Come on. God gave us a brain and many of us don't use it. We let the TV and fake opinion polls do our thinking for us.

Anonymous said...

Nemetron 2000, Your comment is the best I've read on here.

Anonymous said...

Why does God allow people to help sell this big lie by agreeing with the lone nut theory?

You don't have to be a 'conspiracy theorist' to see that this crime is some sort of black op. There are loads of major inconsistencies and things that do not add up.
What really went down is hard to say, but the lies and media spin are things we have seen before.

Anonymous said...

"getting into people's head" what does that really mean? a big fat nothing because. the head is just a temple where the mind operates in conjunction with the spirit a person follows.
It is imperative that a person recognize or get to know the spirit that it wants to follow, preferably one that gets him or her results that come from wisdom.

About society: My take on this subject is a society begins within the living soul, the mind, the body, and the spirit is a society. We tend to think about things outside the self

I do not believe that anyone can invade the mind, except by deceit or by persuasion one can disrupt another person's mind. There is no such thing as an "invasion" of the mind or brain
unless unknowingly a gadget is placed in a person's brain (tracking device)

First thing to be done is to kick the educational system to the curb. The system is not geared to anything but slavery, sure they modified slavery with wages that are so minimum that even the pockets are crying out for justice.

I do agree that we have to voice our opinions against some of the things that are seriously harming us.

Joseph B. Kennedy, Sr. said...

Catherine, I recommend that you read the best book of over two hundred I have read over a lifetime on the subject: The Will of God by Dr. Leslie Weatherhead. Amanzon has it in paperback.
You and your readers will add to your fine article and the wisdom you have shared.
Happy New Life to those who read it and to all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Contributors

It is easier to find the answers to all of the above very human questions, by starting again, from a place of accuracy,thereby avoiding getting more lost in the illusion that we call 'life'.

We are not physical humans at our true level, we are unlimited consciousness experiencing the very restricted state of awareness that we call 'life' Only about 25% of our consciousness is linked in through the physical vehicle (body).

This physical dimension on this planet, offers the opportunity to use free will and to experience the outcomes. We are observing the outcomes of decisions based on self and not on community. Add to this, the activities of the many beings who are drawn to the lower, darker frequencies and we can observe where that takes us.

This physical dimension on this planet is not the only 'place' to experience, there are many others, all inhabited. Other planets also offer different types of experiences and we can choose to 'tune in' wherever we wish.

Part of humanity's need to find solace in what is a restricted, hard experience, has been to create deities and gods in order to feel more secure. The Divine energy is Everything, not a being in the sky, and we are all immersed in it, as Divinity experiences through us everything possible in its Creation. Energy, which cannot cease to exist, has no gender, male and female is just the framework for this experience. Orthodox religion has not taught what is required for spiritual progression.

There is no 'devil' as a one entity. There are many low energy thought-formed 'beings', created and fuelled by the negative emotions emitted by humanity. These can be trained within a hierarchy of other beings of low awareness, and can cause mischief and bother to susceptible humans. In specialist work, they can be located and permanently removed to have their frequency increased by Light Beings doing specialist work.

We are all energy beings who are part of the Light of Creation, and it would directly benefit the energies in this physical dimension if we all started to wake up, dispense with the old, restrictive ideas of authority, religion, control etc and started to remember who we are!

Peace and Progress to All

Isis Baha Allah Baha said...

This information I can totally agree with … and it is the forces behind the government we see that has been at work here …

This control against humanity using satellite frequencies reminds me of “ we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of the atmosphere” …

These signals flowing through the atmosphere even invading TV and radio signals … indeed has controlled quite a bit … and even more so has the ability to control targeted individual susceptible to their signal’s influence …

Lives have been manipulated and pushed into becoming susceptible to these specific signals instigating murder, mass killings and suicide …

By nature people of humanity are not these violent heartless kinds of people … (yet there are those perpetrators walking among us who are) …. these negative signals are ever bombarding the Positive element of GOD’s Love/Light in humanity … eating away GOD’s Positive Love/Light in minds and in hearts …

It is the LACK of the True Positive and Loving Light of GOD in society that has been the problem … but also we are now entering in times of great change … but it will still be that Positive and Loving Light of GOD that will see us through as this illusion of a material world passes away ..…

That Positive Light of GOD grows in each of humanity and flourishes out … we each need to make that Positive link with our chosen Higher Positive Source .. that Source that feeds us from within …

Anonymous said...

I thought GOD was all powerful, knowing and seeing. Why would he listen to US? If he's there and so powerful why didn't he take over cuz we're too stupid to see? There is no God and if so he's very selective. Help yourselves idiots! No one is going to come down and swoop you to Heaven. HEY, did you hear GHB is in the HOsp and he said he isn't "ready" for the Harps yet!!! The nerve of him thinking he's going to HEAVEN!?

Wayne said...

Leave God out of this. He gave us free choice, and we denied him, time and time again.

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