Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update: Results of Codex Alimentarius Meetings 2012, In Frankfurt, Germany

Codex Alimentarius is One Big Football Game 

Kat Carroll, Contributor
Activist Post

Codex Alimentarius is a UN-sponsored concept and organization, which – under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – creates food standards and guidelines used in international trade. In 1994, the World Trade Organization (WTO) replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) with actual trade-sanction power to enforce Codex and other standards and guidelines. Not surprisingly, Codex took on an entirely new importance.

Now nearly 300 of us – Country delegates and International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs) – were involved in Germany this December in a playoff where inches of dry but crucial script would gain the yardage of victory or bitter defeat. This was the 34th session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU), alias “Malnutrition Meeting,” in frigid Bad Soden, Germany the first week of December 2012, where the National Health Federation sought to make its own gains and preserve our health freedoms.

In this innocuous meeting room at the Ramada Inn, play by play, line by line, either the “ball” is moving forward, backward, or it’s being passed or kicked into oblivion without regard to any real goal in a last-ditch effort to get rid of it before being tackled.

In this case, for the majority of the represented World, ‘tackled’ was a voluntary fumble, “When is it break time? Let’s just agree with the provided wording and get a cup of coffee.” You have to realize the World doesn’t often enjoy what the United States takes completely for granted, in this case, safe, high-quality supplements in abundance.

In a worst case scenario, Codex is rigged and we merely delay the inevitable passage of their ultimate will. It takes a skillful operator – in this case Dr. Pia Noble (what a misnomer…) – who can lead the room and in clearly balanced opposition somehow convince or cow the country delegates into believing there is actually consensus. That’s how Codex operates: by consensus. We don’t vote unless pushed. The World must agree, must cooperate…however, what I witnessed at this session of the CCNFSDU was clearly, in legal terms, “leading” and manipulating the room to the wishes of three strong forces: the U.S., Australia, and, of course, Chairwoman Dr. Pia (anything but) Noble.

At Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Food Code”), the plays are read, line by line, and debated on by a World that doesn’t necessarily even accept certain principles in their daily life – like taking supplements. As a Nutritional Therapist, this was my meeting. I had to be there. Thankfully a few staunch supporters made sure that happened.

In the case of this particular Codex meeting held in Bad Soden, the ball was in jeopardy of being punted into oblivion when we hit the discussion of Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs). Was there anyone out of the nearly 300 delegates who really cared at all about the issues that will impact you when you go to the health-food store this coming year? This was my second Codex meeting and I could see clearly that the paragraphs dedicated to the discussion of our NRVs were in danger of being accepted as written and set into stone around the World, all in favor of just getting to the coffee break, and I mean that literally.

You have to understand, United States citizens enjoy unprecedented access to supplements with values that actually have the power to prevent disease or heal ill health – the rest of the world either does not use supplements, believing they are toxic – like drugs – or the nutrient reference values (RDAs) are so low that multiple bottles would have to be purchased at great expense to create the impact that one good U.S. bottle creates, or they simply don’t have them because no one could afford them when their healthcare system provides “free” drugs as an alternative.

I saw the low reference values firsthand in Germany. We went into a health-food store and I could hardly find the vitamin/mineral section. I had to ask. When I did find the one small shelf, the highest values for Vitamin D3 were 400 IUs. I take 25,000 IUs daily…talk about breaking the bank. No wonder the World, represented in the form of country delegates, was anxious to get to the free coffee, sweet rolls, etc. at the break. Their countries cannot afford what seems to them to be nonsense, so they mentally have moved on and disregarded any pro-vitamin/mineral argument. This is not their World. In fact, if the National Health Federation were not present at this crucial meeting on setting Nutrient Reference Values, I can guarantee you that your World would never be the same again. Once lowered, do you really think NRVs would ever stand the chance of somehow going through Codex’s 8-step process to rise again?

From a Nutritional Therapist’s standpoint, several of the nutrients that were placed on Codex’s sacrificial altar were methylation factors. B6, B12, Folic Acid…If we don’t methylate well, we can develop opportunistic diseases. Cancer…heart attack that occurs when Homocysteine elevates…Some, like calcium, which Codex wished to elevate out of proportion to stabilizing magnesium, and when taken out of balance, creates disease as well by mineralizing in soft tissue like blood vessels instead of the bone and teeth. So, at this point I’m thinking, “Is Codex out to kill us?”

So many of the final decisions made by Codex equal ill health for the World. It means both Big Pharma and the so-called “health” care system profits, while we grow ill and die. It is no secret that depopulation is one aspect of the World’s agenda. “Dr. Henry Kissinger himself wrote: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” Apparently America is the new ‘third World.’

If you ever needed an advocate for your health and your health freedom, it is now. Now is the time to have your wishes and your Voice represented at Codex. Is it any wonder that Codex is not letting any more health-freedom organizations into the elite representation? The National Health Federation (NHF) is the ONLY health-freedom organization that has the power to speak out and, believe me, we do and we have – frequently. We have also submitted comments to the Electronic Working Groups that often meet in cyberspace before the meetings, and we also have the power to propose correction of the final report. Do you know how many delegates stick around for the tedious, line-by-line reading of the final report? Many are long gone, mistakenly trusting that the work they performed for the World will actually be represented accurately in the final report. NHF stays … to the bitter end. Hours of rehashing what we have spent the week working toward, defending our documented statements, defending the truth that too-often gets somehow skewed, omitted, or somehow rendered opaque.

NHF came to this meeting to promote and defend healthier Nutrient Reference Values. The attack by Australia and others on these particular NRVs, from my professional standpoint, is designed to take out a large number of the population at least in the U.S. where we have access to supplements with values that are currently at least approaching sufficiency and where we have the incomes generally to support their purchase.

What was so incredibly ironic about this meeting was the emphasis on malnutrition in the World. It actually sparked a growing interest in me about the integrity of infant formulas. They are including transfats and contaminants in infant formula! When we learn that in France, for example, breast feeding is neither popular nor widely practiced, it pays to defend the integrity of infant formulas! But the trajectory of the morning – 3 hours before NRVs were even approached – was on ‘growing up milk,’ which Elizabeth Streken (an INGO representative of the International Baby Formula Action Network) said was a market ploy to get mothers to feel guilty if they didn’t keep bottle feeding babies way past time… At any rate, the discrepancy and complete disconnect in regards to the NRVs was that supposedly Codex was there to prevent malnutrition in the World, yet here they were, the very last ones in favor of optimal nutrition for infants. Instead, Codex was lowering our already malnutrition-promoting, low NRVs, which are set to prevent the very last-ditch disease processes before death instead of promoting optimum nutrition and vibrant, disease-resistant health.

So, these two themes predominated: (1) Get through the tedious drivel and get me to the coffee and donut cart; and (2) The incongruous ‘Yes, we are all for stopping malnutrition … let’s lower the values in the supplements, shall we?” And then let us not forget the overarching theme by Mme. Chair – “not so terribly Noble, Pia”— “What I Decide, Will Be.”

The National Health Federation has been in existence long before any other health-freedom organization was even a ‘gleam in the father’s eye.’ We are the granddaddy of them all. We’ve employed a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for more than 50 years. We alone hold the distinction of being the only health-freedom organization able to speak at Codex. So, do you see now how important this ability is? Not only can we speak; but, as mentioned above, we can submit written comments and arguments – and we did, three times – on the NRV issue alone prior to the meeting in Germany (twice as part of the electronic working group hosted by the ultimate opposition: Australia, and once directly to the Committee).

Do I feel fortunate to be on the team of the most powerful health-freedom organization at Codex? I feel incredibly humbled. For one who had little political interest or influence in the past, I am now thrust into the heart of the action where policy is set for the World. It is not only quite humbling but it carries an enormous responsibility to carry the wishes and desires of those whom NHF speaks for and represents to the seat of power. And we do so faithfully time and again.

The lives that are impacted are not only our own but those of our children and grandchildren. Our family’s health is at stake. In the final analysis, if we lose our health, we have lost. It is all we have besides the faith that sustains us and keeps us seeking the path of Light in the growing darkness of the World. The Codex meeting on nutrition was anything but. It was about some elite marketers seeking to manipulate the World – guilting them into keeping children on formulas when they needed to embrace a solid diet – real ‘growing up’ food. It was about government regulators lowering key nutrients and raising others that would ensure that our health would deteriorate. It masqueraded in the guise of compassion and the oft-said mantra “consumer protection,” yet all the while was undermining our health by chipping away at the very foundations in the name of control and ill health.

We at NHF spoke for you. At the end of the day, I approached the dais where Dr. Pia Noble held court. I asked her for 5 minutes at the next meeting to explain the science behind our commitment to NRVs. She grimaced, rolled her eyes, disregarded me completely in the most disrespectful way possible for one woman to address another, and then deferred to the Secretariat. The answer was – you guessed it – NO. “It might create further discussion….” Codex is a body that is supposed to elevate your health, not suppress it. But who speaks for you there? The National Health Federation. That’s the real WHO.

Kat Carroll, NTP is the Associate Editor of Health Freedom News, National Health Federation

This article first appeared at The Sleuth Journal



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Anonymous said...

Didn't they ban vitamins/mineral supplements a few years ago, in Australia, in a sudden "sweep" whereby all these supplements were made illegal over a one week period, about 3-5 years ago? And if that is the case, why is Australia involved in this process at all? (Asked rhetorically of course, because of the irony of a body that has banned supplements now deciding on limits of essential nutrients, since they've already concluded these are nonessential). The ongoing roll of codex's attempt to destroy access to and levels of supplements presages what WILL happen to the USA's choices in the future, which begs the question of whether we are best served by attempting to stop this steam roller, or whether we should be sharing knowledge on how to manufacture our own supplements? Not saying to give up, merely noting that the writing has been on the wall for some time, and given that failure to harmonise with codex has negative outcomes for noncomplying nations, and given the clear agenda reflected in other legislation (e.g. new ag standards) and the consistency between codex, US regs, and eugenics agenda, it is probably a matter of "when" rather than "if," and we need to become more self-sufficient should we experience, like Australia, an unanticipated and rapid elimination of access.

Anonymous said...

But, sick people keep the medical-corporate complex in business; continuing to feed the profit machine that is Capitalism. If you want to destroy Codex Alimentarius' influence, you have to do something to destroy Capitalism (or, at least reduce it's influence). Any other solutions will be temporary at best.

Brendan R

Seen said...

"If you want to destroy Codex Alimentarius' influence, you have to do something to destroy Capitalism"

Capitalism centers on profit and loss as well as capital structure of sound investment or capital creation opposed to unsound investment or mal-investment that leads to economic turmoil and frequent occurrence by turning Big Industry owners into Profiteers who are then guaranteed profits through first partnership with government and then finally merged with government, which is the basis of national socialism (the main difference from Fascists and Communists was presentation).
Best bet is to locally seek to regulate Big Pharma, Big Banks, and other Big Industries to break up their guaranteed profiteering due to legislation, greater good, and etc.

Andrew said...

Agree with Seen - but - best bet actually is first of all to begin to work towards orienting oneself and others so far as possible with the reality of objective Conscience.
Conscience crosses all borders and is the same everywhere, has the same points of reference.
Let's begin conversations around this question - begin debate, talk to our children, raise the profile of the benefits of such a sound centre of gravity from which to engage with the world.
- Not morality, mind you - but Conscience.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the 'mallius mallicum'(?) witches' bible used as an excuse to burn millions of witches. Just wait the corporations now have free reign. uggggggggg gag.............

John Hammell said...

The National Health Federation isn't doing a damn thing to defend health freedom by attending Codex meetings for the simple reason that these meetings are nothing but a form of High Drama- everything that happens at them is scripted well in advance of their taking place.

If the National Health Federation really gave a damn about defending health freedom in the USA and the world (which they in fact don't give a damn about), they would not have threatened to sue the organization which is spearheading an internationally important lawsuit against Health Canada that must be supported via consumers all over the world otherwise health freedom will be destroyed in Canada and in the US- here is what is going on: (ctd next comment)

John Hammell said...

1) Canada is rapidly harmonizing via the CETA Trade Agreement to the EU's draconian dietary supplement regs (the EU is the dominant political force driving Codex.

2) Via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter the FDA has already created the framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs for Canada, the US and Mexico as if the CFR's long desired NAU Collectivist Dictatorship were a done deal. Scott Tips of NHF is well aware of this, but he has never used the resources of NHF to attempt to do a damn thing about it. We've been blocked from getting congressional oversight on this scam due to massive corruption in Congress. I was the first to ever blow the whistle on Codex via an article in Life Extension Mag in '96 and I was the first to ever blow the whistle on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. I severed ties with Scott Tips when he refused to lift a finger to address this means by which Codex will be ushered into the USA unless stopped.
When Tips threatened to sue Natural Health Freedom Canada I decided the odds were strong that someone was either greasing his palm, or his ego was so overblown that he is not actually interested in defending health freedom. In any case, he sure is NOT defending health freedom by wasting his members dues to galivant around the world attending Codex meetings where we have zero influence. I am quite sure that Kat Carroll is a well meaning person who has no realization of any of this so she doesn't realize that she is being used, but I hope she has no illusion that she just "did something" to "defend health freedom" by attending a Codex meeting in Germany. I forced the FDA to give me their internal documents on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter via the Freedom of Information Act and it was like pulling teeth. It took me 4 years and I had to threaten to sue them. I had two conference calls with the FDA's top scum and they were in a damage control mode the whole time I was talking with them. They know who I am because I was thrown off the US Codex Delegation prior to the meeting in Berlin in 2000 because Dr. Yetley didn't like my efforts to put her under a congressional microscope. The Oversight hearing I pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed on March 20, 2001. I wasn't allowed to testify, my witnesses weren't allowed to testify, the only person allowed to "represent" the dietary supplement industry was a shill for Pfizer who had wormed his way inside NNFA's International Committee. (NNFA is now NPA but they're still controlled by Pharma as is CFHA in Canada.)

So, we've been set up like bowling pins, and our only chance now is to win this lawsuit in Canada Would be nice of NHF started doing the right thing, but somehow I doubt they will since they threatened to sue this organization in Canada when they damn well ought to help them. They should also help IAHF get congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but for that to happen, Scott Tips would have to move from France back to America and actually start giving a damn about health freedom, something which he is only going through the motions of defending--- seeking merely to "look impressive" to his members who don't seem to have much of a clue about what is actually going on. If anyone would like to communicate with me about what I'm saying here, I can be reached via or toll free via 1-800-333-2553. I especially welcome a call from members of the National Health Federation who would do well to question the actions of Scott Tips as discussed above.

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