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Russia Ousts Meddling US NGOs, Fake Protests Peter Out

Alexey Navalny
US-funded "activist" 
Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Saturday, December 15 saw a disappointing show for Western-backed protesters in Moscow - with estimates of only a few hundred showing up. Led by faux-Communist Sergey Udaltsov and confirmed Western-funded opposition leaders Alexey Navalny, Ilya Yashin, and Boris Nemtsov, even the Western media had to admit the momentum they had hoped to incite is failing to materialize.

AFP's "Year on, Russian opposition subdued but not defeated," and Washington Post's "Thousands protest against Putin, but opposition momentum has slowed," despite unqualified attempts to embellish the size and strength of both the protest and the opposition in general, reflect the winding down of Western attempts to foment chaos across Russia.

While the Washington Post cites Russian President Vladamir Putin's "co-opting" of opposition issues, by actually addressing legitimate concerns regarding his government, there is also another dimension that is more muted.

The Russian Battle Against Foreign Subversion.

Reuters alludes to other possible explanations in their article, "No Russian revolution after a year of protests," stating:
Putin was elected to a six-year third term in March and the parliament, dominated by his party, has pushed through laws which critics say can be used to stifle dissent - tightening controls of the Internet, imposing new checks on foreign-funded lobby groups and broadening the definition of treason.
Indeed, Russia has placed immense restrictions on foreign-funded lobby groups and NGOs, demanding that they exhibit the same level of transparency and honesty that they themselves demand of the government.

Foreign subversion, however, requires a degree of deceit and exploitation toward targeted segments of the population. Subversion will not work if its agents are required to state on all their pamphlets, websites, and signs that they are foreign-funded - and predictably both the US and the opposition it has contrived inside Russia, derided the pro-transparency legislation.

This is what Reuters categorically fails to mention - that the entire so-called "opposition" is in fact foreign-funded, with at least one of Saturday's protest leaders, Boris Nemtsov, earlier this year being caught slinking into the US Embassy for a secret meeting with then newly appointed US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul

US Ambassador McFaul himself has chaired the US National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House, both of which directly fund and support many amongst the "Russian" opposition. In other words Nemtsov in his early 2012 US Embassy appearance, was visiting his paymaster.

Images: Caught red-handed - Russia's opposition, long accused by the Kremlin of being foreign-funded, and who have well documented ties to the US State Department, are caught filing into the US Embassy in Moscow in January of 2012, just days after agitator Michael McFaul began his stint as US Ambassador to Russia.

Alexey Navalny, another leader present during Saturday's disappointing showing, was a Yale World Fellow, and in his profile it states:
Navalny spearheads legal challenges on behalf of minority shareholders in large Russian companies, including Gazprom, Bank VTB, Sberbank, Rosneft, Transneft, and Surgutneftegaz, through the Union of Minority Shareholders. He has successfully forced companies to disclose more information to their shareholders and has sued individual managers at several major corporations for allegedly corrupt practices. Navalny is also co-founder of the Democratic Alternative [DA!] movement and was vice-chairman of the Moscow branch of the political party YABLOKO. In 2010, he launched RosPil, a public project funded by unprecedented fundraising in Russia. In 2011, Navalny started RosYama, which combats fraud in the road construction sector.
The Democratic Alternative, also written DA!, is indeed a National Endowment for Democracy fund recipient, meaning that Alexey Navalny is an agent of US-funded sedition and willfully hiding it from his followers. The US State Department itself reveals this as they list "youth movements" operating in Russia:
DA!: Mariya Gaydar, daughter of former Prime Minister Yegor Gaydar, leads DA! (Democratic Alternative). She is ardent in her promotion of democracy, but realistic about the obstacles she faces. Gaydar said that DA! is focused on non-partisan activities designed to raise political awareness. She has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, a fact she does not publicize for fear of appearing compromised by an American connection.
Alexey was involved in founding a movement directly funded by the US government and to this day has the very people who funded DA! defending him throughout the Western media. The mention of co-founder Mariya Gaydar is also revealing, as she has long collaborated, and occasionally has been arrested with, Ilya Yashin, yet another leader of a NED-funded Russian "activist" opposition group.

Photo: Alexei Navalny, Yale World Fellow and co-founder of US National Endowment for Democracy Da! or "Democratic Alternative/Yes in Russian." It is yet another Otpor-esque organization courtesy of the United States government and willful traitors to their motherland.

Ilya Yashin, who was detained before arriving at Saturday's protest, leads the Moscow branch of the People's Freedom Party and is a leading member of the "Strategy 31" campaign, which claims to be fighting for the freedom of assembly. Unfortunately, Strategy 31's ranks are filled with activists trained and coordinated by US NED-funded NGOs. From the official website we find:
Moscow Group of Assistance in the Implementation of the Helsinki Accords $50,000. To draw greater attention to the issue of freedom of assembly in Russia and to the “Strategy 31” movement, which seeks to protect this fundamental right. The organization will train a network of regional activists and coordinate their activities through mini-seminars and field visits, and conduct an information cam­paign through press conferences, posters, and educational handouts pertaining to freedom of assembly, to be distributed to the general public by regional partners."
This is also confirmed in NED's "Democracy Digest" where the "Moscow Helsinki Group" is explicitly stated as leading Strategy 31 marches and that the group is a "long-time grantee of the National Endowment of Democracy.

Worst yet, Yashin's People's Freedom Party is lined not with aspiring youth seeking "freedom" for the Russian people, but rather lined with career politicians and businessmen collaborating with foreign-interests. Among them is Vladimir Ryzhkov, a member of the NED-funded, Washington-based World Movement for Democracy. There is also Boris Nemtsov whose adviser, Vladimir Kara-Murza (of Solidarnost) recently took part in a September 14, 2011 NED-sponsored event titled, "Elections in Russia: Polling and Perspectives" where they used a NED-funded polling organization, the "Levada Center," to project "winners" in upcoming elections and study the Manezh riots of 2010 - for now obvious reasons as the US attempts to fan the flames of unrest across Russia.

Russia Faces Subversion, not Revolution.

What gathered in Moscow on Saturday, December 15, 2012, was not a representation of the Russian people's dissatisfaction with their government. It was the organized, funded, and promoted manifestation of Wall Street and Washington's ambitions regarding the division and despoilment of the Russian nation - as it was well along the way of accomplishing in the 90's after the collapse of the Soviet Union during the "age of oligarchs.'

Like the West is attempting to do around the world, from Egypt to Tunisia, from Libya to Syria, and across Asia, it is couching hegemonic expansion within the cause of "democracy" and "freedom," diminishing both as it exploits the well-meaning intentions of millions around the world. The closing of the US NGO cash spigot in Russia and the subsequent petering out of the so-called opposition is not a coincidence - it is yet another exhibit of Western duplicity and its abuse of both the masses, and the better lives they seek.

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Anonymous said...

This article is right on! However, it won't stop MSNBS or FOX from broadcasting angry crowds from Egypt or Bahrain and presenting them as angry crowds from Russia.

America will try to "fix the facts around the policy" as they did on Downing Street prior to the invasion of Iraq.

The bottom line here is that if America is involved, lies are being told. If America says it's the right thing to do, it isn't. If America says it will be good for you, it won't.

Anonymous said...

Come on now, I make no excuses for the U.S meddling in other nations affairs but last I checked one of the main supporters/pushers of "revolutionary" ideologies in the U.S.A today is RT and other Russian connected groups and organizations.

It is standard practice for both Russia and the U.S.A and many other nations, but in the end it is all just a distraction like the whole "partisanship" fraud to obfuscate their working together toward "NWO".

No different than the Cold War where the U.S and U.S.S.R forced the world to become polarized and side with one force or the other, but both required their allies to join the United Nations(something that in 1946 only like 14% of nations were willing to do, by 1991 that was over 90% thanks to the 'Cold War').

The propagandized "global threat" of Nazism couldn't scare the world into submitting to the global bankster's NWO U.N organization, so the Cold War and nuclear Armageddon was used instead - and worked well.

'Divide and conquer' applies internationally and domestically(keeping citizens divided against themselves so they can't unite against the PTB's).

Russia backing U.S subversion and the U.S backing Russian subversion is just part of the game, though they may have some legitimate gripes with each other at times.

In response to this subversion both nations have been given the excuse to "crack down" on their primary opposition forces. Convenient.

I will admit that I like Putin quite a bit as he comes across, true or not, as a very strong and intelligent leader that takes no crap from anyone.

Russia is far from being an ideal society with an increasing gap between the highest and lowest classes and the same crap that is in the U.S because of that is in Russia too, just to a lesser extent so far - but they will catch up eventually, if war doesn't intervene first.


Anonymous said...

For America to interfere in Russia, all they do is lie.

For RT to interfere with the American government, all they have to do is tell the truth.

That's a BIG difference!

Anonymous said...

@Anon - "For RT to interfere with the American government, all they have to do is tell the truth.

That's a BIG difference!"

Truth is objective and as such I have rarely seen much truth from RT, just sensationalized propaganda.

Don't get me wrong I have had many laughs watching Max Keiser and such on RT and they do offer far better info than most western media outlets, but Max literally is the perfect example of "sensationalism" - and he's not alone on RT.

Combined with an innate ability to pretty much ignore or downplay any major issues in Russia itself you have a propaganda outlet, not truth.

Propaganda is as much about ignoring your own issues(like the entire western media does) as it is about focusing attention on your "enemies" issues.

If you believe that everything the western media and governments have claimed against Russia is lies then you are a victim of propaganda.

Black and white views are propaganda, they don't exist in the real multi-colored world with objective truth.

Many claims made by the west against Russia do have legitimate basis, but like with RT the media coverage is always sensationalized.

It may be more deserved in the case of the U.S.A, but it's still propaganda.

I believe in intellectual humility - the ability to disconnect yourself emotionally from an issue in order to objectively review an alternative viewpoint to your own.

RT's sensationalism, giving the angry American activists exactly what they want to hear, does not allow you to emotionally disconnect from it and view issues objectively.

Propaganda is meant to tug at your emotions, sensationalism is one the best ways to do that.

You can never completely subdue your emotions but if you can disconnect yourself even briefly to objectively review an issue then it makes controlling your emotions over that issue far easier.

Regardless I still enjoy the Kaiser Report though, at the very least it's entertaining. The HSBC monkeys snorting cocaine bit still has me chuckling several days later.

And obviously the Russians aren't quite so blatant in their co-opting of opposition groups in America as the U.S is in Russia, but that's because most Americans have been brainwashed to believe such actions on their part are "normal" for U.S "national security".

Sorry, I'm ranting a bit now.


Anonymous said...

The Russians are desperately trying to regain their former strength and maintain some of their client/puppet states. They do not have the means to infiltrate the USA, and the bankers who rule the USA understand that they do not need Russia to do what Bush and Obama can do better. Democracy in the USA died from stupidity, sloth, ignorance and apathy. Russia had nothing to do with it.

The USA meddling in Russia with NGO's that are really just CIA type outfits is disgusting. Good on Russia for kicking out the American spies and trouble makers.
Now if only Canada, every country in Europe, all of central America, Australia and Japan can manage to boot out the dirty American spies, they might also see improvements in their peace and security too.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, how can people actually believe Russia is different when 80% of the money in their economy today that is not attributed to natural resources(oil, gold, diamonds, etc.) or the Russian military industry has come from the same international banking cartels that control the U.S?

Remember when the U.S.S.R "collapsed" and Haliburton and a few other western corporations lost their monopoly on state contracts when the "flood gates" were opened and Russia was invaded by western bankers and venture capitalists in the 90's?

Putin may have harsh words for them sometimes but he doesn't do anything to actually get rid of them, those western investors still control vast portions of Russia's economy today.

China too is portrayed as a major threat, yet it too is only "booming" today because of massive banker investment(paying back the massive amounts of toxic assets the Chinese bought up for them and such).

It used to be said that however General Motors was doing so to was America, but today GM is quickly becoming China Motors, but is still owned by the same people.

All the major players including Russia, China, the U.S, etc. are controlled by the same banker puppet-masters of international(globalist) origin.

Why do you think the highest concentration of bankers and banking operations in the world today are based out of Europe(mainly Germany) and South-East Asia?

The U.S is not the source of the world's ills, it is the main tool being used by the banking cartels to carry out their agenda.

The bankers themselves are the source of the world's ills, and kicking out U.S operatives won't change the fact the bankers still are pulling strings in Russia.

The whole Russia vs. U.S.A or China vs. U.S.A fraud is no different than the Republican vs. Democrat fraud, or the old U.S.S.R vs. U.S.A fraud.

Polarize, divide and conquer, and prosper.

I suggest looking into the controlling body of the U.N Organization, ECOSOC - the United Nations Economic and Social Council - and the regional commissions that control ECOSOC that are all registered "financial services corporations".

Start here obviously -

It was through a B&D credit check that I originally found all the commissions to be "financial services corporations", but B&D later removed public access to that info(you now have to pay for it, and they can easily monitor who is checking).

I'm sure other credit agencies and such would have the same info, though doubtful for free public access. I think LinkedN(sp?) had corporate profiles for some of them at one point, but not much info.

Of those commissions the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) holds the largest slice of the financial pie last I checked, not the U.S or Europe.

Russia, China and the U.S.A all being permanent Security Council members shows they are intimately involved in the whole globalist U.N banker conspiracy.

That is not to say that "conspiracy" was necessarily bad or "evil" in the beginning, but corruption can't be stopped and we see the results of it everywhere today.

The U.N and it's main partner the World Bank Group are the "New World Order", and Russia is heavily involved with both.

I know people want to believe there is some "Knight in shining armor" coming to save them from the "evil" empire of the U.S.S.A, but that simply is not the case.

Unless you consider Iceland to be that "Knight in shining armor"... but they'd need some serious military development to become that, haha.

Iceland is the nation people should be looking up to and following the lead of, not the NWO subverted Russia.


Anonymous said...

All ngos Should be banned, everywhere. Think about it---you're handing over the state, town and country over to foreign, private interest groups, groups whose interests are typically sinister.

Anonymous said...

Good comment Jonny

Anonymous said...

Jonny, get your own column. These are supposed to be comments about the article. Way rant!

Anonymous said...

Countries that don't "play the game", are vilified first then invaded and destroyed; like Iraq, Libya (completed) Syria and Iran (late in the process). Russia is in the process of being vilified. They're being vilified because they aren't playing along with the bankers.

Russia and China have the potential to offer some balance to unbridled domination by the bankers. Countries that can't buy weapons to protect themselves, such as Syria and Iran, have an alternative source in Russia. Balance not domination. Russia's financial strength today is also a threat to the plan to bankrupt the world and bring in the NWO.

As for RT being sensationalistic, I think there is some confusion there. The events they report on are certainly sensational but not by their design. Americans and people around the world want and deserve to hear the truth about 9-11, galloping fascism in the USA, illegal wars and fixed elections. It's not sensationalism to report on these sensational stories. It's news and journalism as it is supposed to be. It's what everyone else won't do. It's the First Amendment to the Constitution at work. It's the check and balance to corrupt government put in place by the founders. To vilify RT is to indorse ignorance. Democracy can only function in an informed society.

George Bush forcefully demanded Russia stop their aggressive and unprovoked attack on their Georgian neighbor a few years back, which appeared as the lead story on every Western and European TV station and newspaper. It wasn't true, however.

Months later, the truth was disclosed that Georgia was the attacker and Russia defended and protected, but that didn't appear on TV. It did appear in newspapers, but you would have been hard pressed to find it buried deep inside the pages.

RT gave the other side: the truth. It's not much of a democracy when you can only hear one side. Kind of like the election we just went through.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, half the articles on this website openly discuss the U.N and specifically Agenda 21 as being the "New World Order".

Russia, a permament SC member, one of the two main builders of the U.N along with the U.S(requiring all allies to join U.N or get no support), and a supporter of Agenda 21... is not NWO?

Like I said people really want to believe in this saviour or "knight in shining armor" to come save them but Russia certainly is not that.

As the Carnegie Endowment for Democracy pointed out back in 1911 or so the best way to affect major social change is through major wars that directly affect every single citizen of a country, continent, or the entire world.

Russia and China are being used to polarize the world with the U.S.A to bring about the scripted WW3.

PS - And yes I do tend to rant, but I prefer responding to articles and comments rather than intiating by writing articles myself. Sorry for the walls of text as such, I rarely ever intend to write that much, lol.


Angelo said...

It is true that the defining body for Russian international relations is the UN, they advertise the fact that their sole goal is to re-orient nations towards observance of the UN charter. We know who founded the UN, we also know that money power resides not in one nation but rather in families distributed throughout the nations. However, despite the overarching body of the UN there are still competing interests that do not wish to conform to the agenda of a global body politic based on UN democratic voting. The UN as it is now is a tool of the money power, but it also holds the key of global integration that in fact does need to happen, much like the internet was the off-shoot of closed military networks, the UN can be inclusive and develop a global framework of cooperation.

In opposition to this global cooperative are elements in the financial sphere that have no intentions of falling in line behind a re-distribution of wealth scheme where they lose even one iota of influence. What we are witnessing is a divergence of opinion as to the pecking order within the new world framework, and it does matter how it plays out, and who leads this new integrated global economy.

Central banks are indeed the most powerful centers of influence today, and any country that is under the heel of a private central bank cannot claim true independence, and even if a nation wished to shut down a central bank, it could not happen without severe consequences both as a natural result of uncertainty, and as the result of attacks by the banking families themselves. It is very difficult to kill the bank so to speak, especially if that bank is the remnant of a former era.

All that being said, there is a desire in many nations to be represented in a global congress, to be heard, to be respected, and even though the current UN is but the shell of an economic integration scheme (run by the banking families) the UN itself represents a threat as well to that very same group, for they know that pressure is coming to bear to rearrange the order of power within the UN, there is also a great deal of pressure by emerging economies that wish to reform the UN process, and this very same need for reform can be felt in the IMF and World Bank (see John Perkins). Global communications is creating pressure, a dynamic that has changed the institutional reality around the world.

The banking families power is enormous, but they have lost control of technology, this is their Achilles heel.

canobs said...

Excellent article making interesting comments possible too.

Anonymous said...

@canobs - if you find this all interesting I recommend looking into various Catholic mystics who have had visions or made "prophecies" about "doomsday".

Though I can't recall if she is correct one I'm thinking of at the moment there was one female mystic from Italy named Elena Aiello who was recently beatified by the Pope and Catholic Church last year who's "vision" of "doomsday" is particularly interesting(she had many visions and prophecies - including "predicting" the fall of Mussolini).

According to her(as long as she is actually the one I'm thinking of, lol) she saw Russian submarines emerge from the waters off the coast of the U.S.A and unleash a barrage of nuclear weapons on the U.S.A.

For the next 2 years she claims the Russians(and Chinese) will "win every battle" and completely dominate the conflict, until eventually all that is left of the U.S.A is a pile of rubble.

But then a "miracle" will occur and the American Eagle will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and slay the Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon and achieve victory.

This will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity(the Age of Enlightenment aka "New World Order" to occultists).

The interesting thing here is that with the U.S soon to bring the Eastern European Missile Shield into full operational status a Russian nuclear first strike is all but assured.

As the U.S defense establishment clearly states the main reason for the missile shield is not to stop a Russian attack on the U.S.A, but rather to neutralize Russia's ability to retaliate against a U.S nuclear first strike.

The U.S could annihilate the entire Russian nuclear expeditionary forces(subs, ships, etc.) around the world in a matter of minutes thus leaving only the land-based Russian ICBM's for retaliation.

But the missile shield neutralizes those ICBM's, and destroys the concept of "Mutually Assured Destruction".

Thus once the shield is fully operational Russia will be "forced" to use it's only option - strike first, and strike hard - or be obliterated itself.

Oddly there is very little discussion today about the Asian Missile Shield being built around China(and North Korea) too, which will "force" them into the same scenario.

Prophecy, or the plan?

Bear in mind(no pun intended) that the Catholic Church handed over it's symbol of global governance to the "NWO" United Nations, and recently openly called for a "New World Order" - of course at this point in "prophecy" the Catholic Church is the "Mother Church of Babylon" controlled by Luciferians - The Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola - a fairly significant figure in the history of "Scientific Illuminism"(aka the Illuminati).

So as I said, is it "prophecy" or just the plan?

Personally I hope for a 3rd option - it's just symbolic BS meant to scare people into accepting the New World Order without massive warfare being needed.

But at this point that hope is very small.


Angelo said...

I find it highly unlikely that Russia would initiate a first strike on U.S. soil, they would opt to simply destroy the batteries that threaten them, most likely using a proxy or campaign of sabotage, and only if necessity by actual Russian based strikes.

The ladies prophecies are all made during the height of tensions during and after WW2, they are little more than prognostications. I take issue with the Jesus speaks meme, everyone has heard Jesus, it automatically adds weight to someones position. I don't believe that 'Jesus' speaks through representatives of the 'Holy Church', the Church had lost the power of revelation centuries before. The only real christian church is the Orthodox church, where the mystery of matrimony still exists. The Catholic Church is a perversion, they have suppressed the truth, and are in fact the dead robes guarding the door to inner truth.

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