Friday, December 21, 2012

Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine's Best Kept Secret?

Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. announces free online tool to show possible links between prescription drugs and violence.

Activist Post, the first free independent website for researching and reporting prescription drug side effects, has added a Violence Zone to demonstrate and collect data on the links between prescription drugs and violent thoughts and behavior — from mild to suicidal or homicidal.

“Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret,” says Dr. David Healy, a world-renowned psychiatrist who has written extensively about the lack of data in evidence-based medicine, including in his latest book, Pharmageddon.

Healy says this is a global issue, with medical, legal, ethical, and profound public policy dimensions. “Never before in the fields of medicine and law have there been so many events with so much concealed data and so little focused expertise.”

Can prescription drugs cause you to kill someone? “Absolutely”, says Healy.

The Violence Zone allows users to enter the name of a prescription drug and see the side effects relating to violent acts and thoughts that have been reported to the FDA’s MedWatch System since 2004, as well as to RxISK, for more than 35,000 drug names from 103 countries. The data is presented in tables, tag clouds, heat maps, and interactive graphs, showing what’s happening with other people taking the same drug around the world and in a user’s community.

Users can then select the effect(s) they are experiencing and click on Report a Drug Side Effect to complete a report. This will add their anonymized experience to the RxISK database so that others can benefit from this information, as well as provide them with a personalized RxISK Report linking their symptoms and meds, which they can take to their doctor or pharmacist to facilitate a better treatment conversation.

We are collecting this critical information directly from patients one report at a time,” says Healy. “As more reports are filed, the RxISK database will become the most comprehensive source of independent information on what prescription drugs do and their capacities to relieve aggression or to trigger violence.”

Dr. Dee Mangin, Data Based Medicine’s Chief Medical Officer and a professor and Director of Research in the Department of Public Health and General Practice at the University of Otago in New Zealand, says, “Violence has not traditionally been seen as a medical problem, but the range of drugs now linked to violence has grown, including drugs used in smoking cessation, dermatology, asthma, weight loss, insomnia, and behavior.”

Mangin says some drugs can also cause vivid, frightening dreams. “It’s important to find out if there is a connection between violent dreams or thoughts and your prescriptions so that adjustments can be made before you act on them.”

About Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. is owned and operated by Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. (DBM), based in Toronto, Canada. DBM's founders have international reputations in early drug-side-effect detection and risk mitigation, pharmacovigilance, and patient-centered care. Although drug side effects are known to be a leading cause of death and disability, less than 5% of serious drug side effects are reported. DBM’s mission is to capture this missing data directly from patients through’s free drug side effect reporting tool and use this data to help make medicines safer for all of us.

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Anonymous said...

They don't want to make a connection. I reported feeling enraged, angry and expressed concern that I could hurt someone when taking some anti-inflammatory meds prior to a root canal. The dentist said it didn't matter and to continue taking them. The pharmacy said it was "normal". It was only for 5 days and I ended up getting fired over my negative attitude towards everyone at work. Watch out folks, there isn't anyone watching over this and even if you report psychiatric side effects - they'll just tell you to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Drugs do alter the moon, liver's fire rises up to the head, it agrees fully iwth traditional chinese medicine theory.

Rick Carufel said...

The MSM always fails to mention that these mass murders all have two things in common:
One, the are all on mood altering drugs and
Two, they are all seeing a medical professional who is intentionally trying to alther their thought processes.

Anonymous said...

You want better mental health--DON'T use these mind altering prescription DRUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Murder and Suicide are reportable side effects not reported by the FDA with these drugs.

Alice said...

My daughter is on psychogenic drugs and one of the side effects is weight gain. And yes she sure did. Lots of it. But she said she has never felt so happy in her whole life so she is going to keep taking them. Now tell me...would anyone in their RIGHT mind continue taking something like that? NO.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired physician and have observed that antidepressants can and do remove inhibitions from some users.
It is not a matter of causing violent thoughts or behaviour as much as of removing the normal barriers between thought and action. Violent or other socially unacceptable thoughts are not rare or unusual, however acting on them is controlled by our socially and culturally induced inhibitions. Once the inhibitions are removed, thought easily turns into action.

Nikki Amin said...

I am bipolar type 2 (per my psychiatrist not one only because im not suicidal) and was finally diagnosed after 24 years of "dealing with it". they put me on some mood stabilizer that I took for 2 weeks with an increasingly persistent migraine and steadily decreasing awareness of life. I felt like a drone and more importantly I felt that consequences didn't matter because my whole world became gray. I stopped the pills and never looked back. I'd rather lose a job every six months than do something stupid because I was out of body on pharmaceuticals that were doing nothing but killing my liver!

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