Saturday, December 1, 2012

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I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over and through me. And when it has gone I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. -Frank Herbert

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Justin Davis
Activist Post

The solution to end all solutions is to simply live without fear. Fear has gotten us to where we are today, and fear will take us to places we never wanted to be. Fear is the reason why we didn't ask questions following 9/11, the reason why we went into Afghanistan, and the reason why we went into Iraq believing they had WMD's they were waiting to sell to terrorists.

Fear makes us reactive instead of pro-active. How many times have you thought "my heart wants this to happen but my mind knows it probably won't?" Despicable and predatory individuals among us see this line of thinking and use it to their advantage. Fear = power, where there is fear there is a loss of power...a loss of clear thought. We must take this back.

Without fear we would have asked questions about 9/11. How it happened and why there was a tremendous lapse in security and judgement on that day. Without fear we would have asked how passing a law like the Patriot Act (which was passed out of fear) is supposed to help us win a war against people who want us to be afraid? 

Without fear we would be asking how a private banking cartel can usurp the Constitution and print our money while charging us interest to use it. Without fear we would be asking why the TSA feels they need to molest people at airports to keep them safe and why we need to turn a blind eye to Israel's war crimes in order to gain favor with Yaweh by shielding his "chosen people." 

Without fear we wouldn't care about being deemed unpatriotic, crazy, or a terrorist for speaking the ugly truth. Without fear we would take the power away from those that control things and gain power by putting fear into their minds.

There really is no other solution I am going to put forth aside from losing your fear. You will be able to think clearly and not allow things outside your control to affect the way you live your life. If you have lost your fear, do your best to assure others lose their fears as well. I will not put forth solutions other than that because quite frankly I think we should lead ourselves out of the quagmire we find outrselves in and not look for individuals to lead us out of this mess. 

To paraphrase Eugene Debbs, I won't lead you out of the mess we are in because as soon as I do, there will be others lined up to lead you right back into the mess you just got out of. Without fear, we will lead ourselves out of the mess we are in and hopefully never allow ourselves to be led back into this situation by a single charismatic individual. It all comes down to fear, lose that and we can turn the tables on those who prey on and profit from it.

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Anonymous said...

While the suggestion to simply shed fear itself may in fact be valid, I suggest that only those who are already courageous souls (perhaps not knowing they are) will be able to act in such a fashion. Most of those adversely affected by their fears will remain fearful because they are NOT able to simply drop 'fear' itself.

Perhaps in your next post, sir, you would like to present some methods, techniques or even just your own advice as to how those who are afraid are expected to be able to change that world-view?

Justin Davis said...

Thanks for the feedback anon, I should look into writing a follow up post about ways to shed fears. Thank you to Activist Post for publishing my article so quickly. As someone who reads, follows, and occasionally comments on articles here; someone being able to use anything I suggested, from the largest idea to the smallest suggestion makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Well presented, my brother.

Anonymous said...

This year I decided to do what Ghandi said. Listen to the still small voice within. The year started out amazing. If I had a feeling I was supposed to speak to someone, go somewhere or buy something, I did. But as all humans. I surrendered into comfort again.

The one thing I notice about wealthy self made folks, (non banksters) is that they are comfortable with being uncomfortable. What I am saying is, comfort is death. When things are comfortable few options are present and conformity sets in. But when things are chaotic and fluid, many options for change are present. Hence, Order out of chaos.

As evil as the nwo is, they are taking basic tools and knowledge and using them for evil. A hammer can build a home or kill a man.

So for the rest of this month, I am going to get very acquainted with being uncomfortable.
1st. make a list of all the things I fear. And I dont mean spiders. But if you are afraid of spiders search online for a phobia strategy, go to a pet store.. and hold a spider. Get the idea?

2nd. Learn to enjoy the process, not the outcome. Pro athletes talk about the road to the championship. Many who just focus on the last game of the season get depressed after they win (or lose). Hall of fame Football player Deon Sanders tried to kill himself after he won a Superbowl, drove his car off a cliff. He said I worked my whole life, and this is it? Its over? Deon focused on the goal too much and not as much on the path, the experience and the friends.

3rd. Learn to listen to your heart. When you get that little feeling in your chest as you are about to make a decision. Learn the difference between the mind and the heart. We have been told to make a decision with your brain, and your heart will follow. But really, listen to your heart, then let your brain map out and plan logically what you heart has told you.

What if we have been lied to about that feeling of "Fear"? What if that is a feeling of excitement and its a sign from the heart that we should move forward? As a musician I like a little anxiety before I perform. It gets me in the right state of mind. If I dont get a little butterflies just before I get on stage I actually start to worry, which gives me butterflies. Problem solved. But thats just me.

4th. Read the Alchemist over and over again. I listened to the audio book version ready by Jeremy Irons while working out. i did this at least 4 times over 6 mths. The metaphors and stories will guide you as to how to live and listen to your heart.

Lastly, our 5 senses lie to us daily. And the info our senses pick up is manipulated by the old men in the nwo. What we see on TV and papers is a lie. What we taste in the food is GMO, you get the idea. So eventually real success comes from within. They cant GMO your soul or intuition. Still, find your own path everyone does.

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