Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rats Jumping Ship: High Profile Gangsters Leaving Obama

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

Just days after mafia boss Barack Obama was re-elected to his throne, several of his key foot soldiers appear to be jumping ship from his Administration. Obama will be hard pressed to fill these positions with such obedient thugs.

The first confirmed departure, CIA Director David Petraeus, was likely forced out. People in high profile positions don't usually tell the ugly truth about why they are resigning unless the mafia has dirt on them. Petraeus cited an extra-marital affair as the reason for stepping down. Usually this type of activity is overlooked by the mafia as normal behavior, but apparently Petraeus has some personal integrity.

"In his mind, in his views, with his code of ethics and morals, he did a very dishonorable thing," said a U.S. military official and long-time aide to Petraeus. "This had nothing to do with Benghazi, nothing to do with his relationship with the White House." Translation: It had everything to do with his refusal to take part in the Benghazi cover up.

Petraeus will be remembered for:
Petraeus will likely land a multi-million-dollar job on the board of one or more weapons manufacturers.

The next rat rumored to be leaving his office is Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder will be most remembered for:
Holder is expected to go back to his multi-million-dollar career defending the big banks and lobbying for more bailouts.

Obama's rival underboss, Hillary Clinton, is expected to step down as Secretary of State when the second term begins. Rumor is that she is gearing up to become the next mafia boss in 2016. Hillary's reign as Secretary will not be forgotten;
Clinton certainly has displayed the cold heart necessary to run the mob. This was no more evident than when she gloated after having murdered Gaddafi in a cold-blooded assassination plot; "We came, we saw, he died." This type of diplomacy would make the legendary gangsters Bush and Cheney blush.

Because of Clinton's stellar performance for the global mafia, she'll likely have her choice of jobs in the future whether it be the U.S. Presidency or head of the World Bank.

Yes these shoes will be hard to fill, indeed.  But we can rest assured that the mafia has been breeding and training several adequate replacements.

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Anonymous said...

This entire story is fake, a clever fabrication by U.S. government terrorists. Do you REALLY believe the FBI has the power to oust a CIA Director? Gimme a break. I don’t believe that’s possible. If they tried they would be KILLED by CIA hit teams. The FBI are low level grunt dogs compared to CIA and NSA.

You people have been duped once again by government terrorists and their media accomplices. You poor dumb mongrels believe everything your told by Pentagon TV experts.

That’s why your beat without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Another lame misleading article by Eric Blair. No one is jumping ship, Eric. These criminals come and they go. Happens in every administration. “Obama will be hard pressed to fill these positions?” Eric, there is a long line of people to replace these scumbags. “Petraeus has some personal integrity?” Come on Eric. You must be kidding. You write like a high school kid. Why don’t you try calling for arrests for once.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions. Why is it that no matter what these criminals in DC do, including mass murders, when they leave office they are NEVER arrested, tried and convicted for their crimes?

And why is it that we're supposed to believe that there are "Arab terrorists" running around in this country, while every single person in the criminal Bush administration, which jump-started all of this genocide in the Middle East, is walking around, free and alive, without a care in the world, and without any of these "terrorists" snuffing them out?

Activist said...

Hey All,

Thanks for the comments. From now on I'll respond as best I can to your feedback on articles I write.

Anon 2, thanks for the compliments. Tongue-in-cheek is not a tone you appreciate, so I'll make sure my articles are straightforward and bland from now on.

As to Petraeus' "integrity" -- I agree it's a bit of a stretch, however, he's clearly being forced out due for not going along with the Benghazi lie. He had to really oppose the White House to get the treatment he received...and that takes some...integrity...

Thanks again for your readership and comments.



Shannon said...

I am unsubscribing. I believe the messages given that Obama is a warrior for the Light, and will now be able to accomplish for this country what he was Divinely ordained to do.

Doug Diggler said...

Heh, Obama as Mob Boss? Not likely, he is gutless and spineless. He is an errand boy for Wall St. plutocrats like Geithner, Bernanke, Holder and Summers. Obama's first job for the Security State was cutting bribe checks for the BIC and he has never been more than multicultural cover for austerity and gutting social services and economic rights that were a defining characteristic of the Democratic Party before Bubba Clinton sank it.

lakristinita said...

Thank you for this article. I have read in several other places the same information. The stories are getting out pretty fast now. Its strange to see the comments on here, the people either seem to be very naive or paid to discredit people. Its pretty obvious that the ship really is sinking. It will be very interesting to see how this all turns out. Again, thank you for the great information,, have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Eric, you assumptions about Benghazi sound straight out of Fox news, claims,outrage, and a total lack of evidence.

You can do better than join the just defeated rightwing Obama haters in promoting a fruitful discussion of the real issue: how to "make" Obama fulfill his progressive promises, how to move him away from the hawks and help him earn his Nobel Peace Prize by ending our wars, restraining the hawks (including liar Petraeus who led the coverup of the Pat Tillman killing..)
or am I missing the satire, or is this a confused mixture of satire and right wing conspiracy theory?

potomac said...

Blair: People forced out of government don't admit to being stupid.
Your article, your premise, your result are illogical. You sound to me like a repugnant racist. I can smell you, you are so ripe.
YOu should bathe your brain and your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I got your tongue-in-cheek and I agree with most of what you said, but I do question your statement about Petreaus' integrity. Obviously we don't know what actually happened in Benghazi and we may never find out, but in light of similar historical events (i.e. George Tenet and 9/11) my guess is that Petreaus will be thrown under the Benghazi bus and they just gave him a running chance to get out of Dodge before they started shooting. Regardless, the "I quit" routine is a rather cowardly cut and run maneuver for a big time general IMHO and despite MSM's attempt to praise him for his service, the whole thing looks mighty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

With luck, this article's content will be a subject for quizzes and exams in high schools and colleges.
A number of us witnessed Hillary commit three felonies in one day having to do with the illegal transfer of proceeds from a criminal enterprise and interstate firearms violations. The FBI said they could not protect us and a lot of people were being murdered around the Bush/Clinton criminal cartel, so we should keep our mouths shut. We need the military to clean out the FBI, PRONTO.
Odds are that Obama had the emotions and morals part of his brain cut out a long time ago. He sure acts like it.

Activist said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks again for your feedback!

To the racist comment, I can do nothing but chuckle. That's funny on multiple levels...

For my ANON friend who responded at 642, I couldn't agree more. However, when was the last time someone resigned, effective immediately, from that high of a position, a week before giving Benghazi testimony, citing an extramarital affair? It's very fishy to say the least...

For the comment accusing me of being a Fox News parrot, that's impossible because I haven't had a TV in 5 years, nor do I ever read Fox News on the internet.

My observations have nothing to do with political bias, but everything to do with opposing war, lies, and deceit in high offices no matter what label the office holder has after their name.

In peace and solidarity,


Anonymous said...

Of course there's another possible explanation - one that would be great if it just were true.
But I strongly doubt it is. I'd say chances are like 1 in a million.

That explanation would be that Obama is, for once, doing the right thing, if not for the right reasons.
In 2008, he had the backing of Goldman Sachs and the likes - he did their bidding for a full term, and yet they chose to back Romney (see list of donors if you doubt they switched allegiances). Furthermore their buddy Netanyahu was constantly speaking out against Obama.
Yet, Obama got reelected.

Now, he's starting to take revenge on those he spent 4 years pleasing, just to be betrayed when he needed them - he's ousting their more obvious agents and making it look like they're stepping down in order to avoid creating a big noise ("step down or I'll leak some information about your crimes"), and will start doing some things that are against their best interest.

Of course, whether or not there might be any truth in this theory will become clear as he announces who is going to fill the vacated seats.
If it's more Wall Street terrorists, the theory is instantly disproven.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anony 407. We don't know anything yet, but there is the theory that the PTB tried to take down Obama and failed - thanks in no small part to a hurricane that kept the Benghazi story off the air.

Is Obama resisting Netanyahu and an even larger role for neocons? Why weren't the banks more grateful to Obama after he drove their getaway car? We will see the proofs one way or the other very soon.

The quote that was characterized as throwing Obama under the bus needs to be read more closely. It could also be taken to mean that a rescue was attempted (and failed).

We have to keep asking who benefits and carefully build blocks of evidence to have any chance of understanding the intrigues. Without doubt, there have been many firings and resignations of military people in recent years, which seems to verify conflicts within. But who are the good guys? How many CIAs are there? For that matter, should we give credibility to the FBI after the revelations of the 9-11 whistleblowers?

At this point all we know is how much we don't know. I do know from their record that Glenn Beck and Rush are neocon propagandists. Take anything they promote with a pound of salt.

Anonymous said...

I disagree especially with your statement about Moron Bush & Evil Dick Cheney blushing at anything. Petraeus, a direct holdover from the Neocons, has been moved around and now out. Many Neocons remain out of the spotight still running foreign policy - please. The only thing Obama has done is make it a leaner machine. He at least knows that sending a standing army to fight nuts with bombs is costly & useless. W. and Dick were oil and Haliburton and personally made massive profits off a standing army. To me this makes them criminal.

Holder needs to go because rightly or wrongly, he has lost respect and his job requires it.

I like Hillary and wish she would be President in 2016. Dog her if you want, but the woman gets the job done and works tirelessly.

Anonymous said...

@1:44, if you like Hitlary Clinton, please do the world a favor and DO NOT reproduce.

geraqrd said...

we have learned that the mob gets what they want at any costs., the thieves, the murderers, the drug growers, the criminals. It will only end when they blow themselves up.

geraqrd said...

o.k. Someone likes Hillary. No, I don't get it, nor the election, the people, the intellect of the American brownshirt Obama classless warriors.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Lucifer Clinton is her Nickname in the State Dept in Washington. I can understand why.

Anonymous said...

When are people in America going to understand they have a corrupt government in Washington.

Rick Carufel said...

"mafia boss Barack Obama was re-elected to his throne" with crap like that why would anyone read further?

Anonymous said...

If they are jumping ship now its because they know the next false flag / nuke attack / bio attack / 2012-2013 event is right on their doorstep. Time to climb into their hidey holes...

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama, were not voted into office. They were appointed by the powers that be. Obama's appointment was aired in Phoenix in October 2012, supposedly by a slim margin. Yes, DC is filled with extremely dishonest people. Can we say fraud to the highest level. Until truthful people hold leadership positions, this world will not prosper.

Anonymous said...

Right. The man who headed the most corrupt immoral murderous organization on planet earth resigned because having cheated on his wife he is no longer moral enough to kill.

Anonymous said...

I smell mkultra gal; intelligent...breaking free. As for the spoof ambassador gig gone haywire “Intel at those levels never gets rescued when a bigger mission is at stake” ~

Anonymous said...

My Dad used to say, "The hen that cackled first laid the egg!" After spending most of my life in the South, have found this to often be the case regarding accusations of Racism. It's such a popular guilt-trip when brandished blindly and exclusively.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Right. The man who headed the most corrupt immoral murderous organization on planet earth resigned because having cheated on his wife he is no longer moral enough to kill.
November 12, 2012 8:25 AM

LOL. yes, the irony was never lost on me.

Anonymous said...

It's a cover up for the Mossad failed op to make Obama look incompetent before the elections. Netanyahu was desperate. And remember how Romney jumped on it?

Anonymous said...

There are very few divine warriors in politics as the above poster said about Obama.

Give me a f#c*i#n* break.

The trolls are in full force and obvious or dumb as a rock like my relatives.

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