Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Marijuana Prohibition About to Get its Ass Kicked?

Scott Morgan
Stop The Drug War

Ballot measures to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington are polling strong on the eve of the election, and for many, this is a moment as momentous or more so than the presidential race itself. I've been too focused on other projects to comment regularly this time around -- and it hasn't been easy -- but tonight I can think of nothing else. And if you're reading this, I imagine you're thinking what I'm thinking.

Whether we win, lose, or a little of both, there's no question that we've taken this fight further than a lot of people thought possible when I was a young activist (and I'm still not that old yet). I haven't forgotten the time I spent explaining to friends and family why I was doing this work and that I wasn't doing it for fun; we do this to change lives and change our country for the better. As those changes grow ever more tangible, the momentum of our movement becomes self-evident and the people who once stood in our way step slowly back into the shadows.

Where once a powerful alliance of prohibitionist power players dogged us at every turn, it feels lately as if there's no one on the field anymore except us, Kevin Sabet, and a random assortment of disoriented profiteers on both sides who'll continue to fear change until they learn not to. The polls, meanwhile, move in our favor as fast as you can count them and the myth of marijuana policy's fringe position in American politics is dying an overdue death before our eyes.

All of this is true even if we don’t move the ball as far forward tomorrow as we hope to. I'm saying it now because we have a lot to be proud of either way. I also just wanted to say something because I've been quiet for a little too long lately. If tomorrow goes our way, you can bet I will be anything but quiet.

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Anonymous said...

it is a plant made by God. who is government to tell us what we can do with it?

Paul Panza said...

Free the Heads, Jail The Feds!!

Anonymous said...

The establishment wants cannabis illegal because it makes tens of billions off of asset forfeiture laws. Many Police Departments get huge money stealing from Americans without even charging people with a crime. No due process, no jury, no judge...just confiscation. Kinda like totalitarian regimes that the
US criticizes, puts sanctions on, bombs, invades and overthrows. The US needs regime change and real freedom.

Anonymous said...

I-502 in Washington may legalize simple possession, but it also adds a rash of new penalties that didn't exist before. It adds one new freedom while taking away many. I do not want the police to jab me in my arm just to determine if I'm under the influence. Nor do I want to pay 125% tax on the new " government weed" I am all about legalization, but this law is not it! They claim to be "taking the money out of the hands of the cartels" when really, there are no weed cartels, and it is nothing more than a government / corporate takeover of the industry. Illicit growing will go from a simple manufacturing charge (still a felony) to crimes against the state...
Government will take over the whole system, cause the price to skyrocket with the insane taxation, forcing a bigger blackmarket. Then what used to be investigated by local police will now be investigated by the state liquor control board, and the atf.

Anonymous said...

Careful there anonymous. California had one that would legalize and it didn't pass, everyone whined that it wasn't perfect, and now they are cracking down again instead.

If California voters would have passed it was the foot which was supposed to be in the door.

Fix the imperfections later. People are suffering, let them kill pain. Let the state regulate it, and tax it, everyone's bitching about jobs, medical cannabis creates jobs, all need happen is remove the stubborn-sticks out of everyone's butt, and just say yes.

Just some friendly advice. Hate to see you cry later as it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Is Marijuana Prohibition About to Get its Ass Kicked?


Wash. voters legalize recreational pot use

Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

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