Friday, November 16, 2012

Don't Fight the System

Adrian Hodder
Dan and Sheila Gendron, Contributors
Activist Post

As of Nov. 15th, 2012, all 50 states had petitions in place to secede from the “Union”. Some of the alternative news media have jumped on the wagon, vying for first place to lead the charge.

Fighting the system to “fix” (or resurrect) it, is the same as fighting over who gets the tenderloin steak off a dead and rotting cow. For many of you I am sure this will be an extremely radical statement. But if that system led us to the morass of greed and evil in which we are today, wouldn't it be better to step aside while it collapses and help lead society toward a better paradigm, based more on caring about others than about squeezing the last penny out of some useless consumer product?

Just what is “the system”?

The system is an interlocked, interdependent, inter-cooperative combine of societal control. These systems work their tentacles into all facets of society, including:
  • Government – all levels, state, county and municipal, federal, U.N., etc.
  • Banking – IMF and Federal Reserve on down.
  • Education – all levels, kindergarten through graduate school.
  • Corporations – releasing people from responsibility.
  • Pop Culture – TV, pop music, news media.
Contrary to what you may think, these institutions are not there to serve you. They serve only themselves.


The education system is designed to program you with societal lies and put you in a situation that will deeply program the insecurities that will be exploited by the corporations and governments in your later life. If you don't know why so many schools and so many scholars could be bent to the dark side, it is really not difficult to understand. It all has to do with money.

If you pride yourself as an “academic” (someone who has gone to college – gone to school most of their lives – and doesn't stop because they keep getting rewarded for being such excellent repeaters), someone has to pay the tab for this to be possible for you. How is it done? It is done mostly with grants. These are used by corporations and governments to give the academic seal of approval to the governmental or corporate baloney.

Let's say I'm a pharmaceutical company and I want research done on my particular drug so that I gain government approval. I, as the corporation, get to decide who gets this research grant. Savvy academics know how to make themselves desirable to government grants and corporate payoffs.

The academics need only write “white papers” on the benefits of a particular drug (or the need for homeland security or global warming issues, etc.) and grant money will flow in their direction. So the academic merry-go-round goes, spewing baloney as truth with the academic seal of approval.

The elementary and secondary (high) school system is just as filled with baloney as the college level, but gives the students a good background and training in how to accept and repeat the baloney while getting them used to taking orders from the “authorities” and being good little compliant “citizens” (read: consumer slaves). That system also makes sure the good instincts – like asking thoughtful questions – are turned into insecurities for being different than everyone else.


Government is a euphemism for “our gang”. The government operates no differently than the Mafia or any common street gang. If you are an aficionado of Monty Python you may have seen one of their more popular sketches with the “Facotti Brothers”. Soaked with sarcasm and irony, the two brothers visit an army base and try to shake it down for protection money. One of the brothers says to the colonel, “You got a lot of really nice tanks here, Colonel. It'd be a shame if something happened to them.”

This, in a nutshell, is how all governments work – state, county, municipal, federal, world (the U.N. and the soon-coming “one world government”) – they all have the same racket. That racket is harvesting money from their “human resources” under the guise of “serving them”.

I recently read an article about an Englishman who bought a piece of rural land in what the English call the north country and got himself some cows, goats, chickens, solar power, built himself a small home and was an excellent model of self-sufficiency. He was contacted by the Borough Council and was told that he must return to his suburban London home, enroll his children in school, pay his pole tax, get himself and his family inoculated, reconnect to the grid, buy his food at the grocery store, etc. – even though he had achieved 100% self-sufficiency – or risk jail. It was just “their gang's” way of saying “we need our piece or something gets broken”.

Those of us who have seen beyond the veil understand that empty euphemisms like “for the betterment of society”, “for society as a whole” and, last but not least, “for the children” (by far their favorite), are used to hold you into society.

Years ago, our daughter, who never had a social security number, went to get a passport. She told us that the people at the passport office actually seemed scared of her because she did not have a SSN. What on earth could possibly be frightening about not having an SSN at 18 years old? Truth is, the only thing frightening is how you are conditioned to respond to it, not the condition whatsoever.

In order for governments to maintain their hegemony, they absolutely need servile, docile taxpayers. Without that they no longer exist. Like the Mafia needs people paying them for their protection, the government needs your compliance!

At least the Mafia has a rule...they don't involve “civilians” in their business. That is, unless you borrow money from a loan shark, rent one of their prostitutes or make a bet with them, you are pretty much “hands-off” to them. But the government claims you the moment you flow out of the “river of the womb” (investigate what Jordan Maxwell says about a birth certificate being like the birthing of a boat and why Admiralty law is the de facto law of this country. Note the gold fringed flag of the seas).

It's all about taking back your sovereign rights. No government or system gives you those rights. They must be claimed and accepted on a daily basis by you, personally.


The primary directive of a corporation is to extract their pound of flesh from their “human resources” at hand in the most cost-effective way.

When you consider that the “raison d'etre” of a corporation is to obtain the most profits for the corporation as possible, it makes sense for them to cut every corner, pay every employee as little as possible, squeeze every penny from the consumers by making a cheaper – albeit lower quality – product. What the corporation – by definition – needs not consider is, “is this the right thing to do, the ethical or positive thing to do?”

Efficiency is how they euphemistically describe this penny pinching money grubbing. The sterile inhospitable décor of a Wal-mart is a stunning example of corporate efficiency. Psychologists, psychiatrists and human relations experts are the directors of this environment. Their job is to find the most efficient ways to exploit all the insecurities you have had hard-wired into you by the advertising gurus and, like a combine tearing through a wheat field, harvest all the “edible fruit” it can.

If you have never seen the documentary film, The High Cost of Low Prices it is a real window into the corporate world. It shows the worker abuse, anti-union activities, lack of health care and (this is rich) Wal-mart instructing its employees on how they can also collect welfare, WIC, food stamps, etc. to augment their lack of a living wage. All ways to keep you in the grasp of the system.

Sadly, the only reason that I have had to ever set foot in a Wal-Mart was because the other grocery and retail establishments to whom I would have gladly paid higher prices, had been put out of business by Wal-mart.

Suffice to say, big business/corporations do not have your best interests at heart. Whenever posed with a choice, choose a small, local business to spend your dollars with. The goal for all American workers is for us to be like good Wal-Mart employees, making less than a paycheck you can live on, and dependent on the government hand-outs to make up the difference. Can you say “slavery”?

Here's someone with a clear understanding:


The Banking system, if you really look at it, is the greatest scam ever. In a nutshell, the Federal Reserve creates money (electronic credits, really) out of thin air – just on their own “say so” – and then sells it to the governments at interest. The money to pay the interest is also created out of thin air and is also sold at interest, so that they system's cycle never ends.

There are plenty of places on the Internet that explain this in detail. We recommend watching at least the economic section in the movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum by Peter Joseph, and our article, The Economic Illusion Laid Bare.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture is broadly defined as our entertainment – TV, movies, radio, music, magazines – all designed to maintain the consumerist lifestyle. Any doubt of this at all and you need only to pick up a copy of Mother Earth News and see how utterly commercial even they have become.

These institutions are also employed to exploit the deep-seated insecurities we have had hard-wired into us from education, government, corporations, et al. Some things they do are very subtle, like the 29.9 flicker rate standard on a TV that is designed to put your brain into a mid-theta state.

The theta state is the one in which the subconscious mind is most vulnerable to suggestion. It is possible to watch a TV show or movie, fall deeply into a theta state without knowing it and then, exploiting the natural rhythms of your mind, they can implant, word-by-word, buried within the dialogue, a particular set of “programming” – that is, mental programming. Have you ever wondered why they call it “PROGRAMMING”?

Nothing goes across the mainstream media news outlets that isn't sanitized and specifically constructed to bring about the desired result. The CIA has had case officers working all major media outfits long before 9/11. This is even admitted by our government.

If you were aware that watching TV some number of hours a day literally changes your mind and removes your free will, would you really watch it? Sadly for many of us, life without our favorite TV show would be just too unbearable. But if reading this has woken you up – TURN YOUR ********* TV OFF!!! It does not serve you. It serves others who do not have your best interests at heart.

Even Sesame Street (especially Sesame Street) is used to start the training early. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order said, "Give me a child for for his first seven years and I'll give you the man."

If you feel uncomfortable about disconnecting yourself from “the system”, remember TPTB have conditioned you to feel uncomfortable about thinking these kinds of thoughts.

If you choose the freedom of self-reliance, it's perfectly normal to feel even scared. If you think all your thoughts are yours, please re-read this and try to form a clear thought process. For some of you I know it will be a new experience, but once you can see that the system is designed to make you into a “good worker (slave)/consumer” and nothing more, you should understand their need to keep you in the system, and how good it is to be out.

Every part of the system is in existence because you agree to be a part of it, you agree to accept that it has power. Don't give it power by fighting against it. Our intention – we believe that our intentions create our realities – is to help you to extract yourself from being someone else's “human resource” – and become your own resource.

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control
10 Ways to Stop Being a Slave and Bring Down the Pyramids of Control

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Anonymous said...

Very well said. I think the secession movement is an important statement, conceptually, but practically speaking you are right on. Until we render the whole system as completely irrelevant than nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Want the corrupt system to end easy
Just stop being dependent on all the programs you have been suckered into joining and funding and stand up for yourself and take care of your own needs.
But who is willing to walk away from Medicaid and Medicare, Social Insecurity, Federal funding for your roads, schools, and businesses food stamps housing and healthcare for the poor (are you going to step up and cover their needs? I think not)
This system must die and all of it's entrapment's and conveniences must be abolished
and dependency due to usury must end.

It will hurt like hell for those of us who would like to just pass it on the the next generation (and probably will who wants to suffer let them suckers in the future fix it)
Of course those people of the future are your children.

Anonymous said...

Ideally a one state solution would be ideal in an ideal world, but the potential reality is there may well be another 'side' state as we had before, there will be consequences, one side will be victorious over the other, but as with many things in life we will see history repeat itself. The real oppressors will remain the 1%, whether we have 1 state, 2 states or 60 states. The One World Govt is in the hands of the 1% - the momentum may be cosmetic, it may be contrived, but it also may be an opportunity to 'restructure' the current model, that model has be be true democracy not the facade it tries to imitate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the points you make but not this last one: "Every part of the system is in existence because you agree to be a part of it, you agree to accept that it has power. Don't give it power by fighting against it." It's almost impossible, if not totally impossible, to live outside the system, and since you are on the internet, and making money from your advice, you are as much a part of this system as anyone else, and should not point fingers of blame as if you are one of the innocents.

Mary said...

This was a very interesting reading!

Paul Panza said...

I guess evil religion comes under Pop Culture and the other forms of glamor identification. And the evil military falls into the mix of government and corporate corruption. Support the victims of war; shun the military and other useless synthetic social organizations! Great article. Blessings of Light, Love and Power to all! There is no System! It's not reality that needs fixed, harmonize and merge body, mind and spirit with the Oneness of your true nature

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! I certainly hope they all succeed in their quest. Try to imagine a country without Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri. Wow! The best part is not just that they would take the KKK, racism, ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, fanaticism and all out right wing idiocy and hatred with them, but the crowing jewel would be that they would take George W. Bush with them leaving the rest of the country to people of some common sense. Woo hoo! Secede, mofos, secde!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 said...

"Want the corrupt system to end easy. Just stop being dependent on all the programs you have been suckered into joining and funding and stand up for yourself and take care of your own needs."

Perhaps, you can tell us how since you seem to be an expert in the subject.

Anonymous said...

Sure anon @ 9:09 AM happy to help out those with limited vision.
limit your exposure to the system in as many areas as you can.
I can only speak for myself and what i have done to limit my exposure.
I have no insurance of any kind except the forced auto insurance. Health Ins, Medicaid, Medicare Social Security, and such programs just lock you into the system so you have to support it and keep it in power to get the stuff you feel entitled to. (sure you paid in but to get back your own hard earned taxed to death cash you have to make sure the corrupt system you have now joined stays in place).

Take care of yourself eat right exercise and you will find you don't need to insure a healthy lifestyle
I have spent the past 8 years getting myself land in a remote place and setting up living conditions.
House, Septic, Well, Solar/Wind System, Garden, Storable food etc.. and spending time learning how to do stuff on my own not depending on any system provided service.
It's not easy it's a lifestyle choice you have to be willing to re-evaluate what is important for you.
If you need to have a bunch of money in a bank or investments to feel secure, if you need to have health insurance so you can continue to poison your body with toxic food, if you need to have a doctor and a pill to attend to your every sniffle, If you need to have all the electronic gadgets and implements of control, if you are willing to put the source of your food, water, and power in the hands of others.
Then you anon @ 9:09 AM could not make the transition. You're life as you see it would be over. People like you who cannot think of these simple things or do any critical thinking for yourself will always be a significant part of the problem.
Sure i have internet and a cell phone but if they were to go away tomorrow it would not significantly alter my life though i am sure it would devastate yours.
To ask such a stupid question you are either a troll or are truly stupid either way you ain't gonna make it.
Public Educated for sure always needing someone else to guide them as the lack of the ability to think for themselves is evident by the flagrant attempt to mock someone who is vastly more intelligent than you anon @ 9:09 AM.

Which is why it is so easy for them to fuck you and have you like it. You have too much skin in the game to see it go away and the American herd are the most gullible, stupid, dependent cows on the plantation and will never stand up...Cows can only go about on all 4's ya know
and as long as there is plenty of green grass(entertainment/entitlements)they will hardly lift their heads up to look around.

Yeah i know it sounds hard and at this point i feel impossible but if everyone would take back responsibility for themselves and stop being dependent upon the convenient life provided by the corrupt system they would have to close up shop. Parasites go away when there is nothing to feed on...of course that would be just the beginning of a whole new set of problems that this generation of privileged morons could not begin to address and those who corrupt would find their way into power in very short order
and the beat goes on and the beat goes on...

Anonymous said...

"limited exposure" does not equate to "off the grid" and hurling abuse alienates thousands more who have the same questions - because to do what you are doing requires money: you own a vehicle and a cell phone and land and perhaps are buying food from the shops..... and you're health is ok. Lucky you, but you are still in the matrix.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:54 AM: Excellent post. You're on the right track. And you're not healthy due to luck. You're healthy due to wise choices made over the years. Sounds like some prefer big daddy to take money from someone else to pay for their medical problems. Some people really need their collectivism lol. As for "being in the matrix", you can be operating within the matrix without being OF the matrix...exactly what Neo learned to do.


Anonymous said...

"limited exposure" does not equate to "off the grid"

We let's see i am off the grid in every way except an internet usb card and a cell phone
and yes for the present i still pay my property
tax. Yes i did well in my former slave life and after 30 years was able to save enough to buy the land and outfit it but all of that is gone now save a bit gold and silver. I no longer work and cannot afford to play in the system so it for me makes it easier to do. Yes i am still connected to the system as is everyone who breathes but i see it as a contrived system of domination and control you see it as normal life and therefore will go along with it's every scam feeling that's just the way it is.

Yes i am IN the system but am no longer OF the system the system doesn't decide my life for me anymore.
the system makes no decisions for me except that of paying masa his yearly rent for my humble abode... I have accepted that part of the system in my life and do understand that by doing so i am still providing aid to the enemy.
I understand i am still a part of the problem though to a much lesser degree than you i am sure. If the majority would at least limit their exposure to the system in every way possible. Some will be able to shed more of the system than others but the more we limit feeding material to the parasites the weaker they get. (and if you are waiting for an armed insurrection from the American herd forget it would have already happen if it was going to)
If you think they care how many guns you have keep dreaming they know you will never use them.

BTW this whole secede thing is nothing more than a top down ploy to foment even more discord between the have's and the have nots
this is not a bottom up grass roots idea as you have been once again led to believe.
same with haarp-a-storm sandy and the putting it right in your face who is in control as the poor slaves cry for Government aid and get none.
(Though i see they kicked ass to get the casinos in Atlantic City up and running straight away)

If we keep doing the same old things voting in rigged elections every 4 years and if we remain the lazy slobs we have been turned into by the Convenient easy life bill of goods illusion we have been sold by those who tell us lies that we do not question because we so want to believe it's all real. Do we not deserve what we get i mean please!!!

We can see from repeatedly doing it that way for the past 100 plus years that it will never work to our favor.(at least i can see it you maybe not)
We cannot stand to face the fact that to get rid of the corruption we also have to forfeit all the money and effort we have spent propping it up for so long hoping for the goodies to fall to us.
Yeah that's gonna hurt big time but it must be done for the good of mankind. Hey sorry it worked out to this generation being the ones having to make the ultimate sacrifice but that's kinda where we are at.

Now my good man will you now that you have stuck your nose in it tell us what you have done and are doing besides running your mouth on the internet.
As far as hurling abuse. When someones only reason of commenting is to mock and try to make light of someone for their own sick pleasure do you not feel it was deserved?

Anonymous said...

Most people, I believe, don't want to truly be free. If freedom could be given as a gift, most of the people who received it would give it back or not accept it in the first place. If someone truly uses their freewill to decide their actions, then they will ultimately have to be accountable for those decisions. How many people in modern society are going to do that? Not taking responsibility for ones own actions is what modern society is fundamentally rooted in. The reasons for any given failure are always external because society has evolved into an apparatus that punishes the individual that tells the truth and/or takes responsibility for something. You don't have to watch the poor guy telling the truth eat the big shit sandwich for doing so very many times before you're comfortable with being deceptive as to how you will relate yourself to any given situation or subject. This is why there are vastly more followers than there are leaders. When I say leaders, I mean real leaders, people who will stand accountable in their decisions as a leader and if they have to, go down with the sinking ship. Control is a mind game. For both the people who feel they are in control and for the people who feel they are being controlled. Reality is this: The only thing that we can control, most people don't. That is ourselves. Government is a lie, religion is a lie and society is a symptom of these lies. When something is born from a lie, how can it be anything but a fallacious beast of it's progeny?

The fundamental part of being human is the fact that we are all free. It is only when you don't want to live your own life the way you see fit and allow others to make your decisions for you (through consenting to an illusion of society's authority) so you don't have to be burdened by all the "small stuff" life throws at you or bear responsibility for any of it is when you have chosen to enslave yourself to that bastard child, the state. How can someone actually bitch about how corrupt their government has become? They allow other human beings that are just as fallible, greedy and incapable as they are, to give shape their society and instead of changing the way this is done, they continue to hand over even more of the responsibilities that are considered to be a burden over to these same incapable people who have already shown that they don't have their constituents best interests in mind. It boggles my mind that people bitch about their "government"! Just remember, the key to your chains is and always has been right in your back pocket.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:03 So what should happen when people that don't have insurance (nothing more than a paid protection clause to rich thugs) or the means to pay for the bloated costs of healthcare in this country when they get sick or injured? The US's view of what healthcare is all about is so fucked up and skewed it's embarrassing. Society in developed nations have decided that sterile hospitals with well trained doctors and nurses is better to have than not. Since in reality there is no such thing as a free market the costs of both services and insurance have exponentially skyrocketed in tandem. It's an obvious result of having such a piss poor foundation to build on in the first place. For one, I don't like having a doctor who is part of my life to be there for a paycheck. People who are doctors and nurses because they like the money are in the wrong line of work, period. There used to be A LOT of doctors who really wanted to heal the ailments and disease that strikes all of us at some point in our lives. Now doctors like this are virtually extinct. Driven out of practice due to mandatory malpractice premiums and/or because their view as to what a patient's treatment requires and what the corporate insurance board thinks are required don't see eye to eye. Now a patient has to wonder if they fall into the margins of being "cost effective" for their HMO or if their doctor is going to give them competent treatment or not based solely on how he is going to get paid. The financial system is corrupt to the fucking eyeballs and to stranglehold a service that IS and should REMAIN a fundamental part of any society into that three ring circus of wall street guarantees the ultimate destruction of that system. If taxes were manged democratically with the peoples best interests in mind, healthcare and education up to university level would all be handled easily from taxes. Since most people just blindly hand over a third of their converted labor to the criminals in control as dollars , $0.60 of each of those dollars goes to destroying other, less fortunate countries around the globe. the rest is being siphoned off by the banks at a rate that is greater than that dollar! Not much left for anything taxes are supposed to be used for.. (This is why I don't pay taxes.) Healthcare is not a fucking "hand out" it is a fundamental part of any developed modern society. Many countries have shown that successful social education and healthcare systems can provide better educations and higher quality healthcare than anything resembling the US healthcare and education traps! Quality of health and education in the US is abysmal and is nosediving even further. Why should people have to pay one red cent for such shit in the first place? Let alone get extorted by rich thugs in the insurance sector by having to pay the protection clause they demand?

Leonard M. Urban said...

Anonymous 9:08: NOBODY is seceding--if you look at the signatories on each of the state petitions, the same names from various states keep popping up. When I checked the New Mexico list the other day, only about 10% of those who signed were from NM.It's the same collection of idiots signing all 50 petitions, creating the illusion of vast support. There is no guarantee that the residents of any state that secedes would have a "constitutional" government like that America started out with. Ditto a second "revolution". Most nations that revolt end up living under military dictatorships. As far as racism goes, if you promise to keep Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Malik Zulu Shabazz ("...the hells and the smells of North America...", we'll deal with the Klan and co.!

Anonymous said...

The article said, "the coming One World Government".

Are you in the know about something you're not telling us? If it hasn't officially happened yet, why are you helping give it power?

I would rather see it worded as "the One World Government they HOPE to bring us into"...

syn ikk said...

non participation is great. i support it.. however, i want to fight the system though.

i want to do irrational things like mass murder and torture like the fda and various control systems are doing to us. i want to execute everyone. i have become as amoral as the corporations which control me. they have won. i am them.

''the public knows, as all school children learn-- those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.''

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