Friday, November 23, 2012

Can 24 Million People Be Wrong? … Actually YES!

Why Americans who continue to fly are undermining freedom

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

It's Thanksgiving week 2012 in America and it is estimated that nearly 24 million Americans will take to the sky to travel and visit family and friends. These 24 million customers will gladly give their money to an airline; they will stand in line like good little soldiers and wait their turn to board. These 24 million Americans will obey the Transportation “Security” Administration (TSA) and allow themselves to be groped down from head to toe or receive a proven unsafe blast of x-ray exposure.

They will endure that feeling that says ‘maybe I AM a terrorist?’ Or 'they are groping me down for my own safety.' Some passengers will fly reluctantly because they feel they have to fly. Some may reason that they stand against fascism, tyranny, and big government but their need to fly is more important. Perhaps you are correct, perhaps there is nothing you can do, but I’d like to think that there might be (public transportation, drive, move, quit, change jobs?). Yet others may be flying for medical or legal reasons, perhaps they truly have no choice.

Aside from the few who absolutely must fly, there is no excuse good enough to fly this holiday and for supporting the employment of an organization that ignores the Constitution and everything that it stands for. To the 24 million people who decided to carry on as usual and fly, I beg you to reconsider your position and your purpose. Very likely you wouldn't willingly support tyranny, and you probably have told yourself that the TSA cares about catching 'terrorists', but nothing could be further from the truth.

The TSA is a fascist-like organization established in the context of the 9/11 false flag attack. Its mission and task has nothing to do with the preservation of freedoms and constitutional rights. Instead its mission and task is related to issues of the State and collectivism. The individual is diminished, disrespected or disregarded.

This interest and loyalty to the State above the interest to protect the right of the people is by definition the practice of fascism and tyranny. Since 9/11 the TSA has symbolized the spirit of fascism and tyranny here in America and it has played a major role in undermining what America was supposed to be all about. The TSA has morphed into the American version of the ‘East German Stasi’. They have destroyed the image many Americans had about their own country.

I cherish the memories of what it used to be like to fly before there was the TSA; flying was actually a pleasant experience I would look forward to. The good feeling that comes with those warm memories is now replaced with fear and anxiety promoted by the blue shirts and their East German style check points of intimidation that undermine human respect and dignity, treats average Americans like lesser citizens and disregards our fundamental rights.

Enough already, I say. Please take a minute to find your place in history. Every one of these 24 million Americans should rethink flying; and if you are one of the 24 million, consider that you are indirectly supporting the global war against humanity by supporting the employment of the TSA at our airports. This should not be about convenience anymore, this is about belief system, integrity, addressing what matters, proper sense of history and commitment to freedom, democracy and the American way.

Here is a solution and perhaps the only solution to this monstrous problem we face today. Stop feeding the beast! Starve out the beast and then there is a chance the beast will go away. If 24 million Americans did not hand their money to the airlines that support the TSA then these airlines would be crippled financially and forced to either go out of business or fire the TSA. Airlines have no obligation to employ the TSA, so why are so many people still supporting these airlines?

To the 24 million Americans who chose to support the TSA this Thanksgiving week I want to say that I am personally begging you to release my country from the blue shirts. Please stop supporting the expansion of the global government and tyranny in America! Please stop giving your money to airlines that employ and support TSA. Contact your favorite airline and tell them you will not fly until the TSA is gone.

Make a statement now. Don’t worry that so many people are still flying; stand on your own for what you believe in. Remind people that you know, they are indirectly supporting tyranny and fascism with every airline ticket they purchase. This IS the simplest solution to the TSA (and global government fascism and tyranny) problem that haunts America. Don’t look around for someone else to solve this problem, the solution begins with you.

So as a whole I am reaching out to the 24 million Americans who have imposed their will on me. I ask all of you 24 million people to grant me the freedom to fly WITHOUT TSA harassment. Only YOU the potential passenger can flush TSA out of our airports! Will you please do America this one little favor? If not for America, then please do it for your children and future generations. You (the person STILL flying) hold the key to starving out this fascist beast. Can you reach for the key ring? Please don’t wait too long and you will see the fruit of your decision in due time.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


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Anonymous said...

Clamp downs on travel, restrictions on personal freedom to move around, are the stuff of fascist regimes throughout history.

As the USA spirals into a fascist nightmare, our rulers outsmart us at every turn. They use lies and manipulate our reactions to their nasty strategic moves.

Clearly the TSA abuses are designed to prevent us from traveling. They don't want family members reconnecting and talking face to face about the realities on the ground in our various cities and states. They don't want us filtering their vile TV and media lies with real truth from real people.

Restricting travel can be done in many ways.........getting people to do it voluntarily would be the most preferable to the diabolical fascists who rule us.
We all need to think before we act. Not letting 'them' disrupt our lives and prevent the normal human activity of traveling home to visit loved ones might be one small courageous way of fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Well stated. When will we put interests for well-being of the human race above immediate personal gratification? Haven't seen reports of decline in airline travelers on MSM. But surely there must be a "few". Hush $$$ to mitigate massive stock sell-off before towers, TSA assaults, etc? Another cog in the machine. Where's that wrench??

olrailbird said...

Those 24 million are getting a mouthful of tyranny.

Maybe they'll reflect on the taste? Doubt they like it.

LadyRavenhaire said...

Excellent point Bernie. I don't fly. The last time I flew in 2010 was because I had to as I was having surgery in another state. I did not get any special pat downs nor got scanned although a former employer put me on the terrorist watchlist as revenge for filing a complaint. Why? Because I contacted all my senators, congressmen, the tsa, & everyone else I could. I was not going to be pat down or anything else. It's called human dignity. I can't believe people allow themselves to be groped, even worse allow their children to be molested by TSA officials. What kind of people & parents have Americans become that they willingly allow anyone to grope them? I orginally found out i was on the watchlist while traveling to have surgery in 2007. TSA agents tried to rob me. Had the nerve to tell me I give them all my money & credit cards & computer or they were going to beat me up & take everything anyway. I told they'd have to beat me up, but first I wanted their names, ranks, and supervisor present because i was going to sue everyone for preventing me from taking my flight. Needless to say nothing happened to me, as one of the agents said we should let this one go, she's feisty. There's so many others we can easily intimidate & rob, why struggle trying to rob this one? Anyway I got on my flight without even a pat down. These pat downs have nothing to do with preventing terrorism & never were created for that purpose. I happened to be in what was once Yugoslavia during the war there in 1996. There was a war at the time and US & NATO agent provactors were throwing bombs in civilian areas , yet I as a foreigner was never patted down, frisked, threatened to be beat up & robbed. If there was a war there & they didn't feel a need to do these things, why is this government doing so? Oh, I forgot Yugoslavia was a free country unlike the US, which is why we invaded it. If everyone boycotted the airlines, the TSA would no longer exist. If only 24 million Americans had some human dignity, self respect, & loved their children more than they fear some TSA agents than maybe we could get rid of the TSA. Prevent terrorism, don't fly!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people allow themselves to be restricted in their freedom to travel, even worse allow their children to be prevented from traveling.
What kind of people & parents have Americans become that they willingly allow anyone to prevent their freedom to travel??

As an American, I was born with rights and educated to believe that I have rights. The right to travel. I refuse to give that up like some pansy. It's called human dignity.

Lady Travelaire.

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