Friday, December 14, 2012

Activist Post Writing Contest: Solutions - Contest Has Concluded

1st place receives a $250 cash prize & $250 gift certificate to Offgrid Outpost
2nd place receives a $250 gift certificate to Offgrid Outpost

It is no secret that we're living in incredibly challenging times. It appears that we have reached critical tipping points across the board; politically, economically, environmentally, socially, and spiritually. Many of the old systems are self destructing and causing great harm in doing so. Yet, this presents a fantastic opportunity to remake the world a more just and peaceful place.

It's not enough anymore to identify and blame the ruling elite for these problems. It's time for regular people to offer real solutions and a vision for the future. Otherwise when things collapse, the ruling class will surely offer their maniacal solutions if no other options are presented.

That is the motivation for this writing contest; to give you a chance to articulate your ideas for solutions. We are looking for articles about ideas for non-violent resistance, survival and self-sufficiency, political solutions, personal growth, alternative economy, alternative education, and alternative healthcare.

The winner will be determined strictly based on the highest number of total page views that the article generates during the contest so that subjective judging will not affect the outcome. It is helpful to get your submissions in early, yet most of the views happen in the first 48 hours of posting. Not all submissions will be published, and we retain the right to make final small edits for typos and grammar.

Please see the guidelines for submissions below:
  • Length: 1,200 words maximum. Footnotes do not count as part of the total.
  • Originals Only: The article must be original content for our exclusive use as the first website to publish it on the Internet.
  • Deadline: The contest officially begins on November 15th, 2012 and will run through December 15th, 2012. Articles will be reviewed and published in the order they are received. As the winner will be determined by total page views, the earlier you submit your article the better chance you have to win. The winner will be announced on December 20th, 2012.
Important Submission Guidelines:
  • Please submit completed articles via email to
  • Submissions can be cut-and-pasted into an e-mail, or you may attach a Word file. 
  • We can only make minor edits, so submissions that have poor formatting, or need heavy editing will be disqualified. 
  • Unfortunately we are not able to attend to follow-up edits once a submission is posted, so please take time to be sure that you are submitting a final version you are happy with. 
  • Multiple submissions are permitted, but will not count toward a cumulative page view total; each entry will stand on its own.  
  • We cannot accept images, due to the length of time it takes to post them, but you may provide 1 video that is relevant to your article. 
  • Lastly, please provide a title.  
Best of luck to all, we look forward to hearing and sharing what you have to say.

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Annski said...

The quality of the submitted articles proves how much talent exists in the alternative media. Writers who have the decency, honesty and integrity to write the truth for no certain financial reward only because it's the right thing to do. Amazing work and well done everyone.

Tony Williams said...

Is the contest also open to non-US residents? Remember, Activist Post has global readers.

Activist said...

Yes, we welcome all submissions. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Writing contest: My piece is a response to this in another writers contest piece. " why we need to turn a blind eye to Israel's war crimes in order to gain favor with Yaweh by shielding his "chosen people." If we spent half the time trying to figure out what to do about the world wide Muslim problem that the 16th chapter of genesis tells us about we would be much further ahead. God is telling the world through his angle who is speaking to Hagar who is soon to become the mother of Ishmael, Ishmael is the father of the arabs who are muslim. The angel told Hagar that his [Ishmaels & his desendants] hand would be against all people and all peoples hand would be against them. I will worry about Isreal when they start blowing them selves up to kill me. The Muslims are at war against anyone who does not believe as they do. The Koran gives them the right to enslave or kill anyone who does not believe in Allah. They have been decieved into beliving Allah is God, he is not, he is Lucifer, Gods wayward son. Jesus said by thier fruits ye shall know them, when they are not busy enslaving women, or killing non believers, they fight amonghst themselves. Let Isreal figure out its own destiny, rather we should join the fight against the desendants of Ishmael. Jerry Clark"Forget Isreal, it's the Muslims."

I am a Humanitarian said...

The limit of 1200 words does not make sense when the situation is as dire as it is.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed these "writing contests" more and more this over the past two years, it's important to not lose light of the reality going on, while simply trying to compete in a contest. Remember the GOAL here a Constitutional Republic. That is our goal ain't it? Right then,

I never join such things, because I just don't care about money. When I write, it's to get the word out, when I publish, it's where ever I can get access without a google, facebook, twitter account. By no means limited to those three, but more than often I have to use TOR to get in. I never care about credit to my name, I care about getting people awake about what's going on. I want to shock you, and make you think. Not muck around trying to win a contest.

Yet, I also see new hosts/writers/producers come out of these contests so is isn't like such competition has no value. When the creme of the crop tends to get flushed out since it's given a chance to open the microphone and press "ON THE AIR." SO let's LISTEN.

I am a Humanitarian - asked about the 1200 word limits. (I don't run the contest and I am not affiliated with Activist Post BUT....)

It's called brevity, it's a contest after all.

Outside of the Contest.
There is nothing stopping you from operating your own website, domains, hosting, television show, or radio. For about $60 a year you could produce your own public access series show, @ about $150 you've worked your way to executive producer (your making a show every week) and I would suggest you try it, just to understand things. There are no rules in life. You want to promote your show or information online, you better be a good webmaster, etc. You don't need to get a degree, I don't, but I have gone to college, I have taken classes which taught me things which I then use to get my LIFE's GOALS done.

The dirty little secret is, the big commercial media guys, can't deal with everything themselves. They might be a good talk host, but terrible with a camera, they might produce perfect video, but not know how to write coherent text. It's why they have underwriters like Monsanto with millions and billions of dollars. They might know how to interview people, and produce a PERFECT radio stream for six hours a day, but when running their own blog they are complete idiots. Some only post news no feed back. A good strategy I guess, but you'll likely see this with propaganda seed stories. (See back in 19XX they said we must give up more rights...bla bla)

I've done it all end to end, with no help. From systems administrator, programmer, webmaster, producer, camera guy, editor, talk host, interviewer, electrician, tv series producer, etc. I got burned out. Just saying. Will I pick it up again? Maybe.

Don't worry so much about the contest. Join it, do it, have fun with it, maybe you are a upcoming pro writer!? I don't know, I know I never will be, but that never was my goal. My goal was to gain access, punch holesm and get right at the throat of the matters.

When doing this stuff on your own, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Expect it. Your server will crash, you will get locked out of your ssh, or ftp, you will have a production box burn up in the middle of your series, you'll get sick, You will get legal threats, you'll have many things wreck your day. Expect them, try to pre plan, (spare computer etc)

Good luck YOU will need it if you follow this path.

Daniel Ferra said...

Hello, we need a National Feed in Tariff, for Solar, Wind, and Geothermal, with laws that level the playing field, this petition starts with homeowners in California. Japan, Germany, and our state of Hawaii, will pay residents between 21- 54 cents per kilowatt hour, here in California they will pay us 5 cents per kilowatt hour, and they wont let us oversize our Solar systems, want to change our Feed in Tariff? Campaign to allow Californian residents to sell electricity obtained by renewable energy for a fair pro-business market price. Will you read, sign, and share this petition?

Daniel Ferra said...

Petition Background
California law does not allow home owners to size their Solar systems larger than what they use. In order to get the California Solar Initiative (CSI) rebate, the customer is not allowed to install a system that inherently over-produces more than what is needed for his home.
The Feed-in Tariff can not be earned if you receive a rebate from your utility company for solar panels or if you are participating in other utility solar incentives programs such as the CSI. It also can not be earned if you are participating in net metering, which only pays one time a year under the AB 920 California Solar Surplus Act.
Our Feed-In Tariff should mirror Germany, Japan, and Hawaii where residential FIT is 21 cents - 54 cents per kilowatt hour.
The 5 cents per kwh currently administered as a one-time-a-year payment is not adequate and stops our own citizens from participating in our struggle to reduce green house gases.
The California Public Utility commission can change the FIT to 25 cents per kwh, and distribute the solution to all tax-paying citizens, who should not be deliberately handcuffed. Residential home owners should be allowed to participate in the State mandated goal to achieve 33% renewable energy by 2020.
California resident who purchase an electric vehicle can expect a 60% increase in their electric bill, as shown by a study done by Purdue University in summer of 2010.
Due to these laws, we have automatically taken out over 8 million roof tops, that would generate over 11,500MW of power, thats 5 San Onofre nuclear power plants.
We need to let our tax paying, home owning citizens in on a Feed in Tariff that pays 25 cents per kwh.
In the spirit of Bill McKibben and for our children and eaarth, lets make real global sustaining changes for all of us.
Go to Facebook, Daniel Ferra, Palm Springs Ca. to sign petition.

Anonymous said...

My guess for the 1200 word limit is that the contest sponsors figure that most readers have such a short attention span, having looked at commercial TV for a good part of their lives, that more words would be wasted on this majority set of people.

I would like to submit major, long articles and see them published on this and other websites. Alas, the Potentates of Script have not figured out that there are some folks who like deep articles and have a substantial span of attention.
Jim Miller

Justin Davis said...

@Anon Dec. 2 2012: My issue with us turning a blind eye to Israel's war crimes center around what you just said. Christianity is not the largest religion in the world so why do you feel you can muscle your views on everyone else in the world? You are willing to dismiss war crimes of one group of people over the crimes of another just because of scriptures in Genesis that never mention Islam by name and could be interpreted to mean any religion aside from Christianity? And you wonder why I said what I said. War crimes are war crimes and land theft is land theft, despite what some book written by one of the parties in the dispute says.

Paul Panza said...

The sad part about any ones good intentions to provide solutions will only be co-opted by the alien/military/industrial/complex. The Fourth Reich holds the levers of power and we are disenfranchised, have no top cop to enforce the law, a military that holds no allegiance to morality and a populace that has been dumbed down and in denial - a Gordian Knot if there ever was one, there is no system. Adapt or die!

Clint said...

Paul, I know how you feel. Sometimes I viewed the predicament we are in to be a ball of string 400 feet high that we would have to unravel. Man is at war with himself and deception is the art of war. How do you wade through a million deceptions. Please se my posting Go Vulcan. This is the only thought I keep coming back to. It gives me hope. The problem is human behavior and interaction. So change human behavior and interaction. If you front window of your car is fogged up. It is the climate, so change the climate. We have the capacity to interact in a civilixwd manner. We just don't have the means or the reward system put in place. The can't see what the other person is thinking or planning. Our individual survival is priority and others are only valued by that. The confusion and chaos creates hate in otherwise "good" people. Anyway don't loose hope. There is alway a flip side to everything. Look at this website as a example of that.

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