Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Next Food Crisis Will Be Caused By Globalist Land-Grabs and Privatization

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The UN warns that global food stores like grains are depleting at an exponential rate; and when combined with failing harvests, there will be a food crisis in 2013.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) explains that “we’ve not been producing as much as we are consuming. That is why stocks are being run down. Supplies are now very tight across the world and reserves are at a very low level, leaving no room for unexpected events next year.”

Since 2010, the FAO has stated that the rise in food prices is directly correlated to the 80 million people being added to the world’s population annually. This fact, according to the globalists at the UN, is beginning to “tax both the skills of farmers and the limits of the earth’s land and water resources.” Added to this problem are the 3 million people who are “moving up the food chain” eating more than their share in gluttonous nations like the United States and China.

The World Bank issued a statement of concern last month for the coming food shortage due to the drought devastating the US and Europe. According to Jim Yong Kim, World Bank group president:
Food prices rose again sharply threatening the health and well-being of millions of people. Africa and the Middle East are particularly vulnerable, but so are people in other countries where the prices of grains have gone up abruptly.
Corn yields in the US have succumbed to an infection known as aspergillus flavus which causes a carcinogenic toxin to manifest and renders the corn unfit for human consumption. In Iowa, cattle ranchers have reported that their livestock that ate the corn have died due to “toxic nitrate doses”.

Nitrate is not toxic to animals; however with the drought conditions causing a lack of access to water, the animals died due to complications. For humans, nitrate will cause blue baby syndrome and digestive tract cancers.

With an estimated 870 million people in the Middle East and Africa becoming malnourished, world environmentalists are saying that the global food supply system is heading toward collapse. Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), asserts that our planet’s climate can no longer be trusted and that the demand for food from over-population is breaking the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. Brown says that “food shortages undermined earlier civilizations. We are on the same path. Each country is now fending for itself. The world is living one year to the next.”

Brown predicts that as “food supplies are tightening everywhere” and agricultural land is becoming a precious commodity, geopolitical perspective will shift from energy to necessity. He foretells of “armed aggression” focused on “food unrest”.

EPI is a foundation begun by Brown that focuses on influencing the global plan for an environmentally and economically sustainable world. Part of their goal is to coerce the media, social consciousness, lawmakers and governments to adhere to their ideals and examples of how to demonstrate an ecological civilization.

Under the Obama administration, with the assistance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there is a crisis being created because of mandates for ethanol production versus necessities for food.

The US investment in ethanol is a drain on the world’s food stores; which allocates massive amounts of food to the production of this plant-based fuel for cars instead of for human consumption.

In April, before the drought crisis in America began to take its toll on US corn crops, Purdue and Stanford published a study that predicted with precise accuracy that man-made climate change would affect corn yields to the extent that a rise in food prices would be inevitable. They obtained their funding from US Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

The study explains with eerie accuracy that due to man-made climate change “there could be quite a substantial increase in yield volatility, and that’s due to the increased frequency and intensity of the high temperatures throughout the Corn Belt.”

Confirmed eugenicists Bill and Melinda Gates have allocated $17.6 to the UN World Food Program (WFP) to “provide nutritious food and support small-scale farmers.” In the end, the Foundation will give $10 million to the WFP. Instead of giving the money to the people in need of food and provisions, the Gates Foundation will be granting not only the UN through WFP, but also non-governmental organizations aligned with the UN such as Oxfam America, Mercy Corps and the Catholic Relief Services.

At this year’s UN Earth Summit Rio+20, goals for sustainable development in Africa and Asia center on population growth, water supplies and food security. The sub-Saharan and northern regions of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Asia are of particular interest to the UN, as stated by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

With the assistance of the UN, corporations have begun descending on Africa to aid in the securitization of their natural resources. Examples such as an $11 million dollar project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Cocoa-Cola Corporation is usurping 50,000 Kenyan and Ugandan smallholders to produce fruit for Minute Maid, a subsidiary for Cocoa-Cola.

“Africa is now the last frontier in terms of arable land,” said James Nyoro, the Rockefeller Foundation’s managing director for Africa. “With the population growing to 9 billion, the rest of the world will have to depend upon Africa to feed it.”

In February of this year, the Rights and Resources Initiative, a non-governmental organization was involved with the UN in a massive land-grab in Africa which displaced an estimated 500 million citizens from the sub-Sahara, as well as targeted 346 billion acres of farmland, for the purpose of securitizing food production.

According to a 2011 report released by the International Land Coalition, there is a rush by global networks to acquire land in the sub-Saharan region of Africa by foreign corporations and governments, which is causing environmental and agricultural devastation along the River Niger in Africa.

The report states: “The siphoning of water for huge areas of farmland will worsen the already low water levels of the Niger.” The outcome was a “50 percent diminution of the delta flood plain’s land area. Given that social conflict over resources between farmers and pastoralists has always been a feature of the Niger Basin, the Coalition suggests that large-scale irrigation could heighten tension between local and downstream water users.”

In 2007 – 2008, land grabs by NGOs, multi-national corporations and international entities were a direct causation of the food crisis in developing nations as a result of "oil-rich Saudi Arabia and South Korea buying or leasing vast tracts of land in Africa, Asia and Latin America."

President Barack Obama supports the UN’s land grab scheme with the installation of his $3 billion plan to securitize Africa’s food supply and agricultural farms. Obama wants to use Africa as a base for growing the world’s food supply, under his controlled initiatives.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

A Perfect example of what this Article says in found in Nobel Peace Prize Europe, and we have heard how the American Government does not small farmer or Citizens growing their own food.

The Fact that only Ethnic Serbs can Vote on Kosovo’ status, after certain conditions are fulfilled in 7 years, is Sensible and Responsible, because the European Union and America who are the Specialist for the Genocide of 20 Million Native American Indians, and will step up their Genocide Policies of Serbs, because they want to steal Serbian Land just like they stole American Indian Lands.

Europe needs to realize that there is only one way to deal with People like the Majority of the Politicians of Nobel Peace Prize winning European Union.

European Countries know that it is in the European Union’s Economic interest to confess that America is guilty of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, and Genocide of the Innocent Serbian People, so as to avoid having Serbia File a Genocide Case against Germany, and they can leak their Secret Documents to the Media in most European Countries.

The Albanians need to know that they can only have Partition after America and NATO have left Kosovo Completely and Permanently.

A Referendum on Partition, with Serbia receiving 34 % of Kosovo, where Serbia choosing that 34 % of Kosovo, and the Albanians have the rest.

This will be conditioned with a Referendum 7 years after the Kumanovo Agreement has been scrapped, the SAA Agreement has been Implemented, the Visa Free Travel to the European Union has been in place, the European Union Ascension Talks have been taking place, and America and NATO have Completely and Permanently left Kosovo.

Camp Bondsteel will be given to Serbia, and if Camp Bondsteel cannot be given to Serbia, then it must be turned into Rubble, and 50 Billion Euros Compensation will be paid to Serbia for the loss of Camp Bondsteel, which Serbia wanted to convert into a Luxury Tourist Motel, and America needs to stop Wasting Money where it by means of Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton never had, and has no business.

Albanians, along with all Non Serbs anywhere in Serbia and Kosovo will not be allowed to Vote in the Partition Referendum, and it will a simple majority Vote to decide the matter.

It is not racist in the slightest to write that Albanian Albanians anywhere in Serbia and Kosovo will not be allowed to Vote in the Partition Referendum.

There are Legitimate Non Racist reasons for this, as I will explain in this comment, and I think that only Ethnic Serbs should be allowed to Vote in a Partition Referendum.

We know that Serbia considers Kosovo Albanians to be Serbian Citizens, and Albanians should not migrate from Albania or Kosovo to influence the Vote.

They cannot say they are not Serbian Citizens, and then Vote in Serbian matters, because they cannot have it both ways.

The European Union will more likely send the Albanian Asylum Seekers back to Serbia or Kosovo to increase the Vote for Partition, and that is not in Serbia’s Interest.

Kosovo belongs in a Special Way to the traditional Owners, who are Ethnic Serbs, and while it is true that Kosovo belong to all the People of the Territory of Serbia including Kosovo; it only belongs to the Ethnic Serbs in a Special Historical Way, as all other Races are not attached to Kosovo as like Ethnic Serbs.

European Countries know that it is in the European Union’s Economic interest to confess that America is guilty of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, and Genocide of the Innocent Serbian People, so as to avoid having Serbia File a Genocide Case against Germany, and they can leak their Secret Documents to the Media in most European Countries.

Anonymous said...

In view of the impending 'end of food surplusses' it makes sense for all those who have access to land to make sure that it becomes or remains productive.

For those who have no access to land, it makes sense to find ways of coming together in small numbers and forming cooperative land management groups and acquiring some land - purchase or lease.

For those who have no inclination to try to grow food, it makes sense to become affiliated with a group who is - and play a part in the system of distribution and storage. This way you will be able to access food when others cannot.

Overall, it is past time to do nothing. Get a plan together and get going. You might just find that you are in on the beginning of a little revolution.


Ayelyah said...

Blueprint on how to destroy food supply underway in Australia under the fraudulent "carbonizing of land" ..... crimes against humanity

escapefromobamastan said...

Translation: We ARE going to control the useless eaters' food supply so expect the unexpected next year, you worms.

escapefromobamastan said...

Translation: We ARE going to control the useless eaters' food supply so expect the unexpected next year, you worms.

Anonymous said...

The elites eat only the fine cuts of beef & any meats, fruits & vegs, while the public in the USA gets the bad cuts, this is worse in the UN's food programs, years ago I saw yhe crap loaded on U.S. ship, air craft bound for 3rd world nations, it was nothing but crap for food, maggets were crawing out of the damn boxes setting on the docks & put on planes & ships for 3rd world nations!! The UN should be sent to N. Korea, they would fit in fine there!

Anonymous said...

As there are about 900 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, the claim that over half the people had been displaced, as Posel claims, seems incredible. 500 million refugees?

Posel wrote: "In February of this year, the Rights and Resources Initiative, a non-governmental organization was involved with the UN in a massive land-grab in Africa which displaced an estimated 500 million citizens from the sub-Sahara"

Like wow! A little research revealed that this is the most extreme exaggeration in recent history.

"'According to the U.N.’s International Fund for Agricultural Development, some 2 billion people in the developing world depend on 500 million smallholder farms for their livelihoods. In Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, these farmers produce about 80 percent of the food that local people consume.

Read more: http://www.utne.com/Environment/21st-Century-Land-Rush-Food-Security.aspx?page=2#ixzz29WZK5FJ5

Now what is happening is that private investors, watching how global warming and drought is driving up food prices, are buying up land in Africa at bargain prices. 500 million have NOT been displaced but there ARE 500 million small farms in the sub-Sahara AND Asia (which alone as 3 trillion people).

So it's not the UN land grab but a private land grab by corporations and investors, and the 500 million displaced is a pure invention, a lie so preposterous that some will accept it without question (a quirk of propaganda Goebbels commented on: the bigger the lie, the less people will doubt it, being it is so huge)and grow outraged no doubt at the UN.

Posel is infamous for making impossible claims and providing no evidence. Once you find a whopper of this scale, the credibility of the person and all their statements collapses.

Capitalists are taking advantage of food price hikes and the desperation of small farmers during drought and buying their land for next to nothing. In the one specific case I could find, Ethiope, the report was of thousands of people displaced. I can believe that, I can even believe millions, but 500 million, more than half the population is displaced and in refugee camps?
This is naked bullmanure. Read at your own peril. These are no innocent paranoid fantasies; these claims are meant to indict and condemn the UN, the Gates philanthropy, and the efforts of environmentalists (Posel calls them eco-terrorists)and others she imagines are trying to kill 90% of the world's population and establish a UN Dictatorship, with NATO troops in the US going door to door confiscating your guns.

Posel predicts this will happen by the end of the year! The only motive I can imagine is she is shilling for the gun industry, as this paranoia fuels guns sales (and more gun deaths). Reader beware!

Anonymous said...

I realized that I should have clarified what type of Asylum Seekers the European Union takes from Serbia, and these People are fake Asylum Seekers.

The European Union and America need the perception that Kosovo needs to be Independent, because the Serbs are the bad guys, and Germany and America are the good guys.

People who read this Website know that America always lies about their wars, and so why would they think that the Western Engineered wars of the former Yugoslavia were any different?

Obviously, there is no difference; and the American Elites did not say that it was terrible that over 50,000 American Soldiers died and over 150,000 American soldiers were injured, as a result of the Vietnam war that started with American Government lies, and so in future we will have to be extra truthful, because all American lives are precious to us American Politicians of both Political Parties.

We know that the demonization of the Innocent Serbs are based on lies, and exaggerations, because there were enemy casualties from the Serbs legitimately defending themselves against aggression from the America led West and their proxies, but these were falsely claimed to be war crime committed by the bad guys.

Kosovo is a black hole and a white elephant for America and Germany, and what else could it be with Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sympathy for the Muslim Albanian Terrorist, who were visited by Osama bin Laden.

We have seen President Hillary Clinton take responsibility for BenghaziGate, and this is because President Hillary Clinton wants to help the Democrats in the Elections, because Hillary Clinton wants to continue to be the Real President of America, in order to Disarm the America Population, and set up a Military Dictatorship in America.

Anonymous said...

So... THIS is why the UN and the Elite want to "control" population. They think their are too many humans to feed. Kinda fits in with Big Pharma running this gov't to "vaccinate" entire populations with harmful drugs, the hidden agendas of eliminating human longevity in the Affordable Health Care Act and the NDAA section on the gov't taking control of our agriculture. All because a group of elitists are out to own and control everything, including entire populations. Distribute the Wealth = take control of the world, cull out unacceptable humans and redistribute the rest into work parties to sustain their lavish life styles.

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