Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Open War Policy Revealed by Romney's NeoCon Advisers

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

On October 1, 2012, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney outlined his own version of imperialist American foreign policy before the Virginia Military Institute. What Romney described was, in its goals, no different than that of any other President since JFK.

As was made clear in his speech, the presentation of the mutated Manifest Destiny to be ushered in by Romney would be significantly more open than the “leading from behind” destabilization and coalition-based Obama treachery, as the candidate has clearly stated this on more than one occasion.

Essentially, while Obama has continued and accelerated every disastrous policy of the Bush Administration, Romney has openly announced his intention to do the same. The only difference is that the Romney doctrine will supplant the deceitful, secretive, and treacherous nature of Obama’s foreign policy for a more ham-fisted and brazenly aggressive position.

However, while the latter option is reminiscent of George W. Bush’s Iraq adventure, the fact is Romney’s presentation of American imperialism will no doubt be more cleverly constructed using the threat against “American interests” and “our friends and allies” as justification.

In his speech, Romney stated,
If America does not lead, others will, others who do not share our interests and our values – and the world will grow darker, for our friends and for us. I am running for president because I believe the leader of the free world has a duty, to our citizens, and to our friends everywhere, to use America’s great influence – wisely, with solemnity and without false pride, but also firmly and actively – to shape events in ways that secure our interests, further our values, prevent conflict and make the world better – not perfect, but better.

Romney’s plan thus echoes yet more of the “American Exceptionalism” that has been used as a cover for imperialist ventures for decades. It is, after all, an illusion that the majority of the American people have bought in to after years of movies, television, and related propaganda.

In this regard, Romney could scarcely be more clear (a rarity) as to what plans he holds for the United States military should he be elected. For instance, he stated, “It is the responsibility of our president to use America’s great power to shape history – not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of events. Unfortunately, that is exactly where we find ourselves in the Middle East under President Obama.”

Aside from the obvious falsity of Romney’s political jockeying regarding “where we find ourselves in the Middle East,” the Republican candidate’s statement seems to offer a brief representation of yet more American Exceptionalism, an even more warped version of Manifest Destiny, and the Freemasonic doctrine of directing nature and controlling the Force of the people.

Of course, the United States is no passive player in the Middle East under Barack Obama. Indeed, even the casual observer should be aware that the United States, along with other Anglo-American NATO powers has directed and controlled the Arab Spring and destabilization of Middle Eastern countries.

However, because of the Obama Administration’s penchant for “leading from behind” and directing the overthrow of sovereign governments via intelligence networks, pawning, destabilization efforts, or coalition-based “kinetic military action,” the talking heads on the Conservative Right are able to play upon the wasteland of the average American mind and subsequently propagandize that the Obama/Brzezinski method exemplifies weakness. The Neo-Con method, being more upfront, aggressive, and direct – is unfortunately the only presentation simple enough to capture the average American attention span and is understood as strength.

Thus, the Romney campaign does not criticize the Obama Administration for waging wars against Islam, sovereign nations, state-owned banks, or secular governments – its criticisms are that it does not do so in a faster, more aggressive manner.

A perfect example of both the political posturing and of the identical nature of both candidates and their respective parties can easily be seen in terms of the Syrian destabilization, itself directed by the Anglo-American, NATO forces in order to weaken and provoke the Iranians and the Russians, implement a system of privatized central banks, exploit the people and resources of Syria, and ignite the subsequent third world war that must inevitably follow.

In this regard, Romney firmly stated in Virginia that he will arm al-Qaeda forces operating inside Syria and will help them “to obtain the arms they need to defeat Assad’s tanks, helicopters and fighter jets.” Of course, Obama is already arming the Syrian terrorists, but the vast majority of Americans are completely oblivious to this fact (as they are to the fact that the “rebels” are actually fanatic terrorists) so the issue exists as a prime opportunity for political grandstanding.

Of course, no Romney foreign policy speech would be complete without some measure of beating the drums for war against Iran.

Needless to say, the Virginia Military Institute foreign policy speech was complete.

In regards to Iran, Romney stated, “we must make clear to Iran through actions – not just words – that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated.” He also committed to tighten sanctions and “restore the permanent presence of aircraft carrier task forces in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf region.” Romney said he would allow no “daylight” between the United States and Israel.

Like the references to war with Iran, it appears that no Romney speech will be complete without reference to the relationship between Israel and the United States and how American foreign policy might be outsourced to the colonial state of Israel.

While many Americans are still caught in the trap of voting for one of the two political parties (which are only different branches of the same tree), more and more are becoming aware of the fact that Presidents and Presidential candidates are nothing more than puppets and tools.

To suggest that these hapless and damaged individuals hold any true sway over the direction of the country in real life, regardless of their potential to do so, would be optimistic to say the least.

With this in mind, it is important to take a look at those individuals doing some of the legwork for the foreign policy presented through the two-sided mouth of Mitt Romney.

Indeed, it is particularly revelatory that many of Romney’s advisers are not only members of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations but also of Neo-Con think tanks like the Project for A New American Century[1] of 9/11 fame. Specifically, Romney Foreign Policy advisers such as Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, John Lehman, Vin Weber, and top adviser Dov Zakheim are all members of PNAC.

Thus, with so many direct connections to an organization like PNAC (among many others), it is much more clear as to why the Romney rhetoric sounds so familiar to what we heard for eight years under the Bush Administration.

Nevertheless, as I wrote in my article “Romney’s Foreign Policy Advisers Exposed As Globalists,”
Considering Romney’s attendance at the 2012 Bilderberg meeting and the apparent tendency of the elite in leaning to Romney as the next president, it is imperative that those who are aware of the forces truly guiding the United States and the rest of the world be prepared to shift gears, even if it is only temporary, and begin to expose Mitt Romney as the criminal globalist that he is. 
Still, we must guard against being played like a tennis ball and rushing back into the arms of “Bush on steroids” Barack Obama. Unless we become significantly more streetwise than the general public has been in the past, the condition of the world will only continue to degenerate with every election, regardless of the results.
Below is a list of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers complete with lists to many, but not all, of their groups, organizations, and affiliations that should be the focus of much concern.

Cofer Black; torture architect; Blackwater; Central Intelligence Agency; Department of State Coordinator for Counter-terrorism; Total Intelligence Solutions; CIA case officer in Zambia during the Rhodesian Bush War and Somalia during the Ethiopian/Somalian conflict; CIA officer in South Africa during the conflict between South African government and “anti-apartheid militias;” CIA officer in Zaire where he helped armed “anti-communist guerrillas” in Angola; CIA Station Chief in Sudan in 1993, the same time Osama bin Laden was allegedly located there; CIA agent in Afghanistan in 1998, at the same time Osama bin Laden was allegedly there; CIA Task Force Chief in the Near East and South Asia Division; Deputy Chief of the CIA Latin America Division; Director of the Counter Terrorism Center (position held on 9/11); well-known for having withheld important information regarding the alleged 9/11 hijackers; Department of State’s Ambassador At Large;

Christopher Burnham; Bush era appointee; Deustche Bank;

Michael Chertoff; Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; legally advised in favor of torture, body scanner beneficiary; Co-author of PATRIOT ACT; Covington and Burling;Chertoff Group; Institute For Cultural Diplomacy; Latham and Watkins; active in Whitewater Investigation; Assistant Attorney General;

Eliot Cohen; Project for A New American Century; Committee For the Liberation of Iraq; Zionist; Iran war supporter; Council on Foreign Relations; Trilateral Commission; Defense Policy Board; American Enterprise Institute; Aspen Institute; Praeger Security International;

Norm Coleman; Republican-Jewish Coaltion; Freemason; Iraq war supporter; American Action Network; Israel Project; National Endowment For Democracy; Republican Main Street Project; Ripon Society;

John Danilovich; Knight of Malta; Council on Foreign Relations; Globalization and “Free Trade” promoter as member of the Initiative For Global Development; Millennium Challenge Corporation; .

Paula Dobriansky; Council on Foreign Relations; Climate Change promoter; Trilateral Commission; Institute For Cultural Diplomacy; Belfer Center For Science and International Affairs;Bipartisan Policy Center; Freedom House; Hungary’s International Center for Democratic Transitions; Australia-American Dialogue; National Endowment for Democracy; American Council of Young Political Leaders;

Eric Edelman; Iran war proponent; Iraq war proponent; Foreign Policy Initiative; Center For Strategic and Budgetary Assessments; Council on Foreign Relations; Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies;

Michael Hayden; Former CIA Director, Former Director of the NSA (where he oversaw domestic wiretapping), Former Director of National Intelligence, Former Commander of the Air Intelligence Agency, Proponent of the Trailblazer Project, Former Director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, Torture proponent, argued against Probable Cause, Council on Foreign Relations, principal at the Chertoff Group, Board of Directors of Motorola Services,

Kerry Healey; Council on Foreign Relations, State Department’s Executive Committee of the Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan (founded by Condoleeza Rice)

Kim Holmes; Council on Foreign Relations, Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, Institute for International Strategic Studies.

Robert Joseph; U.S. Chief Negotiator to Libya in 2003 (regarding nuclear weapons), National Institute for Public Policy (NeoCon Think Tank), Center For Security Policy (Pro-Israel Think Tank); Rumored to have been responsible for the Iraq-WMD-Niger claims circulated by the Bush Administration.

Robert Kagan; Brookings Institution; Project For A New American Century; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Foreign Policy Initiative; Council on Foreign Relations; political advisor to John McCain; Serves on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board; Trilateral Commission; Committee for the Liberation of Iraq; Skull and Bones; US Committee on NATO; Henry Jackson Society;

John Lehman; member of the 9/11 Commission; Foreign Policy Research Institute; Project For A New American Century; National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States; Heritage Foundation; Center For Security Policy; Committee on the Present Danger; J.F. Lehman and Company; Hawaii Superferry; Princess Grace Foundation – USA; Ball Corporation; Partnership For A Secure America; Council on Foreign Relations; Staff member to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Agency; Securing America’s Energy Future;Straight Talk America; Paine Webber;

Walid Phares, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; European Foundation for Democracy; Trans-Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Jihadi-Terrorism; Wikistrat; Department of Homeland Security;

Pierre Prosper; Arent Fox;

Mitchell Reiss; served under Brent Scowcroft at the National Security Council; Council on Foreign Relations; Ford Foundation; Director of Policy Planning at State Department, Center For Strategic & International Studies;

Daniel Senor; Carlyle Group; advisor to Ambassador Paul Bremer in Iraq; Council on Foreign Relations; Foreign Policy Initiative;

Jim Talent; Heritage Foundation; Arent Fox;

Vin Weber; Project For A New American Century; Clark & Weinstock; National Endowment For Democracy; Humphrey Institute; Institute For Law and Politics; Council on Foreign Relations; Aspen Institute; America’s Success PAC; Americans for a Republican Majority; America’s Foundation; Bilderberg Group; Citizens Against Government Waste; Empower America; American Abroad Media; Progress and Freedom Foundation; New Republican Majority Fund; The Freedom Project;

Richard Williamson; Winston & Strawn; Special Envoy to Sudan (2008-2009); International Republican Institute; Council on Foreign Relations; Committee in Support of Russian Civil Society; Committee on the Present Danger; Straight Talk America;

Dov Zakheim; Council on Foreign Relations; The Vulcans; Project For A New American Century; SPC International; International Institute For Strategic Studies; Heritage Foundation;Center For Strategic and International Studies; Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) tasked with tracking down the Pentagon’s missing 2.3 trillion dollars; Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan; Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton; CNA Corporation; Center For Strategic and International Studies; Global Panel America; Chatham House; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences; American Jewish Committee; System Planning Corp.; Northrop Grumman; McDonnell Douglas; London School of Economics;

[1] Griffin, David Ray. The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11. Interlink. 2004.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over 175 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 


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Anonymous said...

it seems the vast majority of amercians are oblivious idiots but i'm not so sure. the idiots are represented and catered to by the media. the idiots are the ones playing stupid games and making noise in public so they are the ones you notice. there are plenty of people that do their thing quietly and avoid drawing attention to themselves. i like to hope at worst its split 50/50.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the US government bites off more than it can chew, the better. Get on with it, get your ar*e kicked. Mick McNulty. England.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mick McNulty: I totally agree with you. Ever since the day of 9/11 when Bush & friends started talking about whooping ar*e in the Middle East, I knew this couldn't end well. America has become a vast network of govt crooks, warmongers and well, all-around psychopaths. Our "elected" reps do nothing to really represent us. I've been saying that at some point the rest of the world will get tired of our constant interference, subterfuge and undermining foreign govts and they will then ensure that somehow America goes down the drain. The rest of the world knows that war doesn't work and isn't good and they will find another way to bring down the U.S. - probably financially. This is happening now and it needs to IMHO. A peaceful solution with no war and no terrorism would be a good thing; then maybe the powers that be in the U.S. will wake up or be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I think you got the relationship backward when you said, "American foreign policy might be outsourced to the colonial state of Israel." Israel has successfully deprived the US of sovereignty.

iamlightagain said...

The majority of the public in America should know that Mitt Romney is a war hawk and all for enforcing a militerized police force in our own country, by his own verbalized admission.
The majority of the public in America, if conscious of what is happening all around them,would understand that we already have a war mongering president Obama and a militerized police force in America, so what difference who gets elected?
Why can't we have a media that would inform us that there are other presidential candidates running in this election, with whole different philosophies, that are not allowed to be in the debates to educate the public to their different ideas?
Could it be that if Americans had the truth about the fact that there might be a presidential candidate that would finally tell us the truth and have the answers that we are looking for to bing peace and prosperity back to our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

"...the Romney doctrine will supplant the deceitful, secretive, and treacherous nature of Obama’s foreign policy for a more ham-fisted and brazenly aggressive position."

Nice bit of writing, that. Melodic and brutally true.

Anonymous said...

Im not to sure if Rommney or Obumma have reliased that your allies are turning away from you and your foriegn policy of destructive wars for bankers. People of the southern hemisphere will not support the USI in a war with China.

Anonymous said...

Well the European continent didn't become a bastion of peace until they nearly destroyed themselves and took most of the world with them. America has always been violent. Colonialism, slavery, economic imperialism and the first atomic bomb. The arrogance of power.

Anonymous said...

fucking hippies, your era ended when john lennon was terminated on the streets of new york city

Anonymous said...

Mitt has no foreign affairs experience so he has already filled his potential cabinet with neocons from the Bush Admin. They left us in 2008 with the worst global meltdown since the Great Depression, massive debt placed upon the taxpayers and two unfunded wars. Obama has clearly allowed it to continue, but in a leaner way. This is why Neocons are pissed. They need standing armies to make money because "their" private businesses make money on war.

Obama's approach of a more "undercover approach" cuts their profit margins. As we have seen with our own eyes, sending a standing army to fight terrorist with bombs strapped to themselves is just plain stupid. But it isn't meant to work - it is meant to make money. This is the Neocon Job Plan. Mitt's Plan is to run Domestic Affairs as a Theocracy while the Neocons run Foreign Affairs and Energy Plan by raping the entire planet. Ryan is there to dismantle the last real money in Social Security which flows in weekly directly into the General Fund. Mitt and Ryan will hand it over to Wall Street just prior to the meltdown so the elite can vaporize directly into their own hands.

Who in their right mind would want more of them? Since we are a Plutocracy against our better interest anyway, you would think people would wake up rather than be blindly lead by bullshit soundbites. Yet, we clearly see the majority blindly feeding on daily bullshit of one side or another.

The neocons desire to continue their Imperialistic raping and pillaging of the world's assets, is causing "the powers that be" of the world to come against us. America is Mystery Babylon who burns in one hour as the world's merchants watch the smoke rise from afar. It appears to me that time is short now, but neocons are foaming at the mouth to speed it all up.

Anonymous said...

"iamlightagain said...
The majority of the public in America should know that Mitt Romney is a war hawk and all for enforcing a militerized police force in our own country, by his own verbalized admission."

If I read Romney's somewhat self-serving biography well, he was learning French, carrying his French baguette bread under his left armpit, wearing a beret and having Ricards (aniseed spirit) in small Paris bistros while the US youth of his age was being conscripted for the "Vietnam War", a war in an Asian French colonial region called Indochine (Indochina), a war that Charles de Gaulle himself strongly suggested Lyndon B. Johnson not to go for since the French had nearly tried everything not to be defeated in that guerrilla type of military game. The rest is history...

So I wouldn't be surprised if Romney had absolutely no personal notion let alone experience of real danger, particularly the danger of engaging in wars against countries equipped with thousands of missiles, including very fast cruise missiles (up to Mach 4), submarines, a navy supplemented with hundreds of missile-launching speed boats, tanks, fighter jets and, as of recently, systems to down or take control of drones...

Besides, I would not be surprised if Israel would not be tempted to redo the USS Liberty version 2, but with submarines and torpedoes this time, AND on the Enterprise, planned for a very costly decommissioning anyway, as a false flag for the US to sell its population the outrage, the "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining", the "Our war is a war against evil. This is clearly a case of good versus evil, and make no mistake about it... good will prevail."

Anonymous said...

Romney is clearly a strange, sick, twisted person; let him be an object of your pity. But, he may win the 'election', because his aggressive posturing appeals to the weak-minded.

Anonymous said...

We've lost more troops under obama's 4 years than in Bush's eight. Obama helped install the Muslim Brotherhood who promise to spread radical Islam.

Military Contractor said...

If we can stop the social Security checksand Medicare/Medicaid we can get serious with our military spending.We need to rid ourselves from these people that have outlived their usefulness,or were never useful in the first place.

canobs said...

Excellent Article___ maybe a few Americans will now understand that no real democracy exists in glorious USA, except for the banksters,lobbeyists,military,pharma and certainly not for the average citizen. ____ Even the President have to follow the non-elected Military-CIA-NED advisers-leaders for military and foreign affairs

Charles Savoie said...

In reviewing lists of persons mentioned here and entities they're associated with, I didn't see mention of The Pilgrims Society. This group is easily the dominant elitist group in world history. It's the only such group refusing to release membership lists. However, some lists have leaked and been authenticated. Extensive details at site linked.

Anonymous said...

Am I the ONLY person who READ "Atlas Shrugged"?
A VULTURE "capitalist" and a POLITICIAN.
They are the scumbags of the book.
John Galt and the Heroes were PRODUCERS who CREATED VALUE.
These are the PARASITES who
got rich by manipulating markets and being "in the know".
John Galt would have SPIT on them both.

Anonymous said...

How many of ROMNEOCON's SONS will be in the front-lines of this war? You know .... the FIVE sons who NEVER served this Nation.....
The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but NEVER wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
(1) Great Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws, then Grandpa FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
(2) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
(3) Willard ROMNEOCON used "missionary" deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
(4) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
The only thing "conservative" about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Ayn Rand despised the Military AND Religion ...... both institutions are WORSHIPED by the Republican Parasites.

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