Friday, October 26, 2012

Mississippi town sued over 'school-to-prison pipeline'


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Anonymous said...

I agree with the man interviewed. We just won't allow children to be children. And Black children? Even worse. I have seen it over and over in my town concerning children of MY race. To make things worse, it's teachers of the same race who make the lives of these kids that much more difficult. We are backwards in this world. More and more, I am realizing life on earth is doomed. No longer can kids be kids. No longer can we do anything in America because our rights are slowly being taken way and we are doing nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Totally disgraceful!

I'd like to see statistics. How many kids, what ages, what are their 'crimes', how long are they being held and more on the conditions.

We are now incarcerating our babies and spraying with mace??? Sounds like torture to me and a good way to make a whole population terribly angry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to that corrupt idiot LBJ and his "Great Society" social spending programs there are a lot of welfare kids who should have never been born! When they set up the social spending crap back in the 1960's, they knew what it would do to the family structure. It destroyed it and left the USA with 3 generations of people with no work ethic, few morals and heavily into crime.

The next phase is to get them to riot, etc... and flood the private prisons with them. Instead of cannon fodder for wars, they are basically working for slave wages for years at a time.

Anonymous said...

Were the police only called on individuals that have been giving an over abundance of chances.Have the parents been involved before and the child has not responded and defies being a normal student which allows other children to pursue getting an education in a safe setting.Are the police only called on the bullies that beat up innocent kids and steal from them while having no respect for the teacher or principals.Are these the kids that have no desire to learn and only show up to school because they have to go while disrupting the classroom at every chance they get.There are bad kids in this world that will always be bad,sadly due to circumstances since birth which cannot be changed by a school system.The home and family values are the most important aspect of a childs success and ability to conform in a classroom setting.If the parents or guardian have failed the child and there is no personnal effort by the student to succeed his life seems doomed to inevitable failure.Maybe the police are only called because this is the only way to get one bad kid out of school so dozens of others can learn in a peaceful setting.There are many factors left out of this article regarding specifics and from a teachers point of view sometimes one child must now be left behind so scores of others can go forward.

John said...

^Bullcrap! The genes are the most important aspect of a child´s success, followed by the home and family values (which are also largely determined by the genetics of the parents). Look at Phillipe Rushton and Charles Murray´s research.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess:

It is a majority black school

Anonymous said...

I live in the area mentioned and this has NOTHING to do with black or white... MS is predominately black... this is flat out blatant lack of proper discipline and behavior on the part of the staff and administration. Kids will be kids and do naughty things everyday... It has NOTHING to do with the color of a child... these so called adults are the ones who should be going to jail.

Anonymous said...

It may not be possible to teach respect to those who are not respected. Travis Ogle, Pensacola, FL

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