Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kid Suspended, Interrogated by Cop For Healthy Kombucha Drink In Lunch Box

Ignorance, terror, and fear abound in the Public Fool System...

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Having worked in a school system, there is an inordinate pressure to see terrorism and drugs behind every tray and box, at least in some districts, and a civic duty to act like a surrogate cop, confiscate and report such acts of terror to the proper authorities. This is so unfortunate because school staff can be some of the kindest, most giving people you've ever met; but the pressure and fear comes from on high.

We see kids' lunches called non-nutritious and replaced with pink-slime nuggets or a child arrested for a plastic knife. Something similar happened this week in Newport, California when the lunch brigade noticed a boy's glass bottle (safely inside a foam sleeve) and confiscated his healthy Kombucha beverage which is comparable to apple cider.

The next day he was required to visit the Vice Principal's office where a uniformed cop was waiting there to give him the third degree. The administration claimed the drink violated the no-drugs-and-alcohol policy. The officer wrongly told the child that Kombucha was illegal and dangerous to mix with medicines or antibiotics - then asked him if and what medications he was taking.

He was interrogated and detained in the office the entire day - all the while without parental notification or representation. It gets worse . . . .

But first . . . Kombucha is nothing more than a fermented tea with benefits of probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and more. Many say it is detoxifying, energizing, and can prevent and help with cancer. It's slightly fizzy, tart and can be fruit flavored and sweet. Many, including more restaurants, enjoy it as a healthy alternative to beer and wine with one missing element - the alcohol!

While it can contain 0.5% ethanol alcohol (classified as non-alcoholic), the alcohol that would be produced gets fermented into acetic acid, which keeps the alcohol down and the healthy benefits up. You may remember the FDA recalling or calling for the removal of Kombucha from store shelves claiming alcohol content. This was a standard FDA M.O. of creating a scare to kick healthy beverage companies in the pocket book and, no doubt, why "Officer Daft" incorrectly claimed it was illegal - Kombucha is back on grocery shelves and can be purchased by any kid in America. You can even make this stuff cheaply at home; an easy recipe appears in Sally Fallon's (Weston A. Price) recipe book Nourishing Traditions.

There seems to be a bias against healthy, fermented products - this brings the war on drugs and schools' no-alcohol policy to an absurd level. Should school officials confiscate apple cider . . . sour kraut . . . yogurt? Someone get Jamie Lee Curtis on the horn! They don't want this kid to have a healthy intestinal tract!*

Continuing - hats off to Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist blog for not only writing the story after the boy's mother contacted her, but for also getting involved and calling the Vice Principal, who acted like nothing at all significant happened. She writes:
Most outrageously, the Vice Principal told the boy that he may have to transfer out of that school and that she was looking into it. She even tried to enroll him in an alcoholics class for teens! The boy ended up spending the entire day in the school office and then was suspended for 5 days for violating the school’s drug and alcohol policy. The issue was also reported to the Newport-Mesa School District. Lest the school or the district deny the child was suspended or try to spin the story, the boy did indeed SIGN a 5 day suspension form.
She notes that he was assumed guilty and punished without anyone testing for actual alcohol content. While the Principal finally retracted the suspension (without an apology), this will never undo the overreaction, emotional upheaval, humiliation, false accusation and mistreatment without parental contact. Plus, since the school quickly reported the incident to Newport-Mesa School District, the buck was passed, which means the parents and child can face further harassment even though the Principal is done with the affair.

Many parents cannot or choose not to have an alternative education lifestyle for their kids, nor should they be forced to. When children are enrolled in the public school system they are sadly, considered human resources.

But, if they are indeed considered wards of the State, then authorities should be held accountable to the fullest extent for children's treatment and safety - the burden of proof and responsibility falls on them and should be adamantly demanded if another educational experience is not possible. Of course, we can expect just the opposite.

Please consider discussing with your child these types of scenarios and what to do, so that they are not  knocked off guard by abusive, ignorant authorities without any representation. School officials need to figure out that we care - we are watching, and if they shame the little ones, threaten their well-being and frighten them into oblivion, that we will shine the light on their shame, possibly at the expense of their jobs.

* There is no evidence that Kombucha can harm you while on medications. It is probiotic and at worst, would simply cancel out the effects of antibiotics - that's why doctors say to avoid yogurt while on them, but to eat plenty afterward to restore the healthy gut bacteria destroyed by antibiotics. The Officer had NO business questioning the child about personal medications, especially without a parent present.

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Anonymous said...

This just gets crazier and crazier - putting the kid in alcoholics classes?? For Kombucha??

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of hearing about innocent people trying to stay healthy get harassed more and more by law enforcement and government!! It's so sickening and if people don't start standing up for their rights, they are going to be controlled completely!

Out of all the things they could be investing their energy in to make a safer world, they are harassing innocent people about things like Kombucha! They are just trying to watch their health. That shouldn't be a crime!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhahaa. I think the "authorities" have been drinking too much HFCS and fluoride. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Calling the police in on an elementary school kid? We're way beyond anything history tells us about fascist behavior.

It's unbelievable to me what America has become. We are the complete opposite of what were meant to be.

I predict full out fascism with in a year or two. Show me your papers. We need to search you for everyone's protection.

Oh wait! We're already there!

Anonymous said...

The only terrorists we have to worry about are the ones right here in this country who are in positions of authority. This is just disgraceful and someone should be able to bring charges against the school system, but like the medical system they have been expunged from any liability, which is the REALLY sickening part.

Also, the term is not sour kraut, it's sauerkraut. I have some German in my background heritage so I know how it should be spelled! I wonder if ths school realizes that pickles are also fermented . . .

Anonymous said...

I know a principle back in the 70's who got four flat tires in one day, amazing, all he did was park it, and after school four flats. Bummer, I love that good ol principle, he even had paddles on the wall in the office, good ol days.

Anonymous said...

It is all about the indoctrination of our young to not question authority.

Anonymous said...

Government schools are designed to produce predetermined outcomes which have little to do with real education and everything to do with behavior modification.

Orwell would be pleased with the outcome.

Truly this is child abuse not education !

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another reason to home school, though with the present state of affairs, why even breed?

Anonymous said...

The fact that this boy was questioned by the police without any lawyer present is highly unconstitutional. This is just so outrageous I don't even know where to begin. This kid will have nightmares and PTSD for years to come probably. The only thing the idiots at this school will ever understand is a law suit. Their actions aren't about protecting anyone, they are about their own NEED TO CONTROL. That's very sick. If this happened to my kid I'd be FLAMING MAD and would do everything I could to bring down those responsible. I'd also be suing the hell out of this school and claiming damages for my child's PTSD and harassment and for violating his rights.

Anonymous said...

The solution is simple: Tell your child, if they are uncomfortable with ANY authority to talk to his lawyers ... his parents. Is not Law-and-Order the watch word of this society?

Do not give in to threats.
Do not be disrespectful.
Demand the presence of a parent.
Never admit nor deny any charge.
Never sign any documents.
Do not acknowledge the threats or demands of authorities.

Who knows, the child may become rich as a lawyer as well as an authority!

JiggyPotamus said...

While this is terrible, people need to realize that this is part of a much larger problem, which is the infringement of personal rights by government/state entities. It is happening in many different areas, with the schools being only one of them. I have a set up to get as many wrongful police action stories as I can everyday, and everyone would be surprised just how far police officers feel they can go, because they have a badge.

Public servants forget who they serve, and what their job is. Every single day at least one person, usually more, are killed or severely injured by police officers, when the person was entirely innocent of ANY wrongdoing. And the worst part is that many of those who are hurt or killed are actually the ONES WHO CALLED THE POLICE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ya.

Think about how people who were around back in the 60's and 70's are saying that "we had no idea what our government was doing, or what it was capable of," after finding out about what happened in many different situations involving government agencies, such as the killing and imprisonment of members of the BP party, who had done nothing wrong...Among others that the state felt were a threat.

Well it is the same thing today. Our government is overstepping its bounds severely, and unless people wise up really quick, we are all doomed. It might already be too late. We have already had our Constitution crapped on with things like the Patriot Act, gun control laws, and a variety of other measures. Surveillance on civilians is a big thing now, and they ALREADY have ARMED drones flying in places in the United States. There are videos on YT showing as much. If you see a drone with something large and slender running perpendicular to the wingspread, those are missiles. I know personally as I was in the "modern" air force.

So my advice to everyone is to do your own research and wake up if you haven't already. We are going to need as many people as possible when it comes down to the point of the government trying to impose even more of their control measures on us, and we will have to take to the streets en masse as a first measure. The day will come, I am convinced of that. Hopefully however all the terrorism on the part of the authorities can end there, without escalating any further.

The government already uses military measures to deal with peaceful protesters in smaller numbers, so I figure they will start killing people when the numbers are staggering. What does this have to do with the article above? Everything; because what is happening is just a symptom of a MUCH LARGER problem with those who run and supposedly serve and protect this country.

Anonymous said...

Unable to share this via the form as it cuts off the bottom where the submit button should be.
This sits needs to check how the form doesnt fit
the screen
It starts well below the top of the page.

Will have to cc the whole and past to email box.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. My sister just became a grandmother for the first (and probably only) time. She waited literally decades for this late arrival and is so excited. But it is clear from stories like this that the poor darling has been born into a total snakepit. Yes indeed...why breed?

Anonymous said...

This video by Gary Null may help explain where all this craziness is coming from, it may start with the FDA and our guv'mint. The vid is 2 hrs. long, however watch at least the first 26 minutes.

Child of the Trillion dollar wasteland. said...

Add another one to the list. Flagrant violation of rights. One after the other. We will go quietly into the peaceful oblivion our orwellion masters have prepared for us. Because one person is not willing to sacrifice their safety or comfort for the rights and freedoms of another. Where is the outrage for events like this? Other than the internet of course.
Very well written article by an awesome writer. =)

Anonymous said...

I have read several articles recently about which dirty corporate pigs are funding the opposition to prop 37 on GMO foods.

No surprise that sneaky corporate pigs who are cashing in on organic foods are also working to defeat prop 37.
Enter Coca Cola stage left.......owner of Honest Teas, on of the largest Kombucha drinks on the market.
Reminds me of the big publicity stunt decades ago when Coca Cola did the big con job on new coke and old coke 'caving in to consumer power' being the story line while the real deal was a massive switch from real sugar to dangerous high fructose corn syrup.

This Kombucha story is getting way too much play......

Anonymous said...

The story is heartbreaking. Is it a plot of the corporations, as one Anonymouse wrote? Or is it yet another wake-up call (as though we were unaware of the unaccpetable horrors the state is practicing today)? We are seeing a nest of flagrant violations of basic human rights and the US Constitution, which also reads that a citizen can sue the overreaching guv'mint and be heard. When was the last time that happened? The terrorists which should be called to account are the banksters, the bankster-paid Congress who voted for the Patriot Act, NDAA, and giving the President the power of "Executive Orders". These individuals are guilty and it would be a shoe-in to prove in Court, had they not given themselves immunity. Thus we now have a Nazi state and with new information, know we have been in one for a very long time. With minimum research, the Rothchild-Rockefeller banks and the sinister Federal Reserve can be found to be at the core of the outrage. They have secretly lent our money to the corporations, here and abroad, who join them in the lies, cheating, stealing and poisoning of us and our children. This is the charge. Can they prove their innocence of these acts? Premeditated evil is rampant but these jerks have our own money to hide behind. Snarly knots have been untied before and we must think of this as the mother of all challenges. Schools want bodies, so they can receive money from the state, which in turn, receives it from our taxes turned over to the beaurocracy of the "Dept.of Education", another sucking parasite department which an honest man, Dr. Congressman Ronald Ernest Paul notes should be eliminated for all our good. If a parent can possibly arrange to home school, ~ a well-kept secret in CA ~, things will quickly turn around in everyone's favor - except the agendas of the guv'mint terrorists. They fear the founders'agenda (no longer taught in public schools) and the Constitution (no longer taught in public schools) winning by obvious merits. We must never be timid when it comes to freedom from state harrasment and the abuse of our children. May God bless this child and his parents.

Anonymous said...

Make your own!!!

Anonymous said...

Make your own!!! KT costs around $3.50 per pint and less than $.50 per quart to make. Good science experience too!!!!

Anonymous said...

This story could be a little better. The school has no name. The Principal and Vice-Principal have no names. The law enforcement officer has no name. Still, zealous over-reacting is the order of the day. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a good bit about the current "dumbing down of education". "Change agents", as Iserbyt says, condition these school officials to be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Wait until this young man gets out of school and tries to secure employment. He will find he has an "arrest record," for the non-crime of bringing his lunch to school with a healthy drink in it.

Anonymous said...

This just in!

Sales of Kombucha have skyrocketed this week out of curiosity and empathy for this young man.

The executives and shareholders of the billion dollar Coca Cola corporation thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...

The only reason this is permitted or continues is because some of us let it happen & do nothng. NOT TAKING ACTION IS THE SAME AS AGREEING WITH IT!

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the name of the school mentioned?. This story reeks of make believe.

Hide Behind said...

Where are the "adults" in this story?

RIGHT to be cautious as Corps habe used false flad afds like this in past

Largest case I rember was Coors deliberately payong people to haul coors beer tp aeaiting legals to be arrested.
Locals tpwns and ogficials + cops got bennies and of vourde tje local schopls ad well.

Anonymous said...

the police can do anything, even God needs to prove loyalty to them, cmon everybody knows that

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