10 Best Survival Foods At Your Local Supermarket

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By Activist Post

As food prices continue to skyrocket, having a bulk supply of food is a great investment. But it also provides security and peace of mind against potential emergencies.

By now most people should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock when crises strike. So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be untold chaos in most communities.

Any number of events could trigger mass disruption to a fragile food system, many of which are well documented and even predicted. Even NASA has warned its staff to prepare for potential disasters with survival foods and other precautions with their “Family Preparedness Program.”

Prepping for disasters can seem overwhelming with so many aspects to be considered. However, for those just beginning to recognize how perilous these times are and are new to prepping, you can find many great survival foods at your local grocery store.

There are many freeze-dried food companies offering light-weight storable meals. These are cost effective and great for new preppers.  But if you don’t have $1000 laying around to buy a large supply, it may be better to pick up a few key items each week at the supermarket to build up your food bank gradually. And by buying base foods at the store, you’ll ultimately save money.

It’s best to keep your survival food list simple, and concentrate on storing foods with the highest amount of calories and the longest shelf life. This list is geared toward foods that will help you survive a crisis that lasts for extended periods of time.

Here are the ten best and cheapest survival rations available at any store:

Rice: Every time you go to the store you should buy one 10-lb bag of rice. You can find them for around $5 at most supermarkets. Rice will stay in good condition for 10 years or more if stored properly. It offers high carbohydrates which is especially important if you are exerting a lot of physical energy during a crisis.

Beans: Beans are known to be one of the best all-round survival foods. They’re high in protein, and if sealed in food-grade buckets with a small amount of dried ice, they’ll stay for up to ten years. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry, dark location. Buy a 4-5 lb bags of dried beans every time you go to the store. All dry beans are good to store; black beans, red beans, pinto beans, lentils, etc.

Cornmeal:  All-purpose flours are good to store, but cornmeal may be the best overall. Cornmeal is packed with dense carbohydrates and contains oils that helps extend its shelf life. Additionally, if the power grid is down during a mega disaster, it is much easier to make good corn breads and tortillas with cornmeal in a simple skillet or solar oven, where refined flour will need yeast and oil to make decent bread or biscuits.  Get a 5-lb bag of cornmeal ($10-$15) at each grocery visit.  Seal and store the same way as beans (buckets, salt and dry ice), and it will safely keep 8 months to 2 years.

Lard: If you’re a health-conscious reader, hydrogenated lard does not sound very appetizing, but in a survival situation you can’t afford to be picky. Animal lard or vegetable shortening both offer much-needed calories during times of crisis, cooking oil for multiple uses, and it will keep longer than cooking oils because of the hydrogenation. Buy a 6-lb can ($12) and store in a cool, dry, and dark place and it will stay good for 2-3 years or longer.

Salt: Salt is one of the most useful survival food items. It’s used for storing food, curing beef, and flavoring most meals. Salt will stay forever, so always buy extra when you’re shopping.

Canned Fruit & Vegetables: These are another obvious survival food, but not as practical as many would think. They’re heavy and somewhat costly for the calories they deliver. Additionally, acidic fruits and any cans with tomatoes will not keep as long as most people think.  But most canned food is good for 5+ years.  Buy green vegetables and fruits like peaches and pears for long-term storage, but more importantly, buy what you already eat in case you need to rotate them into your diet before they go bad.

Canned Meat: Canned meats like ham, tuna, and chicken are excellent to store.  They typically will keep for 6-10 years and they’re an excellent source of protein. However, if the grid is down for a long time (apocalyptic), hunting and fishing will likely provide most meats.  Therefore, it may be sufficient to buy extra canned meats every other time you go shopping.

Sugar: Brown and white sugar will add much-needed flavor and calories to a survival diet and they’ll keep for ten years or more if stored properly.  Honey is also excellent as it will store forever. Make sure to buy extra every other time you go grocery shopping. You won’t need too much, but they’ll be well worth having if a crisis strikes.

Pasta: Pasta is a good light-weight storable food that is also a great source of carbohydrates. Pasta will not keep as long as rice, but it can stay for around 5 years in good conditions. Pasta is also very inexpensive and extra should be bought at each trip to the store.  It will take up more space in your food bank than rice, beans and cornmeal, so plan your space the best you can.

Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a terrific source of protein, fat, and calories.  Plus, it’s just a great treat to have on hand. Peanut butter can last up to five years in root cellar conditions.  Stock up whenever there are good deals at your grocery store. You’ll be happy you did if the SHTF.

Barter Coins: It’s also a good idea to have some silver coins for barter in an economic crisis situation. To track the value of silver coins you can use the silver coins calculator at http://www.coinvalues.com/silver.

If you consistently buy these items 3-4 times per month, you’ll quickly acquire a year’s supply of survival rations for your whole family.

How to store it?

A really basic way to store the rice, beans, cornmeal, sugar and pastas is to buy several 5-gallon seal-able paint buckets or food-grade buckets from your local hardware store.  Put a cup or so of salt into a sandwich baggie (opened) at the bottom of the buckets. Then fill it with food stuffs and add a couple of ounces of dried ice (found at large grocery stores) which will remove the oxygen from the bucket after it’s sealed. Finally, label each bucket with its contents and the date, and place it in your cellar.

Please let us know what other food items you think will be useful for new preppers….

Hoarding these items is better than having money in the bank (Ad)

  • AlbuqBill

    That’s what a lot of people though in Southern Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure there were quite a few who grew to enjoy the taste of GUNS, although I still wonder how they were cooked. Do they taste like chicken?

  • Larry Murphy

    An ebola outbreak. Please stop being a dumbass living in fairy land. Wake up to reality, if its not this outbreak it’ll be the next one.

    • Mads


      • Larry Murphy

        It’s the zombies world now

  • cowboy

    if your taking serious medicine your in trouble to start with.

  • YeahPete

    You will need to come together as a community to survive. You cannot stand alone with your supplies you will be caught offguard by a mob of hundreds who like you said will go door to door.

  • YeahPete

    You need an area that has access to fresh water. Fresh water can easily be decontaminated w/ chlorine. You stated you need medicine to survive. yes you will die if the temoil lasts over a year, but who wants to just sit down and give up. Fight to the end with dignity. Jesus did not give up up the road to crusifiction and neither should we.

  • YeahPete

    Did Jesus just up and quit when he knew he was going to be crucified? No, he walked the walk with dignity and I believe he expects us to do the same.

  • startingtoprep

    In addition to the food, buy a bag of ascorbic acid, that is Vit C that will last years and prevent scurvy, remember scurvy? It’s fatal. Buy a small bottle of Potassium Salt, it will last a few years and you have your potassium which is essential. Buy lots of lugols iodine or iodine of choice, to clean water and also as medicine, and clean wounds. Buy magnesium flakes to make magnesium oil, a bag will last many many years. Don’t forget lots of colloidal silver since it kills Ebola easily. Stock up on iron tablets. Dried fruit like dates (the cheapest), very sweet and lots of potassium etc in them.

    When the epidemic hits, some say it has started, buy containers you can bury this stuff in your garden. When they ransack your house, they will not dig up your whole garden, they won’t find it. Look desperate and plead with them that you will starve, which you might if you don’t have enough rice etc. The main issue will be water and this is what will kill most of us anyway, when we don’t live near water and can’t distill sea water. Buy a camping stove because power will be out. Women don’t forget as many tampons as you can afford – you could use these to barter with as people will be desperate for them also. People will probably steal warm clothing when they ransack, steal shampoo and soap and anything useful for toilet paper.

  • mickey

    most are forgetting the number one survival tool. The Bible

    • Jesus

      Fire starter. Good idea

  • mitchel

    real tired of people saying water, water is not food. its called best survival foods, not tips, water is a different matter. ignorance is why we are going down hill.

  • renshai

    Prepping might not give you long term survivability.. but what is does do.. is give you options for the NOW. if you can live past the immediate, then it gives you time to think of options.

  • wel809

    I am trying to prepare a small on the go bag for emergencies. A lot of horrible things happened in 2014, but I feel in my heart that 2015 will be the year where these horrors will creep into the USA. I pray more people prepare, especially families.

    • Anthony Phillips

      I see you posted this 6 months ago, prior to what is happening right now in America…our freedom is going by the wayside and the economies of the world are in very bad shape (Greece in particular). A lot of people are starting to think that the latter-half of this year will be it: something will happen in the next 6 months. Trying to prepare, but on limited income and only the spouse working, it’s hard. May God help us.

  • Roadkill

    I’m 22, I have a baby on the way. I work my ass off to support my little family. I think about everything I’m going to have to do to make sure that if my family is going to die ,it will be from old age. I see people on here saying “just give up it’s useless blah blah blah” those are the people that are going to die first when shtf. One piece of advice buy ammo and shoot first. Let god sort these bastard traitors out. They ruined our world, and the people that are libtarded and bend over for the nwo deserve hot lead as well. Stock up on ammo because that will be the first to go. I pray for everyone who has kids, that atleast their kids will see better days. I plan on dying in a hot pile of spent brass and empty mags.

  • Jeff

    Rather than focusing on the practicality of stocking enough supplies to survive long term, consider a much more likely scenario: the need to achieve “social distancing”. The Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 killed 2% of the world’s population; how long before something jumps species and gets out of control? Maybe not an apocalyptic event, but something that would put our young and elderly at risk. The ability to remove yourself from society for 3 days to a week would be invaluable. Look no farther than the Ebola outbreak. If you lived in West Africa, how great would it be to not have to go to the store for food and expose your family to that hazard?

  • harry sachs

    Something to think about while you are starving to death for sure..

  • mot

    Freaky christians!

    • John Wright, Ph.D.

      Freaky pagans and atheists, etc…

      • Calvin Coolidge

        Like I always tell people, if you think Christianity is bad, look at what atheism did to the world. Mao, Stalin, Castro, etc. Millions of people died and millions more were impoverished and oppressed. I will take Christianity anyday. At least they have some constraints,

  • Julie Mann

    Dried fruit and vegetables keep really well and don’t take up much space. Easy to use also.

  • Slingshot

    Yep,Exactly !!

  • http://prepperzine.com PrepperZine

    Nice list, I agree on the dried goods and peanut butter. You can also get powdered peanut butter that lasts a lot longer that the hydrated stuff.

    We have pulled together the biggest list of 131 survival foods which breaks each section down and explains how you can store and use these foods in a SHF scenario. You can check out here – http://prepperzine.com/survival-food/

  • another anonymous

    you must be so crazy that it makes your life difficult to live. while i feel very angry at your stupidity, i also feel incredibly sad for you…

  • Ready Just in Case

    For some (like me), survivalism is an intellectual exercise. Figuring out the best things to put in a limited space to keep you alive against a range of possible scenarios, researching protein content and caloric content, looking at user reviews, testing out snares and compact fishing tackle, learning to build fires from a variety of sources, keeping tactical gear and getting good with guns, planning emergency routes and transportation, building the perfect trauma kit. At best, it’s a fun and thoughtful hobby, and at worse, screw you, I’m a lot further along if anything ever does happen.

    My partner is mildly scornful of it, too, although she doesn’t troll good posts like this one just to make fun of people.

  • anonymoustoo

    99.9% of society is not going to believe what this guy is saying because “he’s a nut”——which is exactly why he’s right. The Bible says that “the gate is narrow; and few there be who will find it” If you are siding with the majority, and have adopted the belief system of the world’s social majority, then you are on “the broad path that leads to destruction.” Repent and accept Jesus Christ now before it’s too late.

  • Kelli Pennington

    So you go to FEMA to lay down and die as they treat you like a pin cushion and I will do what I can to take care of myself and survive. Me and my loved ones will live. Why? Because we aren’t so lazy and pathetic that we will instantly crawl to FEMA and beg for a hand out. Most people that live now adays are too stupid and pitiful to do stuff for themselves, and you are part of that group apparently. If you want to live stop expecting others to coddle you. If not then go beg at FEMA’s gate. The choice is yours! You point the finger at everyone else because we turned away from your god but you are the one who gives up so easily and we are the ones fighting. Who is really the one that fucked up? Stop blaming others because you don’t care enough to do anything about anything! That is on you, not anyone else!

  • JerryB

    Most canned vegies are packed in usable water. Buy extra canned food of what you usually use and rotate them while stockpiling. They will last long enough for long term use. Plus, they are a great projectile should you need one! (humor)
    Most important, get a good set of water filters, both portable and stationary. Berkey is one of the best all around filter system and is good for ten years, is cleanable and costs .02 per gallon. Get extra filter elements. See: http://www.berkeywaterfilter.com
    Note: They are the best you can get, but, sometimes the filters will need to be repaired. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLF3LnF7u38

    Good luck, this message will self destruct in ten…. poof!

  • John Wright, Ph.D.

    Quite a few of those who choose to survive by robbing will also die violently at someone’s door or maybe inside a stranger’s home. Also, robbers will encounter diminishing returns just like everyone else as the crisis deepens. People will have to work together to survive, maybe realize that what we gave up so easily was not a bad thing after all. Hopefully, we will re-learn that society flounders when moral codes are abandoned. Here is where the Bible is so necessary. My career was pure science, a way of thinking that I respect, but I also believe that God is real and that the wisdom we need is found in the Bible.

  • Mr. Misanthropy

    44 weak sheep.

    If I had away to get out of here. You’d all be left behind.

  • greg adkins

    The only problem with storing a lot of bulk items like rice beans pasta etc.They require lot of water to cook,maybe a precious commodity like water could be put to better uses,dried beans have to be soaked overnight.I’m not saying don’t purchase any of those items,just(in my opinion)go easy.Especially in my situation it’s just me and my wife.Plus cooking gives off odors which is just asking for trouble.I have plenty of canned items,i know they aren’t the healthiest things in the world,but they can(no pun intended)be cosumed directly and heated quickly if need be.Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Wylie Fuller

    hey all

    some perspective on this whole imminent collapse of society thing going on here…

    I live in Victoria, BC, on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. In the next 50ish years we’ve got a 30% chance of an M8 quake occurring, and a 10% chance of the “Big One” subduction-zone megathrust M9+ quake occurring. Since our wee little taster quake after Christmas I’ve been feeling the tremors beneath me almost constantly, though the ground in fact does not move. By the time the tsunami has scoured the coast, the aftershocks have taken out what infrastructure survived the initial whammy, and our coastal communities have been shattered into a million and one little inaccessible and isolated pieces, we’re looking at 3 to 10 to even 20 days without assistance of any kind in the slightest.

    And we will have no warning whatsoever.

    Hence why I’m combing sites like these and comment sections like these for useful things.

    Which is to say, as you’re writing about the imminent end of all days, please, also keep in mind the more mundane disasters that folks here may be seeking help readying ourselves for. The hurricanes, tornadoes, run-of-the-mill epidemics, floods, droughts, and earthquakes that so many of us are so vulnerable to.

    The end of all days may indeed happen and it may indeed happen soon. But perched atop a ticking geologic clock that will rip apart our coast from Alaska to California when it rings… I guess I’m reminded of all the little things that we also need to prepare ourselves for too.

    In kindness,

    ~ Wylie

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