Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama and Netanyahu Use Propaganda to Cover Their Plan to Attack Iran

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu continues to decry that Iran is endeavoring to build a nuclear weapon and admonishes Obama’s slow move toward military strike.

A “clear red line” must be set forth for Iran not to cross, suggests Netanyahu. “This is a brutal regime that is racing ahead with its nuclear program, because it doesn’t see a clear red line from the international community. The greater the resolve and the clearer the red line, the less likely we’ll have conflict.”

Netanyahu claims that anti-Semitic remarks were made by Iran at a recent UN meeting. Allegedly, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel is “an insult to humankind”.

Last month, more verbal bashing resulted from General Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the Revolutionary Guards supposedly saying that if Israel strikes Iran, they will be blown “into the dustbin of history.” Hajizadeh continued:
Iran’s response to any practical threat to or aggression against the Islamic Republic will be very fast, categorical, destructive, and overarching.
General Martin Dempsey, member of the US Joint Cheifs of Staff has come out to explicitly say that he is not in accord with the US military being used for Israeli agendas.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli Environment Protection Minister explains:
Dempsey’s comments don’t compute with statements made by the White House spokesman with regards to the strength of the relationship between Israel and the US. Israel needs to maintain its right to defend itself, it is the right thing to do and Israel will not place its security in the hands of others.

Sending a message to Iran through European channels, Obama warned that the sovereign nation not seek to disrupt US interests in the Persian Gulf. This contingency would preclude a military strike against Iran should Israel attack independently.

The mainstream media are reporting that Obama is trying to talk Israel out of an offensive military show of force against Iran; however Obama is cryptic when it comes to his promises of support to Netanyahu.

More propaganda set to frame Iran is being touted in a threat relayed by Hezbollah (the state-funded terrorist group) that Iran will attack US bases if Israel follows through with their strike against nuclear power facilities.

Iran is taking Netanyahu’s threat seriously with US planned naval exercises with antimissile systems in the Persian Gulf and stricter sanctions on Iranian oil. Yet, this all plays into the scripted agreement between Obama and Netanyahu for plans against Iran.

In New York, at the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu and Obama discussed their plans to use military and propaganda to justify and cover their agenda against Iran.

In their scenario, Obama will inform Congress in writing that he will use military force against Iran in response to their alleged nuclear weapons program. In asking for their approval, Obama could be enabled to circumvent their decision.

It is decided that Obama will speak in Israel just weeks before the US elections wherein he will devote the US military to Israel’s plan to attack sovereign Islamic nations. Paralleling this strategy, the federal intelligence and surveillance agencies in the US will be “upgraded” so that regardless of who is elected this November, the US government will be equipped with the necessary resources to attack Iran.

This is slated for the spring of 2013.

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Nemetron 2000 said...

"Clear red line" translates to American children being used as bullet stops in an US/Israeli assault on Iran.

Yes, the "line" would be very "clear", and very "red", with a coppery taste.

Ayelyah said...

An accelerated awakening of the global population is taking place... people everywhere are totally rejecting the widespread propaganda and blatant lies pitched to the masses in fully fabricated storylines by all zionist global mainstream media sources...all in full collusion with war profiteers... if wars can be started through lies they can be stopped with truth...speedy and efficient interchange of truthful and factual information from every corner of the globe is paramount...on ALL zionist media refuses to report.
israel's clock is ticking faster and has zero to do with Iran and everything to do with the fact that the whole world has awakened to the lies and propaganda of this criminally oppressive, aggressive zionist regime and its imposter "state" .... war with Iran rhetoric serves as a smokescreen, a global diversion while they accelerate illegal settlements, land theft and crimes against humanity.

Ayelyah said...

...as long as zionist mainstream media monopoly on the airwaves continues......this ridiculous charade of zionist hand-chosen criminals will continue the line of US presidents...they get away with sheer lies and propaganda, framing the minds of the US population and holding them under a false perception of reality....a nation under zionist mind control...like sheep led to the slaughter..we need to drastically accelerate their awakening...the troops and all who support this globally destructive war machine...crimes against all humanity

Anonymous said...

“Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

“Chosen People” (the 1934 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

“Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

Anonymous said...

Dale disagrees:
Posel ignores reality to forge her fantasy of a Netenyahu/Obama agreement on attacking Iran. In fact, The Secretary of Defense and the President are both on the record as knowing that Iran has not (yet) started a nuclear weapons program, which is the precondition of US military participation.

The tension between the Israeli hawks and Obama are
palpable. Netenyahu is lusting to strike Iran, but..and this is from the source Posel sites...Obama is seeking to restrain him.

When Netenya called the meeting with Iran where it agreed to further cooperation "a freebie," Obama came on and refuted that claim. They are NOT on the same page, as Posel asserts, ignoring the clear evidence of their conflicting views.

Why then is Obama saber rattling? To assure Israel that the US will NOT allow Iran to create nuclear weapons.

This is an easy assurance to make since Iran, the CIA, Secy Panetta, and Obama all agree that Iran does not have nukes nor has it started a program to make them. They all know that the 20% enrichment for medical purposes (for use in a plant the US gave Iran 50 years ago, now needing new enriched uranium), far below the 90% which weapons use.

So the fiction of a plan to invade Iran overlooks the efforts that Obama has made, based on his belief that Iran does not have a nuke program, to restrain the Israeli hawks, promising to cooperate if and when Iran starts up a weapons program.

The threat he signed onto only applies if there is evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons .

So long as the highest enrichment level is 20%, there is no program for weapons. Of course any uranium can be further enriched...this is the case for 30 nations which operate nuclear power plants, let alone the 10 or so nations (incl Israel) which have nuclear weapons. Iran is totally within international law and treaties in
enriching uranium at a sub weapons level.

And as long as that is the case, there can be no evidence of Iran producing nuclear weapons...and so the threats are rhetorical. If you have no nukes..or evidence of making them....there is no call to use military force.

Obama has taken a lot of heat for standing up to Netenyahu..so it is absurd for Posel to report they have a conspiracy to attack Iran. She misses the politics of Obama seeking to restrain Israel, by drawing a line in the sand...and warning Iran that any evidence of a weapons program would trigger US military involvement.


Anonymous said...

Pt. 2

So Netenyahu can go it alone...which would likely be a disaster; he can seek to mobilize support for a near term attack against the efforts of Obama and leaders in the Israeli military and intelligence community, to give diplomacy, sanctions, and cooler heads time to wind down the war propaganda and tensions and find peaceful solutions.

Posel's lumping antagonists together causes her to lose sight of the chess game Obama and Netenyahu are playing. It's not a plan; it's a stand-off.

If Obama can succeed in restraining both the Israel and the US war hawks (ie the neo-cons), he will have earned the Peace Prize he received as a promissory note of recognition. But Netenyahu is a loose cannon so it's hard to predict the future...but it is not the fantasy Posel has fabricated.

And if Israel attacks, without proof of a weapons program, the issue of US involvement will get messy...so the entire Obama effort is to prevent that lose/lose situation by stalling the war hawks long enough to find peaceful solutions.

And who in their right mind thinks that Iran would start a weapons program knowing it would be national suicide with the US involved....and would be used to rationalize an invasion, regime change, death and destruction, trillions in borrowed funds?\

Iran's leadership has been amazingly sane and rational. Can we say the same for Israeli and US leadership?

Posel thinks the collapse/war/concentration camps will manifest in the next few months. A year from now, she will making the same predictions, twisting reality and history and sources to support her extreme expectations and fantasies

Anonymous said...

Hell NO ! We won't go!

We're tired of fighing incessant wars for the jews, since WWII.

We're tired of our American soldiers / sailors, suffering, bleeding and dying for israel!

Don't count on us!




Anonymous said...

Why is Activist Post doing Netanyahu's bidding by repeating his every utterance on Iran?

EVERYONE knows Netanyahu is a blow-hard of immense proportions. He dose not care one bit wether you like him or hate him, just as long as you see and hear his words he is perfectly happy.

People need to learn to ignore this man, once he understands that he is irrelevant he will step down.

Anonymous said...

To Ayelyah,

What can be expected in matters of truth from a people that wrote a book in which it is the origin of human kind, under the will of its created god, who chose it as its people, and agreed with it to the self-promise of someone else's land? It seems to show all the aspects of a different but expected parody of the Parable of Talents.

By the way that book might make us the most incestuous species in the universe, and a possible explanation for the world ruling psychopaths.

Hard to believe that Zionists keep trying to manipulate the world leading superpower in this information age and think that they'll carry on without being punished for their wrongdoings since 1948. History has shown the whole world that there's an end to every thing...

My only hope is that the hundreds of thousands of decent peaceful Jews around the world won't fear being ostracized if they differ with Bibi and Ehud's (Barack, the Cast Lead guy) views and force them out of political harms way.

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