Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Military Industrial Empire Thrives on Turmoil

Anthony Freda Art
PA Farruggio
Activist Post

You can call it karma or blowback, whatever makes you happy. The bottom line is that what America is now facing both internationally and domestically is all due to being a military industrial empire. The protesters in the streets overseas are in countries that most of us here at home would have difficulty finding on a map, for goodness sake!

The majority of those folks are not out there because of some inflammatory YouTube film. Perhaps the ultra fanatical Islamists may wish to have that the rallying point of the protests … to then better control their fellow citizens. No, the film most likely unleashed centuries-old rage and frustration with the United States’ imperial designs.

I mean, just how stupid do you think most hard working foreigners are … regardless of skin color, nationality or educational level? Our nation bombs the hell out of their homes and villages. We send our military to occupy their country, or those of neighboring ones, and install puppet governments. American and European corporations operate offshore in these places, sometimes with local surrogates, and they exploit the working stiffs. Plain and simple.

A sneaker that Nike sells in excess of $150.00 is made by a worker who earns what … one or two American dollars? American and European banks and investment firms screw the locals out of their money and we wonder why the outrage? Get real!

The Versailles Treaty, better known to the Germans as the Diktat, took away their resource-rich Ruhr Valley, as well as the port of Danzig, among other things. They forced the German government to pay high reparations, which then helped to instigate financial crises during the 1920s. This all made it that much easier for the extremist Nazi party to gain control in 1932. History will show that this alone was not the only reason for their success, yet it was to this writer a key underlying one.

We can look here at home in America and see the consequences of bad karma or blowback. We literally took most of our current Southwestern areas away from Mexico with jingoism like 'Remember the Alamo; coupled with superior military strength.

Now, generations later, almost with textbook karma, our nation faces the problem of illegals coming over the border … to the places where their great grandparents may have once resided. We also have Native American tribes owning gambling casinos on lands that were expropriated from their ancestors through massacre and repression.

Currently, the United States, the country that this writer loves and cares about, has over 800+ military bases in over 100 countries, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars per year. We occupy two sovereign nations for going on 10 years, at a cost of perhaps 100+ billion dollars annually.

Our economy is in a depression not a recession (drive around your town or city and look at the slew of boarded up Mom and Pops and foreclosed or abandoned homes). Cities are either entering into bankruptcy (Stockton, California, population of approx. 300,000) or cutting back severely on basic services. How many cuts in the police, fire, libraries, and schools … until most out there begin to connect the dots?

Is it not time for the working stiffs of our nation, the so called 99%, to get out and shout out to the government and the corporations: Get the military occupations, the bases and the factories the hell out of those places! Let us take the hundreds of billions in savings from these actions, revenue share with our states and cities and open new plants and factories here at home, restoring our economy … and our nation’s prestige!

Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a free lance columnist. Since 2010, Philip is a spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at


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Anonymous said...

Yes, and to do this we need to regain control of our country. Follow Ron Paul's message of sound money, during the 19th century this nation had an explosion of economic activity because we were winning over private, central, banking. Money poured into the economy because of economic freedom and Yankee ingenuity. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and many more contributed to a profitable and hopeful future for all. Even foreigners benefited by this wildfire of economic opportunity and creativity! Tesla, which is becoming popular again in the 21st Century, was Eastern European and was a key to Edison's Success and proof of a spill over of what the USA could do and export to the world.
The major problems in the world boil down to a few 'high-priests of finance' who literately decide who gets what monies and for what use.
Follow the trail of money and corruptions becomes simple to follow. Ask a cop, they know.
End the Fed, the IRS (which feeds the fed)let the Federal Government due it's greatest and most important job and create the money system, spent freely into the economy for infrastructure, a product used by all, with no charge of borrowing or interest. History is replete with examples of flourishing nations with such example.
The political class needs to be reduced, as it has shown through history to breed, perverted, lying, cheats and mass murdering psychopaths with all too few exceptions.
The elite through time have used the same play book to extort the wealth of mankind. The internet is the tool of their final undoing, this, I believe is the apocalyptic event horizon or change we have all been seeing as the End of the World or End of the Mayan Calendar (which by the way actually ended in December of 2011)
I was born the same year as the Space Age, 1957, a 'baby-boomer' and would like to hope that the wonderful inventions suppressed by monopolistic powers (who are waning in their power and fast in their demise) will once again spur new industry, re-excite our wanderlust for space and reach of the unlimited, truly unlimited exploration of the universe and travel in space.
People are not born good or bad, and the Elite are not smarter than the rest of us. The Elite appear smarter because they have access and secrecy and much like magician foul us with what appears to be magic. Secrecy in government was abhorred by the founding fathers.
The Bible states, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge" and the internet is the greatest college and library in the history of mankind, let us turn the page and let's make good use of it!

Anonymous said...

Hegelian Dialectic

Anonymous said...

If I was a victim of American aggression I would be planning how to get men and materiel into Africa and across the Atlantic into South and Central America, building up for a few years, then head north into the US. I would take it all the way back to Washington, confident that just as the US today arms rebels so other countries would arm us. I think that's what the US is looking at, and as the dollar collapses and the military loses its ability to provide air and sea defences, they'd be getting back what they've given.
It is unfortunate for the American people but the greatest radicalisation comes from your own politicians. Same for us Brits, so our politicians needn't get smug because they're detested too and will face the same.
What frightens them most is they don't scare us enough. Mick McNulty. England.

Canuckism101 said...

Flames & Fury- Anti-US rage sweeps Muslim world:

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