Monday, August 13, 2012

The NWO Agenda Would Move Forward with This One Simple Act

Howard Beale
Activist Post

I have an eerie feeling that the elite control freaks are preparing something big to make all of their sinister dreams come true in one shot. We know they want war with Iran, control over the Internet, and economic collapse on their own terms. So what would be the one act that could make all this happen?

There is one event that can bring all of this about: a false flag cyber attack on Western banking institutions that they can pin on Iran.

They would be able to blame an economic crash on this attack instead of the problems inherent in the system, while getting all the motive they need to impose draconian Internet controls and justifying war on Iran.  It's a triple whammy.

A few recent items in the news have sparked this line of thinking. First, the empire's 'war on terror' paradigm is crumbling fast since they can no longer cover up their support for Al Qaeda. They desperately need a distraction from this realization before the masses catch wind of this betrayal. And certainly if they fail to gain support for ousting Assad in Syria, there is no hope of preemptively attacking Iran without irrevocably losing the public's trust.

Next, nobody is buying the need for cyber security legislation that they've been trying to ram through the last few years. Lawmakers know they will be crucified if they pass it, therefore it continues to be voted down.  Again, desperate for a reason to control the Internet, the U.S. and Israel are being implicated in yet more sophisticated state-sponsored cyber attacks in the Middle East.

First there was Stuxnet, then Duqu, and more recently Flame and Gauss have come on the scene. Each more sophisticated than the previous, and conclusively deemed to be state-sponsored cyber attacks with the U.S. and Israel as the primary culprits. The interesting thing about the most recent cyber attack, Gauss, is that it targeted banks.

Is the picture becoming any clearer yet?

Finally, the economy is going to collapse. That which mathematically cannot continue will not continue.  However, the powers-that-be would much rather it collapse on their own terms so that they can offer the solution. If it collapses in a way that implicates their decisions as the cause, they will not be viewed as credible repair men. So, they need an outside force to take the blame for the collapse in order for them to lead the rebuilding phase.

A cyber attack that hits major U.S. banking institutions and Wall Street could provide enough devastating consequences that the controllers need to corral an increasingly cynical public back in line and jump start their sinister agenda once again.

Perhaps I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I felt compelled to put this theory on record and to see what our informed readers think about it. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

I think your argument sounds plausible.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter anymore.
Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm

Anonymous said...

New Pearl Harbour? Worked on 911

Mark said...

There are so many possibilities at present that this just adds to the many possibilities already being speculated. Knowing Obama is NOT a true American Citizen who has in his possession all the Nuclear launch codes, it is very plausible to me that at some point he will use these to launch a false flag against either a city in America or some foreign nation he wants to wipe off the face of the earth so he can steal their resources.
Obama should be tried for Espionage since Treason is reserved for citizens and sent to an island with his boyfriends for the remainder of their days.

spirittoo said...

Our only hope is to keep working to expose their plans. Cockroaches scatter and hide when the light shines on them.

Anonymous said...

Expect terrorists strikes soon...or at least what are supposed to be terrorist strikes. It will actually be false flag attacks designed to bring about martial law. That is why NOAA, TSA and DHS are all stocking up on ammunition as well as explosives (DHS). All I can say is be prepared to protect and defend yourselves and your families because things are about to get really really bad.

Anonymous said...

You have it. I am quick to jump on these 'conspiracy theory' trains because, honestly, conspiracy theory is just a negative term for in depth questioning.

Beyond that, simply theorizing what financial elites do is great, I think, because if someone predicts it happening...well, it is not going to look so cut and dried through their ideological lens now is it?

If they see people cautious about certain events then they lose the power that those events would generate.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are onto something my friend.
Just read an article claiming they are about to unleash a virus onto the banking system forcing an indefinite banking holiday while they "fix" the mess...

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that there will be a global financial collapse, there has to be. Mathematically it cannot continue that way it has been. They want this collapse, they want to seize new control. We're being led like lambs to the slaughter. I think you may be right in what you say. We must not acquiesce to their agenda. We must wake up. Turn that light on and watch where the cockroaches scatter to...round them up and lock them away. There's been too much killing. We are better than them. The time has come to open people's eyes. It must be our mission.

Roger said...

Excellent article. Here is another possibility: Project Bluebeam. What could work better than a false alien invasion? Plus, their stooges in Hollywood have been busily preparing the people for this for years.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right on the SPOT!! I thank you for telling the TRUTH!!!! So, rare in these evil times. Roger above also has the right idea. OOOOOOOOOOOO ...ah.............shock and awe!!!! Alien Invasion.........hahahaha...........they actually think they can turn US, the slaves, against help from the GalacticOrderDept. or God, if you wish,.................sociopaths are so stupid!!!!! I even think they have tried to launch a nuke attack, which didn't work, they pushed that little red button, but NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

I just wondering whats gonna be frist world war 3 or the financial collapse. I think it would be easy for another country attack us on soil while the people are revolting againts its own goverment.

Anonymous said...

I actually concluded this as soon as I saw the reports on the Gauss virus attacking banks. In addition to Stuxnet and the other imperial computer viruses, Gauss becomes the real smoking gun.

It is most likely that a false flag cyber attack on banks will bring the next stage of unnatural social evolution that has been going on for centuries if not millenia. Such a succinctly targeted attack also allows "them" to maintain the surveillance networks that they have been building up without anyone wondering why those didn't collapse.

Anyone who tries to explain the advent of facial recognition tech, tracking "apps" on smart phones, Smart Street Lights, Facebook/Google - Government coops, and blatant militarization of police forces as a stochastic result of "progress" needs to stop watching television immediately, detox their body, drink distilled water, and be given a pacifier as the next stage begins.

Anonymous said...

"They" definitely will need some kind of FALSE FLAG EVENT - that they can blame on Iran. I have to wonder, though, how many Americans will actually fall for that - again? Are we really THAT stupid? Keep an eye on the RNC, which starts on Aug. 27th. Also, keep an eye on the election in Israel, which is Sept. 4. Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak, may be sent packing, on Sept. 4. That gives them 22.5 days to start something against Iran. Also, keep an eye on Germany, on Sept. 12. Will Germany hand over its Sovereignty to Brussels? How will this affect the "EU" and the "Euro"? Also, almost every financial collapse in history, has occurred in either September or October. Yes, I think the above scenario could play out, as a FALSE FLAG EVENT - let's keep our eyes and ears open, and share what we learn with everyone, to stay on top of these events.

Anonymous said...

Watching the clock - is the total economic collapse going to occur in September-October?

Anonymous said...

I just wish all of this was a "theory" and not real; however, my calling has always been one of the truth, whether it be good or bad so if there is anything I can do to help others, I can. The least I can do is to send the message to others who are not closed-minded and afraid.

Anonymous said...

If I would be "them" and my game was about total control ,digital money would be one of my favourite goals.

With the control of digital money I would have a powerful tool. I could track, whatever is consumed by you, I could just cut you off from anything. By a simply pressing a button .

This combined with the smart phone religion , what is of course controlled by me, would make me very powerful.

So if I would be in charge , I would not target, the digital faith of the people, by letting the econ. collaps happen , via cyber attack .

Who would buy the digital money solution after that..?

canobs said...

___ This theory makes sense, as they control media and military, this false flag will shure work. __ They already privatized all the central banks of the world now controlled by their BIS(bank for international settlements) only three public banks left, in countries to be destroyed by war soon, including Iran. ___ With internet and digital banking they will have access to our own and every personal bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I felt compelled to put this theory on record and to see what our informed readers think about it. Tell me what you think in the comments below."

I wish you WERE just a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Let's hope it works out that way. But I don't think it will.

Here's what I think will happen. On the first day of the revolution, we will carry semi-auto rifles. On the second day of the revolution, we will carry full-auto rifles.


Anonymous said...

Pilots and plane maintenance workers are used to loading up for chemtrail spraying. Probably wouldn't notice a little mass fluenza addition, then quarantine some really "bad areas"... Travel is severely restricted, no one goes to work, banks "fail". People in "bad areas" never make it out alive..then everyone MUST be vaccinated to return to work. Must have an RFID chip implanted to verify you're clean...

Anonymous said...

We need to be prepared spiritually and physically. Spiritually: Stay awake in light of the prophecies of these times. See Revelation, Book of Daniel & Ezekiel chapters 38 &39. Physically: Stock up on basic needs such as water and food, meds, first aid, cooking, lighting, etc. See Backdoor Survival for wonderful tips.

Regarding the next steps of this beastly government, whatever they plan will be done by utilizing multiple strategies and systems just like they did on 9/11. 9/11 was a complicated multi-faceted strategy that was extremely well coordinated. They even choreographed main stream media on 9/11 to establish the 'official conspiracy theory'.

We all know that those in power will stage a major false flag event. Since they're in control, they have numerous tools at their disposal. They've already begun setting the stage for creating chaos in our society. They not only destabilized our economy, they have started 'fires' in differenct places (as Brzezenski coined when he referred to destabilizing central asia) such as the 'lone' shooters and lone terrorists like the 'underwear bomber'. These are destabilizing techniques that have been used for decades against the Palestinians, against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. Even now, I read about bombings in marketplaces and places of worship all the time. So much of this happened in Iraq and is still happening today. Each time the press reports that these acts were committed by 'terrorists' or by those who hate freedom and who hate Americans. Let me ask you this: Why would people who hate our freedom bomb their own people in marketplaces and other public places?

A few years ago, thanks to whistleblowers, a jet loaded with nuclear weapons at an airforce base in Louisiana, ready to take off for an 'unknown location,' was diclosed by a military newspaper. This was an unlawful act at the highest level of the government and was quickly hushed up. What were they planning to do with rogue nuclear weapons?

These strategies are now being implemented in the U.S. They will blame it on terrorists when in fact, it is the strategy of evil people who long ago seized control of the United States government. They have been incrementally destroying this nation. They now have Homeland Security and Fema camps to help finish the job.

Also, the powers in control have a sweetheart relationship with the Mexican cartels. This alliance is not only about gun running in order to take away our 2nd Amendments rights. This alliance is not only about laundering billions of dollars into the hands of covert operatives. This alliance is about creating a new terrorist group at the border of America just like they created al-Qaeda (formerly, the Mujuhadeen).

If you think my thoughts are far fetched, then take a closer look at what the U.S. and NATO have done to Libya and now, Syria. They deliberately mustered numerous mercenary forces including al-Qaeda members and have been arming them to invade these nations. These people are not freedom fighters. They are armed marauders that murder innocent civilians, torture, steal and rape. Just look at the before and after pictures of cities in Iraq and Libya. These people are lawless thugs. And they are being directed and paid by the west in order to enslave the world.

To sum it up, the NWO or those who have seized control of this nation will use multiple tactics once they have initiated the major false flag attack. They will bring in their mercenaries to create chaos and divide people just like like they're doing to Asian, African & South American nations today. We are not expempt.

spaceshipearth said...

Let's start by fixing what we can, everyday, and spread support love and awareness. Keep our children from being programmed as slaves who hate learning. Children are the real gold. Critical thinking and positive memory associations would free our world from countless contradictions in one generation....if that generation is not pounded into submission and denial. We see again how this lifestyle and entitlement cracks the whip with it's double edge of fear. Responsibility = freedom. Reclaim our rights, our words, our rain.

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