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The Martial Flu: U.S. Pandemic Laws Align with International Health Regulations

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Justin Gross, Contributor
Activist Post

All of the new vaccines are DNA vaccines which contaminate normal human DNA with patented GMOs, just as Monsanto has been doing to organic fields with pollen drift.

The public has not been informed of this or given legal papers to release their intellectual property rights over their own unique DNA.

But under GW Bush, whose family is deeply connected to the biotech/pharmaceutical industry that put Hitler into office, laws were put in place that would use the military to force such vaccines, and with unknown content, on the entire population, under the pretext of a flu.

The following went into effect under George Bush:

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning: Section 1.5.1 Legal and ethical issues -

'During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations). [Source]
Bush provided the pandemics laws that intersect with the WHO's health regulations. Obama recently signed an executive order putting the US into alignment with international laws. The WHO has been the driver of covert sterilizing campaigns with vaccines around the world, and just threatened Pakistan for attempting to suspend Gates, WHO, and World Bank polio vaccines until the Pakistani government was sure the vaccines were safe and effective. The vaccines are causing mass paralysis there.

George Bush pushed through the pandemic laws in the US using the false fear that there would again be a pandemic like the 1918 flu pandemic. There was no flu pandemic in 1918. Millions died but they died because of the pharmaceutical industry's "miracle drug," aspirin, a highly toxic drug that can kill quickly when used in overdose, as well as a potent immunosuppressive which allowed common upper respiratory infections to deteriorate into deadly pneumonias. The millions of 1918-19 deaths are the result of pharmaceutical industry greed, and the collusion of government, medical authorities, military and corporations.

These same groups have gone many steps further under the Bush pandemic laws.
  • They have mandated a highly toxic, immunosuppressive "treatment" in advance, to every person in the country.
  • They have brought together government, military, medical "authorities," and corporations in a financial arrangement.
  • All liability has been removed.
  • The vaccines themselves do not have to be tested (and thus not even known) in an emergency.
  • Any emergency does not have to be proved.
The last is how the CDC was able to create the impression of an H1N1 pandemic with exaggerated data. The CDC attempted to block the CBS investigation.

When the false data was exposed by CBS, Obama put the country under a (false) emergency, but an emergency which activated FEMA and removed all requirements to test vaccines used for "an emergency."

CDC was complicit in the pandemic laws, which are martial law mandating untested, unknown vaccines for the country, for any emergency the CDC can invent and then declare.

And the Pentagon has just taken over the flu vaccine.

Is The ACLU aware that Sebelius and HHS, which has censored vaccine concerns, have been producing a 'Fertility Impairing Vaccine'?

Any vaccine of this kind used against the public without its legal release, constitutes a deceptive trade practice at best. But without question to use the military is to force patented intellectual property of unknown design (potentially to sterilize them, potentially to kill them) onto people who have no information or means to refuse.

By what rights does the Pentagon act on behalf of the biotech industry to inject their patented intellectual property into human beings without their signed release of their own intellectual property in the form of their unique DNA?

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Canuckism101 said...

It's called Codex Alimentarius the new Marshall law in global health regulation. Codex Alimentarius was for the better part conjured up and sponsored by the Global Pharmaceutical Indusrty who took it upon them selves to push this financially flourishing soft kill agenda on the WHO and the UN. In the U.S. it as taken shape under the Obamacare health regulation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Everyone MUST learn about the deadly and dangerous Codex Alimentarius !!

"During a pandemic, it may be necessary to [demand] compulsory vaccination."
Okay, if so, line up Boosh Sr&Jr, obummer et familia, and all congresscritters et familiae - repeatedly inject them with these gmo vaccines for a period of one month - then wait a year to see the results. Only then, if any of them survive, we might consider being jabbed with these dna-destroying poisons.

Anonymous said...

".. is deeply connected to the biotech/pharmaceutical industry that put Hitler into office, ..."

What's with you putting Hitler into this matter? What has Hitler got to do TODAY with it?

Most articles today, anywhere, seem to be following this pattern...whatever the subject is, to bring in Hitler.

What's the opint of doing this? Would you please explain.

FYI, after WWII, AFTER Hitler, the ENTIRE Eastern Europe was worse off, it was a HELL HOLE under the Comunists--who were jews!

Did you know that? Well, YOU opened the can of 70 y. old worms.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of bringing Hitler into it? Mainly because it was Hitler's scientists; funded by Grandpa Prescott Bush, who came up with the bio-warfare we're fighting today. Research Project Paperclip. It all ties in with Codex Alimentarius, Bush Family, CIA, depopulation, etc. But you already know this or you wouldn't be on this website

Anonymous said...

Does government healthcare facilitate and/or mandate the implementation of a vaccine?

Anonymous said...

I will not comply!

Anonymous said...

I see, "It's still Bush's fault!"
At what point will you Obama voters admit that is creep has written many more egregious liberty killing laws than Bush did in his two terms?
Just the NDAA alone-something Obama said that he would veto & didn't-is more chilling than all of Bush's executive orders combind.


Obama dunnit. Can't blame Bush anymore. Old man Bush is still alive and as far as I know very active in the Carlysle group. The Bush family have done everything they could to get their place in the NWO and are a lot more powerful than Obummer but the muslum Kenyan is very dangerous and will probably have another term to put the final nail in the Fema coffin

Anonymous said...

Wow! To see the brain dead devotees of Bush and Obama line up to take shots at each other is like watching an idiot competition. You guys are tied, oblivious to the crimes of your chosen puppet leader while condemning the identical crimes of the other one.
Both D and R parties are criminal scum, and their supporters are redefining stupid.

Anonymous said...

No compliance = lose your job; your benefits or your health coverage. Or have your children taken from you. Or have some Swat Team breaking down your door. Worst of all is that this is not some foreign enemy forcing this on us. It is Americans who will be doing this to other Americans. Are they so blind that they do not see that they are helping create a nightmare dictatorship, and that their own children will have to live under it?


They obviously are blinded by their own betrayal of America and don't realize that once their job is done they can be in the useless eater category.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the article was totally blaming Bush. Case in point: "Obama recently signed an executive order putting the US into alignment with international laws."

Obama's executive order makes him just as culpable.

The moment the Duopoly took over American
Democracy DIED. Democracy in America died a long time ago and it's time everyone face that fact and stop arguing like little children with, "stupid liberals", "stupid conservatives" circle jerking horseshit. Open your eyes to the lies and GROW UP.

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