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Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection

No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantage is to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades. - Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald 1968

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Peter A. Kirby, Contributor
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Located on an United States Air Force site near Gakona, Alaska, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is the world's largest and most functional ionospheric heater. Construction began in 1993. Today, HAARP can generate super high powered beams of directed energy. HAARP is designed to shoot these energy beams 200 kilometers up into the sky; affecting an area known as earth's ionosphere. In doing this, HAARP can perform a number of functions.

The known uses of HAARP are: weather modification, power beaming, earth tomography (mapping of our planet's interior), Star Wars-type defense capabilities, enhanced communications, communication disruptions and mind control. For an in-depth discussion about what HAARP does and how it does it, you must read the 1995 book Angels Don't Play this HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and journalist Jeane Manning. You can freely access a searchable .pdf here:

Although lesser ionospheric heaters do not generate energy beams as powerful or possess the same functionality as HAARP, similar facilities are located around the world. Along with a smaller facility located near Fairbanks, Alaska, other ionospheric heater locations include: Puerto Rico, Norway, Russia, Tajikistan, Peru and the Middle East. The latest word is that Russia, China and the United States have set up HAARP-like facilities in Antarctica. (Source)

In order to increase functionality and effectiveness, ionospheric heaters are used in combination.

The HAARP website explains the differences between HAARP and other ionospheric heaters like this, "HAARP is unique to most existing facilities due to the combination of a research tool which provides electronic beam steering, wide frequency coverage and high effective radiated power collocated with a diverse suite of scientific observational instruments." HAARP can be remotely operated. HAARP employs technology originally envisioned and demonstrated by American inventor Nikola Tesla.

HAARP is jointly managed by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in conjunction with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Here's more from the HAARP website:
Technical expertise and procurement services as required for the management, administration and evaluation of the program are being provided cooperatively by the Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory), the Navy (Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Since the HAARP facility consists of many individual items of scientific equipment, both large and small, there is a considerable list of commercial, academic and government organizations which are contributing to the building of the facility by developing scientific diagnostic instrumentation and by providing guidance in the specification, design and development of the IRI [HAARP]. BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT) is the prime contractor for the design and construction of the IRI. Other organizations which have contributed to the program include the University of Alaska, Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Massachusetts, UCLA, MIT, Dartmouth University, Clemson University, Penn State University, University of Tulsa, University of Maryland, SRI International, Northwest Research Associates, Inc., and Geospace, Inc.
The HAARP website notes that, "...major construction at the facility was completed during 2007."

12 U.S. patents are commonly recognized as applicable. A man named Dr. Bernard Eastlund is listed as the inventor on two of these patents and a co-inventor on another. Dr. Eastlund is commonly acknowledged as the inventor of HAARP.

The 12 HAARP patents were all assigned to ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI); a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO). APTI also won the initial contract to build HAARP. In 1994, APTI was sold to a company called E-Systems. E-Systems then changed APTI's name to Advanced Power Technologies Incorporated. Largely involved in communications and information systems, E-Systems gets most of its business from and has extensive ties to the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1995, Raytheon acquired E-Systems. Raytheon, the defense contracting behemoth, now holds all 12 HAARP patents.

Weather Modification

As far back as 1958, the chief White House advisor on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the U.S. defense department was studying “ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather” by using an electronic beam to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area.

The seminal 1996 Air Force report 'Owning the Weather 2025' outlines a weather modification program utilizing ground based support such as HAARP.

Let us reference a passage from Nick Begich and Jeane Manning's book Angels Don't Play this HAARP:
Eastlund's enthusiasm for planetary-scale engineering came through just as clearly in an interview with Omni Magazine. While acknowledging that many of the uses of his invention are warlike, he also talked about 'more benign' uses. His view of benign included using the technology to reroute the high-altitude jet stream, which is a major player in shaping global weather. Another way to control the weather with his technology would be to build 'plumes of atmospheric particles to act as a lens or focusing device' for sunlight, he told Omni. With this, the people controlling the antennae could aim in such a way that the return beams would hit a certain part of the earth. With the heating ability, they could experiment until they could control wind patterns in a specific place. 
The Omni article explained. 'What this means, he says, is that by controlling local weather patterns one could, say, bring rain to Ethiopia or alter the summer storm pattern in the Caribbean.'
United States patent #4,686,605 'Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere' is one of the 12 HAARP patents. Dr. Eastlund is credited as the inventor. It states, "Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device."

I know that quote on the surface looks like a connection between HAARP and chemtrails, but, before we think we have the smoking gun, realize that they are probably talking about particles precipitated from the ionosphere forming a lens without the need of chemtrails; as outlined elsewhere in the patent. The good news is, the patent goes on:
Also as alluded to earlier, molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Similarly, environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the breakup of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like. Transportation of entities can also be realized when advantage is taken of the drag effects caused by regions of the atmosphere moving up along diverging field lines. Small micron sized particles can be then transported, and, under certain circumstances and with the availability of sufficient energy, larger particles or objects could be similarly affected.
That, my friends is a smoking gun. They are talking about introducing small particles into the atmosphere and then using HAARP to move them and the matter around them for the purpose of weather modification.

HAARP can be used in conjunction with chemtrails in order to modify the weather. Disbursed metallic particles such as aluminum, barium and strontium (the main chemtrail ingredients) may increase the atmosphere's conductivity and therefore enhance HAARP's weather modification performance.

A grand history of releasing stuff into the atmosphere as part of scientific research exists.

In the early 1960s our U.S. military dumped 350,000 2-4cm copper needles into the ionosphere attempting to create a 'telecommunications shield.'

The HAARP executive summary says:
DOD [Department of Defense] agencies already have on-going efforts in the broad area of active ionospheric experiments, including ionospheric enhancements. These include both space and ground based approaches. The space-based efforts include chemical releases (e.g., the Air Force's Brazilian Ionospheric Modification Experiment, BIME; the Navy's RED AIR program; and multi-agency participation in the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite, CERES).
Patent #4,686,605's description states, "It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction." Barium is the second most common chemtrail ingredient.

These chemical releases are not all necessarily chemtrails, but they show our military's extensive atmospheric chemical release activities involving ground and space based monitoring and support.

Lastly, let us refer again to Angels Don't Play this HAARP:
...there is a super-powerful electrical connection between the ionosphere and the part of the atmosphere where our weather comes onstage, the lower atmosphere. Furthermore, scientific theories describe how the electrical energetic levels of the atmosphere are connected to cloud processes.
Chemtrails may enhance this connection between the lower and upper atmosphere. Then, when HAARP manipulates the ionosphere, the lower areas of the atmosphere (where our weather happens) can be manipulated accordingly.

Power Beaming

United States patent #5,068,669 titled 'Power Beaming System' outlines the technical details of how to remotely power airplanes.

Let us refer to a passage from 'Angels Don't Play this HAARP.' Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning reference an 'Aviation Week' article:
This 'Star Wars' technology developed by ARCO Power Technologies, Incorporated [patent #5,068,669's assignee] was used in a microwaved-powered aircraft. The aircraft was reported to be able to stay aloft for up to 10,000 hours at 80,000 foot altitudes in a single mission. This craft was envisioned as a surveillance platform. The craft had no need for refueling because the energy was beamed to it and then converted to electrical energy for use by the aircraft. Flight tests were undertaken at Tyendinga Airport near Kingston, Ontario, Canada in the early 1990's. This test by APTI most likely involved this patent...
If HAARP is powering the chemtrail airplanes, this would be a great logistical advantage as the planes would not need to be grounded for fueling. The airplanes would probably only need to be grounded for payload and maintenance and therefore could remain in the sky, performing their functions without interruption for long periods of time. This would also be an advantage because the more time these planes spend in the air, the less chance there is of the program being exposed. It's incredibly difficult (as this author has learned) to expose something going on at 40,000 ft. in the sky. The power beaming need not be constant as the airplanes could utilize capacitors.

Little HAARPs

It is reported that smaller, mobile versions of HAARP exist.

Let us refer again to Angels Don't Play this HAARP:

Is it possible that the HAARP scientists could have miniaturized the technology so that they don't need such a large area of land and electrical power as called for in Eastlund's pattents? Manning asked him.

"It's entirely possible," he [Eastlund] replied. "They have had a lot of good engineers working on it for some time. I would hope they have improved it."

Aviation Week reports in 2008 that the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing an airborne version of HAARP. BAE Systems, the article tells us, is to demonstrate this unit by towing it, 'behind a helicopter.'

Here is a picture of what is described as a mobile HAARP ship:

It has been speculated that this HAARP ship was used to trigger the March 2011 magnitude 9.0 Japan earthquake.

There may be many HAAARP-like facilities of which we are not aware. There may be HAARP-like technology all around us! As noted earlier, ionospheric heaters such as HAARP are used in combination to increase capabilities and effectiveness.

A little HAARP atop the Rocky Mountains at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) might work well. This is also the location from which I speculate the airplanes are commanded.

A Pattern of Deception

When it comes to HAARP, our government has shown a pattern of denial and obfuscation. In many instances, the HAARP website and the military contradict each other and/or the authors of 'Angels Don't Play this HAARP.'

The HAARP website claims that HAARP is not used for weather modification and the military has never admitted to these capabilities. The patents, Nick Begich, Jeane Manning and the European parliament say HAARP can modify the weather.

Although the HAARP website claims experiments are only being carried out in a relatively small portion of the ionosphere directly over the facility, the HAARP executive summary says, "For broader military applications, the potential for significantly altering regions of the ionosphere at relatively great distances (1000 km or more) from a [ionospheric] heater is very desirable."

The HAARP website claims that HAARP does not make holes in the ionosphere. The European parliament and the authors of Angels Don't Play this HAARP say it does.

The HAARP website and the military deny that HAARP is a 'Star Wars' defense type weapon. The European parliament and the authors of Angels Don't Play this HAARP insist it is; the patents support their position. Angels says:
In February, 1995, the Star Wars missile defense shield was supposed to be dead. The United States House of Representatives by a 218 to 212 voted to kill the program. Yet HAARP continues on while the motives of the military are hidden from the world.
The military and the HAARP website both claim that HAARP is not a classified project, but leaked documents show that the military planners intend to keep the program under wraps.

The HAARP website contradicts itself about military involvement. In their self-description, they say they are a military project, but in the FAQs, they say HAARP is, "not designed to be an operational system for military purposes." All this while the military's executive summary says HAARP is to 'exploit' ionospheric processes for Department of Defense purposes.

Dr. Eastlund has contradicted the official military position many times. Even though they have been exhaustively proven, our military denies connections between Eastlund, APTI and HAARP. Eastlund himself said in a 1988 NPR interview that the military had tested some of the ideas presented in the patents. According to Dr. Begich and Jeane Manning:

Eastlund said in a 1988 radio interview that the defense department had done a lot of work on his concepts, but he was not at liberty to give details. He later told Manning that after he had worked within ARCO for a year and applied for patents, Defense Advanced Research Project agency (DARPA) had combed through his theories then gave out a contract for him to study how to generate the relativistic (light speed) electrons in the ionosphere.

Here's more about Eastlund from Angels:
Eastlund told Chadwick of National Public Radio that the patent should have been kept under government secrecy. He said he had been unhappy that it was issued publicly, but, as he understood it, the patent office does not keep basic 'fundamental information' secret. 'You don't get a patent if you don't describe in enough detail to another person how to use it,' he said. Specifics of military applications of his patent remain proprietary (secret), he added.
I guess it's just a matter of who you trust. I choose to trust the patents, Nick Begich and Jeane Manning because, about HAARP, the government has been caught lying. To my knowledge, the authors of 'Angels Don't Play this HAARP' have not once yet been found to be lying. The patents speak for themselves.


Even the technocratic European parliament found serious concerns about HAARP. A 1999 European parliament committee report, after hearing Dr. Nick Begich and others, concluded:
[the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection] Regards the US military ionospheric manipulation system, HAARP, based in Alaska, which is only a part of the development and deployment of electromagnetic weaponry for both external and internal security use, as an example of the most serious emerging military threat to the global environment and human health, as it seeks to interfere with the highly sensitive and energetic section of the biosphere for military purposes, while all of its consequences are not clear, and calls on the Commission, Council and the Member States to press the US Government, Russia and any other state involved in such activities to cease them, leading to a global convention against such weaponry;
I speculate that HAARP, when and if used for nefarious purposes (such as weather modification in co-operation with chemtrails), is remotely operated from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and/or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. During my humble investigation, I found that these three locations have produced much of the leading research and development. HAARP is an incredibly high-tech machine. You need highly skilled scientists and engineers to run the thing. The best place to run HAARP would be from a laboratory where the technology was developed. Also, most people (top scientists included) are generally not so hot about relocating to the wilds of Alaska. As noted earlier, HAARP can be remotely operated.

We know HAARP can modify the weather. If one could, don't you think they would? Weather control is god-like power. Chemtrails may be sprayed to enhance the effectiveness of these operations. If this is the case, our government's pattern of lying and obfuscation about HAARP makes perfect sense and is consistent with behavior exhibited by others associated with every aspect of chemtrails, geoengineering and the related activities I outline.

Weather Wars and the Devil's HAARP

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*available for free on YouTube


Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA author and activist. Check out his ebook Chemtrails Exposed.


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Anonymous said...

So how does HAARP figure into the current US and even larger world situation with the sustained draught? The only response I believe you could give would be, "Well, you shoulda seen how it would have been without HAARP and the chemtrails pumping out there mega-whatevers!"

HAARP and chemtrails either destroy good weather cycles and are doing a good job of it or they are an attempt to fix with little success cycles that have gotten out of whack. Given the current world weather situation, please tell us which they are doing. It is certainly hard to tell from the sidelines and I find little indication in your article. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a mentioning of the current problems related to them pro or con.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago two guys started a company in our state called Weather Modification Inc. They claimed they could stop hail storms and make more rain. Well I have been hailed out many times right under their damn aircraft spraying silver iodide in what were good natural rain clouds. No rain was ever increased. They were sly enough to have county wide mill levies passed so they could get in everybodys pocket.

samuel-12 said...

there'S more to this!

Haarp system when used in combination with other haarp system around the world. They can concentrate on a single spot! ionise the air at the point of creating a massive concentration of ion energy wich can projected anywhere on earth! This redirection of ion energy dump can cause explosion of pure energy that rivalise the power of nuclear devices!

the simple firing of a spectroscope beam from space in the ion feild would cause the ion feild to condense, collapse and ram the ground, with pin point accuracy! (hello Ion particle beam canon from command and conquer)

Anonymous said...

The nicest synopsis of these crimes against humanity,as I've seen.. yet

Anonymous said...

All I know is that we're getting wetter than a swamp here in Florida and constantly hearing about the drought in the West makes me cry. I wish I could give you guys some of this rain!!!!

It's interesting to note that in Spring every time we'd get a crapload of 'trails in the sky all the would-be rainclouds mysteriously disappeared. NOW when we get a few 'trails it pours puppies and kitties.

So I'd have to say that yes, they have managed to figure out how to turn the rain on and off.

Mark McCandlish said...

Many of the unanswered questions stemming from this article may be found in the new film "Why in The World Are They Spraying?"

The connection between HAARP and chemtrails is this: The "microscopic particles" the patents are also referred to as "aerosols" in the Government Study on Climate Change and are called nano-particles. These particles, literally so small that they individually cannot be seen with the naked eye, have a resonant frequency, which will depend on their size. The smaller the nano-particle, the higher the radio frequency (RF) signal needed to make them resonate.

Several years ago, a man named John Kanzius found a possible treatment for cancer. By injecting nano-particles of Gold or Carbon into a patient's body, these particles non-invasively seek out the malignancy and stick to the unique tissue structure of cancer. Then you bombard the patient with the resonant RF signal of the particular nano-particles used, and you can heat them up-- killing the cancer cells with little harm to surrounding tissue.

This principle was itself based on studies performed by a number of defense contractors back in the 1960's and 70's, principal among them Lockheed and was instrumental in developing
what was called "Iron Ball Paint". This coating, filled with billions of suspended nano-particle-like structures would convert radar transmissions directed at an aircraft, and substantially reduce the reflected signal of the target by converting the RF of the radar signal to heat (through particle resonance.) This is what Kanzius' procedure takes advantage of, and it is how HAARP can work in conjunction with chemtrails to modify weather.

The ionosphere is comprised of highly charged air molecules. When electrical charges build around a thunder storm, and lightning strikes the ground, nature is trying to equalize the amount of charge between the Earth and the ionosphere. Dump a load of millions of tons of conductive, Aluminum Oxide nano-particles in the atmosphere, and you have dramatically raised the ability of the air to conduct electricity, but you have also increased the chances that it will. But lightning doesn't just strike from the clouds to the ground. There are other discharges of electricity also going up into the ionosphere and into space. These are called "Sprites" and the mammoth electrical discharges one occasionally sees from the ionosphere to the area below it are referred to as "Megalightning". This is what destroyed the Columbia Space Shuttle, and an amateur astronomer even captured a photo of it the event as the Shuttle was re-entering the atmosphere over San Francisco. This same modality could be used as an anti-ballistic missile defense system. It may in fact be why chemtrails often appear over large populated areas-- as a protection against a threat of some kind.

Mark McCandlish said...

And while it is possible to power aircraft for sustained periods of time with microwaves, the chemtrailing aircraft (at least the ones I have observed) are nothing more than Boeing 737-800's 747's, 767's and a few Airbus four engine jumbo jets. The main operator liveries I have observed were Southwest Airlines and KLM.

In my research, I have also found that Aluminum Oxide, consists of two atoms of Aluminum and three atoms of Oxygen. Aluminum readily combines with Oxygen when melted or severely heated and this is why it has to be welded inside a shielding inert gas, like Argon. It is in fact one of the key components in Super Thermite or "Thermate" the high-temperature explosive compound that will cut through steel girders in an instant and is used extensively in building demolition.

Aluminum Oxide has also found an application as an augmentation media for jet engine combustion because it releases so much Oxygen during the reaction. There are experiments I am aware of where it has been used up to 40% by weight in jet fuel to enhance the efficiency of the combustion, also extending aircraft range, fuel efficiency and even altitude. (You can go much higher,where the air is thinner, because you are essentially bringing the Oxygen supply along--albeit inertly-- right in the fuel.)

And while these nano-particles are suspended in the air, they can be heated up using HAARP (or just about any radar) if you know the size of the particles and their resonant frequency. Once the particles heat up, they transfer that heat to the surrounding air, rising and create a low pressure system. The moiusture in that air will condense at the higher (and much colder) altitudes. Perform this process sequentially over a wide area, and you can steer a storm.

And by using this process, you can control where water is picked up and where it is dropped. And that is how you can create droughts or floods using the combination of these technologies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

4dsts mind control only. The chem-trails are the conduit, cell towers are the back up system. Notice the access nations to NATO are the heaviest with this activity that sprayed more often.

Also notice spikes of continuing gun violence, and chaos, and elimination of cognoscente thinking.

Anonymous said...

World domination: HAARP heats up the ionosphere to create a bulge which is basically an area of hot air. When the jet stream hits it, this causes the stream to go off at a tangent and off it's usual course. The result of this is that rain falls in other places and not in the regular places before it was moved. This causes drought where the rain should have fallen and flooding in places where it is falling now. All done to manipulate the weather in a word, but always there's a mulch-faceted reason and the other reason is to make the price of wheat and corn to rise, causing famine to people who cannot afford products made from these staples.

Peter A. Kirby said...

Thank you Mark McCandlish for your fascinating explanations. I hope to hear more about the RF stuff in 'Why in the World Are They Spraying?'

I suggest that the offending airplanes are older jumbo jets retrofitted with gear which enables the plane to be remotely powered. I'll have more about that later.

Anonymous said...

A name that is missing in the weather mod trail is Prof. dr. Werner A. Baum

he wrote an article printed in a dutch scientific technical journal in 1968 named influencing the weather

check him out

do I smell project Paperclip ?

Anonymous said...

Whatever scientific explanations exist for the extreme alteration of our atmosphere, the very nano-particled air we breathe, the process is damaging millions of human beings. My heart grieves for those who suffer drought, deluges, and weather extremes, and have complete trust that govt would protect them if they only could.

Have strong expectations that info on this crime will soon bust wide open, despite the constant engineered distractions. This excellent article and new, LA-premiered documentary will spread the message. People are sick, exhausted and tired of seeing all living things in death mode. Believe that once the realization sets in, no "official" explanations will suffice.

Anonymous said...

The enormous power of the chemtrail fleet tells me that it supersedes all national governments therefor I believe that the death provoking U.N. Agenda 21 is ultimately behind this garbage. Better killing through science. The planets true terrorists. Whatever governments tell us, take the opposite as the truth. For example, vaccines with mercury are good for you. Chemtrails are just water vapor. etc. The arrogance of man will be his ultimate destruction, including the pasty inbred elite garbage of the New World Odor.

Anonymous said...

I think that the refractive properties of alumininum nano-particulates in the spraying and 'geo-engineering' greatly enhance HAARP's dark efforts. Along with Smart Meters, cell. phone/radio antennas they will be able to employ the soft-kill (Agenda 21) and behavior control/modification they have spent so much of our money to acheive. Selective punishment, an evil technocracy. If we live to see the day of 'disclosure', we will realize how much we've been lied to, how much has been ommited, and just how dark the species that is the controlling cabal is. I believe that we will.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what you said about weather manipulation " if you could why wouldn't you" which is the silliest statement I have ever heard.

Why the hell would anyone want to tamper with the God given weather, God given soil, God given food, God given water, God given air, God given natural cures, God given Bible. unless you're mad...and being mad IS MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction.

Mark McCandlish said...

There are other effects that the Chemtrailing-HAARP geo-engineering work can perform. Mind control is in fact one of them. Nano-particle (micron-sized) Lithium-Niobate ring resonators can be included in the dispensed material, each having a unique frequency. When painted with the appropriate frequency, these devices can passively announce their position in three-space. And with billions of them floating about in the environment, can give a real-time three dimensional image of an area (even over the horizon-- perhaps in your enemy's back yard) without ever penetrating their territory. A fleet of satellites orbiting in pairs can pick up the signals and produce high-resolution image of the terrain, trees, buildings (even the interiors-- where ever air can go) to the group accessing this technology.

As for mind control, it is known that the human brain case has a radio wave resonant frequency, in the region of 400-550 MHz in adults and higher, (about 550-650 MHz) in children. (Smaller brain case, higher frequency.) If this signal is pulsed, say at 20-25 cycles per second, with the higher (MHz) frequency superimposed at each pulse, it is theoretically possible to induce suicidal thoughts, aggressive behaviors or depression in the target. Although it is a medical term not associated with this particular modality, the closest thing I have found to describe this effect is exploitation of human intracranial resonance.

Given that, Aluminum Oxide is the material seen in the highest concentrations as fallout from the chemtrails, one has to take a serious look at how this material affects soil alkalinity (most plants thrive in acidic soil), and what the consequences might be when you combine what amounts to a component of thermate explosive with higher electrostatic potential in the atmosphere.

You get many times above normal the number of lightning strikes, this occurring in dying forests due to abnormally high alkaline soils from the Al2O3 np and the resulting forest fires are difficult if not impossible to extinguish. And then you see fires like the one in southeastern Arizona last year in the Sitgreaves National Forest that burned over 1,000 square miles of forest.

I met a young lady whose father worked that fire. She stated that her father described it as an unbelievable inferno that seemed impossible to contain. He said he had never seen anything like it. My friend, radio host Roxy Lopez, who lives near Tucson, confirmed the frequent chemtrailing in that area going back almost a decade.

The same has happened here in northern California. Several years ago, I witnessed heavy chemtrailing starting at 1AM on the 31st of July, continuing up until the following Sunday. By Sunday night, a huge thunderhead had formed and the pasty-white sky delivered a lightning show reminiscent of an old Vincent Price horror film. By Monday there were over 8,000 lightning strike-started fires that engulfed the Trinity and Lassen National Forests. It took several weeks to contain and cost the State of California over $20M to suppress it.

More recently, I have read where geo-engineers are proposing the substitution of Titanium Dioxide for the Aluminum Oxide as a better reflecting media and without the fire hazards
once it settles out of the atmosphere.

Peter A. Kirby said...

Yes, thank you Mr. McCandlish. You provide many avenues of investigation here.

The surveillance technologies utilizing HAARP you mention here are interesting. I have only heard of them. I have not looked into them. So, I guess the most prevalent chemtrail ingredient is aluminum oxide nanoparticles because weather modification is the most common reason for chemtrails and, for weather modification, aluminum oxide nanoparticles are what is used. But, when they conduct surveillance operations, they spray a different material such as the niobate ring resonators you mention.

I wonder how many different kinds of stuff chemtrail planes spray. Do different fleets of airplanes specialize in spraying different stuff? Is there a bioweapon spraying fleet? I suppose this is why we see so many different kinds of chemtrails and so many different substances showing up in air, water and soil tests.

Sir Gilligan Horry said...

"Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way."

Anonymous said...

Ahh yeah...Um Tesla was not American...No idiot American could be that smart.

Anonymous said...

Youre an iddiot

Anonymous said...

Droughts in USA are Haarp related. The drought allowes Monsanto to sell its new drought resistant corn. It was quickly approved by the FDA thanks to the drought. There is also the matter of Weather Derivatives on Wall St. See.

Anonymous said...

There are 5- sub haarp stations in Alaska alone!
Here in Sitka Alaska- there is one about a mile away. I watch weather manipulation EVERY DAY HERE IN SITKA ALASKA!! HAARP does have many functions, and YES they are using it to cause the drought! They bankrupt the farmer's with destructive weather, then powerful corporations come back and buy this farm land PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!! They are systematically TAKING OUT THE FOOD SUPPLY FOR ULTIMATE CONTROL! WHY DO YOU THINK THEY SET UP THE SEED VAULT IN NORWAY WITH HEIRLOOM SEEDS! SAME THING IS HAPPENING WITH OUR DNA, (they are destroying all of our DNA!) IMAGINE THE POWER THAT GIVES THEM! THEY ARE LITERALLY PLAYING GOD!!

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Maybe controlling the "natural disasters" that happen is a way to be able to pay out massive amounts of tax dollars as needed....

Mark McCandlish said...

Thank you, Peter. Yes- the aerosol aircraft could deliver biological materials if so desired. But the USAF has already shown in a study conducted from 1993 to around 2001 that Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles will suppress the ability of white blood cells in the alveoli of the lungs to perform the process of engulfing germs ("Phagocytosis")as the first line of defense against respiratory infection. The study conducted under the "Department of Human Efficiency" I think it was at Wright-Patterson AFB was entitled "In Vitro Toxicity of Aluminum Nanoparticles in Rat Alveolar Machrophages". Document Code: AFRL-HE-WP-TP-2006-0022. By charting cellular activity of Mitochondria in Rat Machrophages (white blood cells)in the little air sack inside the lungs (alveoli) USAF scientists were able to show that these particles will influence immune system function. Some studies in this vein show similar toxicity in liver tissue and the ability to metabolize fat. So yes-- just the materials themselves can cause illness or even death. Long term exposure to the respiratory system can cause granulomas to form in the lungs.

Other studies examining the effects of nano-particle exposure of Strontium and Barium salts have also revealed long-term health problems through extended exposure.

By weakening the immune system of the lungs, a population can be made far more susceptible to any kind of biological agent introduced with the aerosol campaign.

In some respects the amount of harm that is possible is only limited by the imagination. In my own speculation, I considered another topographical mapping capability such as using HAARP to create a massive low pressure system of rising, Aluminum-saturated air. Because of the spiraling effect imparted because of the Earth's rotation (See: Coriolis Effect) the metallic particles spiral upward in a helical pattern crest at the top then descend around the parameter forming a torus (doughnut shape) of conductive particles. By painting the formation with a high energy blast from HAARP and using the particular frequency of the uniformly-sized nano-particles, I propose that this could cause a massive but momentary atomic precession (or "tilting" of the nuclear axis) like an MRI, producing a return signal that could be mapped in three dimensions.

Such an event might even be focused in such a way as to direct Megalightning strikes against aircraft or ballistic missiles. All by augmenting natural forces of nature. It might even be conceivable that such a mechanism could produce something akin to a an EMP (electromagnetic pulse.) But here again, I am merely speculating...

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*The supercomputers are dependent on mm laser entry into left cerebellum lobe and trying to overide your left cerebrum and left neocortex transmissions(right-side body controls). This left cerebellum laser sends the forwarding information to the nervous system and thought voice with various options for your control.The lasers which enter thru the top right of skull to right cerebrum and right neocortex are thus the main controller of higher thought processing. Therefore locking you in the creative and dreamy side of the mind. While the logical and reasoning side is limited and the computer sends the artificial cognitive model*(thought voice and options). In short, the laser to left cerebellum must be blocked by silk, vcr tape, tin foil, buttons, magnets, copper,copper screen or all. Perps usually stiffen neck on entry to prevent side to side movement. If no blockers are available, the tilting of head to the right messes up all laser entries and controls of right neocortex. By leaning on hand or tilting head this will disrupt download. The other primary key is the access to the hypothalamus which creates all likes and dislikes and therefore controlling effort and quitting points. This is how they control your use of tv remote, buying decisions, driving decisions and work efforts. The nose must be covered and top of skull with metal, tin foil, silk or vcr tape or something to block access to this vital organ. I have effectively restricted these areas before and the perps have gone to nano laser and acupuncture points. You must then cover eyebrows and ears with something or just grow hair over these areas. Hair restricts thermal infrared imaging and the areas appear cool relative to rest of body therefore making it hard to locate precise acupuncture points. For lung and stomach points I wear a leather jacket or vest or shield with an aluminum cookie sheet or copper platter.
* (perps have currently denied access)
I truly pity the ten or twelve year old child who has never had a thought of their own or a break from this thought pattern. It is no wonder they are all on Ritalln and have ADHD. This is the number one reason for the coming Judgment. This must be set right.

Anonymous said...

That is some post August 12t 8:35 AM

Can you put it in layman's terms? Is someone operating a device which implants such signals in the brain of others?

I agree that it is indeed time to bring on the Judgement Day.

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The paranoia/conspiracy-for-profit industry must be laughing all the way to the bank when they read all of this utter nonsense.

Peter A. Kirby said...

By 'utter nonsense' I suppose you mean your contribution here because yes, we are laughing at you. Alternately, we feel bad for you. What is a life spent ignorant or deceptive?

Anonymous said...

THIS is the crux. Ty anon.

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