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Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts on Weather Modification

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Allan R. Buckmann

I am a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who worked in the military as an observer from 1960‐1964, serving mainly at Beale AFB, with a 3-month assignment at the Pacific Missile Range at Point Hueneme, Oxnard, California, working with NASA, RCA, and the U.S. Navy on the Tiros III weather satellite readout team. I am familiar with cloud observation, jet contrails, the military, and space-based weather information systems. 

Contrails are by definition ‘condensation trails’ left by hot jet exhaust melting ice crystals which rapidly cool and refreeze and disappear. They do not stay in the sky and create clouds. A contrail is usually of low volume and extends some 2‐20 times the length of the aircraft. Exceptions occurred during WW II from large deployments of combustion engine bombers, but did not generally extend into the jet age. 

Jet clouds made their major appearance for weather observers in the early 1990s, after many years of jet traffic without such clouds. One can go back and look at the sky in old movies to see the changes. 

Why the change? Were the changes unintentional from commercial airlines and a change in fuel?

To answer this question, I began to observe the aircraft with telescope and binoculars. My observations found that the majority of cloud-creating aircraft were all white, unmarked KC‐135 (Boeing 707) or large C‐141 air tankers, flying in groups and in grid patterns including turn around, flying in both military and commercial airspace, and clearly not commercial aircraft. They have to be military or military contractors. 

It is clear to me there is an intentional cloud creation program in operation daily across the USA, and a large part of the globe. There are also some commercial airlines being outfitted for such purposes judging from other reports, as well as numerous other military aircraft. 

Further analysis of the jet clouds indicated many cloud types in rows or cross hatched, indicating many different formation nuclei, rather than the normal cloud front with gradual changes in patterns. It is obvious that a cloud creation program is in operation. It is obvious that it has been going on for many years and not just occasional testing. The absence of such clouds during the 9/11 events and aircraft groundings was a clear break in the jet cloud program. Anyone who witnesses a jet trail turn into a cloud and hang in the sky for hours, and sometimes days, is a witness to a cloud creation program. You can call them anything you want, but they are documented fact and yet are being largely ignored.

Online research indicates there are many other observers and professionals who have made similar reports and are ignored, or called ‘conspiracy theorists.’ I was only asking questions, so I was amused to find out I am so defined. It is obvious to me that the term is used to convince the untrained to ignore factual information with disinformation. The cloud creation program is not a theory as they say, but a fact. There are literally millions of pictures and miles of video of jet cloud formation. This fact and military comments addressing the issue as a conspiracy is probably true; they should know since they are doing it. But they would probably couch it as ‘National Security’ if they claimed it at all, and I am not sure whose; theirs or ours (See my comments on ‘Ask an Astrobiologist’‐ NASA website). 

Once I realized that there was a major and significant military weather modification program going on, I wanted to know why. 

It was bad enough to have more than 80 recognized weather modification ‘for hire’ programs going on in the western US for snow pack, or water for hydroelectric power or agriculture, and other reasons which are altering the normal weather cycles for profit, and it is a ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ program; one gets water, the others lose it (drought, then fire) and the environment suffers.

My later training as a wildlife biologist (38+ years with the California Department of Fish and Game) told me that interruption of natural weather cycles can have a significant negative impact on the native flora and fauna, growth cycles, soil microbes and health, the timing of the seasons and water availability and distribution. There had better be a damn good reason to put our native ecosystems in such peril. 

My contacts with government representatives to find out more led me nowhere. They didn’t know or would not discuss. The jet clouds were not even being discussed as influential on weather patterns.

I was treated as a pariah. 

NOAA and NASA have actually changed the definition of ‘contrail’ on cloud charts by using pictures of jet-sprayed clouds to depict normal contrails. And other ‘scientists’ are claiming that jet exhaust ‘contrails’ are spreading out to form clouds, without any analysis that it is actually coming from the exhaust, or as has been documented, other vents. Nor do they explain why they cannot be contrails. This is serious disinformation. We even have several new clouds based on the spray program! 

My conclusion is that artificial cloud creation and weather modification programs have been in operation for several decades; in very visible but secret programs (see USAF ‘Owning the Weather in 2025’ PDF). These programs pose the most significant and dangerous environmental impacts in human history.

Changing the weather also changes the native plant flora and all dependent wildlife species, and threatens man’s planetary survival. These programs trap greenhouse gasses, elevate air temperatures (melt ice fields?), increase storm intensities, and alter normal weather ‘chaos cycles.’ These programs could well be the basis for our significant weather and wildlife changes and respiratory disease increases; even before being analyzed in concert with HAARP electromagnetic technology for weather modification.

The rabbit hole goes much deeper.

I am totally amazed to watch our ‘scientists’ clamor after ‘solar screen’ geoengineering programs that create artificial cloud cover to protect us from global warming, while such a program has been ongoing for decades and probably is creating the very problems they say they want to solve. These are programs that they “don’t see,” “deny exist,” and call others “nuts” for discussing. Don’t you guys ever go outside, look up, and watch the spray program? This is basic observation that anyone can do if they know what to look for. 

How can our ‘scientists’ clamor for a program that is already an elephant in the sky and is having significant weather impacts? This information is not even in the discussion, but is witnessed and hotographed by millions of members of the public. How can they deny with the mountain of information available? Who exactly is represented here? Who the hell are ‘they’?

The largest mystery is the avoidance of the existing spraying program that is creating global warming. The next is using the reason for creating a ‘solar shield’ to protect us from global warming, by transferring the apparent cause of heating to the sun. Weather trends indicate we are in a period of cooling, so the solar shield reasoning seems bogus and the basis for much scientific argument. 

The solar data indicates that most of the solar radiation increases have occurred in the last 30 years; well within the timeframe of manipulation with jet clouds and electromagnetic weapons that mimic the sun. But one cannot deny the increases in UV & IR radiation hitting earth. If it is not the sun, what is it? Again, military weather programs raise their shadowy head; HAARP!

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, based on the Nikola Tesla invention of an electromagnetic frequency generator. HAARP press officials claim it is capable of heating the magnetosphere thousands of degrees, pushing the atmosphere out into space (a Tesla dome), protecting us from missile attack, allowing communication with submarines and ships and ground tomography (seeing into the earth for holes, fluids, etc.). While they deny it can be used to alter weather, such electromagnetic systems are fully capable of extreme modification since they can move the jet stream. See the video Holes in Heaven, and read the book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP.

To blame the sun for the heat increases is to also refuse to acknowledge the existing sky cover that is creating global dimming, reducing solar availability from 20‐40% or more, and long range solar trends. It is all contradictory and confused; probably for the reason of hiding an electromagnetic war, the search for more oil, opening arctic shipping, environmental stock gambling and increased resource extraction.

There are even claims that a Russian HAARP facility is responsible for moving the jet stream and amplifying the effects of Katrina. It exists. It could do that. But did it? 

Testing of soils, water and vegetation indicate sometimes dramatic and widespread increases in metals, particularly aluminum and strontium, which could only come from aerial application. Used as metal salts which are ‘water loving’ and at a nano scale needed to stay in suspension in the sky, they could very well be part of the jet spray nuclei used in jet cloud formation. These substances are similar to silver iodide salts long used for cloud formation and weather modification since 1948. 

Why use metallic particles? The USAF and NASA say aluminum coated fiberglass (chaff) is 20 times more reflective than sulfur and the metallic particles have strong electromagnetic properties. So, why do they need electromagnetic properties? Metallic particles suspended in the air column can be heated, cooled, or otherwise used to alter the environment. The inventor of the HAARP directional antenna, Bernard Eastland, claims that the generator can produce any frequency: from high intensity microwaves to human frequencies, to geological frequencies. Experts claim that HAARP can alter mental function and create earthquakes. 

The daily spraying of cloud cover creates a thin but present cap on the air column, in addition to the metallic silvery haze which drifts slowly to the ground. This creates a metallic, plasma-like envelope from 30,000 feet to the ground which alters our living envelope, and which can be manipulated by HAARP. I have documented the haze layer across the entire USA which I didn’t know was possible. Eastland is a plasma physicist and in Holes In Heaven illustrates how microwaves “light up” normal air in a closed container; analogous to heating the air column made more sensitive by metallic particles.

The cap also acts as a metallic mirror that can reflect HAARP waves to areas around the globe, and there are numerous HAARP facilities around the globe as well as mobile units. The U.S. Government took down the HAARP website to conceal evidence of weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare (PC World News, 4/18/11). One cannot view their waterfall and magnetometer charts that illustrated their use of the facility for such activities against foreign states which were clearly damaging.

What are the environmental effects? They claim they don’t know? This is very serious and dangerous weather manipulation and biological mismanagement! We can see the damage all around us on a planetary scale, aside from the natural processes that are also occurring. 

The only way to know what the natural weather really is requires turning off all the HAARP generators and stopping the jet cloud spraying. Then we will know what we need to do to reclaim and protect our natural world, if we can. 

It’s hard to dismiss the feeling that the mad scientists are in charge. And in their hubris, they are ignorant of the environmental consequences while not telling the rest of us. 

If you control the weather, you control the world. If you control the bank, you control the economy. The corporations control both. 

Ex-FBI Director of the Los Angeles office, Ted Gunderson said, “They are toxic dumps, genocide… created by an elite cabal within government that needs to be stopped.” 

I know there are natural biological solutions to help clean up the mess, and we need to get busy on it. But, most importantly, we need to expose the truth and the real villains to stop the assault.

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Allan R. Buckmann is the president, co‐founder and principal partner of Microbetech, Inc. Microbetech is a leading edge bio‐remediation company with environmental products that provide effective and innovative solutions for cleaning up pollution and restoring water, soil and plant health. Visit their website at Mr. Buckmann will be speaking at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference Sunday, August 19th.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being and remaining alert. UN was urged to freeze geo-engineering but to no avail. Who is financing this poisoning of the planet and why?

Andrew said...

So many aspects of this compulsion for power by these relatively few psychopaths - chemtrails are certainly one of them. So much distraction and misdirection - one needs to meet this misguidedness and absence of Conscience with an appropriate intelligence and persistence of intent and action. Never give in to this, eventually more folk will wake up.

Anonymous said...

This topic needs to be top priority. Articles should be written on chemtrails daily. There needs to be ongoing, continual open discussion of this issue. It needs to go mainstream. WE HAVE TO TALK about this more, because an article here and there is not cutting it. However, this is a great article though - we just need MORE of them!

LadyRavenhaire said...

I remember back in the '91 or '92 the rays of the sun were so strong that i was getting a suntan in the winter. You could actually see the marks of my shoelaces on my feet, although I would be wearing thick socks. I remember reading on page 40 something of the New York Post that there was a hole in the ozone layer over 1 mile in diameter over New York City due to freon manufacturing. All of a sudden in the next few years it got better. This was never mentioned again. However, when Gore ran for office, he made a side comment during an interview that much of the ozone layer had been restored by the military. Obviously, there's still some hole, because I used to be white like a sheet of paper, now I have a tan all year round. Everyone actually in the greater New York City does.

Anonymous said...

Weather based derivatives are all played out of the Bank of England (Rothschild). This includes everything from food to shipping, follow the money.

Well written article by the way, thanks for giving credit to Nicola Tesla. Another great mind, Walter Russell.was once told by Tesla "You had best lock up what you know for a thousand years, or until humanity is mature enough to use it". I think the same could be said for what Tesla knew. Unfortunately both men suffered similar weaknesses *love for humanity* they trusted others too much.

Peter A. Kirby said...

LadyRavenhaire, your inference that these weather modification programs somehow benefit mankind proves that you are a troll. I've seen enough to know. Your blank blogger profile further proves this point. Can I say this here?

Anonymous said...

I worked on GAFB (De-Activated BRAC, Now SCLA) on F4's. I seen many different aircraft. They NEVER left clouds behind unless they used color smoke, for an air acrobatics show (which f-ing ROCK!!), and even that color smoke, doesn't stay all day or longer.
Otherwise, the little trail (contrail) ALWAYS dries up right behind. The rate of drying up depends on humidity and temperature according to engine shop grease-monkeys I knew.

I am a spark chaser, not a lawyer, I hate how words are having their meaning bent and changed to hide state secrets. I understand electronics and physics, not bs, or treason by legal mumbo jumbo talking heads.

There's a way for OATH TAKERS to take care of that problem with a bullet, for those who swore an oath to actually take care of business, and I ain't seen anything says that oath ever ended. Has the newly activated DHS nullified it in some way?

On the other hand to take such action one has to be 100% sure they have the right target. After all it's the Constitution I defend, but the creepy BS doesn't stop there cause in my opinion we have now a president #2 who is breaking his oath, oh wait, I never SAW him take the oath! I saw them FUBAR the oath, and "claim" they did it later. Actions speak a thousand words. Now they hide/fake/munge the birth certificate? I digress, this is a whole side topic or two.

I'm looking up and yeah, they are spraying stuff, and yeah it's screwing up the weather, it's BRIGHT WHITE outside! I dug around like everyone who stumbles on this, and I hear it's NATO jets.

So let me see we have A president that can't prove he's a citizen, a house and senate full of oath breakers, nato jets spraying some classified crap down on us. Spying on americans, gutting of the constitution, theft of 1000's of trillions, murder without any oversight, radiation leaks, oil disasters.

I'd say we are having a civil war right now.

I'd say, that haarp station operators around the world need to come clean, or consider themselves terrorists, I'd say some NATO jets need to be shot down. But then I hear NATO now controls the US military?

I predict there won't BE a us military much longer, the SECOND that one who swore an oath hears about it, I sure didn't swear an oath to NATO. I'm not bound to that.

And ya know what, you don't like it KILL ME. I'm getting old, I have chronic pain for not having medical for 20+ years, about to be tapped for medical I don't need, and is totally misguided at this point.

The fucking day they cross my path with their unconstitutional bullshit, is the day either they or I DIE.

Anonymous said...

If there was ever a call to action required - this is it! (I know there are an alarming number of others too) - SO: who is doing what to get this stopped? Can anyone answer this? How can we all take part in an international push to stop these activities once and for all??

Bob Dunn said...


Hoplite said...

The Link to " Owning the weather in 2025" is invalid

Anonymous said...

This is such BS!!!!! The logistics alone would be impossible to implement!!! This guy claims these are non descript military planes that he sees at 30,000 feet with his scoobi doo binoculars!!! ha ha ha Come on people wake up!!! Sure I have no doubt that weather modification as an offensive or defensive weapon is in the can so to speak but the sheer logistics necessary for any such program to be effective would be so daunting!!! It CANT be done. The ONLY way for this to have any effect would be to put an additive in ALL jet fuel and let it go through the engines but that would gunk up the jet engines....aint gonna happen. This is nonsense. Sorry guys not "everyone is in on it" and this is just foolishness...... signed A pilot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is all lies. The chemtrails are hiding Planet X. Everything else you hear is a treasonous government lie.


Follow the money! Works every time. All roads lead to Rome! or the Rothschild's. They are raining Hell on every aspect of your lives. Of course they have powerful friends like the Rockefeller,s but no one can touch them. They have amassed so much wealth they could feed, home and clothe every one in the world. They would rather see you die now that they have stolen everything. So, follow the money and there lies the truth.

Anonymous said...

Great c-trale song. Buff Asian dude wearin' dreds and singin' Reggae.

Pass it on - there must be a universal outcry!!

Anonymous said...

To the ignoratnt coward who uses big words like scoobi doo (this guy is obviously a big Joe Biden fan) all I have to say is you just keep hiding behing the trees. Real men will, as usual, do the work necessary to keep you safe. You sound like you need a big tree. We'll tell you when it's safe to come out.

arthurdecco said...

I see the government funded propagandists and disinformation specialists are out in full force on this thread.

How much are you being paid for your paltry part in the destruction of your children's future, I wonder...?

Mark said...

I think you're right arthurdecco. Cowards love to hide behind the skirts of big government; which in our case is big excrement. Many of them have scary costumes and lots of hollow points. WoW !! Real Men huh? These types are hard to scrape off the sole of your shoe. But not impossible.

Peter A. Kirby said...

All chemtrail deniers are trolls.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if anyone has seen what I have been seeing for the past ten years or so: high altitude 'sky flashings'. When this happens the entire sky - high up in the upper atmosphere - lights up for a split second like a flashbulb. It even appears as though the entire sky is lifted up in the flash. This is not heat lightning, since I have seen these even in the dead of winter. I live far away from any city lights, so I can see these split second flashing, where most people would not be able to, and I am an avid sky watcher. I saw my first chemtrail in October of 1994, and I was so surprised by what I saw I pulled off the road to watch it. I put a sign in my yard saying, Look up! The Jets are spraying clouds of what? - until the township made me take it down.

Anonymous said...

you see this so called drought? It's not real it is weather modification. Controlling the food killing the US economy. If they wanted rain they could make it rain!

Anonymous said...

anon at 6:53,your right,i know for a fact they can make it rain,have seen it done with my own eyes,by one man and he had nothing to do with any government,needlees to say he is now on the missing list.

Anonymous said...

All NATO countries are subject to the "Chemtrail" program. They don't spray over China, only the "free" countries..hmmm. As for the government troll eunuchs, I think Stalin called them 'useful idiots".

Anonymous said...

HAARP blew 3500 sq. miles of ozone into space some years ago and this present drought got a predicted big boost from it. Like a bunch of apes playing with flamethrowers. No crops this year and no planting of next years crops...figure it out. It took my girlfriend 3 months of me pointing the Chemtrails out to her before she finally saw them. I hope Mothernature does her thing and knocks us all back to a level playing field, then we'll get the bastards.

Anonymous said...

I agree THE WEATHER IS FAKE -- LOOK AT THE POWER IT GIVES THESE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS!! I say we form our own American corporation and start buying the farmland, quality water sources, and wilderness! Use the Ron Paul MONEY BOMB IDEA to buy property OUTRIGHT WITH TITLE IN HAND. If we don't they are going to GET ALL THE LAND!! We will be left TO SUFFER AT THERE MERCY!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS ALSO SUCH A POWERFUL TOOL CUZ IT KEEPS AMERICAN'S FROM TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTION!! Let's buy up the land NOW, WHILE WE CAN!!

Anonymous said...

It's NATO alright...which is controlled by the U.S. I have read that if all countries participate and spray over each other, no one can be directly blamed. Such as Russians spray the U.S. and we spray Canada.

The farthest back I have seen chemtrails is in the movie True Grit.

A very useful tool to see who is doing it, is the live flight tracking on Insert the airport nearest you. When they fly over spraying, if the plane is on program it will say which airline (usually Delta, American & the dastardly Evergreen Air). If there is no plane: it's military or rich executive's plane who don't have to file flight plans like commercial airlines do.

At, go to the satellite view (in Layers), zoom in on the lined clouds & press play. Watch the lines get longer every 15 minutes. Happens a lot over the Pacific Ocean. They straddle a system and somehow guide it's course.

The spraying is quite predicable. They always spray heavy the day before it's going to precipitate. The other times, it's just for solar radiation management, which is so far just a "proposed" countermeasure to global warming. Go to any scientific magazine and type in geoengineering. They're loaded.

What I never see anyone really mention are the "chem webs". The single strands rain down on us, attach to everything, cocooning us. They did not come from any flying spiders.

I wonder if one day they will change the mix & spray us with the new mutated H5N1.

Gordon Logan said...

In 1997 Secretary of Defense Cohen referred to the use of electromagnetic waves to set off earthquakes and alter climate. The Pentagon phased array at Gakona, Alaska, amongst others, is indistinguishable from such a facility. What went unnoticed is that according to the US Geological Survey, the number of major earthquakes jumped exponentially a few years after Cohen's announcement. This massive and historically unprecedented increase has been maintained for over ten years. What is astonishing is that the scientific community, although sensitized to minor changes in temperature, has been completely unaware of this extraordinary environmental event. Chaos in the world's monetary systems is being coordinated with global seismological chaos. Ditto for geopolitical droughts and flooding.

kcraigdc said...


Anonymous said...

"signed a pilot" And who told you, you were a pilot ? Mommies don`t count !

Anonymous said...

seeing 3 or 4 planes on the same flight path every evening maybe landing, heading east over riverside ca.could these be chemtrail planes?

Anonymous said...

seeing same type planes,3 or 4 heading east over riverside co. ca. maybe landing,every evening. could they be chemtrail planes?

Anonymous said...

Evaporate white vinegar ! ! ! Best of luck from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

In recent years, I've heard so many people say how Orweilian this avalanche of nasty change is. I went out and read that book "1984" again recently. It is really freaky.

I was wondering if Orwell actually knew in the 30's the long range plans of the powers that be.

Did he know it was coming? They usually put this stuff in our faces before they do something and we look back in retrospect and say, "Didn't we see this scenario in some book or movie or Illuuminati playing card deck.

Who was Orwell anyway?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Logan,
Lets see, 2 feet of snow in NJ in October 2010. Then Irene in 2011. Now Megaupload Sandy in 2012. Very strange weather around these here parts. Huge contrails that turn blue sky days into overcast haze. Nothing to see here folks, just move along! We need some answers fast.

CA JeffO said...

Hey you debunkers!!!!! i'm tired of hearing you bas h all the chemtrial and patriot stuff. So see my debate rules:


.... NOW make my day.

Anonymous said...

Use vinegar, a pond mister will work well for quite awhile to make a fine mist, but eventually it seems the pond misters I have had eventually quit operating (even plain bowls of vinegar will work). The vinegar eats up the chemtrails. Also, build or purchase an Orgone Chembuster, ground it with wet ground, I also wrap a wire around all six pipes of the Chembuster. and ground the wire to a fence pipe, it really cleans the sky very quickly. It is good to also remove the ground wire every couple of days from the copper pipe (leave the one wire that is wrapped around all six of the copper pipes still the same) to refresh the chembuster. Are area is getting blasted by the chemtrails almost daily but they are not sticking. I have also made orgonite towerbusters to toss here and there, and these help combat the chemtrails as well. Skies are a deep blue with natural puffy white clouds like it used to be. Hope this helps in the battle against the evil chemtrails!

Anonymous said...

This is TRUE, don't believe the people that are unaware, ignorant or disinfo trolls.. If you do the research and look up, you will see this happening.. Build your immune system up, Spread the word!

mike Kaiser said...

Chemtrails and geoengineering are criminal. I don't know why people debate it they is so much proof it's insane. Check out

Davoud Tohidy said...

This is a great article. However do you have any scientific research which proves with "DATA" that Geoengineering and Chemtrailing is creating global warming? If so please share.
Global warming is a hoax and fraud. It is a distraction from a real threat an ICE AGE.
I believe geoengineering or chemtrailing are actually cooling the planet by reflecting back the sun's ray in the sky and creating global dimming. A scientific proof is the cooling of the earth after the eruption of volcanoes.

I believe geoengineering or chemtrailing are contributing to the arrival of an Ice Age.

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