Thursday, August 30, 2012

6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table

Lisa Garber
Activist Post

Remember when the USDA gave Monsanto’s new GMO crops the fast track to approval? Regardless of the numerous accounts of organ damage, pesticide-resistant weeds, and unintentionally mutated organisms like resistant insects, our own government is manipulating the game to let “biotech bullies” like Monsanto get speedier regulatory reviews. Consequently, the environment, livestock, and consumers will be exposed to even greater danger.

As stated in their press release, the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, envisions transforming the USDA “into a high-performing organization that focuses on its customers.” We’d like to think that we, the consumers, are those customers. The likes of Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta, however, would probably disagree.

6 New GMO Crops to Act Against

Here’s your chance to tell the USDA otherwise. The first two crops on this list have been on the old, slower-track approval process, which allows 60 days for the public to comment. The remaining four are new additions but are on the fast track, meaning we still only have until September 11th of 2012 to have our say before these seeds hit the soil and, maybe, your dinner table.

  • Dow 2,4-D and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean - Since the US first began using GM crops, our herbicide usage has been boosted by 300 million pounds, despite claims by biotech behemoths that other plants like weeds would not grow resistant to glyphosate – commonly known as RoundUp. And now, we have “superweeds.” Of course, biotech (and seemingly the USDA) doesn’t care, and they plan on adding the 2,4-D herbicide and dicamba (see number 4) to the list. Take action here.
  • Syngenta Corn Rootworm Resistant Corn - Plenty of nations have banned Syngenta’s GM Bt crops—but not the US. This type of corn produces its own pesticides and kills all bugs, good or bad, which also means livestock can get sick from eating it. Research says that 80% of pregnant women have Bt toxins in their blood. Take action here.
  • Okanagan Non-Browning Apple - Conventional apples are covered in pesticides. That’s why we buy organic, but Okanagan has produced the first GM apple. Take action against genetically modified apples right here.
  • Monsanto Dicamba Tolerant Soybean - Take action here.
  • Dow 2,4-D, Dlyphosate and Glufosinate Tolerant Soybean - Take action here.
  • Genective Glyphosate Tolerant Corn

GM foods are bad news for the earth and all of us who live on it. Have your voice heard while you can.

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Anonymous said...

Still another reason to buy organic.

Anonymous said...

Living in the washington bubble is great for the bubble livers. What about being charged as murderers / killers of children as if they did it by there own hand. The Food Drugs Vaccines are being proven everyday to be toxic killers. I hope they sleep well because the word is everyone meets his maker and has to explain his actions. Even a murderer justifies his action!

Anonymous said...

What's even worse is companies were never required -- and still aren't -- to state that their products were genetically modified. How are we, the consumers, even supposed to know what is a GMO and not, in order to make the right choice?! I was diagnosed with an autoimmunity, Celiac disease, because of it, and so were millions of other people. I have suffered for years, all my youth. This MUST stop before they destroy most of our God given crops.

Anonymous said...

It'll be fruitless as long as Monsanto is food safety czar.

Anonymous said...

Grreat true comment!
Obummer appointed Monsanto the food safety czar
It's beyond evil,
Please wake up!

Anonymous said...

In regards to organic - what about chemtrails - don't they affect everything - air, water and SOIL-ground? So what good is organic?? Also, these "people"(?) at Monsanto, Congress, Senate, etc - scientists - etc - that are promoting all this toxic nonsense -- don't they eat all this stuff too? Or at least some of it? Are they not subject to the same diseases and illnesses that we are? I am really sick and tired of it all - really , and who the hell do you tell off? I sign these petitions, do they really do any good? Or just put your name on some data blacklist - for future "elimination?"

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment made at 5:37am today. It does not seem to do any good to contact Congress, they just answer(if they even bother) with babble. Even Monsanto employees will not eat the crap they make. Tells you something.

Anonymous said...

No, the scientists do not eat this filth. Monsanto's cafeteria is organic only. The scientists threatened to strike over being fed GMO that they, themselves engineered.

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