Friday, July 20, 2012

Russia and China slap down yet another Western-backed UN Security Council resolution on Syria

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

As I have pointed out in the past, Russia and China have been providing a pretty significant stumbling block for the Western nations which have so clearly been attempting to ratchet up the United Nations sanctions against Syria, likely in an effort to legitimize foreign intervention.

This has led to some heated statements, especially from Hillary Clinton. The most astounding, however, came earlier this month when she actually said that Russia and China “will pay” for supporting the sovereignty of Syria.

On July 19, Russia and China stepped up and vetoed yet another resolution which threatened Syria with even more crippling sanctions. According to the Washington Post this left “the United States and its allies grappling for a new strategy to end the violence at a time of spreading chaos within the country.”

This move supposedly “upended months of U.N. diplomacy aimed at stemming the crisis,” which, if true, would make both Russia and China look like vicious nations which could not care less about human life. In reality, however, the West has been fueling the conflict for quite some time now, and has no interest in peace. Furthermore, a significant number of the attacks pinned on government forces are actually the work of rebel terrorists.

The Washington Post also throws out what seems like a ludicrously inflated casualty number of “at least 14,000,” a number which is compiled from an assortment of dubious sources including, “ via United Nations Institute for Training and Research; Institute for the Study of War; State Department; CIA;; [and] staff reports.”

Unsurprisingly, Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations was quick to condemn China and Russia’s decision, which marks the third time they have vetoed a Western effort to pass an anti-Syrian resolution.

“The Security Council has failed utterly in its most important task on its agenda this year,” Rice said, adding that the Russia and Chinese decision was “pitiful and deeply regrettable.”

In defense of the move, Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin pointed out that the resolution was inherently “biased.”

He said that it targeted only the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, not the heavily armed opposition which has engaged terrorist activity for quite a while, although just recently it has become increasingly hard to ignore, even for the mainstream media.

However, since the West blindly supports these terrorists, they can never actually call it for what it truly is, instead opting to call the terrorist attacks “violent attacks against government targets.”

Of course, if these same attacks were to occur anywhere else there would be no hesitation in rightfully labeling them as terrorist incidents. Yet since we are supposed to picture the Syrian opposition as some kind of lovey-dovey peaceful pro-democracy movement, no such factual statements can be made.

With the UN’s monitoring mission in Syria’s mandate set to expire at the end of the day Friday, there is much left uncertain about what strategy the West will use moving forward.

Meanwhile, there are reports of armed Syrian rebels (read: terrorists) seizing border crossings on the borders between Syria and Iraq and Syria and Turkey. Yet the most touted capture on the border with Turkey was not actually held “because they knew they couldn’t withstand the superior firepower of Assad’s troops,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Clearly, they’re not going to push through a Security Council resolution any time soon, no matter how much heated rhetoric and attempts at demonization are used.

“It pains me to say, but we are not on the track for peace in Syria, and the escalations we have witnessed in Damascus over the past few days is a testimony to that,” said Major General Robert Mood, the head of the monitoring mission, at a news conference before the vote.

A spokesman for the UN-Arab League emissary to Syria, Kofi Annan, stated that he was “disappointed that at this critical stage the U.N. Security Council could not unite and take the strong and concerted action he had urged and hoped for.”

Why Annan would ever be silly enough to hope for such a thing is beyond me, especially when we have such a clearly established precedent.

Russian envoy Churkin also stated that the West’s approach to Syria is actually designed to “fan the flames” of violence and it is actually about making way for a military intervention and regime change.

I couldn’t agree more. To posit otherwise seems ludicrous at this point.

Churkin said that Russia “simply cannot accept” any resolutions which could make the way for foreign military intervention.

They can hardly be condemned for taking such an approach after seeing how Libya turned out.

Unsurprisingly, the West disagrees, with British UN envoy Mark Lyall saying that Russia and China’s “arguments are irrational.”

Regardless of these claims and baseless attacks seen above, an informed individual can likely see through the thickening smokescreen of lies and obfuscation in order to see the truth: the West is backing the terrorists once again in an effort to topple the Syrian government, just as they helped topple that of Gaddafi.

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Anonymous said...

Has Susan Rice checked out how many times the USA has vetoed UN Security Council resolutions critical of Israel?

The answer is 43 times and if you look at the link below, you'll notice that the USA was the only one blocking the will of the Security Council.

With this record, the USA has no right to criticize Russia and China regarding the use of a veto.

Hypocritical liars like the USA have NO credibility on this planet and we need to simply disregard anything they say until they clean their act up.

3AM said...

There is nothing missing. Very plain and straightforward. Perhaps what could have been said is that the ongoing conflict in Syria has huge religious dimension which has not been reported at all in any kind of media since the western world has been brain washed by media about religion and its role in politics. The fact that the top ranking general who was assassinated has been Greek Orthodox Christian has surfaces only in the report by the Iranian news agency. The fact that the top military brass in Syria has been of other than majority religion is speaking volumes about the secular nature of the Bashar's government. That has been used by USA intelligence to fan religious bigotry among the extreme Sunnis like Moroccans, Saudis, Qataris etc and send them on "divine" mission against infidel Bashar Assad. In other words the current western move to topple Syrian government is to remove the principle of separation between religion and state in Syria and install a new form of government that would be modeled after the Qatar, Saudi Arabia and alike. What that would mean to religious minorities in Syria is not hard to imagine since sharia would be administered by the new government.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to put the two vicious ladies (Susan Rice and Hilliary Clinton)on the docks for war crimes. Charged them and send them to Yemen or Pakistan or Iraq where they can be dealt with by the people of these countries. These people will not show any mercy for these two very evil and vicious "ladies"

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Why Annan would ever be silly enough to hope for such a thing is beyond me, especially when we have such a clearly established precedent."

It is obviouse that this Koffi Anan is the pupy of Western diabolical criminals.
Please don't forget the former Yougoslavia. It is the same bloody scenario as it was the same all the history.
Just treason , bloodshit, robbery, deciet ,lies and monstruosity.
As long the Westphalia agreements are not anymore the criminals are at large to do what they want !

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian and I have to point this out to those who are so used to hating the US: the sad truth is the US citizenry are being lied to, manipulated so I ask you all to keep that in mind. The US government is under the thumb of bankers and corporate interests, who in turn are under the thumb of the top elites who are pulling strings all around the world. Obama is a puppet, George Bush JR and other presidents before them were all puppets.... Don't be mad at the US people, they have been lied to, conned... Propogandized for generations. When I realized who the true threats higher up were I became angry and also ashamed... I realized I had been mad at the whole country when most US citizens aren't even aware of how they've been tricked. Now I am not mad at the US itself anymore, I mad at the tricksters, the puppets and their masters (top elites) in power. The US is being eroded away, the EU an the Euro was NEVER intended to succeed... all this is part of bringing the world into the one world government which would be devastating.... We don't need to globalize at all!! It's a trick to give them more power over the world and it has to be stopped!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Canada. But don't forget the elites run Canada too.
And contrary to what most Canadians are led to believe, the problem runs much deeper than Harper the fascist. Both NDP and Liberals voted 100% in favor of war on Libya, TWICE in House of Commons votes. Now again these greasy fake left parties talk on the side of war on Syria as they call for Assad to go and ignore the NATO backed terrorist crimes.

Anonymous said...

3AM, I agree. Among other factors, religion is a big one. It's easier to control the government and it's policies when that government is more fundamentally theocratic rather than secular. By keeping the population in bondage to it's Imams, priests, clerics, whatever, causing fear and hate to spread (religion always does), therefore keeping the people under it's rule to be dumbed down enough to either abide by it, hide from it, or fight it, but are essentially powerless to maintain an iota of sovereignty within their borders. Religious governments (which are really nothing more than power-hungry slave drivers) are very effective at maintaining the distance between their ignorant populace and the understanding of who and what really drives their government or their religion for that matter.

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