Friday, July 13, 2012

NATO-FSA False Flag Alert: US Claims Syria 'Moving Nerve Gas Out of Storage'

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Citing no evidence, and on the heels of yet another baseless "activist" report claiming a massacre has taken place in Homs, nameless US officials claimed to the Wall Street Journal that the Syrian government is taking chemical weapons out of storage for possible use "against anti-regime rebels or civilians, possibly in an ethnic cleansing campaign."

Despite claiming to possess this information, the US officials refused to disclose the location these weapons were being moved to, nor the actual nomenclature of the weapons, stating only "they are most worried about Syria's stockpiles of sarin gas."

Image: The symbols for nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. The West is the undisputed champion of deploying each of these weapons of mass destruction against their enemies - from nuclear bombs upon Japan, to depleted uranium and white phosphorus upon Iraq, to Agent Orange all across Vietnam - it stands to reason that these weapons would eventually end up in the hands of the their proxies as well.

In mid-June, Russia Today had warned of a possible false-flag attack by NATO-backed militants operating under the cover of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" employing chemical weapons pilfered from devastated, militant-overrun Libya. The aim of the operation would be to create a justifiable impetus for overt Western military intervention, citing the use of chemical weapons against civilian populations as the most extreme attempt yet to manufacture otherwise nonexistent consensus for a repeat of NATO's operations in Libya.

In, "WARNING: Possible NATO-FSA False Flag Attack in Syria," it was explained how NATO's militant proxies possessed not only the means and capabilities of carrying out such an attack, but the motivation and precedents of doing so - with the FSA already admittedly carrying out a deadly, nationwide terrorist bombing campaign killing scores of civilians per attack. The dissemination of Libyan weapons into the hands of militants operating in Syria has also been confirmed by governments and international media on numerous occasions, as has the fact that Libyan militants themselves (and here) have joined NATO's covert operations to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The Syrian government has withstood over a year of withering, brutal attacks, economically, politically, diplomatically, throughout the Western controlled corporate media, and militarily by the West. One might then be troubled to fathom why the government would then use chemical weapons sure to provide the impetus needed to leap over the obstructions placed in the West's way throughout the UN Security Council by Russia and China. The answer is simple, the Syrian government is not pondering the use of chemical weapons; NATO and its terrorist proxies are.

This, along with a recent roll-out of preplanned, over-hyped "defections" seeks to psychologically stampede the Syrian government from power, and if necessary, create a pretext to do so militarily.

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Anonymous said...

Oh our troops are not going to be happy to have to deal with NBC again. Especially after working in T-Shirts in Iraq with no NBC threat for the past 12 years. If I was a drill Sargent and I want my men to live I would stress remedial piss on your T-Shirt to survive skills again.

Yeah I exaggerate some, they had the gas masks when they drug their mo bags in at the beginning of the war, but now war is only a job with no constitutional rights. How many remember how to piss on a T-Shirt in 20 seconds? Also, Explain the existence of DHS if you argue the loss of constitutional rights. You either have rights or you don't. They can't be intermittent. Intermittent is exactly why the monetary system is imploding. There is no trust, there can be no going forward.

I will make a prediction, even though some of the DARPA projects are cool for nerds, the OVERALL environment with no constitution is going to be the diminishing return which kills everything.

Back to the DHS. Where ever the DHS goes you don't have constitutional rights, such argument to the effect this isn't true, is moot with me. I've already seen examples of DHS exploits, and clearly there's no repercussions for fucked up people working there. Rape, Maim, Pillage that's their motto!

Anonymous said...

If the US is making a claim, it's a lie. Certainly the whole world knows this by now.

Ask yourself, "Who benefits if chemical weapons are used?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah..... and they're pulling babies out of incubators...and making lampshades and soap out of them....We've all heard the long list of lies.


Anonymous said...

"If the US is making a claim, it's a lie. Certainly the whole world knows this by now."

The whole world except for the majority of the American people who still keep eating this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has more WMD in her underwear than Syria has in the whole country.

Anonymous said...

As usual the zionist diversion artist Cartalucci refuses to point the finger to where the Syria WMD allegations originated: Ariel Sharon's office during Iraq War 2, and now the Mossad's disinfo crank, Debkafiles. Fail on Carta moochi. Someone needs find out who this guy is and why he keeps covering for the zionist Kingpins.

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