Friday, July 13, 2012

The Global Eco-Constitution of the UN Explained

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The idea behind global governance is that “there does not exist any serious environmental problem which cannot be solved through minimizing of energy and material consumption.”

Choosing “the creation of a global society with global democracy” will “improve the function of global financial markets” and “environmental quality.”

George Soros suggests in The Crisis of Global Capitalism that a “worldwide alliance will operate in promoting principles of international law.” However, there is little concern in the globalist Elite’s view of local markets.

Soros goes on to explain the globalist perspective:
To stabilize and regulate a truly global economy, we need some global system of political decision making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy. A global society does not mean a global state. 
To abolish the existence of states is neither feasible nor desirable; but insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions. Interestingly, the greatest opposition to this idea is coming from the United States, which, as the sole remaining superpower, is unwilling to subordinate itself to any international authority. 
The United States faces a crisis of identity: Does it want to be a solitary superpower or the leader of the free world? The two roles could be blurred as long as the free world was confronting an ‘evil empire’, but the choice now presents itself in much starker terms. Unfortunately we have not even started to consider it. The popular inclination in the United States is to go it alone, but that would deprive the world of the leadership it so badly needs. Isolationism could be justified only if the market fundamentalists were right and the global economy could sustain itself without a global society.

By empowering such international institutions such as the World Bank , the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to become powerful economic institutions; as well as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) there will be a congruence of international institutions that govern all activity on the planet.

One example of global governance superseding sovereign nation states was when the US Marine Mammal Protection Act banned tuna imports from nations that utilized fishing methods that killed dolphins, the WTO overrode the US, saying that they could not impose such a ban on countries.

Global governance assumes that the purpose of economics is the “assure the preservation of nature and natural resources with minimal cost.” This agenda serves to allow the UN to control how independent governments use their economy. It also gives the UN over-reaching power for specific economic allocation of funds as defined by international mandate.

The valuation techniques of the UN are reserved for the benefit of preservation, not independent countries' ability to govern themselves. Essentially, under the control of the UN, if the economic solution does not “give complete insurance against the non-achievement of sustainability” it is strictly prohibited. Through the propaganda threat of catastrophic outcomes, government officials can be coerced into submission of the rules and regulations set forth by the UN.

Ideals and modes of thought are manipulate-able resources of essential mind control. By using the inference of intelligent institutions, the UN can successfully gain control over the social meme of individual governments.
  • Institutionalists become enforcers of global “cooperation” by demanding stronger international institutions.
  • Bioenvironmentalists become eco-terrorists that advocate protection nature from the all-encompassing consumerism of humanity.
  • Market Liberals can be allocated to ensure global markets function under the thumb of UN mandates for international reform.
  • Social Greens ensure that the UN’s definition of environmental injustice replaces other definitions in an all-out propaganda campaign resembling “grassroots efforts.”
Sustainable development becomes the over-reaching institution that governs the economy, information and public interest. Elected officials who create laws will be forced to take the UN’s international laws into account before preserving the rights of their individual countries. Propaganda spread throughout the general public of any given nation secures that the UN’s ideals are enforced.

The covert nature of pro-UN propaganda is through the cover of environmentalism. By claiming to preserve the Earth’s natural cycles and eco-systems, they can easily inject ideals of a one-world government into the societies of established nations worldwide.

They use negative feedback to refine their agendas by supplying a constant flow of information into the social construct through stealth. This information appears to be rational on the surface, yet, in the end, leads to a removal of assured independence on the individual and governmental levels.The decision-making control is transferred to the UN, which imbues power to governments to enact their directives.

Contrary to the UN’s agenda, global markets are not an “inevitable consequence of historical development”. It is an over-reaching outcome of “restriction of state governance”. Under the UN’s control there will be a global constitution which defines itself by:

UN Earth Charter
Global Community
Earth Government
• EU Constitution

These objectives are only achieved through the control of minds, thoughts and ideals of individuals. Societal conditioning remaining status quo ensures the global Elite will continue to regulate human thinking.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

Dale comments:
According to this article:
Protecting the earth, which is a condition of our continued survival, is a form of terrorism: we have the right to destroy Mother Earth! Sustainable development is a form of tyranny: we have the right to pollute, to destroy, and to choose, if we wish, to dump our poisons into the common ocean.

We are sick and tired of eco-terrorists trying to shove a clean and sustainable world down our throats. We would rather die breathing soot than surrender to laws which would prohibit polluting the atmosphere! It's time to speak up for freedom. Oppose the globalists tyranny!
Support your local coal plant.

Anonymous said...

The future belongs to Monsanto freaks,clones and the dead.The globalists lose,pollute and destroy whatever you want whenever you want.They poison you all the time,they wreck the environment with depletetd uranium and deliberately wrap everything in plastic.Screw everything they want in light of what they have done.Destroy this planet,before its too late and your stuck with their shitty plans for you.Kill everything,do it yesterday.

apeman2502 said...

This circus freak show of a NWO wants the world to bend over and give them the keys to the planet just like those poor children are forced to. Puke.
With Al 'D' Gore as 'The Wizard', a forgettable case of 'Global Warming' is complimented by some screwball authority figure who felt it prudent to carry out the murders and bombings of the New York World Trade Center buildings, the Deepwater Horizon oil well which is killing everything in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, and the Fukushima facility which was done in by a concerted attack of two mininukes installed just before 3/11, a tsunami caused by a number of nukes set in the trench out front and a cooling systems virus applied with a memory stick called Stuxnet before signed off on by the Moron in Chief. We must legally wrest control from these idiots who are destroying the planet. Study these incidents and know the truth of today's royal genetic slag.
Next they plan on 'wowing' us with a huge skyborn hologram of queen lizard or Charlton Heston or more UFOs. There! I hope I spoiled the surprise.

Anonymous said...

Another odd post by the Activist. Why?

Just how far do you have to have your head shoved up your ass to not realize that we must change our behavior before we utterly destroy ourselves?

Anonymous said...

Do we need to clean up the planet......YES
Do we need to bow to the UN to do it.....NO
All this fanaticism over CO2 is ridiculous.How about getting the pharmaceuticals,Monsanto chemicals , and Fluoride out of the water and environment,then talk to me about cleaning up the planet and how much electricity I use and how I need a smart meter blasting me with EMF 24/7 so they can monitor everything I do.Take a look at how much mercury is going into the environment everyday from the stupid CFL light bulbs.This is a nightmare that when it unfolds will make CO2 look like candy.But this is to protect the planet???????
The UN planned as far back as 1961 to use the environment to control the people and the planet.
Problem/reaction solution.Allow the environment to get bad enough that we'll have to accept their solution.
How many of you are willing to live in whack and stack hives totally removed from nature to please the UN?
Face it people,the green movement has been hijacked by the elite who are using it as a tool to control everything you do.They don't give a rat's ass about the environment or they would have done things differently in the Gulf,and they certainly would be addressing Fukushima.However there is no avenue to control in doing things that really benefit and protect people.
And as far as capitalism.......give me a break.It's corruption,not capitalism that is the problem.And anyone who thinks socialism or communism is the answer,do your homework and see the real truth about that.Not only do they not work but it's just as subject to corruption as Capitalism.Those at the top of any system will do what the people let them do.

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