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St. Louis Police Warn Public of Military on the Streets

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another example of the attempt to acclimate American citizens to the presence of the US military on their own streets, it has been reported by Channel 5 KSDK in St. Louis, MO that residents of the city as well as the rest of St. Charles County might be encountering military vehicles and personnel this week.

The original announcement was made by St. Louis Police in an effort to warn the public of the strange sights they might encounter over the coming days in anticipation of the fears that many might have in this regard.

The vehicles will be armored personnel carriers manned by Military Police who are engaging in a “training mission” designed to teach them to operate and drive the vehicles on highways and city streets. According to the news reports, the vehicles are unarmed and this operation is not a military drill.

However, the vehicles will be paraded on the highways of St. Louis, as well as the streets of the city as the operation is conducted.

Of course, one must wonder why this training mission couldn’t take place on a military base or at some other military facility as opposed to the populated city of St. Louis. That is, unless the goal was maximum visibility and acclimation of the populace to seeing military vehicles and military personnel on the streets of their own country.

In addition, one must also wonder why MPs would have to travel all the way from Ft. Mead, Maryland in order to practice driving a personnel carrier. If it were necessary to train in an urban setting, couldn’t the MPs have trained in Maryland or Virginia?

Yet there is also the strong possibility that the operation is indeed a training mission with the goal being the preparation for the deployment of US military troops inside the United States for purposes of quelling domestic unrest, “emergency response,” or Martial Law.

Either way, with the increase in the number of drills, “joint operations” with law enforcement, and “training maneuvers,” it is clear that both the public and the troops are being prepped for the eventual use of the US military against the American people.

As Alex Jones documented in his film 911 The Road To Tyranny, the military has been training for well over a decade to engage the American people in domestic operations and combat.

In 2008, it was reported by the Washington Post that the United States Military, under the U.S. Northern Command, planned to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States for the purposes of operating domestically in response to a “terrorist attack” or some other domestic catastrophe.

Indeed, every year seems to bring an increase in the number of sightings of the US military on the streets of America and an even more brazen attempt to acclimate the American people to view this as normal.

Unfortunately, the latest incident in St. Louis is just one more in a long line of these types of operations that should make us question exactly who is really being trained.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) 


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Neil Parry said...

Dear Brandon,
Please stop the fear mongering. You are jumping to conclusions at best. A good journalist should look at all possible options for examination, not just the ones that fit his/her way of thinking. True, the police and military might not be giving us the whole or real story right now, but the possibility does exist that something GOOD actually might be happening. It doesn't mean necessarily that they are getting ready to come and take us away, although I am sure there are those who still exist on this planet that would like to round many of us up and put us in extermination camps. However, do you really think in your heart of hearts that the majority of US military would obey an executive order to engage its own civilians without due cause? They have families just like you and I. Think about it. And think about how f-cked up things are already. How about this...maybe they are preparing to wage maneuvers on the pathetic elites who have ran this country and its people into the ground for so long. Do everyone a favor, do some homework, stop acting like 'Chicken Little' The sky ain't fallin', it's getting brighter and brighter every day, brother, because people are WAKING UP! Check out what some real patriots like "Drake" are saying now...
"...the times they are a changin'".

Anonymous said...

Local news reports some citizens have said they will applaud and salute the tanks/troops as they drive by their homes. I wonder if they'll applaud and salute as they round them up for the Fusion Centers and FEMA camps. Or will they feel like the biggest chumps on the planet earth? I'm thinking 'chumps'.

Anonymous said...

Neil Parry, obviously, is pulling from his EXTENSIVE and exhaustive research into 1930's Germany.

Anonymous said...

I have some news for the people that think it is going to get better. IT'S NOT. It is going to only get worse, but for the elects' sake, God will intervene.

Nemetron 2000 said...

The best way to defeat the elites is not by loading the streets of major cities with soldiers that may or may not obey orders to oppress the populace, but to arm and empower the law abiding citizens of these cities so that they may achieve a true sense of independence and freedom.

Militarization of police forces and heavily armed soldiers marching up and down city streets are not for our benefit. It is nothing more than a show of force by the elites in hopes to scare the "serfs" back in to silent compliance.

It's not going to work.

Anonymous said...

Neil P.


tmtbonem said...

It is incredible to see people defending the military in this situation. Nothing the government has done has been on our behalf.

edie said...

Neil Perry, you ask: "However, do you really think in your heart of hearts that the majority of US military would obey an executive order to engage its own civilians without due cause? They have families just like you and I." You may want to read this report:
I was living in this city at the time. It really did happen .... a military under orders, without due cause. And almost three years later, no ones been brought to justice. Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

Posse comitatus NEIL Posse comitatus

Anonymous said...

When the elite globalist of the Nwo are in danger of losing their power, the government reverts to fascist regime or a police state.

Might is right!
In the beginnings of the structure of society, they were subject to brutal and blind force, afterwards to law which the same force only disguised. I draw the conclusion by the law of nature right lies in force. The word means no more than give me what I wan't in order that I may prove I am stronger than you. A new right emerges, that of the strong.

Anonymous said...

for one : most military posts aren't big enough to actually have any good urban training, at most they can train about 1 company per day at Fort Hood our largest military post, i know i took part in urban training there and it was 1 company per day, with 1 day of after action reports to see what we did right and wrong and how to make the mission go better for us.

for two : an APC is a very light vehicle, Strykers, Bradleys, 113s, MRAP of all make and manufacture and HMMWV's weigh in between 9 and 30 tons which is very very light, some high powere hunting rifles can pierce the armor on most of those vehicles and for the owners of any .50 cal weapons those vehicles would be little more than target practice, not exactly a real threat.

for 3 : when you enlist in the military to swear an oath to defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic first and foremost. then after that you can obey all lawful orders from the officers appointed above you and the president of the US, but if the president gives an unlawful order, or gives an unconstitutional order, well he happens to fall into the domestic enemies catagory. that's why the current resident of the white house's approval rating in the Military is almost non-existant.

i know these things because i am a retired veteran, i was in with the guys, i deployed to iraq, i know what they REALLY think, not just some half assed poll taken over the phone.

Anonymous said...

Brandon you are correct. We have every right to be concerned that our military is practicing in the streets and neighborhoods of America. They have been doing so for over a decade. Sadly, the sheeple prefer to turn a blind eye or make excuses. Neither will change what is to be. The Global Meltdown in process will bring these exercises to life.

Anonymous said...

To the retired vet at 8:53, Haven't they changed the oath to "defend and uphold the mission"? It is also well-documented that given positions of authority, people are capable of much more than anyone would have suspected. When you are a cog in the machine, the bias will to follow orders. If all else fails, there's always the latest incarnation of Blackwater.

Like warming frogs, we are being conditioned to accept what was formerly unacceptable. I've long thought that was what all the "lock downs" at schools was about. Sometimes tyranny takes the longer view of waiting out a generation if need be, just as they did with the "one world" meme, without anyone asking who would be running it.

Anonymous said...

This is why I like the philosophy of the Oath Keepers.
All people in uniform, or retired, and all civilians who
honor the Constitution as the highest man made law of
the land, are banding together against the tyranny they
all see creeping up. They have articulated and published
a list of 10 illegal orders they will not follow. Check them out and join up. Let those NWO types know it ain't gonna
happen on our watch. Google "Oath Keepers" and don't
Let anyone talk you out of it. Re-educate yourselves on
the chains our founding fathers fashioned to tie those
power hungry psychopaths down. Do it NOW !!!

Anonymous said...

What guarantee do we have that those training troops
are actually US troops and not some of the fifty thousand
foreign troops who are reported to be in the USA at any
given time, rotating in and out from foreign countries.
Just last week I watched a YouTube clip clearly showing
Polish troops practicing with our National Guard troops
in Tampa, Florida. The U. N. makes it very clear that one
of their main goals is to disarm We The People of the USA, and the rest of the world. What better way to do it
than to use foreign troops, especially if our own troops
refuse to do it, because they were all led away to fight
wars elsewhere ?

Kevin Barbieux said...

There are two marine bases in southern california, the marine corps depot in san diego and camp pendleton in oceanside. they are 40 miles apart, and marines driving all kinds of military equipment have been traveling between the two, on regular city streets and highways since before I was born, and I'm 50 years old. It really means nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Training mission" my butt.

Anonymous said...

If I lived in Missouri, I would notify the police that the "Missouri Militia" will also be on the streets fully armed and ready to deal with any incidents that may come as a result of this US military "exercise".

usa1 said...

i happen to think like some here, the military wont do as some in power think they will, if they thought of this and have planned for it. i doubt it. the GOV. is, i think, that stupid. but then perhaps the military on their own thought of it. how to handle loads of uniforms that start saying, "i cant do this, its not what i am military for", or whatever! then what? and also, perhaps the ones that do this are captains, generals, what then, what does the power to be do if they start losing generals? anyone ever thought of that? officers in the military do have brains, they can and do think for themselfs! and its been known the military many times do not get along well with the "politics" of a military situation!

Anonymous said...

The police and military are at the core our sons and brothers. Can they possibly be so brainwashed as to attack their own people?

Yes, sometimes they are drugged - but still you have to hope that their basic decency will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the simpleton scenarios of soldiers not following orders to shoot civilians. If they say soldier go shoot your grandma of course they won't. But if they are ordered to shoot those ragheads disguised as white college boys who are getting all that pussy you never did, the soldiers and police will open fire without blinking.

Anonymous said...

I have contacted several people telling them that I know how to put and end to this without firing a shot....Not one reply.

Inkling said...

Big ditches needed!

GreatScott said...

People should be holding up signs, protesting the violation of the Posse Commitatus Act

Anonymous said...

Can you say comme positatus, boys and girls?

Anonymous said...

LOL! To the dreamers that think that their killers won't attack them, I urge you to look at the Middle East and see who it is that carries out the carnage with wanton and complete abandon. You Americans ARE NOT exceptional. Repeat: you Americans ARE NOT exceptional. Your mercenaries are no better than Assad and Mubarak's thugs, nor are they any smarter.

Anonymous said...

It was very nice of the St. Louis pigs to warn the public of the mercenary invasion. Here in the ass-backward, red neck, giant plantation called Georgia, the military took over a long time ago. I've seen them do it all from traffic stops to directing the traffic on a major county road. Since the average folk is mentally retarded, I have taken it myself to inquire from the Sheriff Dept., county police, local police and not a one has an answer. The best I got from some dumb bimbo was " many of our officers also serve in the military" - WTF?

Anonymous said...

Go about your daily lives, working hard and piling up as much wealth in tangible items as possible. The government agenda is past the "Event Horizon". Hard times are coming, but quietly planning and preparing are really the only things we can do. Government activism is now just part of the dog and pony show. Ron Paul has the best message and has awakened the sleeping giant. But IMO it is still too little. too late. Pray for the Oath Keepers to expand enough to blot out those who would take orders to kill their fellow countrymen.

RickW said...

We're all tired of democracy anyway. The 1% loathe it, and the rest of us don't bother to participate in the process - to the point where more than 1/2 of us stay home on voting day.

So ye sow, so shall ye reap........

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers: Keep an eye on the military, to ensure that the;y do NOT violate the Posse Comitatus Act by using troops in law enforcement. This law is quite explicit in its ban on military patrolling our streets.

The Posse Comitatus Act became law in 1876 as a result of US military occupation of the South at the end of the War Between the States, and the abuses of power that accompanied it; as the US Constitution was somewhat vague in this ban. As with any military occupation abroad, this occupation brought many abuses of civilians in the post-war South. It is still on the books; therefore, the military is still bound by its regulations.

Anonymous said...

Make Americans Kneel & Pee on Us.
That's what this shill Neal P. would like.

Anonymous said...

What the ever loving hell is wrong with the people of America, that we would sit and sleep as these crazzzzzzies. Slip (. Sneak. ). Upon us....?? This makes my gut wrench... I want to throw up / barf.. I am an elderly grandmother and I just want to shake the snott out of you all. The United Nations has had people training with our people for some time as well as a Mexican army that Barack has put in place.

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers are an excellent Lot.. You should ALL check them out and Join.. I have a feeling the women with any cajonies at all will be posting up to help all you men slap these NW O jerks in their snot boxes.. But, make No Mistake, It Is A Commin.. Sooner than Later.. This Freaking Election Is Gonna Tell The Tale/Tail. It is NOT gonna be pretty you guys. Arm yourselves and grab as much ammo as you can.. Beans water Blankets and a pair of good boots w AT&T tabs for drinking water you know the drill. If you don't then your not a very good Okie/ Indian and ou deserve what ou get. For Heaven Sake, Get Some Back Bone .. If You Have To Go Down Go Down Fighting.. Get Some Pride In Yourselves.. Darn If your Ounding Fathers could do it with a one shot home made gun what is wrong with you??? For Shame...!!!! We Are God Fearing God Loving Proud Of It Stand Alone Stand Tall Americans Who Love Our Country.

Anonymous said...

There Is An American Behind Every Blade Of Grass and They are Armed. .. Do Not Wait Untill They Wake You At 3 Am and Drag Your Sorry Ass Out To Some FEMA Camp That Is Armed and Maned And Just Waiting For You.Your Nly Gonna Have One Chance.. Get It..??. .. Ohhh Stars If I Were Only 20 years younger..One Chance America.. Only One.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Neal Parry... Our own troops are away at war, we now have para-military in the guise of police and if they arent enough I'm sure we have many foreign troops here training to help pick up the slack. Watch what your police do on youtube under police brutality , its a real eye opener. They taze sick people and beat them just for being sick. Police do not ask questions anymore they just taze and beat. Whats more they arent even the law enforcement of we the people and have no responsibility to protect and serve we the people they are corporate code and statute enforcers. I could see if it was one or two instances but now the police brutality is rampant. Just recently they tazed and beat a sugar diebetic who was having health dificulties due to the illnes and the police just beat the man to death. They are enjoying the power and they are using it to the max. Look up THE UNINTED STATES OF AMERICA it is a foreign corporation acting as government . Title 26 of the 1933 bankruptcy act under definitions. besides its their way of life and how they make their money so...war is a racket and they arent giving up their livelyhood to keep some oath that they have no comprehension of, they just want to shoot something. Now that we are on to them they are on the defensive and will hurt we the people if we dont get a peaceful handle on this foreign corporation because they are going to close this free country down. Remember the U.N is in New York and thats now the capitol of the world . Look at the treaties that set this country up, they were never based on freedom they are all contract and still in force. The Constitution is for the man or woman and not the 14'th amendment U.S. citizen and that would be all who have an ssi card so this means you and me the corporate person. The U.S. military does not belong to America they belong to and enforce these treaties that the U.S. Corporation signed onto. Marshal law has been in force since Lincoln institued it and it has never been rescinded or repealed, We The People were just educated away from knowing about it because when it comes to the Federal Corporation they will enforce it because it is legal for them to do so. We have been officially occupied since 1933. When the foreign corporation was placed here to be the recievers of the bankruptcy and by law they need our permission to contract with us even city police need permission to contract with us if we were considered men and women but we are not considered men and women we are considered as little corporations under code and statute. we are 14'th amendment citizens and as such the constitution does not apply to us. Start looking at thr real history and you will see that we are still a british coilony and there are nothing but british attorneys running the place. Look up the history of a B.A.R.R. attorney and you will see that they are british citizens. Its a real eye opener.

Anonymous said...

Neil Parry;

I understand what you're saying, however, I disagree that this is fear mongering. This is simply looking at the realities we face living under the facade of democracy and a free civil society. The state of America has been given many labels but whatever you choose to call it, we know that what we were taught in school was a lie used to make the population docile and complacent to what's REALLY going on.

I have a brother in the Marine Corp. Yes, we come from a poor family and (despite my brother's substantial intellectual ability) the military was his best financial option at the time; he chose the Corp. mainly for vanity purposes as stupid as that sounds. We're all a contradiction in terms. Anyway, a few years ago - about 2007, 2008 - he mentioned something about his unit being trained in crowd control of American civilians... back then I thought it pretty strange but, I didn't think TOO much about it because I'm one of those idiots who believed the lie and voted for Obama. Thankfully, I'm a different person now.

I don't know whether the military would go against their orders en masse, though I have heard of dissension among the higher ranks.

Here's the thing: These arseholes who live to inculcate everyone into the lie, they have this little plan for the rest of us, a plan that they erroneously believe is foolproof because I guess they think they're that fucking smart or something but I've said this before and it bears repeating; there are far too many variables involved for even those subhumans to account for. Their plans WILL NOT go as planned because as much as they like to think they're in control, the reality (love that word) is that they are NOT. If anything, it looks like it'll be total chaos that no human being will be able to get a grasp on. Let us remember that evil destroys itself.

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

This is not an isolated occurrence. Guns and ammo sales for private citizens are at an all time high, police departments are buying military weaponry, and the military are infiltrating cities across America. For what unknown future scenario are we all preparing?

Anonymous said...

this puts me in mind of a doc i watched not long ago , all should watch it , called Kay Griggs Talks ,its all about the high ranking militiary and their games with the terror networks they run all over the world . Scary to think these guys are incharge . Up here in Canada we have our own little Hitler HARPER who tows the party line and does not care about the people . Once again history repeats its self .

Anonymous said...

I think neil parry is a plant and is trying to convince you that you are safe from the military. Ethier a plant or just what the gov has been trying to acheive dumbing down of the population. neil get it right, they are preping you for martial law. Sorry neil don't buy your they are our friends theroy, educate yourself or leave the military propaganda job.

Anonymous said...

neil parry said "do you really think in your heart of hearts that the majority of US military would obey an executive order to engage its own civilians without due cause?"

There are many examples of this throughout history, and not only american history, but that of the world as well. Katrina is one good example.

Anonymous said...

look up PSYOPS , OPSEC, Army Regulation 530–1
Operations and Signal Security, illuminati, Synthetic Genomics Study, Human genome project, human knowledge project, And ask yourself...WHY would they do this to us, what technology is OPSECS needing to keep from us so badly that they'll imprison us all? Obviously it must be pretty sinister....maybe...
The human battery: turning body heat into electric power

MIT builds battery from bacterial virus, humans to power machines by 2012

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