Monday, June 25, 2012

Globalists Blame Financial Crisis of 2008 to Usher in One World Currency

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The efforts of the Global Elite are to enable an environmentally-based economy within a one world government. This includes replacing the currency and economic structures in place.

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has announced that they will stop printing pennies. The RCM have unveiled a digital RFID-chip based currency that can be loaded up, stored and spent in-store and online.

The RCM calls this currency MintChip; which will be a virtual payment method accessible through microchips, microSD cards and USB sticks.

This RFID-chip currency is collaboration with the US corporations and research and development outfits. Ian Bennett, president and CEO of the Mint explains:
As part of its research and development efforts, the Mint has developed MintChip, which could be characterized as an evolution of physical money, with the added benefits of being electronic.
The MintChip is still under development, with patents pending and prototypes being studied. The creation and perfection of the technology must be useable with American markets.

Paul Solman, correspondent for the PBS NewsHour purveys the positive propaganda of one world currency by asserting that: 
Ah, the dream: one world, one economy, one currency — and, of course, one global political system . . . a common currency means a common economic policy . . .
The United Future World Currency is a foundation nearly 2 decades old that seeks to “bring to life the project for a common currency” once defined as the Euro. They are committed to bringing awareness to the necessity of global currency.

Organizations like this serve to make the idea of a global currency more palatable to the general public. Simultaneously, nations like China are pushing against the US dollar being the global reserve currency as the Federal Reserve continues to inflate the US dollar which debases its worth.

The Institute of International Finance (IIF), a group of technocrats that represent 420 banking cartels and financing houses have joined the cry for a one world currency.

Charles Dallara, managing director of the IIF, said: 
A core group of the world’s leading economies need to come together and hammer out anunderstanding. The narrowly focused unilateral and bilateral policy actions seen in recent months – including many proposed and actual measures on trade, currency intervention and monetary policy – have contributed to worsening underlying macroeconomic imbalances. They have also led to growing protectionist pressures as countries scramble for export markets as a source of growth.
The UN’s call for one world currency is contained in their report entitled, United Nations: Economic and Social Survey 2010. The UN asserted that the US dollar must be replaced by a new one-world currency issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In response to the Global Market Crash of 2008, Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, revived the ideal of the Bancor by demanding that the IMF have special drawing rights (SDRs).

Xiaochuan contented that national currencies were counter-productive to the global markets and that domestic monetary policy must not override international necessities.

The UN published a report following the financial crisis in 2008 entitled, The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System wherein they created a commission to “restore global economic stability”.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon affirmed that a one-world currency would “bridge the old North-South divide” and that the UN’s “monetary vision” if properly implemented would be a “path out of our current predicament.”

In a report published in 2010, the IMF stated that the Bancor should be established and administered as the one-world currency. To go along with the one-world currency, the IMF advises the establishment of a one-world bank; which would also have issuance rights as the Federal Reserve Bank does within the US.

The IMF report states: 
The global central bank could serve as a lender of last resort, providing neededsystemic liquidity in the event of adverse shocks and more automatically than at present. Such liquidity was provided in the most recent crisis mainly by the U.S. Federal Reserve, which however may not always provide such liquidity.
The advent of a global currency, if allowed to happen will be controlled by the UN, as the IMF is an arm of the globalist Elite front.

Simply put, this demand is a call for economic control by the international community for the express purpose of ensuring that the future of all sovereign nations eventually fall victim to the coming global governance.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

Americans have been stock piling weapons just waiting for the globalist who think we are ignorant gentiles! Those Zionists who think this will happen are committing suicide! If you truly believe you are the chosen ones why do you need our American army? Let the God that chose you fight by your side! This is the USA not ISRAEL! GET OUT OF THE USA WHILE YOU CAN, LEAVE OUR MONEY HERE!

Anonymous said...

F... the IMF, UN, World Bank, BIS, etc. The criminals who run these institutions WILL be hunted down in the future because the people can't take it any longer. I vote for FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

"Globalists Blame Financial Crisis of 2008 to Usher in One World Currency..." I get it now... since consolidating the "Euro Zone" and giving them one currency, was such a success [NOT] they want the whole world to suffer the same fate ... STUPID!

Unknown said...

I seriously doubt that the average person understands the long range consequences of a one-world currency, a one-world bank, and a one-world government including a "loadable" RFID chip to store your financial credit (basically your entire financial worth and buying power.) These chips can be scanned from a significant distance, so identity theft and financial ruin are just a few key strokes away. And if the one-world government doesn't like the fact that, say you want to log your own property, maybe they will close your account, or zero out your credit value. Don't like the latest world government policies? Tough s**t. We'll take your money. Electronically. While you sleep. Not to mention deciding to close the gap on the government shortfall come tax time. What? You had $150K in your account yesterday? Too bad. Big Brother decided that, for the "good of the people" your financial credit was more useful in Zimbabwe. This is yet another scheme for the elite robbing the value of one's labor on a global scale-- much like the Quantitative Easing the Fed is foisting on us now-- by expanding the money supply. It's like a hidden tax. But how can you stop it? Has anyone raised their guns in protest? NO. It's like the frog in a pot of water slowly brought to a boil. By the time he realizes what his predicament is, he's dead.

Anonymous said...

One World's coming. Called The Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:16-18

apeman2502 said...

Exactly. I burglarize your house, and you hand me the deed to your house with a cop standing there because I ripped off your house?
It sounds like someone is hooked on cocaine and they are flat buh-roke.

Anonymous said...

"I had a dream."......and an ass-kicking was part of every night-mare. deport Obama and his puking collective ilk types to Siberia.

Anonymous said...

Next step: Implant the RFID chip to make it "theft proof".

Of course, with the unmentioned side effect that they can track where everyone is at any time.

What's that? 50 people assembled in one location at a time without a registered club meeting in the place? Must be a "terrorist" group meeting to plot sinister things, let's bomb the location.

And what's John Q. Random doing inside the same train as terrorist suspect Osama bin Goldstein? Obviously John Q. Random must be a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell the IMF we don't have a liquidity proble. We have a solvency problem.

Anonymous said...

The agenda of the elite globalist of the NWO is 1-break the labor unions 2-eliminate the middle class 3-control of human and natural resourses 4-population reduction

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