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10 Reasons ‘JOB’ Should Be a Four-Letter Word

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J.P. Hicks
Activist Post

It seems to me that the millions of Americans caught in long-term unemployment are suffering from some kind of illness – a mental impairment that blocks their ability to be creative – called hopelessness.

Through no fault of their own, they seem to lack the will to create their own income path.

They spend their days circling want ads, sending out resumes, moaning about their situation to anyone who will listen, and praying that someone comes to their aid with a well-paying job.

I have a brilliant cousin with a $180K Syracuse education working part-time at a department store. She has literally sent out 38,000 resumes in the span of a year to no avail. I have another very bright friend with the kindest heart who is so desperate he has applied for dishwashing jobs and didn’t get them, sending him deeper into depression. I’m sure we all know people like this, or perhaps have even been there ourselves.

Society has trained us to believe that we are worthless without a job. Indeed, we feel worthless when we are unemployed with few prospects of making money. Family, friends, and peers constantly remind us in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we “need” a job.

No one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something.

No one ever says to go out in the world and create something only you could create. No one ever says that when you find your passion, you’ll find success. They just reinforce the mantra to get a job.

I say, give up hope. Stop looking for a job. Ask yourself how many people you know who actually like their jobs. Jobs suck! Stop being sad that you don’t have a job, and start creating something better.

Here are 10 reasons “JOB” should be a curse word in your vocabulary:

1. Working a job makes someone else, besides you, wealthy: Why would you want to spend the majority of your life pushing paper for someone else?

2. Pay and benefits never keep up with the real cost of living: Jobs have never and will never keep up with the real rate of inflation. Jobs are designed to make you poorer.

3. Jobs force you to get up at the same time every day: Who likes when their alarm clock goes off to get up and go to a thankless job?

4. Most jobs require you to wear a costume of some kind: Even if you feel special wearing a suit and tie to work, you’re still wearing a costume for someone else’s benefit.

5. Bosses wield the power of your very livelihood over you: Many are so worried about losing their job that they’re willing to put up with being treated like a slave by the head slave.

6. Jobs force you to pay the highest percentage tax of any form of income: Even (and especially) if you have a good-paying job, you’ll be forking over 30+% of your income to Uncle Sam. That means you work 1/3 of the year for free.

7. Not having a job makes people unnecessarily miserable: Why should you hate yourself because you can’t find a job? As soon as you start loving yourself again, you’ll be turning down job offers.

8. Jobs zap your passion to do what you really want to do with your life: Even the minority of people who claim to like their jobs, usually aren’t passionate about their tasks or the company they work for. They usually like their job because of material reasons like; it pays well or offers benefits. Don’t let a job get in the way of your passion.

9. You’ll never be in control of your life working for someone else: If someone has the power to end your way of life, then you will never be free. Who wants that kind of bondage?

10. Most jobs hold back your potential as a human being: Let’s face it, most jobs are mindless and easily replaceable. You have infinite potential to accomplish whatever you can dream up. How many jobs will permit you to live up to that opportunity?

J.P. Hicks is an entrepreneur and pro blogger, editor of Blog Tips, and author of the Secrets to Making Money with a Free Blog. Follow @ Twitter, or like on Facebook.

10 Ways to Stop Being a Slave and Bring Down the Pyramids of Control

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Anonymous said...

Currently, as an unemployed Master-degreed professional, I have decided to utilize this unemployment as an opportunity to start my own business actually monetizing the very same skill-sets I was paid for as a job. Now my potential and state of mind are tremendously higher and more satisfying than any job.

Take a chance and learn to "monetize your passion"...

Anonymous said...

I've been spelling 'job' as 'jobb' for YEARS!

Ms. SpoolTeacher said...

Best article i've read in a long time. Perfect advice.

Rone Gilbert said...

I couldn't agree more. I have not worked in five years, and it all started with the feeling that further education and the workplace were not productive to my self satisfaction and growth. Sure, I struggle with money. But the truth is that I was a slave to money before, a slave to possessions and a worm to employers. I've been working on ways to make a living, and when they eventually pan out I hope to actually contribute to my local economy and not just be a paper pusher or a burger pusher or any other of the meaningless menial jobs that are greed driven.

Your article is TOP NOTCH! Corperations are the death of humanity and economy.

Anonymous said...

Creating your own business takes Capital. It also takes experience. Telling young people who have no capital and no experience to start their own business is doomed to fail. I was in my own business during the Reagan depression and inexperience led to being unable to collect money from Contractors. I costs $6,000 to establish your own bond in the state of Washington and without a license and Bond you cannot legally force a home owner or contractor to pay up. No insurance company is going to insure or bond someone who is young and inexperienced to run a sub-contracting business
No-one ok ? got it ! You have to get a business license from the City the State you have to file Business and occupation taxes You have to pay 15% to Social Security and if you do not pay government taxes on time they will take your money out of your bank account.
98% of all retail businesses go bankrupt
What part of 98% do you not understand
Sometimes you bid a job under buget Now if you do that on your first job you will go bankrupt on your first job. Capitalism is gambling. There are no safe bets. One developer in Tacoma WA lost $33 million on a condo project, sometimes even the very rich lose their ass. The Condos are still empty

Anonymous said...

Job equals "just over broke"

Rob said...

Your points are quite valid, may I add a few also? :)

> When you work hard for someone else all day long, you dont have any opportunity to get extra contracts that could bring in extra cash.

> Most jobs now totally intrude upon any personal time. Smart phones from the boss HAVE to be carried at night and on the weekends...

> A lot of people want jobs for security. But in reality you have no idea if you are going to be laid off next week, next month or next year... At least being your own boss you know whats coming, and can prepare for it.

> I have found most jobs to be slightly insane, stupid rules, morons in charge and be sure not to be different... kind of like high-school.

> With your own gigs or business you can decide whats important and get a huge amount of satisfaction for doing a good job...

Anonymous said...

JOB. . . just over broke.

Before you can prosper. . . you need to survive whats coming. Share what you learn here.

NWO Survival Guide

For those that intend to make it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, can I add an upvote for Rob? Totally, utterly agree. Man, you should run for world leader or something. Honestly. Without going into specifics, 2 years ago I wore a suit, drove a company car and was doing very, very nicely. Blammo. That all changed one wintery day, and now I have only 2 true friends left after weeding out the scum, and have actually never been happier. And broke. But I no longer care. Money is evil. Learn to live without it if you can.

Anonymous said...

yes, our current situation makes it near impossible to start a new business, especially with no money, and independent contractors/ small business gets screwed in taxes. but realizing that way of living is quickly eroding (taxes, $, living wage) has been encourgment to me to create my own path.
"find the cost of freedom, burried in the sand. mother earth will swallow you, lay your money down"

Anonymous said...

I would not want this author in charge of anything. Another whipping master ready to get his hands on that leather. Nice little lecture from on high. We are, dear sir, in a state of collapse and you are simply blabbing the same garbage the msm is: work HARD and it will work out for you. Uh huh. Let's see, with unemployment spiraling, who, exactly, is going to be purchasing the services of these private entrepreneurs?

The deal here is shelter, food, water and clothing. Those that do not know how to provide themselves with these things are not going to survive well at all. Those that do not know how to do real things: like grow food, weave, etc., are going to be wandering stupidly in the streets. The capitalistic debt game is over and there's a lot of mud to slog through before a new way of doing things begins to arise.

Anonymous said...


Reply to JP Hicks:

Your article is a good read. You got the first half of the solution right. It's the second half you ignore – how to gain the experience and raise some capital. Schooling does not really count as experience; only On-the-Job-Training (OJT) really counts. How to get OJT? Get a job. But that puts us in a nasty position if we cannot get a job doing what will become the basis for our own business.

In the YouTube documentary of the Argentina meltdown and the eventual rise of the Barter Market, this older guy said he worked for years at a job as an auto mechanic, saved his money and opened his own shop. Then the peso was devalued in half and people had no money for fuel or car repairs, so they sold their cars and the guy was out of business. Please watch: Argentina - Barter Markets - Mercados de Trueque;

You get the picture of the despair of many folks who even start their own business and then fall to ruin for a variety of reasons. The Barter Market solves so many problems, its a wonder why folks in the USA have not adopted it in a big way. Sure, we have flea markets, swap meets, donation stores and the like, but we have no “Mercados de Trueque” which runs seven days a week from dawn to dusk. Did you notice that the one in Buenos Aires is next to a passenger train station? – no car needed on the market side.

Here's a better example – Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, Mondragon, Spain. The Basque country was devastated by Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Five graduate engineers decided to start their own factory to make paraffin stoves which the poorer folks could afford. The engineers and friends went among the bars of Mondagon and raised $320,000 and built and operated their own factory as a worker cooperative.

In 2005, when I wrote my college paper on the subject of worker cooperatives, Mondragon had about 70 companies in 30 countries and grossed 14 Billion Dollars. If you want to find out how they got from there to here, watch BBC documentary, The Mondragon Experiment: then read my paper: Mutual Aid Society, Mondragon and More ;,+Mondragon+and+More

We need to address the main issues first: Food, clothing and shelter. We can solve 'clothing” by creating our own Barter Exchange or by visiting thrift shops. We can solve the housing problem by building our own houses using straw bales for outside curtain walls and post and beam structures. See: Strawbale Builders:

Food is the major problem. Without much USD, the markets are expensive. Worse yet, we are spending our “after tax dollars” for food. Why not spend “before” tax dollars – or even better yet, “no taxed dollars”. We can do this by staring our own worker cooperative on a farmstead, grow most of our own food and never pay a dime to the Feds or the state government for income tax or for sales tax. What part of NO TAX do you not get?

We need to shed our self-imposed attitude of “I'll do it all by my self”. There is safety in numbers. With our friends (carefully chosen work-a-holics), we can raise the down payment, borrow the rest from USDA-FSA “Beginning Farmer and Rancher Loan Program” and get going on our ethical, self-managed business of survival and profits. For those of you whose eyes are not glued to the TV screen, give me a call or an email, and I can explain the rest.

Jim Miller
270-307-4857 or 661-255-0106

Sammy Moshe said...

I agree, mostly. But not everyone can just rush out and become an entrepreneur. Some of us have tried and failed at it so many times that it makes no logical sense to just give up the job for something that isn't proven... let alone start something when we're on the verge of homelessness. Not all businesses take money to start. This is true. Especially internet businesses. But one thing is for certain. If you start a business on poor footing, you're setting yourself up to fail. It's just common sense. This is mostly awful advice.

Jen Tyler said...

Great advice and certainly a place to start. Necessity is the mother of invention. The more things we can do for ourselves, the less we are dependent on the system that requires "slave work" and slave drivers. Learn to cook, sew, plant a vegetable garden, trade and barter with others. Friends of mine get together once every 3 months to swap clothes! Just because you don't have a job doesn't mean you have to create your own job. Being an entrepreneur isn't everyone's cup of tea. Freegans have got the right idea. Think out of the box, be creative and find others on the same track so you can support each other ( emotionally and on a more practical level).It can be done. :-)

Anonymous said...

When I got laid off I received unemployment. During that time I started my own business. Who says unemployment doesn't pay!

Anonymous said...

It's inevitable that "jobs" will become less and less significant and satisfying as we convert to a robotic production system. But with productivity problems overcome, shouldn't the population be deriving benefits? In terms of real potential, ours is the wealthiest society that has ever existed. But the goods are of no use to either producers or consumers if there isn't enough consumer income to buy them. Regular, universal, not-debt-based consumer credits issued to the citizenry are long overdue. The economy has evolved since 1776!

Anonymous said...

If you do become "self-employed", be aware that you will now have to pay twice as much for Social Security. It's called SE, "self-employment tax". You pay the 1/2 personal tax that's due AND the 1/2 that an employer would have paid for you. Just sayin...

Mike said...

This would be excellent advice... in a production oriented, capitalist, free-market system.

Unfortunately, we have a consumption oriented, creditist, captive-market system...

How are Americans supposed to pursue their passions with no accumulation of, and no way to accumulate facing high taxes and low interest rates, necessary wealth for their ventures? That's right, attempt to secure a loan from a bank that's not lending because they're using taxpayer dollars for speculative "investments."

Philip Inuhoff said...

@anonymous winer. Just because you are a failure, how dare you try to dissuade the youth from hearing this advice at a time when they most need to hear it.

You couldn't collect because you are a LOUSY businessman PERIOD. It sure in the F wasn't Reagan's fault.

Btw, I generate over $2000/mo from a wordpress site I built FOR FREE. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

I lost my job 2 years ago and believed I would soon be homeless. But I was always careful to live below my income and managed to pay off my home. I now grow 100% of our food on our city lot. Sell extra produce to neighbors. I make just enough to pay the property taxes and utilities. I have never felt so free and we enjoy an abundance of free time. I don't ever want a job again.

Anonymous said...

nothing left employed but bloodsucking vulture stooges capitalizing on forced rip offs, paid for laws that hinder and cost.....

Anonymous said...

Author: Please revise your Article Title to plural 'Jobs' as, etc.,

Should read: "10 Reasons 'JOBS' Should Be a Four-Letter Word".

How about THIS one: "You either work for nothing or you don't work at all."

NOTE: The coming new era of 3-d printing will actually put any prior concept of 'JOBS' itself, out of work, literally, starting with over 100 million Chinese. Don't believe me? Just Google "future of 3d printing" and find out for yourself.

Not unlike a Genie in a bottle, they will soon be able to replace ANYTHING through a '3d additive program'.

Get ready - - reeeal ready.

Anonymous Dave / Somewhere in Akron

Anonymous said...

I hated my job so much it made me sick to my stomach to go, so I saved up for a year and bought the cheapest property I could find and a camper trailer, I turned my hobby of glassblowing into my job. I work maybe 20hours a week and go fishing or work on my tan the rest of time. I dropped a couple hundred bucks on some baby ducks and chickens, learned how to trap crayfish (taste like lobster) now I eat like a king and play like a kid all day. my dad worked until he was 75 yrs old, I retired at 28.

Anonymous said...

"I have a brilliant cousin with a $180K Syracuse education working part-time at a department store."

Yeah, I do also. If you want to work you get a STEM degree( science, technology, engineering or math). What's the world gonna do with someone that has a doctoral degree in art history, performance arts, sociology, whatever... How many of these kind of jobs do you think are available, or needed?

Having said that I think for many people it would make more sense in this economy to learn how to build earthbag houses, raise livestock, garden and learn some crafting skills or trades and run a small business.

John Wernz said...

Becoming self-employed should be a series of steps for most people. Step one would be working for a series of businesses/employers, even for free if possible.... or at a discount. One might work extra hours for no pay, do more in the time than most, or do things for the business/employer on non-paying hours (promotion, handing out business notices, meeting people to talk and promote the business (churches, synagogues, temples, clubs, poker games, restaurants,etc.)). This allows the gain of experience which is what was valuable about education (but generally is no more). Make your mistakes on someone else's dime (Or have them correct your mistakes before they happen). I have been in numerous self-employed positions, and the failures have always been because of lack of information, mis-information, and dis-information (YES... there will always be those who dis-inform you to try to MAKE you fail). Some will argue that a lack of capital is at the heart of new business failures. I would argue that operating with/or into a lack of capital is a failure of information (a lack of understanding). Gaining the position of one unlikely to fail in a new business may require years or decades of gathering of information, knowledge, and wisdom as relates to THAT business. Sometimes the wisdom gathered sums up in that particular business should not be started at all. Certain groups and families have immense advantage in starting businesses as they UNDERSTAND this and assist their members in success. I have to stop as I have to get back to my self-employed business..

Richard E Marion said...

Maximum information clearly, concisely, and eloquently said. The two of us have been stewing in Purgatory for two years. Yesterday the "UnderEmployment Stipend" ran out.

We have had the good sense to prepare by cutting expenses and beginning, albeit slowly, for the first LIFE that ever belonged to us. Don't know what the protocol here is: BUT we will be happy to provide a narrative of our "Mandatory Awakening."

We have no capital, NONE, consequently, we are also testing the waters of FAITH: which my Wife understands and practices in the classical (i.e. Christian) way. The CORE BELIEF of This Writer (i.e. Spiritual Independent) is rough and less well structured, certainly weaker. It contains any or all beliefs, call them what you will: providing that no harm be inflicted to any consciousness. Appreciatively, Richard E Marion.

Anonymous said...


mothman777 said...

Yes, if we forced governments to get rid of fractional reserve banking, and usury, where a house on a mortgage is the biggest purchase in our lives, necessitating 25 years of hard labour to pay back three times the money we borrowed to pay for the house. Because banks are allowed by law to falsely claim they have 10 times more money to lend than they really do, you are in truth paying back not just 3 times the money you borrowed over 25 years, BUT 30 TIMES more.

And all that extra money you give them, is only going to pay for endless wars to bring in the NWO for the chosen people, and not for schools, hospitals and welfare schemes, and you know what, the banks still scream out for more money, and then dish it out for bonuses for their staff, all the while laughing up their sleeves.

With this in mind, and with all the labour saving devices we now have, we truly only need to work an 8 to 10 hour working week with no drop in the standard of living at all. We just need to stop parasitic armies drawing endlessly on the products of our labour.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you,J.P Hicks.JOBB is a 4-letter word.

Here's some more tidbits:

*If your Male ,of Straight Orientation,and of the Caucasian race.
Your the Lowest-of-the-low on the Toten pole.

In my last days as a employee,i noticed that if your a Homosexual,Black,Mexican,Asian.
"You can do anything you want,especially being Lazy"(Don't get me wrong i have nothing against those groups,plus friends in those groups:o)).
It's almost nearly impossible to fire any of those peoples of those persuasions,because if you try to.The company can be sued and the supervisor can lose his JOBB.
Thanks a lot Democrats and Liberals

*There's the unwritten 10/90 rule.

10% do all the work
90% have their thumbs up their asses.

The 90% get paid the same as the 10%
The 90% act like bosses and watch the 10%.
If the 10% ain't doing their jobs,they snitched on by the 90%.
Which means being one of the best workers gets you"Used and Abused" by Snow White and The Dwarves.

Hell yes"JOBB is a 4 Letter Word"

Anonymous said...

There were NO jobs when I graduated because Jimmy Carter was trying to crash our economy to inaugurate The New world Order. (Nothing new about UK Fabian Socialism from which, it seems, all ther other toxic 'isms' are derived.)

So I worked as a janitor, waitperson,parking valet,hotel housekeeping,short order fry cook,security guard,temp --whatever kept the money coming in. I never had time to "follow my dreams" as I had no family who gave a damn and my dreams were mainly nightmares anyway.Add a couple of marriages from hell that broke up and,in spite of it all, I kept working...

The menial jobs took a horrendous toll on my physically so that I ended up disabled and out of the job market at 52 yoa. i had to get intervention from my Congressman to get my Social Security that even their doctor said I was entitled to receive.

I volunteer finding jobs for a job club from my laptop at home since I can no longer walk.

I am shocked at how many people in my age group never had a job and thus do not qualify for any Social Security at all..Now they are divorced,broke,parents dead, no inheritance or inheritance spent on "dreams."

Sometimes, you just have to take the dirty jobs no one else wants...

I guess women can work the strip clubs but if they live high & waste their money, what happens when they get old. You can only exist on child support & AFDC for so long.

I am in constant pain and employer responsible had NO worker;s comp and left the state for parts unknown & no one cared to track therm down & make them pay. Makes me wish I had dealt dope on the street...

The jobs are being shipped out that ordinary people who aren't tech whiz kids can do...

Anonymous said...

I love paying taxes. Think about all of the resources my tax dollars go towards to help major Fortune 500 companies and their stock holders steal wealth from poor unorganized and/or puppet/corrupt governments the world over. I love how my tax dollars are spent on necessary things like germ warfare
and drone spy planes rather than education and helping poor people find jobs. I like knowing that as a slave in this mock democratic society, I get to put in my fair share towards advancing the wealthy, super elites goals for total world domination. If I could shake an uber-wealthy elitist hand I would thank him for allowing me to help him get more powerful so that he can share his ultimate goal of human slavery with future generations of my family. You see, there is a silver lining in everything!

Weltgeist said...

Debt. = Slavery

& I have tons of student loan debt., I'm unemployed, broke, and depressed.. :D
I love it!

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