Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Will New Mobile App Help Put an End to TSA Abuse?

Joe Wright
Activist Post

A new mobile app called FlyRights has been introduced by The Sikh Coalition, a civil rights advocacy group.  The app provides a real-time direct connection to the TSA and DHS complaint system.

The impetus behind the app is ostensibly the profiling of certain racial, ethnic, and religious groups, as The Sikh Coalition asserts has taken place after the September 11th attacks.  However, the very first complaint to come in via FlyRights was from a woman who disclosed that she was carrying breast milk and was subsequently "mistreated."  The second was in fact from a Sikh gentleman who said he was taken aside for special treatment even though he not set off any of the usual alarms. (Source)

While the reporting options seem limited, and it remains to be seen how the complaints will be catalogued and addressed by the TSA, this is a wonderful first step toward creating accountability beyond the many YouTube videos which have demonstrated flagrant TSA sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. With the TSA now expanding their presence throughout American life in the form of VIPR teams, we need all the peaceful weapons we can gather at our disposal to fight this tyrannical organization. The FlyRights app is currently available for the iPhone and Android. There have been 3300 downloads in the very first day of its release. As soon as a video demo becomes available, I will post it here. In the meantime here are a couple of iPhone screenshots:

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Anonymous said...

We need all the help we can get for fighting these maniacs.

Anonymous said...

This is how to literally get power into the hands of the people. They are going to be FLOODED.

Sally_Oh said...

Wondering if the Sikh Coalition keep copies of all complaints or will they just go to the TSA to be ignored? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Anyone (like myself) who has been molested by the TSA and complained to both them and the ACLU, will surely know how much good this is going to do. All I have to say about that is that I don't fly anymore. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, though it can be tough to not fly when you need to go cross-country, or to other countries. Boycotting is not the answer, especially with how many people travel every day. They won't notice any big shifts from any boycotting. While this app isn't the answer either, it might be able to help, though probably not much.

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