Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Utah Woman Has Son Stolen by DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The sinister nature of government “child protection” agencies has been known to many since their inception. The fact that DSS (Department of Social Services), CPS (Child Protective Services), and other variants of the same child kidnapping system routinely engage in removing children from perfectly healthy families based on accusations alone is no secret. Indeed, it appears that the United States and England have initiated a race to see which nation can abduct the most children for the most ridiculous reasons.

But what happens when an individual within the system sets their sights on a child, and even their fellow state agents refuse to go along with the game? If a recent case in Utah is anything to go by, it apparently doesn’t matter. You still end up having your child forcibly removed from you and you still have little hope of seeing him again after he is taken. If the case officers declare you have done nothing wrong – you still find yourself childless.

Remarkably, even if the judge himself orders your son returned to you – he still remains under the watchful eye of the state so long as one of its bureaucrats deems it the appropriate decision.

While a case such as this should make the headlines if for no other reason than the brazenness of certain “officials,” not a word has been spoken in the media, with the notable exception of Alan Watt of, who reported on the case several days ago and posted a summary of the events (a letter for public viewing) to his website on April 30, 2012.

It appears that, during the course of a nasty divorce proceeding, Katerina Jeleva was accused of sexually abusing her son (who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons) by her ex-husband. According to Jeleva, the motivation behind this accusation was her ex-husband’s desire to avoid child support payment in light of a recent bankruptcy. Regardless of the reason behind the accusation, however, Jeleva was served with a Protective Order.

Protective Orders are yet another example of how Family Court proceedings and DSS-style child removal agencies are unconstitutional. Protective Orders, almost always rubber-stamped by Family Courts, level an accusation against an individual who is then required to appear in court (with no jury) and prove that he/she is innocent. Traditionally, the idea of justice rests upon the presumption of innocence until proven guilt. However, in the case of Family Court and Protective Orders, the defendant is assumed guilty until he/she proves his/herself innocent. The burden of proof, in effect, is placed on the back of the accused not the accuser.

After the judge’s signing of the Protective Order, Jeleva and her son were then dragged into the government system requiring an investigation by Family Court appointed case officers. After interviewing both Jeleva and her son, however, the clinical psychologist who conducted an interview determined that evidence for sexual abuse was nonexistent. In addition, she stated that it was possible the child had been “coached” to implicate his mother in abuse and that the child “did not display any signs of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse during my contact with him or while he was observed in my waiting room.”

Dr. Stringham, the psychologist who conducted the aforementioned interview, then recommended that the Protective Order be dropped and that Jeleva should resume maintaining physical custody of her son.

Jeleva claims that, when it came time for the Protective Order hearing, her ex-husband did not show up, thus causing his case to be thrown out and the Protective Order dropped.

This is where the state-appointed Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), Amber Ruder, enters the picture. As GAL, Ruder is tasked with the representation of a minor child in cases such as these. Essentially, Ruder was appointed as legal Guardian of Jeleva’s son during the Protective Order investigation process.

This is because, only one day after her son was returned to her, Jeleva’s ex-husband filed yet another Protective Order against her. This, Jeleva claims, was done at the behest of and with the aid of Ruder. The new PO is set to last a period of five months. With the PO signed by a judge, the police immediately came to Jeleva’s house and removed her son from his home yet again. Jeleva states that she and her son were at the dinner table when the police came and that the brave officers, upholding their oath to serve and protect, literally took him from her arms.

Thus, the process of investigation began anew with more case officers and detectives interviewing Jeleva and her son. Like in the first round of investigations, all of those involved (with the notable exception of Ruder) determined that there was no evidence of child abuse. In fact, the DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) investigator of the special sex abuse unit, Carly Echols, even wrote a report exonerating Jeleva. Echols closed the case due to the fact that the accusations were unsupported.

Yet, according to Jeleva, although the reports of the detectives and investigator Echols are in the public record, they were dismissed as hearsay at the first hearing because the individuals themselves were not there to testify. This was an oversight made by Jeleva who is representing herself with very limited resources and knowledge of the law, as opposed to the state which responds to a prosecution as if there is no bottom to its pit of finances.

Jeleva claims that Amber Ruder then went on to testify to the judge that Jeleva did, in fact, abuse her son, even though Ruder’s qualifications are that of an attorney as opposed to the sexual abuse investigators, psychologists, and other relevant personnel who determined otherwise.

Ruder’s presentation was evidently convincing to the judge as Jeleva was forced to appeal the decision in order to have the detectives and Echols testify in her defense so as to remove the claim of hearsay from the reports exonerating her. Ruder, however, again testified that Jeleva had abused her son.

Jeleva states that, although the second judge at the second hearing upheld that she cannot directly contact her son, he at least ruled that Amber Ruder must make a recommendation as to when, where, how long, and how often Jeleva can resume meeting her son, along with a therapist. According to Jeleva, the judge stated, “We must put this family back together.” I might add that it never should have been broken apart to begin with. After having been cleared twice, the judge should have ruled that the child be returned to his mother immediately instead of the silly idea that she can only meet with her son in the presence of a therapist at the pleasure of the State and the parasites that make a career of destroying the lives of others.

Nevertheless, even though Ruder was tasked with making a recommendation for visitation scheduling, it is apparent that she has not met these requirements. Once the court has ordered the Guardian ad Litem to make such recommendations, it is the responsibility of the GAL to organize and arrange the meetings between the parent, child, and therapist. In fact, the judge unequivocally ordered that the GAL take “whatever steps are necessary to facilitate” Jeleva’s appointed time with her son. However, Ruder evidently has a much different interpretation of the judge’s order, as she has yet to facilitate anything beyond expressing her opinion that it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange all aspects.

This presents a major problem for Jeleva who claims she has repeatedly tried to do just that but has yet to receive a call back from the therapists she has contacted. There is no reason to doubt Jeleva’s claim as Ruder, in an email to Jeleva, confirms that not returning phone calls seems to be a trend at the requested mental health agency. In addition, Ruder states in no uncertain terms within the same email that “I cannot and will not do this for you.”

Furthermore, Ruder hints that the court-ordered therapy might not even occur at all, stating that it will only happen if the child’s individual therapist feels that it will not “traumatize” him to see his mother.

Presumably, she means that, because the child has been away from his mother for so long and has been subjected to constant disruption, it could be traumatizing to return him to Jeleva and possibly put him in the same position again.

However, it is not Jeleva that has caused trauma for her son. It is the state; it is the Social Services system and individuals like Amber Ruder that are responsible for subjecting this child to the harassment and mental anguish he has been put through for years.

From point A to point B, it is the State that has been responsible for this unfortunate situation. Furthermore, Jeleva claims that a move is now being made to terminate her parental rights.

Unfortunately, Katerina Jeleva’s case is different from so many thousands of others all across the country only in that the court and social-services system are largely in agreement that she is innocent and that her child should be returned to her. The culprit in the dismantling of her relationship with her son is mostly one person – Amber Ruder. For most parents, every agent encountered at every step of the way is determined to remove the child and place them far away from their home.

Katerina Jeleva’s case is indicative of what happens when a population allows the power of the State to run wild. We are now able to see clearly the results of allowing “services” to become “authorities” and allowing the Government to involve itself in the private affairs of families and individuals.

As Mother’s Day approaches, which Jeleva will likely spend without her son, we are given a choice. We can sit back while Katerina and her son are robbed of the only childhood he will ever have -- traded for the personal agenda of power-tripping parasites like Amber Ruder -- or we can take action. We can take a stand in this case and use it as the first shot fired in the resistance to a State that clearly believes it has the right to remove a child from a loving home with absolutely no evidence of abuse.

As Jeleva states, “I can’t win in this rigged system. There is no logic here. How would it be too traumatic for my son to come home to the only home he’s ever known and to his pets that keep crying by his empty room?”

I have included the contact information for Amber Ruder in case any readers would like to explain the moral implications of her actions and how she might address this situation better.

I have also included the information of Judge Mary T. Noonan so that she might be contacted and encouraged to return Katerina Jeleva’s son to her as well as take immediate action against Ruder’s open contempt of her orders.

Amber M. Ruder
Guardian ad Litem, Attorney
Fourth District
32 West Center Street, Suite 205
Provo, Utah 84601
(w) 801-344-8516
(fax) 801-344-8597

Clerical Department for Judge Mary T. Noonan
4th District Juvenile Court – Orem
99 E Center Street
Orem, UT 84057
Wendy Matheney – 801-724-3820
Crystal Tua’One – 801-724-3802
Sandra Willard – 801-724-3811
Christine Wilcox – 801-724-3810

If you would like to offer support to Katerina Jeleva, you can contact her directly at or call her at 1-801-489-7446.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) 


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Jaymes Reed said...

Another great article, Brandon.

Anonymous said...

We live in a sick system, and the writer of the article has it right; this is what happens when the state runs unchecked at a time when profits and balanced budgets are more important that the lives and well-being of families.

I feel for this young lady. I pray someone with the financial resources can come forward and help Ms. Jeleva, because nothing short of a federal civil rights lawsuit, and a civil suite against Ms. Ruder, will possibly stop this from happening.


Earl said...

Posted a link to this article from my site. I hope others will do the same. I think it is important to get this kind of information out and bring down public condemnation on those who abuse their authority. Thanks for bringing this to light.

Activist said...

Thanks so much Earl! Much appreciated.

DAVE said...

Its time for us all to wake up and stop this!

Anonymous said...

Redundant, but must be said - the System is sick and will die , but not until it does some more damage .

Anonymous said...

Amber Ruder's actual email is

Activist said...

Thanks for the correction anon!!

Anonymous said...

Appalling. This case should have national media coverage. A child kidnapping case without justification. Amber should be disbarred at the very least, the child returned to her mom, and reparations paid to both the child and her mom for the trauma caused by this whole ordeal.

Anonymous said...

In our democratic free western countries, child protection services are staffed mainly by homopedophiles!
Those perverts have protection & immunity from the PTB. So the above article doesn't surprise me!

jhoonysew said...

This case should have national media coverage. A child kidnapping case without justification. Amber should be disbarred at the very least, the child returned to her mom, and reparations paid to both the child and her mom for the trauma caused by this whole ordeal.

Anonymous said...

What about the thousands of MEN who have their children kidnapped?

It's only a tragedy when it happens to a woman?

How's equality working out for you ladies? Now you know exactly how it feels to be a man.

And you women encouraged and created such a fascist anti-family legal system. Now it is turning around and biting you back. I bet you feel real stupid now, ladies.

Anonymous said...

This is Katerina, my email is at hotmail,not yahoo:) Thank you guys

Anonymous said...

WE the people have allowed
ALL of this to happen. Our apathy, trust and stupidity have allowed these corrupt individuals to take over our lives and our governments. Only when we, as free people, get off our duffs and give these idiots what they deserve will all this crap end.

Rachal Blizeth said...

It shouldn't matter which parent it is that this happens to. The fact is that it SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The system gets so caught up in protecting aduts and their rights that the children are never given a chance. They are caught in the middle with no say.

Amber does not have the childs best interest at all. She is just on a power trip. This is NOT the first time I have witnessed her doing stuff like this. And its sickening!

My heart breaks for Katerina and her sweet child.

Anonymous said...

I am going through a similar thing here in Utah. I am the Grandmother of a 5yr old boy. I filed for adoption before my daughters rights were terminated. The Judge, GAL, ADA, and Caseworker ignored my Petition long enough so that the Foster Parents had him for 6mos and then they filed for adoption. I never had my day in court and the Foster Parents were allowed to adopt him. I am now in the middle of an Appeal. I am upwards of $20,000 into this. I have tried to get the Media involved but have found no one. If anyone knows who can help, please let me know. You can view a video of my grandson on YouTube called "Help save Christian from DCFS in Utah". I also have a FB page that you can follow called "SAVE Christian". You can read my story there. Just start from the bottom of the page to see from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

IT'S A MATTER OF TITLE FOLKS!!!! The court routine is just a show for people who don't know how things really work. Before having a baby, revoke your signature from your marriage application and have a declaratory judgement to that effect. The baby is a "product" of a contract between two parents and the state. Have your baby at home and don't ask for a SSN. Claim title to the baby in the legal section of the paper and put it on a UCC-1. If you already have a little one, pick up some Winston Shrout DVDs to figure out how the system really works. Even your lawyer is not there to help you. It's an elaborate scam for trusting people

Anonymous said...

I'm an attorney who does child custody. If she was accused of sexual abuse, this is serious. It makes no sense that the father is doing this bc he does not want to pay CS, due to bankruptcy, bc if he is broke, his CS payments will be small or nothing, depending on how much he is making.
These sex abuse cases are hard to prove. The GAL has access to witness statements, expert reports, home study and other court ordered investigation.
You are all so quick to take her side. In my opinion, if this is going on, there is a reason. The Court is not in the business of taking children, and even if it has the power, in order to protect a child, there is still one parent, the father, who is fit and proper.
It is true that you must have clear and convincing proof to terminate parental rights.
There is something going on here, and it aint good. I do not trust this woman, or her story. Most times, if anything, the court is biased against men, not women.
If this woman lost custody, she is a piece of work, I'm telling you.
There is way too much going on here for this article to be accurate.
I wouldn't take this woman as a client. If she did sexually abuse this boy, she needs to be cut off from hurting him further. And, if he is showing that he loves her, that doesn't mean that she didn't sexually abuse him, bc he would still love her, no matter how much she hurt him.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar story and was accused of child abuse. I was a mess! I called the DCFS ombudsman who was extremely helpful! Actually, I'm pretty sure the DCFS case worker was relieved of her duties after his investigation!

Anonymous said...

I am a dad in Utah. 3 allegations of sexual abuse all dismissed as unfounded and/or false. 3 allegations of physical abuse all dismissed as unfounded and/or false. 2 protective orders filed under false pretenses both dismissed.
All of my complaints to DCFS were REFUSED INTAKE. After 2 years one of her friends called DCFS to report my ex and they finally accepted the intake. 1 single investigation supported charges of emotional abuse and neglect against my ex.

Other than the ex's friend that saw her for what she is, Amber Ruder is the only one in the system that took the time or energy and cared enough to find the truth.
Amber has children's interest at the top of her list.

My case reads just like your pleas for Katerina, but you same people that are on Katerina Jeleva's side are against mine.

When people can't win based on the facts or merit of their case they turn to propaganda.

My children are still with their mom because of the abuse allegations against me. You want sick, the state AG, GAL heads and custody evaluator all said the kids should be with me but until I make it happen in court they stay with mom. Basically I need to raise $40K to buy my kids back.

The system is broken but Mrs Ruder is not part of the problem.

ELECTRA said...

Please email if you'd like to talk to someone with real evidence that would with everyone backing me put a stop to this. Its time to say "our kids are not for sale"! I have 6 kids and if there not back home in January next hearing they better have invisible cloaks to put on because the wrath I will bring upon them will be so terrifying nothing and nobody will beable to stop it. I'm not talking about killing or hurting anyone I'm talking about exposing them in such away that they'd rather be dead. I have recordings of dcfs workers bragging about stealing babies and that's just the beginning of the videos and recordings I have. I'm not on drugs and first phychiatric test was perfect however apparently now they have a main officer calling certain people I know and asking them to do criminal things in order to keep our children.that person came forward and emailed me.I have all the evidence in the world but after 1 attorney I paid 2000 for withdrew after guardian adliem threatened her we are pro se. Please gather together with my evidence and you're stories and knowledge now is the time to fight this and say Our kids are not for sale!stand up with me by contacting email

Anonymous said...

I to have been accused by my ex wife of sexually abusing my children. There have been 5 separate police and dcfs investigations, every single on has come back as unfounded. she then made up more lies and tried to have me thrown into jail. charges dropped by the d.a. The only evidence they have found is evidence of scripting and coaching of my kids by my ex and her family. Yet I have had the kids taken away from me and had several protective orders filed against me (all dropped), all because any woman can walk into any police station and make up any story against a man and get what she wants. Amber was the only one who took the time to learn ALL the facts, not just listening to my ex like everyone else did. I now am seeing my kids regularly and now my ex is the one who is going to have to answer for her crimes against me and my children.

Anonymous said...

It is disgraceful what these agencies and case workers will do to innocent families, with the children in the middle of it all. I am not sure what the motivation for such action is but I am sure the all-mighty dollar comes into play somewhere. I am personally familiar with 2 cases where a child has been removed from a safe and loving home for no reason except that someone had an ax to grind and told a lie. What is going on here? How can we fight such abuse of power and injustice to innocent people?

Anonymous said...

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