Wednesday, May 23, 2012

UK Officials Would Protect ‘Interests’ In Iran/Israel Conflict

Keelan Balderson, Contributor
Activist Post

The message from the Anglo-American-Israeli pact has never been more clear, as today Iranian officials have been forced to meet with world powers in Baghdad, Iraq; the city devastated by the US led occupation, which was sold to the public on the back of lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Despite there being no evidence that Iran is seeking to produce nuclear weapons, nor that they are anywhere near capable of doing so, the symbolic location of the talks should remind the world that when there is an agenda, facts can be massaged in to place to support it.

Ahead of these talks it was curiously leaked that British Minsters were working on how to protect the UK’s “interests” should a military conflict between Israel and Iran arise. Of course talking heads on BBC News this morning made it clear that it would be innocent little Israel “protecting” itself from Iran, even though Israel is already assassinating scientists and officials within Iran [1], infecting its infrastructure with computer viruses [2], backing opposition terrorists groups [3], and supplying dubious intelligence to the IAEA [4], despite being a nuclear state itself that isn’t even signed up to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Anyone with a modicum of critical thinking knows who the real aggressor is.

Should Israel take this further and outright strike Iran, instead of rebuking them for kicking off World War 3, the BBC reports that the UK Government have discussed how they can lend “diplomatic support for Israel” and the legalities of sending the Royal Navy in to the region to protect the Straits of Hormuz – through which more than a fifth of the world’s oil shipments are carried.

Then there’s Diego Garcia, a British colony in the Indian Ocean which they’ve handed over to the US for use as an aircraft base. Here bombers would be deployed to attack Iran. The BBC further reports that these decisions would not unduly trouble a Tory government, they are are simply looking for ways to make it appear more legal than Iraq. It’s about working within a moral illusion they’ve created, rather than actually having any real moral justification.

The timing of this leaked national security information can only be regarded as more saber-rattling, a tactic Iran have called futile. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said this morning that the Pact’s “policies of pressure and intimidation are futile [5]. They have to adopt policies to show goodwill to solve this issue.”

Meanwhile sanctions are being stepped up against Iran that will cause a knock-on effect throughout Europe, as the EU will follow the US by banning the purchase of Iranian oil. This however will not only put a damper on Iran’s economy, but hit the pocket of EU consumers, who will face price increases at the pumps. Oil is often one of the major motivations for war, so it’s highly likely that Iran will somehow get blamed for the rising prices and disruption of shipments, despite it almost certainly being Israel who make the first overt attack, and the Anglo-Americans being the ones refusing to do business.

According to NPR Iran is stockpiling its output of oil, but will soon reach a point where it literally has nowhere to put it. The writer speculates that this will force Iran to cooperate on its weapons program, but as we’ve consistently documented, there isn’t a weapons program, so what exactly can they cooperate on?

The aimless talks and propaganda continue.

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Anonymous said...

Well...duh! Does it really have to be said? This is one of those implicit things that needs no explanation. It was the UK who started the West's beef against Iran back in the 50s when they had the audacity to kick now BP out of Iran and nationalize their oil. But instead of the Brits going in, they sent in their hungry bastard child, the US to do the bidding. So, only a fool wouldn't think that the UK is not only behind it all but quite ready to jump in and join the party. In fact, they have been every bit as overtly aggressive against Iran as the US has. The apple, after all, doesn't fall far from the tree.

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