Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Royal Society Believes Depopulation Will Save the Environment

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The global Elite have many different clubs they frequent where they discuss plans to achieve their plan for global governance. One of these is the Royal Society, a 350-year-old establishment comprised of global Elitists who are promoting the hoax of man-made climate change which masks their depopulation agenda. They are also integral in coercing elected officials into supporting global carbon taxing that will funnel exorbitant amounts of money into the hands of the Elite to fund their march toward global governance.

They have published a report on their website entitled People and the Planet.

According to the Royal Society, “the world’s human population, coupled with unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to human health and well being, and the natural environment.”

This group of Eco-fascists believes that securitizing the resources of third world countries, combined with reducing their consumption globally will stabilize the planet’s failing environment.

Sir John Sulson of the Human Genome Project suggests that “this is a topic that has gone to and fro in the last few decades, and appears to be moving back up the political agenda now. So it seems a good moment for the Royal Society to launch a study that looks objectively at the scientific basis for changes in population, for the different regional and cultural factors that may affect that, and at the effects that population changes will have on our future in term of sustainable development.”

The Royal Society is supporting the UN’s plan for the Virtuous Green Path that they will unveil at the Earth Summit in Rio+20 this June. The UN has moved their focus to biodiversity; blaming humanity for not only climate change, deforestation and depletion of water resources, but also the untold loss of species of animals every year.

The UN and the Royal Society fail to point out that these issues are directly caused by multinational corporations and governments who are responsible for this specific destruction impacting our planet.

Rather, these globalists call for depopulation – the mass murder of 90% of the human population to save the planet from devastation.

According to a UN report , “The population of the most developed countries will remain virtually unchanged at 1.2 billion until 2050.” They suppose that third world countries are having population explosion that is destroying the planet.

While they believe that industrialized countries even out their populations through societal controls, those populations of unindustrialized countries are out of control.

The report from the Royal Society suggest that through resource consumption reduction, combined with required family planning programs and changing our perspective of population and environment as one subject will solve this problem.

Jules Pretty of the Royal Society working group is proposing, “When we slow down population growth we empower women and provide more money for least developed countries to invest in education. The majority of women want fewer children.”

Jonathon Porritt , member of the Royal Society and former chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission has stated on record that the British population must be reduced from 60 million to 30 million to remain a sustainable society.

Professor Paul Ehrlich, who co-authored Ecoscience with Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren, was quoted in the Guardian as supporting a drastic population reduction before the population rises to 9 billion in 2050.

Ehrlich said:
How many you support depends on lifestyles. We came up with 1.5 to 2 billion because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you want a battery chicken world where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage . . . The question is: can you go over the top without a disaster, like a worldwide plague or a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? If we go on at the pace we are there’s going to be various forms of disaster. Some maybe slow motion disasters like people getting more and more hungry, or catastrophic disasters because the more people you have the greater the chance of some weird virus transferring from animal to human populations, there could be a vast die-off.
Global Elite societies have a clear agenda that involve depopulation through the guise of environmentalism, CO2 reduction and governmental control.

They narcissistically publish their writings because it is always easier to hide in plain sight.

We need to pay more attention to the agendas behind the people we place in positions of influential power.


The Royal Society, Neuroscience, and Military Mind Wars
Global Great Depression and Population Reduction by 2030: MIT and The Club of Rome Prophecy

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Anonymous said...

So the Glowes are off.

Now we all see who and what they are, the robberbarons and their hendghmen, the cheep whores of politics and Royalitys.

This is pure hoghwash and have nothing to do with reality, powerty and robberbarons wast monpolys are srangeling the world.
They are the problem, not the amount of people.

The silence regarding this issue, is staggering.

Anonymous said...

royal society is a n english ploty to spread evil. the english are the msot evil nation int he world and shoudl eb sorted out.

Anonymous said...

If the "royals" think that ridding the world of a few so called "useless eaters" would help the environment, I suggest quite seriously that they should start with themselves. That's right, if you are SO concerned with environmental matters that it behooves them to call for the elimination of useless eaters, so they can feel better, they should at least authenticate their dark satanic lusts by jumping off a bridge somewhere. Lord knows, WE don't need them, they haven't made our world any better, but they want us to get in line for a "shower", without complaint so they can rationalize their bizarre lifestyle. Out. Of. Touch.

Shana said...

I like the Activist Post. Let me get that out of the way first. I really don't like it when you post articles like this one that make you look like a bunch of complete idiots. It is abundantly clear that the earth is being depleted and polluted by a large population of humans that like to live a lifestyle that consumes natural resources at a high rate, and leaves an unprecedented amount of pollution in its wake. You can either maintain this lifestyle in perpetuity only if you reduce the numbers that do it, or change consumption among the larger population to reduce impact. That is a fact. Instead of demonizing people for addressing this uncomfortable fact, I would really like it if you explored ways in which the human race could achieve the goal of having a viable and healthy future on this planet.

Anonymous said...

If my wife and I have only one child, and that child and her mate have only one child, a 75% reduction of population has been achieved in the time span of two generations. Is that "mass murder"?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shana, this is a really terrible post. Climate change is not a hoax, I don't expect to hear that kind of crap from this site.

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

I know that the Scientists of England are notr bozos. They are, however given to falling in line behind the English killing machine out of fear of losing tenure. Morality is something Christ taught and the Church of England and the Vatican judged to be overrated. The north half and maybe more of Japan was just intentionally destroyed but we hear nary a peep from the cowards who should be buried alive, without the shelters they built for today's 'fucking end times' criminality.

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

The Royal society just went along with nuking the entire world, which is the most stupid act ever carried out by a biped. Now they want to have the UN do a pageantry event with whisking in to save the day while America gurgles out noises of ignorant bliss suited for Bedlam or Bridgewater prison.

Anonymous said...

We should understand that population control is a euphamism for global control.The only life the 1% wishes is where they can turn the planet into their play ground.The 1% also is hoping for the situation where the only humans left are the ones they chose to be alive.
So if you arent on their list. You are on the list that wont be missed.

Peter Goodchild said...

Shana is exactly right. And I would add, how will other people take "activists" seriously if the latter are saying things along the lines of "seven billion people are not a problem." I can handle alien-invasion stories, but not that one.

Anonymous said...

7 billion people on a planet that can easily sustain ten times that population is not a problem.

People here do know that the entire planet's population could fit into the state of Texas, no?(and have space left over)

It's 7 billion people unable to think for themselves that are the problem, as Hitler said(and some comments here show clearly) - people do not think.

If they did think they would know that the reason for our troubles with resources isn't the people using it but the policies of those corporations exploiting and selling the resources.

We destroy hundreds of tons of food on this planet everyday just because trade policies say we can't give it to those who actually need it.

We have the ability for entirely oil-free technology and yet the money in oil keeps the corporations from seriously doing it.

The only people dumb enough to think the human race has outgrown this planet and it's resources are those who grew up being indoctrinated with the globalist propaganda bullshit in school, television, music, etc.

They are helpless anyways so if we need to depopulate then please start with them.

FYI - all the pollution we create comes from nature to begin with, even the toxic stuff. If you think nature can't handle it you are mistaken.

And climate change is and always has been happening and the minuscule changes today are nothing compared to times past.

But no, too many scared little stooges will gladly buy up the propaganda that the only way to 'save the planet' is to depopulate and submit to a global totalitarian police state.

Think, for once in your lives people just think for yourselves and not the way they teach you to think.

Anonymous said...

Cut this paranoid shit, repeated ad nauseam! This planet cant sustain us forever, at least if its exploited the way it is. But retards cant understand that so they keep breeding, providing new generations of slaves. Enjoy, its the world as uve made it, creeps!

Anonymous said...

Great! :D Let's start with the royals and all the rich people!! That way there will be enough money to divide amongst the people it was stolen from!

Anonymous said...

Shapeshifting reptilians have been on Earth longer than humans and are are everywhere in positions of power in mainstream media, TV, movies, music, politics, business, healthcare, education, industry, healthcare, law enforcement, finance, farming, government and the military.

The reptilian presence is reflected in every known human culture and society throughout all time as shown in art, architecture and sculpture like dragons, gargoyles, gremlins, lizards, reptiles, vampires etc.

The reptilian plans are what the NWO/Illuminati plan is all about. The global depopulation is about keeping the reptilians and their hybrids around and eliminating he useless eaters (humans). Source Body Snatchers book by late Susan Reed BSC and also look up Georgia Guidestones monument on Vigilant Citizen website.

Look up reptilian shape shifters on YouTube to see their eyes, skin colour and morphing, the reptilian reaction is at least 5 times quicker than humans and thy are a lot larger than humans and much much stronger. They hate humans. YouTube channels to look at include Frequency Fence.

However its not all bad because they know they have run out of time and options to control the planet as a large number of people have woken up to reality and due to Earth changes look up 'Terminal Madness of the End Times' by Dr J Chiappalone.

Timspin said...

This is a bad paranoid delusion at best, just stupid at worst.

steadcore said...

Depopulation is the only way the elite can sustain their perverted way of life. shoving oil down our throats and deforestation is the problem.Free energy would take the power from them and oil is the only way to keep us all enslaved. They will never relinquish their power and they will let the eco system suffer for their efforts to keep us down and unable to think our way out of this mess. They allow this welfare system to breed morons and zombies so they can drain money from the middle class. all of the money from welfare ends up in their pockets in the long run and they know it. After all aren't they on welfare too? Free money is a huge problem and they cant stomach actually working for a living just like the welfare recipients they are one and the same. PARASITES.

el said...

WOW you commentors that think that there is really an overpopulation problem seem to think that they would rather have some blueblood dictate thier future?

Go for it. you guys off yourselves first. Fools!

You buy the lie..I cant afford to follow the Judas Goat.

el said...

this does make me wonder. If we (the activist Posters) post real data about climate change, and population figures, would everyone here be able to put aside their emotions and conditioning to be able to even look at relevent data?

So far, what Ive seen here, is an Activist who goes to great lengths to post good data and information--and yet the comments seem to be somewhat of a response like
---"nu--ohuuuh! Not true!"
---"overpopulation IS a problem. I heard that somewhere"
---"global warming is NOT a hoax!( a version of nu-UUHHH! you are wrong!")

Come on. If you cant objectively challenge all that you think you know daily in this time of reveiling then, by all means-sign up for the nearest RFID chip as soon as possible. I mean, AP is really wasting time here with those folks.........

Anonymous said...

In the video, the guy said there were 3 things he thought should happen.

1) Lift the world's poorest billion out of their dire poverty.

2) Reduce material consumption by the richest.

3) Bring family planning to the people who want it.

Beyond that, he said that it would be good if economic systems were able to include somehow the "cost" of using up water and land, pollution, the disappearance of species, and so forth, things that typically economics doesn't consider.

All of these are things the rich exploiters would hate to see happen, of course, and all are things most people would like to see happen. If you watch it again, you will see that there is absolutely nothing that suggests "mass murder" or any kind of eugenics.

el said...

um, look. The guy in the video is misleading. Read the UN documents yourself to see what we are all crying out loudly for all to hear. Go ahead. Just use your mouse, or your finger, scroll up to the article, and read each and every hot link about the UNs Global Plan. then come back here and tell us everything is fine......

Xponential said...

Not one of your best posts AP.

Overpopulation is at the root of Climate Change. It stands to reason that MORE PEOPLE = MORE USAGE OF FOSSIL FUELS = MORE PRODUCTION OF CO2 = MORE SHIT IN THE CREEK.

Anonymous said...

Even if a person doesn't believe man-made global warming is happening (although I do believe it), that "MORE PEOPLE=....= MORE SHIT IN THE CREEK" equation still holds. And it's not just CO2 but also less land, less food, more crowding, less water, more dying species, and a bunch more stuff.

El, so I don't have to right now "read each and every hot link", could you just give it to me in a paragraph or two, exactly what the UN wants to do that will harm us all? I have lots of fault to pick with the UN -- allowing the NATO/US attacks on Libya, policing Haiti, and in general being a lapdog for western imperialism, so it's not like I'm just in love with the UN.

Anonymous said...

El, I looked at the two links at the bottom of the page, and I guess it was unfair of me to say you should try to sum it all up in a few paragraphs. I agree that the rich have a lot of unsavory plans for the world, including all kinds of control over the rest of us. What I disagree with, is lumping "depopulation" in with the other things, which is what the article was about. For example, the "Climate Ghouls' Plan B" article, just like the article on this page, links to a video which is said to call for "doing whatever we can to reduce population". When you look at the video (it's only about a minute long), the guy does say that, but his two examples of the "whatever" are helping women get more power in poor countries and getting rich people to consume less in the rich countries. Some "ghoul"!

I think too many people on the planet is a really huge problem and we would all be a lot better off if there were fewer of us. I have never, ever, heard anyone who believes as I do call for any sort of euthanasia or any other kind of killing of people to accomplish this. Sure the Nazis wanted to wipe out populations to make room for the Germans, and sure there have been other fascist cranks with similar schemes, but the people I see called "eugenicists" and "killers" are at the opposite pole from them. The last video I mentioned, for example, looked like it had the banners of Bill McGivens "350" movement in the background. It's just completely mistaken to call such people wannabe "killers".

Anonymous said...

Climate change... occurring but attributable to what? Not to global warming.. that hoax has had its day. How about Haarp? How about the sun. How about the globalist's war mongering corporate enterprise(s). It the elite want decreased population... start with their sorry asses. Make sure you include the Rothschild a-wipes and all the bankers in the 'Crown' (City of London) -- (not London)... Make sure you get rid of the Black Pope, Jesuits and the pedophile Pope (the 'white' one). Make sure you get of all the royalty and banking elite (in addition to the Rothschild pos). Make sure you get rid of, at least the first few tiers of their loyal minions... you know, the prime ministers, supreme this'es and that's... Then, without all those cretans screwing up the works.. simply help the real people to have hope, food, and sustenance along with good information and the rest will be accomplished by attrition. Anyone who advocates killing off folk with poverty, drugs, GMO foods etc. should be designated among the first bunch to go involuntarily. It IS a war... and you had better begin to conceptualize in that manner. Dig?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing.

Understand one thing those of you that believe the planet in being "overpopulated", YOUR names will be on the "to-do" list that these elitist creatures are so eager to put into effect. Don't think you will be spared because you believe yourselves to be "one of the few who understand what needs to be done", because if you really think that humanity is actually capable of exceeding this planet's capacity, you truly don't know a damn thing, and if you are willing to play along with these wackos, you really do deserve the oblivion they have in store for you. What you perceive as "overpopulation" is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and the result of corralling large numbers of humans into small confined spaces (i.e. cities) which allows for the population to be more easily tended and manipulated by the elites.

Like others have stated, all humanity needs is a little REAL knowledge, not that crap they feed you at those indoctrination centers we call public schools, but real knowledge that is all about hard facts and cold logic. The reason why this type of knowledge is kept hidden is because it does not support the perception of the world that the elites wish you to have.

They want you to see them as your leaders; when logic would dictate that you have all the tools to lead yourself.

They want you to think that what they know is to far over your head for you to understand; when logic would dictate that you have all the tools necessary to understand everything and anything they know.

They want you to be their servants; when logic would dictate that no person exists to simply serve another.

Now the illusion is starting to fade and people are starting to regain some sense of value in their existence, and of course right on cue the elites are ramping up their efforts to "thin the herd" to a more manageable size. This is nothing more than a survival tactic on their part, because an aware human population is a hostile environment for them.

To put it simply; we wake up, they go to sleep (permanently).

Anonymous said...

From the last two posts:

Anyone who advocates killing off folk with poverty, drugs, GMO foods etc. should be designated among the first bunch to go involuntarily.

YOUR names will be on the "to-do" list that these elitist creatures are so eager to put into effect....To put it simply; we wake up, they go to sleep (permanently).

Again I'll say it: no one in either of the two videos said anything about killing people -- they're talking about people having fewer babies, and that's all.
No over population?? I don't know about where you live, but everywhere I look, things were much nicer 40 years ago when there were fewer people. Do you know that 200 species go extinct every day?! Jeesh!

I don't have time for more now, but I'll be glad to discuss this more.

Anonymous said...

If those parasites think that depopulation helps the environment we need to get rid of all of them (the elites) because they pollute everything, they poison everything, the use nukes, a weapons of mass destruction, about time to get them all out of the planet and quick

Anonymous said...

So I think it's pretty clear now, which "side" is not talking about killing people and which side is.

Xponential said...

Overpopulation, whilst a great threat to mankind, is actually insignificant compared the the coming of ...

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

I'll name the Horsemen now ...

Fukushima Reactor 1
Fukushima Reactor 2
Fukushima Reactor 3

And, the Big Daddy of them all should another quake occur is Fukushima 4.

Get ready to kiss your asses goodbye!

Anonymous said...

They bshould get rid of the monarchy, it does nothing for anyone in England. Thye are the moist over indulgent bunch of Fops there are, they eat nothing but organic food grown by Prince Charles, they want to live a long time but they don't want anyone else to live, someday they will have to answer for a lot of things and the less people they have to answer to the less it will mean, maybe they won't have ot answer to anyone. I can see why they want depopulatiuon, they are the problem is not too many people in the worl, its too many of them.

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