Friday, May 4, 2012

FISA Approves EVERY Secret Surveillance Warrant in 2011: Report

Activist Post

An annual government report showed that every warrant submitted by the Feds to spy on Americans was approved by the secret FISA court in 2011.  The 1,745 total number of applications and warrants approved was a 10.5% increase over 2010.

An anonymous counterterrorism official said the increase was "in response to materials seized in relation to the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and the resulting investigations."

Although the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is secretive and does not reveal the type of surveillance that was approved, it may be the most transparent surveillance program the Feds admit to.  At least the warrants are issued and can be counted.

FISA has only been one of the tools used to spy on the communications of Americans.

The FBI, under the authority of the PATRIOT Act, issues "administrative subpoenas" in order to get citizens' telephone, Internet and banking records, while these organizations turning over personal information have also been conveniently exempt from invasion of privacy lawsuits. According to Huffington Post, 16,511 FBI subpoenas were issued in 2011, down from 24,287 the year before.

Since Bush authorized the NSA to bypass the FISA court to spy on electronic communications of Americans to fight the "war on terror" after 9/11, the number of reported warrants seems moot however much they increase or decrease.

Despite Obama's 2008 campaign rhetoric to end the practice of "warrantless surveillance," he not only continued the practice but fought to do so in court in a case where his Administration's only defense of claiming "state secrets" (so much for his government transparency rhetoric too) was slapped down by a judge in 2010.

Since that ruling, the government and the NSA has been far less public about whether they have the right to secretly, but openly, spy on American's communications.  But they never seem to give up their goal of invading everyone's privacy in the name of security.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the new cybersecurity bill CISPA that passed the House and waits for the Senate vote, authorizes the NSA to spy on email and other electronic communications. The NSA's new $2 billion dollar facility set to open in September 2013 all but guarantees it.

So, despite government reports attempting to give the facade of accountability for secret surveillance programs, the details and extent of how much spying is occurring remains hidden from the public.

One thing is certain: if the admitted cases of spying are increasing, Americans can only assume that hidden cases are too; and if CISPA becomes law, expect intrusions into privacy to become even more commonplace.

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Anonymous said...

I've got 10 bucks that says Linda Green's name would be found on those FISA approvals.

Hell, why waste time and ink signing secret documents that no-one can ever inspect? Just have our government lie them into existence like everything else.

Anonymous said...

This is how I would handle the situation, and I am certain that this is the only Logical way to handle the situation, and that is why I think that Russia thinks the same.

It is not as I would wish it to be, but every action has a reaction, and the World knows that America is the guilt one here.

Serbia should remain totally Neutral to all countries in the World, but they should have trade and friendship with any Country that wants the same.

It is best to let everyone know how to act sensibly by not wasting Money on projects that could easily get Euro American Politicians killed, in order to safe the Planet from total destruction.

We have heard Russia has warned of a preemptive strike against the American missile shield in Europe.

This is the right Policy for Russia to tell everyone that if you build it we will bomb it.

I would go further and tell China not to waste Money lending Money to America, because Euro America may soon be finished.

I would advise Germany to have evacuation plans for all humans in Berlin, because Germany has not paid sufficiently for the Millions of Russians they have murdered.

I would advise Holland to evacuate all People that are below sea level, because that will finish off Euro-America.

I would say to the American People who have access to American President to assassinate him, and any others that need killing, like the Vice President etc.

This is if the American People love their lives, and if you truly have the wisdom to understand what Thomas Jefferson said.

Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

There are two signals for the American People to save their lives, the lives of their families, and their friends and neighbours.

The first safety signal is if they start building the missile shield, the America People will be given their opportunity to save their lives, but they must kill every Federal America Politician to be certain of saving their lives.

Russia should repeatedly tell the America People to Act quickly, because once Russia gives Germany and Holland one month to start evacuating their Citizens, then those body guards of American Federal Politicians will need to kill the American Federal Politicians if they wish to live.

The final signal, and let us hope it never gets to that, but if it does, because Russia should not relent, then the signal will be the bombing of American missile shield facilities.

This will be a final chance for the People of European NATO Countries to kill their Politicians so that they may live.

The time has come for Continental Europe to ask America as a friend to leave Continental Europe completely and permanently.

The American People need to know these things, because American foreign policy affects them, and Americans should Vote for a President who will act in the interests of his People.

Anonymous said...

FISA court approves...

The headline currently makes no sense. FISA = Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

An old act can't somehow approve warrants. Poorly constructed headlines which make it seem like the author has no clue what s/he is talking about really isn't a great way to make an impression or give yourself legitimacy.

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