Thursday, May 10, 2012

FDA Seeks Prescription Drug Vending Machine

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Would you purchase prescription drugs from a vending machine?

Thanks to a new move by the FDA to allow the public to diagnose themselves with conditions and purchase the appropriate pharmaceuticals from a vending machine, it may become a reality.

By simply visiting a ‘drug kiosk’ in a mall or drug store, you may soon be able to buy drugs that treat health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and migraines.

Furthermore, it would be as simple as answering an online questionnaire at this kiosk to obtain drugs that currently require prescriptions.

Prescription medications like antibiotics, which are currently being rampantly and unnecessarily given to patients on such a scale that they are majorly contributing to antibiotic-resistant diseases that medical professionals are currently concerned over.

Those backing the idea claim that it would be an effective method of handing out more pharmaceuticals to ‘those who need it’. In contrast, many professionals highlight the fact that most consumers do not have a strong medical understanding and it could lead to serious problems.

In addition, the vending machine could massively increase pharmaceutical drug use, which kills more individuals per year than traffic fatalities. Pharmaceutical painkillers in specific are responsible for more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.

Instead of distributing even more pharmaceuticals to consumers, perhaps the FDA should focus on solutions that do not require risky pharmaceuticals that on average contain 70 side effects. As a powerful alternatives to antibiotics, garlic is now being identified as a natural yet extremely potent method of fighting common food-borne illness that antibiotics are often prescribed to treat.

Of course this is not the only instance of pharmaceutical drugs damaging the human body and being outperformed by natural alternatives. Amazingly, it was shown by scientists that pharmaceutical cancer drugs, promoted by many as the only choice for cancer sufferers, actually breed massive tumors and kill patients more quickly. Meanwhile, research on the health benefits of turmeric is continually showing that the spice is an effective at combating cancer and shrinking tumors.

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Soma for everyone! As Amerikans awaken from their stupor, they have to be subdued somehow, what better way than to do it than by raking in the profits for Big Pharma?

Anonymous said...

The Fraud and Death Administration hasn't made enough people sick from their millions of prescription drug's and paid off doctors, now they have to UP the anti to make it available by Vending Machines. Hey, have some medicated coffee with that, stay comatose and come back for a refill anytime. Now available, 24/7 vending drug's. What a bunch of Sicko Psychopaths!

kalisthenes said...

Whats the difference between getting it from a vending machine and from a pharmacy if its non-prescription?? Many pharmacists dont ask questions anyway, and if somebody needs advice they'll be sure to visit a pharmacy. Its the doctors that put so many people on the drugs in the first place anyway. This is a case of placing the blame in the wrong place!!!

James Ward
blogger at

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